Leila – The First Level Ch. 01

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I saw her one day in the library and noticed her already while I walked in. Her cute face, her white teeth, Arabic-complexioned and her velvet like black hair caught my attention immediately. Since I am sometimes a little bit shy I did not choose the spot next to her but one from where I could safely observe her a couple of benches away. The whole morning I did not get anything done on my thesis since I either watched her back, her magnificent hair and slim shoulders and arms or fantasized about her. A hundred pick-up lines went through my head but were quickly dismissed till they seemed either too cheesy or too boring.

Suddenly she left her seat and headed for the exit. Her books on the table gave me the secure feeling that she probably only left for lunch. I did the same but only walked passed her, trying to look as little as possible at her. Since I only wrote my thesis here but did not really know anybody at this uni, I had my lunch alone on the grass in the sun on a spot from where I could observe her and her girlfriends joking and eating. I could not feel less confident to walk up to her and talk to her. She was around 1,65, slim and had a handful of breast. She looked absolutely stunning and her –for me- exotic appearance just added extra to that. Her body language told me that she is self confident and knows what she wants. Since I like strong women her body language alone turned me on (Even though I am never really sure if a woman is strong or it comes out of my wishing).

When I had to get back in, to at least get some writing done for today, she was already on her seat. I tried to make eye contact and smile at her but was not sure if she smiled back at me or just at somebody else.

The day passed by and I did not have the guts to talk to her. The next days went pretty much the same way. But somehow she seemed not to be in the library anymore and I just could not get her out of my head even though I saw other nice girls in the library I could fantasize about.

A week or so later I just came back from lunch heading upstairs, when she came downstairs all alone. My heart started pounding real hard but somehow I managed to look her in the eyes and not to look down. She smiled but I let her walk by without saying anything. It took me two seconds to realize what an idiot I’ve been and to run after her. When I reached her she turned around a little. She expected me to say something, so I smiled at her and did not say anything for exactly the right amount of time to create the impression I was confident.

“Do you want to grab a coffee?” I managed to ask.

She just looked at me from head to toe with a sexy smile and took her time to answer. The difference was that she really was confident and not only tried to buy time to think of something.

“Yeah, why not? I was heading to the coffee machine right now.” Her voice which was a little deep and her amazing French accent just made it impossible for me to say anything. She picked up the conversation and asked me what I was doing here and what my subject was. I just returned her questions and tried not to look too nervous. We took our coffees outside and set down next to each other in the afternoon sun.

Since I backpacked quite a lot I can always tell some funny and interesting stories from all parts of the world as soon as a conversation is past the first three sentences. She laughed at my jokes and my confidence level was rising. The time flew by, the coffee cups were empty and we both suddenly realized that we probably should go back inside.

“By the way, I am Jack!”

“Nice to meet you Jack, I am Leila!”

We went upstairs together and went back to our spots. Later she left before me but waved at me goodbye with a cute smile.

The coffee drinking and chatting continued for the next couple of days and I finally had the guts to ask her out for a drink.

She smiled very knowingly and asked “Where do you want to take me?”

“Ahh…., nothing special.., just to the nice beergarden around the corner for a drink or two.”

“Nothing special?”

“I mean, just a nice place nearby, where we can talk not always in this uni atmosphere. I would love to know more about you.” I tried to talk to buy time but at the same moment noticed that I was sounding stupid and probably going to blush soon.

She noticed, too. “Don’t worry I am just kidding with you. You’re cute when you are nervous. So at 8?”

“Ahh.. 8 is perfect. See you then. Cool that you want to come.” Ah, why do I always have to say some more words when I am nervous?

She smiled, touched my right arm with her beautiful little fingers and left.

The sun was still out and the place was packed. I finally managed to find a nice table for two but Leila was nowhere near. I texted her but she did not reply. After 15 minutes when I just started to get nervous I saw her and waved her over to the table.

“Sorry I am late.” No further explanations.

“Don’t worry, it’s all good. What would you like to drink?”

“Get escort eryaman me a white wine. I will stay here for a moment and relax.”


I queued and came back after 15 minutes with our drinks.

“You are not so quick in carrying out orders, are you?”

“There were many people in front of me and you know…”

“All okay, I just like to see you get nervous.” She had a confident and sexy smile. She was aware that she controlled the whole situation and so was I. I felt aroused and a little bit stupid at the same time.

I cannot really remember how the conversations went in detail since I tried to pay attention to her words but her looks, in combination with her confident almost dominant aura and this cute accent made it very hard to focus. I only remember that she was from Rabat in Morocco, went to school in France, her parents where both doctors, pretty liberal and that she had a younger sister. She noticed that my mind was wandering.

“Are you listing?”

“Sorry, I couldn’t focus. It is just everything about you which makes it hard to concentrate. You look stunning, especially in this dress, then your amazingly confident charisma and sorry to say, but your accent is really cute.”

“Thank you.” She smiled at me very warmly.

Now came the point on which I should probably have said no more. “I saw you a couple of days earlier but was too shy to talk to you. You just seemed so high above that any contact appeared like pure hubris.”

“I heard this before.” She said without any arrogance and continued casually. “That’s why most of the time only arrogant or cocky guys talk to me. I am glad that you are different.”

I was flattered and did not know anything to reply. She took the last piece of initiative, took my hand and guided me out of the beergarden. Outside it was more quit and we were almost alone.

Her easy-going and confident aura in combination with her compliment for me gave me a rush of confidence myself and I pulled her close to me and brought my face close to hers. Looking in her amazingly deep, dark brown eyes, from one millisec to the other, I had the strong feeling that I somehow needed her permission to get any closer. One tiny movement of her eyelids gave allowed me to touch her with my lips. We kissed and even while we did, I was not sure if I was really kissing Leila. That girl who looked like an Arabic goddess, was easy going and nice but at the same time knew what she wanted.

“Let’s go to my place!” She said with a confident voice and there was nothing I would have loved to do more.

She had a small nice flat close to the uni. As soon as we were inside we kissed passionately and her hands were all over me. She reached in my pants, grabbed my hard cock and held it firmly while we kissed for a one-minute-eternity. As soon as I tried to use my hands she placed them firmly back on her beautiful butt. Not that I minded much. She pulled me to her bedroom, then pushed me away, sat on her bed and looked me straight in the eyes.

“Take off your clothes!”

While I complied immediately and started slowly undressing, she leaned back in her bed, reminding me of an ancient queen on her throne. I took off my shirt first, then shoes, socks, my jeans and stopped when I came to my boxers.

“Take them off!” Leila smiled brightly but also her voice was firm and did not allow any back talk. I immediately complied and stood fully naked in front of this fully dressed, stunning woman.

“Come here!” She commanded. I stood directly in front of her and she grabbed my stiff cock and pulled me a little bit closer. She was so in control of the whole situation that I could barely speak or move.

“Get on your knees!” She said with a wicked, sexy smile. I almost dropped to them instantly, thankful for any guidance since I lost the last bit of control of the situation as soon as we had entered her apartment.

She grabbed me by my hair and pulled my head close to her pussy. I could smell her heavenly scent through her panties and had no other wish than to burry my face between her slim and wonderful thighs. Automatically I moved my head to her crotch and started kissing and sucking on her panties.

“Good boy. You know what I want you to do. Get your nose in deeper!” She pulled my face by my hair even closer into her pussy.

I was naked, rock hard and under complete control of this magic woman. She could have told me anything and I would have done it. She took her panties off and I could get a glance at her almost completely clean-shave pussy. I did not have much time to enjoy the view before she forcefully took my head and locked it between her strong legs. My mouth and tongue knew what to do and I started slowly liking and sucking on her upper vagina to work my way down and up again. Then I massaged her with my nose. Her thighs silenced any sound; only her pulling on my hair and pushing on my back head, signaled me the direction and speed. Sometimes she gave escort elvankent me a little space to breathe but only to lock my face on her pussy again a second later. I must have been between her legs for 20 minutes when I wriggled free to breath in deeply. She angrily looked me straight in the eyes.

“WHAT DO YOU THINK, are you doing?”

“Ahhh…, just wanted to get more air. I am sorry.” I wanted to avoid the situation by burying my head in her beautiful pussy again. But she did not let me off that easy. She was almost furious. She pulled my head up again and her look commanded me to look her in the eyes and better not to look away.

“If I allow you kissing me, NEVER stop without MY permission!” She slapped me hard and quick with her free hand across my face. I was completely stunned and in total subspace. I never experienced something this hot. It turned me on incredibly.


“Yes. I am sorry.” She slapped me again.


Immediately I buried my face in her wonderful pussy and again began frantically sucking and kissing. She slowed me down with some light tugs on my hair. I was completely drawn into her aura and absolutely focused on her pussy. There was nothing else in the world I was thinking about. It must have been ages and several orgasms I spent between her thighs but it only seemed like a few minutes to me. Her slaps and strict warning had made me even more aroused and in a strange way I enjoyed every second even more than before.

Suddenly she pulled my head up just the second when she exploded into a final orgasm. She was lying back on the bed with eyes closed and her whole body shaking. Her face was all red and sweaty. While she came down and some after shakes went through her body, she put my head next to her hot and steaming thigh and caressed my hair. We did not say anything for a while. I heard that she lit up a cigarette and then offered me a drag. Still between her legs, her left hand in my wet hair and in a parallel universe, I took a puff and inhaled deeply.

“How are you?” Her voice sounded far away.

“I am absolutely great. Thank you for let me kiss you.” I felt so submissive that I had the urge to thank her for everything.

“You were really amazing.” -Pause- “Only the one thing made me mad but we discussed that already.” She giggled. After she mentioned her slapping I suddenly felt my cheek I had forgotten all about.

“I am sorry. I will never stop unless you tell me to do so in the future.”

“Good. Now forget about it and come up here.”

She kissed my wet face and grabbed my dick with her left hand. I was so hard and horny that I just wanted to fuck her brains out. I tried to move on top but she quickly pushed me down and there I was just lying next to her, she holding my dick firmly.

“Come down!” She said in a calm but firm voice. “Relax! You were great. Nothing else you have to prove me tonight!”

Prove, I did not want to prove anything to her, or did I? I just was super horny and wanted to fuck wildly. Still I did not dare to articulate my thoughts but she knew them –they were probably not too hard to guess.

“To make it clear Jack, it is nice with you. You are cute and very eager to please me and so far also very good at it. Also you are submissive and do as I say. I like all of that but I intend to take you to a whole other level. I don’t know if it involves the two of us having sex though. Will you be okay with that and do as I say?”

“Honestly at the moment I am just stunned and still captured by the whole experience. I never met such a dominant and amazing woman like you before. I probably would do anything you ask me to do.”

“Don’t get ahead of yourself.” She said with a knowing smile. “But to start, why don’t you get us something to drink. I am really thirsty and I guess you too.”

I hurried in the kitchen and got a jug with water and squeezed some lemon in it. I found two glasses and went back to her room. She was lying there now only in her lingerie and observing me while I purred her some water. I wanted to put my boxers back on to cover my still stiff member at least a little. I felt a bit embarrassed.

“Don’t. I like you naked.” Looking in this beautiful face and that smile with shining white teeth, I realized it will always make me weak and comply with anything not just to leave my shorts off.

I lay next to her in bed and since I did not have an orgasm or any release I was especially attentive and submissive. I had the deep urge just too please her in any way. “Do you like a massage?”

“Can you read my mind?” With a little grin she opened her bra. Her perfectly shaped tits weren’t huge, just exactly the size to fill my hand. She let me gently touch and kiss them. We both knew that they were just the next body part of hers I was going to be absolutely addicted to.

She laid down on her belly and I could not help myself but kiss every part of her back. Her soft, light brown skin and escort emek her sweet smell just made me want to touch her with my lips so badly. I sat below her butt and starting to massage her shoulders and neck. I worked my way up to her arms and hands and down again via her back to her wonderfully rounded ass. Her cheeks were perfectly shaped and I just had to place kisses on them. After half an hour I went further down to message her legs and feet and finally also her toes. I kissed each one of them passionately. After massaging her legs some more I kissed her butt cheeks again and at that moment she put her hand on the back of my head and drew me closer.

Even though I was still horny, I did not feel so comfortable with what was going to come. However her forceful pushing did not let me think about the whole situation for long and I buried my nose between her cheeks while I continued to kiss her everywhere my mouth could reach.

She moaned and was aroused again “Kiss me, kiss me. Get your tongue in!” I hesitated a little bit too long, so she turned around slightly angry.

“What’s your problem? Are you not willing to please me in any way?”

“No, no, I love to… I just never kissed … a butt … and it is kind of strange for me.”

“You have to think about the pleasure I get from it and not your selfish thoughts about what disturbs you! You are different to those macho guys but you have to follow my guidance!”

“Yes Leila, I want to be guided by you. I will try not to question any of your wishes … please do not see it as … as … disobedience.” When she heard me say “disobedience” she smiled contentedly. Her imperative manner and her whole body made me more than willing to do as she told me. I slowly started kissing her anus and slowly worked my tongue around it. I started sucking on it and finally was so deep in subspace that I stuck my tongue in her anus. She let out a deep moan and pet my head encouragingly. I just wanted to please her and started sucking and licking more frantically. Her moans got louder and wilder, her hand pulled on my hair stronger and stronger. After a couple of minutes more she pulled away my head and I saw her heavily breathing and it made me proud that I could please her just as she likes it. I placed a couple of more kisses on her cheeks before she told me to wash my face and mouth.

When I came back I was not just horny but also deeply confused about what just had happened and how she could get me so deep into subspace. She saw my nervousness and patted her hand next to her, to signal me to sit down.

“You’re cute and I just love how you overcame your little boundaries so quickly. I just want to warn you even if it might be too late. I am not looking for a relationship in a classical sense. You probably start already to fall in love, I know this usually happens and it is nice since it adds to the dependency on me and my pleasure. I am just addicted to this power game. But you are so soft and willing, nothing to tame and I do not want to hurt you.”

I just sat there and did not know what to reply. I probably was already addicted to her and maybe she would hurt me but at the moment I could hardly think straight and could not care less about the future, as long as I could be near Leila right now.

“I do everything what pleases you, Leila! If I have to go further and even if I get hurt, I do not care. I just want to be near you.”

“Oh, you will get hurt, but hopefully only physically”, she answered smilingly. “But we are not so far yet. I guess you are super horny now and since we just started I let you come.” Her last words just blew my mind and I was getting even harder. “But.. you have to come on my conditions though.”

“Anything you want!”

“Kneel in front of me and start jerking off slowly.” I kneeled and was stroking my member in exactly the speed she told me to. My horniness built up quickly more and more.

“Slower, slower!” I was getting so hot that I was afraid not to be able to control my orgasm anymore. I was about to explode.

“Stop!” she said with a wicked smile. She looked straight in my eyes. “When I tell you to come, I want you to come on my feet and then lick everything clean afterwards. You do not have to do it but then I will not let you come!”

I was a little bit disgusted but somehow had expected a condition and my incredible horniness did the rest. “Whatever you say! I eat every drop.” She smiled satisfied and was probably a little bit astonished how easy she could control me.

“Continue slowly! And do not dare to come until I tell you to do so!” I started again and was quickly on the edge again.

“Please, please Leila,… please allow me to come.” She waited for another minute and when she saw I could not hold for another second she commanded me “Come now! Right now! Vasy” Vaaasy Jack!”

I shot a couple of loads on her feet and moaned so hard like never before. I sat on my knees in front of her beautiful feet, covered with my jizz and was still dizzy from everything what just happened. Even though I just came, I almost instantly felt horny again.

I looked at her feet and felt a little reluctant to eat my own sperm but I also knew that there was no way around. So I slowly lowered my head and sucked a little bit off her one toe.

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