Legends of the Fel Ch. 03

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Sharn awoke to find Felquest gone. Pushing back the folds of the fabric protecting her body she squinted in the sharp sunlight. Judging by the rays piercing the grey clouds overhead it was the early morning of a new day. She had no idea at what stage Felquest had left the cart or even when their transport had stopped to allow her exit. Blinking in the cold air she gazed over the wooden wall and through the iron bars at the world around her. The prison cart was ascending a rugged path which twisted and turned its way up a steep slope. On either side, steep walls of dark rock thrust out of the ground and raised themselves skywards where they formed a sharp outline against the rushing clouds in the heavens above. Looking down the cart and out of the back, Sharn gazed in wonder at the visage of the mountain range laid out before her. The cart had obviously climbed a great deal during her sleep. Their path was now higher than most of the peeks below.

Sharn had never been so far north as to see the ‘Sleeping Giants’ as her people referred to them. The whole northern range had always been shunned by the villages as nothing grew or lived in the cold waste lands. At least that was what they had always believed. Sharn stared at the mountain range behind them. Maybe she was to be abandoned in the mountains and left to starve. No! What would be the sense in bringing all this way when they could have easily taken her life at any stage? What had Felquest said about a destination? A name? Fel Jardine?

Thinking of Felquest gave way to strange emotions inside Sharn. Their love making had been intense, their passion genuine. However, she felt a flicker of betrayal at her custodian’s absence. Then she remembered her village and the slaughter that had taken place. Overwhelmed she burst into tears. Meanwhile the cart continued on its way a small cloud of dust rising in their wake as the wheels bit deeply into the loose stones. Sharn yawned amidst her sobs. So was so tired. Maybe if she just closed her eyes for a minute…………….

Sharn came to. She had no idea why she was so tired. She didn’t even recall having fallen back into sleep. Blinking rapidly she stared out from the cart’s confines. The scenery had changed dramatically. The grey stone mountains had vanished and they were now surrounded by growing red veins in a tunnel of darkness. The air eryaman escort too was different. Gone was the clean mountain air. Instead the space around her was filled with thick and cloying fumes which were getting thicker by the minute. Coughing Sharn raised her body from her make shift blanket and tried to stare over the high wall at the front of the cart.

“Hello” she spluttered. “Can you hear me?”

There was no reply. For all she could tell, the horses pulling the cart were the only ones guiding her transport. She tried again. “Hello?” her voice was hoarser now. It was getting harder to breath.

She realised now that the cart was in a narrow tunnel leading downwards. The glowing red cracks in the dark walls were giving off the illumination and also seemed to be the source of the contamination in the air. Retching Sharn collapsed onto the rough wooden floor. The heat was building and for once she was glad she was naked. Beads of sweat covered her body. The hair on her head and that between her legs was matted with sweat. The urge to urinate was coming over her again so she simply let it go. Between her legs a thin yellow stream started to patter down over the carts wooden planks as she relieved her bladder urge. Her little pee hole was open wide now, her golden pussy shower flowing strongly out from her vagina lips. A strange hissing sound caused Sharn to look up from the part of the wooden floor she had been starring at numbly whilst she carried out her toilet. She now gazed in wonder at the sight before her. Where her yellow pee was washing over the floor boards, a growing hole was beginning to grow directly in the middle of her piss stream. The shock of seeing her pee eating through the floor caused Sharn to cease her pee. As her pussy flaps sealed themselves shut she pulled her knees up to her chest and hugged them tightly. ‘What kind of world had she entered where the walls glowed in the dark and her wee became like acid?

The puddle of piss on the floor continued to eat away the wooden planking, the hole in the centre growing by the second. By the time the last of golden piss had vanished, the hole was big enough to put both hands through. Sharn stared through the hole but the ground lacked enough illumination to be visible. A faint glimmer of hope stirred Sharn out of her withdrawn position. Coming to rest on her knees elvankent escort with her legs slightly parted, she aimed her pussy careful at the edge of the hole. Within seconds she was letting a new stream of piss out of her vagina. Her thin stream of pee arched away from her cunt and pattered over a fresh patch of wood near the hole. Once again the surface of the cart’s floor started to hiss and bubble as Sharn’s pee shower ate through it. She was too excited by the possibility of escape to worry about the effects her new found ability may have on her body. Instead she pissed for several more seconds over the floor before stopping and waited with baited breath to see how big the new hole would be.

After several long moments, the burning in the wood stopped. The hole was now twice as big but yet too small for Sharn to squeeze through. Moving to a new spot on the cart’s floor Sharn took careful aim with her pussy and then started to squirt out a new piss shower. A strong stream of pee leapt from her vagina and began to patter over the floor dissolving the wood in the process. Sharn was almost spent of pee now and she new this would be the last piss she would be able to take over the wood. Desperately she hoped it would be enough. As the last drips of piss escaped her pussy lips she watched with hope as the new second hole reached the first. ‘Yes – it was big enough!’ she thought with joy. Approaching the ragged hole in the floor she wondered for a moment if her own pee would burn her skin if she came into contact with it as she dropped down. There was only one way to find out so Sharn wasted no more time. With a quick step she plunged through the hole, hitting the hard stone floor below. With the grace of a true huntress Sharn softened her body upon impact flowing into a smooth roll which took her out of harms way as the rear of the cart passed overhead. The cloying air burned her lungs even more with the sudden exertion and she found her body racked with a series of coughs which she desperately tried to muffle. She lay on the road, her hands over her mouth whilst her chest was racked with a new coughing fit. The light was so dim that so could no longer see the cart or judge if it had stopped or continued on oblivious to her escape. Not wanting to find out the hard way how successful her jail break had been, Sharn set off up the slight tunnel emek escort incline.

Sharp stones bit into her feet hindering her progress. The air was still heavy and breathing was difficult but after a while Sharn was sure she could detect a change coming from up the slope. The faintest hint of a breeze seemed to be coming from uphill and this spurred her on but after what seemed an age of travelling over the sharp rock floor of the tunnel, she had still not arrived at the tunnel’s entrance. The need in her bladder had become acute again so Sharn stopped and squatted down over the floor. In the faint red light given off by the gleaming veins in the tunnel wall, she started to pee. Her pussy flaps parted to allow her hot piss juices to come flowing out of her vagina and empty into the air of the tunnel. A soft pattering sound announced the arrival of Sharn’s piss landing over the rock floor. Desperately she stared between her legs trying to ascertain if her pee shower was eating into the rock just like it had burnt through the wood of the prison cart. Unfortunately the dim lighting did not allow her a good vision of her toilet stream flowing out of her cunt and she had no choice but to continue her wee without the knowledge of what damage it might be causing. She was terrified that from now on her golden showers would be cursed with an acid-like eating ability. She was just finishing her piss when a faint noise coming from the upward direction of the tunnel caught her attention. At first she thought it was just her imagination but as the noise increased she realised that it was a real sound being made by the fall of horse hooves on the tunnel floor.

Standing up from her toilet squat she turned to flee back the way she had come. It was only a few footfalls until her leading foot tripped over a sharp outcrop in the rocky floor and she was sent flying. She landed badly, small cuts appearing on her body as she fell and tumbled over the numerous small rocks littering the tunnel’s surface. Miserably she pulled herself up and with a deep shock realised that the hoof beats were almost upon her. Looking up in terror she was just in time to see the tall white stallion emerging at full gallop out of the dim red gloom. The horse upon seeing her reared, almost dismounting its rider. Sharn looked on in horror fearing for her life. If the horse did not kill her then surely the Fel rider would. Staggering backwards to avoid the failing hoofs she smashed the back of her head on the tunnel wall behind her. Pain lanced through her skull, her vision darkening as she plunged into unconsciousness. Her last memory was that of the rearing horse bearing down upon her once more.

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