Leather Sir Pt. 04

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I get up and walk towards the door, he follows quickly with his leather gloves resting on my hips.

“Okay boy. Let’s change. I don’t want to get the leather covered in cooking stuff. Put on one of your T-shirts’ and jeans. Meet me in the kitchen.”

He leaves the room and I quickly change into the clothes I bought. I put the leather clothes on the table near the closet.

I arrive in the kitchen to find him in a tight fighting T-shirt and jeans. He still has on his boots, I see the toe peeking out from his jeans. He’s sitting on a stool against the island, I look over at the counter and there’s some stuff sitting out.

“There’s a book on the stand telling you how to make dinner, everything you need is in the fridge. Follow those directions carefully or I’ll add to those five swats I owe you.”

I get to work and make dinner.

Once finished I sit his plate down in front of him and wonder what I’m going to eat since there weren’t two of anything to be made.

“Okay boy. Sit down here next to me, a boy never eats at the same table unless invited by his Sir or Master. I’ll share my food with you as these portions are huge.”

We finish dinner and he picks me up by my collar, “clean up boy.”

He goes to the living room and leaves me to clean.

Once I finish, I go into the living room and kneel next to him waiting for instructions.

“That was a delicious meal, boy. Give me a few minutes to digest some of this and then we’ll get to fucking. I’m ready to tear that ass up.”

“Yes Sir.”

I wait patiently and I hear him start to breathe heavily, I think he’s fallen asleep, but I dare not wake him or move.

About thirty minutes go by and he sits up, reaches down, and rubs his hand on my head.

“Go back to my playroom, get your leather shorts back on and out of those clothes. I’ll be in shortly.”

I quickly crawl down the hallway towards the playroom and follow directions. I’m quivering as I put the shorts on and regroup my cock and balls in the codpiece.

He comes in, grabs a cigar, lights it, and walks out. He was butt naked and I guess it was a good time for a cigar.

He comes back in dressed in his leather chaps, jockstrap, and full body harness. His gloved hand gripping his cigar and the other rubbing my casino siteleri head again.

“Get up here boy.”

I stand up and he pulls me onto his lap. He unzips my shorts enough to tap the plug. He puts his cigar down and begins to squeeze my codpiece. I can feel him getting hard under me.

“You feel that boy? My man meat is ready for some tight ass. Get on the floor and show me that hole.”

I get off his lap and down to all fours. I turn and present my bottom to him. He gently massages my cheeks with his hands and uses his thumbs to push on the plug once more.

He grabs the base of the plug, “push out boy.”

Tugging on it, it pops loose and slides right out. He then pushes a finger, well two, into my hole.

“Nice and ready for a real cock. Are you ready boy?”

“Yes Sir. Please Sir.”

“You got it, but first, I believe I owe you something.”

“Yes Sir. Five swats for taking too long to make you cum Sir.”

“That’s right. Here they come boy.”

He swats each cheek twice and then manages to get the last across both at the same time.

He drops the paddle on the floor and picks me up. He walks me from one room to the one across the hall, once inside he sets me gently in a leather sling sitting in one corner.

“I want to look at your eyes when I penetrate you. I want you to see the pleasure on my face when I finally get to fuck this tight hole.”

He walks around to the side and attaches my wrists up to the restraints on the chains, he picks up both ankles and slides them through the straps.

He walks from the room and when he comes back, his pouch is off and I can see his hard cock dangling from him and he’s got his cigar in one hand and a condom in the other.

He puts the cigar in his mouth, opens the condom and slides it down his cock. It looks much bigger now that it’s aiming for me.

He positions himself at the entrance to my hole. I can feel the head just grazing it. He squirts some lube over cock and onto my hole.

“I need you to push out boy. Communicate with me. It’s going to be some pressure but relax and it will fade.”

He pushes the head forward, popping into my hole, I make a noise of grimace. He pushes his hard cock inside me until it’s all the way in. I see the look of pure slot oyna lusty pleasure on his face and I’m sure I look like a pained sheep.

He stands there, holding my hips and the cigar sitting in his mouth.

“Talk to me boy.”

“It sort of hurts Sir. You’re really fucking big Sir.”

“Thank you boy, just relax and push me out. It will get easier.” He slides back a little, then forward.

“Ahhhhh,” I grimace again.

He continues this slow back and forth and the pain does begin to subside. Slowly pushing forward I feel a jolt run though my ass straight to my cock.

I moan loudly.

“There’s that prostate bump, I found your pleasure spot boy.”

He slowly pulls back and leans forward, puffing in his cigar in his mouth. It’s almost a nub, and he pulls from me completely.

Involuntarily I say, “wait, please, come back.”

He laughs, smashes the nub in a nearby tray. He comes back to me, grabs his tool, and aims at me. This time, not so gently, he slams inside me all the way to the base.

He has his hands on my hips, holding me as close to him as I can get.

“I’m going to fuck my boy now. This is where the beast takes over and my cock takes your hole. Now that I’m in, I’m going to enjoy this hole. You just enjoy the ride boy.”

He picks up his thrusts, in, out, in, out. He stops after a few minutes, squirts lube on his cock, and continues his thrusts. I can do nothing but moan with each push. He continues his fucking my hole aggressively.

After what feels like an eternity, he rips off the codpiece, exposing my completely slime covered cock and balls. He rubs around on them, and leans forward, putting his fingers in my mouth.

He begins to stroke my cock with his right hand. Leaving the left hand in my mouth, fucking my hole, stroking my cock, I’m close to exploding.

He can tell, so he picks up his thrusts, leaving my mouth, he grabs my balls with his left hand, stroking me with the right, and pounding my hole.

“I’m so close Sir!”

“Fucking let go boy. Spray that load!”

I buck my hips and begin to shoot my load, as I’m grunting and moaning, shooting cum onto my face and over my head, he starts his orgasm almost at the same time. Gripping my cock, grunting and thrusting his load into the end canlı casino siteleri of the condom.

Once we both finish, he leans on top of me, kissing me deeply, his cock still inside me but quickly deflating.

He pulls back, smiles at me, “just imagine how much better that will be when I get to actually shoot into your ass bare. That was an amazing fuck, boy.”

“Thank you Sir. That felt so fucking good Sir.”

He pulls back from me, flips on the light and releases my wrists and ankles.

He picks me up from the sling and holds me against him. He puts both of his hands on my ass cheeks, exploring my sensitive hole with a finger or two.

I grimace in his mouth while he kisses me and I feel him laugh.

“There’s a mess behind my sling you need to clean while I get ready for bed. Grab a wet cloth from the bathroom.”

I do as instructed and he walks into the bedroom. I clean my cum off the wall behind the sling, and once I deposit the cloth into the hamper, I walk towards the bedroom. Before I enter the room, I zip up the shorts and put my junk into the codpiece. As i snap it on the shorts, I hear the toilet flush.

I enter the room and kneel on the floor.

He comes from the bathroom and he’s not wearing anything.

“I sleep naked boy. And my boys sleep in their shorts, or sleep naked. Your choice.”

“Sir, I have to piss.”

“Go ahead boy.”

I walk into the bathroom, leaving the bathroom door open, I release everything in my bladder.

I walk out into the bedroom and drop to my knees.

He crawls into his bed, getting under the covers, and patting the bed next to him. I crawl around and slide under the blanket next to him. He pulls me into him as the little spoon.

“Today was wonderful, boy. Tomorrow will be amazing too. I’m so glad I found you.”

He soon drifted off to sleep after that sentence and I lay there staring at the wall opposite the bed. I close my eyes and drift off to sleep.

At some point in time, I wake up and his cock is hard and rubbing against my ass. I smile and snuggle my butt against his cock.

“You keep that up boy, and I’ll take you right now like this. I always keep a condom in arms reach.”

“Yes Sir. If it pleases you.”

“I’ll take you in the morning, and no sling, I’ll fuck you in my bed boy. Go back to sleep.”

We both drift off simultaneously.

I’m awakened again, but this time, it’s his snoring in my ear. I smile and close my eyes. I think I found the perfect man.

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