Letters to Nicole 13

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Dear Nicole,

I knew you were going to ask that! And the answer is yes! When I got home, I needed to cum so bad…I almost didn’t make it there…just kidding! But I locked my door and pulled my jeans down under my butt, falling onto the bed on my tummy and frigging my clit. Oh, my God…it was good, but it wasn’t near enough. It was only enough to get me asleep for the night, thinking about Teddy’s cock penetrating my girlfriend’s pussy. I remember wishing that I had invited Jesse to stay over, but we were going out tomorrow night anyway. And Nicole, you wouldn’t have believed the shocking turn of events that started then.

She called the next afternoon saying that Megan couldn’t make it, but that she would pick me up at 5:00. We were gonna go to Fuddruckers for burgers and then to see “The Specialist” with Sylvester Stallone and Sharon Stone. We were having another great time eating and talking and catching up with Nikki (the events of the last month), when who should show up but Jon! He was picking up some take-out and spotted us at the table.

“Hey there, Sexy!” I said when he came over and sat down.

Jon grinned, “Look who’s talkin’, Mama! What are you three doin’ tonight?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” Nikki giggled with her mouth full.

“I mean later, smart ass!” Jon replied with a playful shove of her shoulder. “Like you ladies have plans?”

“Movies, then my house, I guess,” Jessi returned. “What’re you doin?”

“Nothin’…I hafta bring dinner home, then…who knows? You three need some company?”

“Like…where are those other criminals you call your friends?” I teased some more.

“Well…I think C.J. and Tim were fishin’ all day; and like I think Ricky has a date.”

Jon had our complete attention now! “He does?” We all echoed together, giggling, looking at each other, and blinking! “With who?” Yep we did it again!

Jon was laughing now! “Angela…didn’t you notice he spent quite a bit of time with her at the party last weekend?”

“I did,” said Nikki, “now that you mention it…he was like, sitting by her all night.”

“Yeah, like before Rick went home, he asked Tim if he minded that he take her out. N’fact, he waited around for Tim to show up. His car was there, but Tim wasn’t until a lot later.”

I blushed at that, Nicole, but thankfully, no one seemed to notice. I quickly asked, “So…I guess Tim didn’t mind then?”

“Nahh…those two were over…I was standing right there, and Tim was grinning when he said to go ahead, so I guess Ricky did.”

“Well I think Angela’s pretty hot, like Ricky’s made a good choice!” I added, making Jon smile and wink at me.

“You do, huh? Well, stay out of Ricky’s way until he’s had his chance!” We all laughed.

“Now who’s the smart ass,” I returned, “you better watch it or you’re gonna get it!”

Jon feigned a load of fear drawing a gale of giggles once more. “Well…anyway, can I go to the movie with ya’?”

I glanced at my watch, “Oh, my God…yes…we better get going if we’re gonna make it; it starts at 6:30.”

“I’ll drop off the burgers at my place; can you pick me up?”

We broke for the parking lot and followed Jon to his house. The movie was just okay, with Sylvester Stallone delivering a wonderful impression of a wooden actor. Even the love scene in the shower between Sharon Stone and him wasn’t much…but she was beautiful.

When we left the theater and climbed into the car Nikki said, “Well, I liked “Cliffhanger” a lot better!”

Jessi laughed and said, “That’s because you had to sneak into the theater to watch it, remember?”

“Oh, yeah,” Nikki giggled, “I guess everyone figures that since I’m a year older I can handle the sex scenes better!”

“Wow, Nik!” I replied, “did you like Sylvester’s ass that much!” We all laughed at that thought.

John asked, “Who’s ass did you like better, Nance? Sharon Stone’s or Sylvester’s?”

“Hmm…good question!” I teased.

“I liked Sharon Stone’s!” We all roared when Jessi said it. Up until that point she’d been very quiet. “But God! He looks like a terrible kisser! Like I’ll bet you’re way better than him, Jon!”

“Nahh…Jon’s too stiff,” said Nikki. I looked over my shoulder at Nikki and Jon in the back seat, just in time to see her playfully poke him in the ribs.

“Stiffer than that shit on the screen?” asked Jon, pretending to be hurt. “You know damn well I’m better than that Nikki!” Jon quickly slipped his face in the crook of Nikki’s neck and just as playfully started sucking it just under her ear.

“Hey…cut that out,” yelled Nikki, shoving him away and wiping the kiss off her neck.

“Oh c’mon,” he said laughing, “I bet that turned you on more than that scene in the shower did!” We laughed all the way to Jessi’s house with Jon trying to tickle Nikki and touch her tits and Nikki squirming away from him, fighting off his hands.

When we got there, Jessi and I went to the kitchen. “Mom…Dad…I’m home… Nancy, Jon and Nik are here too!” No one answered. She looked at the message board. Her dad had gone out dikmen escort of town to pick up material for his construction site and her Mom had gone out with friends. It occurred to me that with her husband gone, my parents might be the “friends” and I smiled.

Jessi and I put together some snacks and drinks. It took us a while and when we finally carried it all to the family room, we got a shock! Nikki and Jon were curled up together on the floor in front of the sofa. They were kissing, and Jon had his hands on her ass and Nikki’s hands were busy too…I think she was playing with his cock. When they heard me, they broke apart quickly, but it was too late!

“Okay, you two,” I teased, “what’s this all about?”

“Nuthin'” replied Jon, “we were just makin’ up for the argument we had in the car!”

“You always make up like that?” asked Jessi. “If you do, I wouldn’t mind having a few arguments with you myself!”

That cracked us up and I looked at a blushing Nikki. “Remember that time with Jessi’s card game at C.J.’s house, Nikki? Watching you two there made me think of it again.”

Nikki blushed, making me giggle, but she quickly responded, “Oh, my God ,yes! That was the most fun ever, wasn’t it?”

We attacked the chips and soda and laughed some more, teasing Jon and Nikki. But like… the truth was, Nicole, that I was feeling way horny myself and starting to hope that this night might turn into something more than food and conversation. Felecia had recently taken to calling me her “little slut” and I was beginning to believe it was true because an incredible thought was forming in my mind.

“You know Nik, I think Jon might be right,” I began.

“Right? How?” said Nikki peering at me from over the top of her soda glass.

“Well…Like I was watch you two kissing there, and believe me it was way hotter than the movie!”

Nikki blushed and stayed silent but Jon didn’t. “It was, Nance! I can tell you that; she had my cock so fuckin’ hard!” All three of us looked at Nikki and she turned two shades redder. I knew Jon wouldn’t be able to help himself and I was right, “Fact is… I’m getting hard again just thinkin’ about it!”

Even Nikki laughed then and the ice was broken. “Ohhh…I bet I could get you harder than that with a little extra attention!” Nikki stuck her tongue out as far as it would go and then pulled it back to lick her lips, really laying it on thick. We laughed so hard I could have peed my pants.

“I think you two could do that scene ten times better than Sylvester!”

“For sure,” said Jon as he turned to look into Nikki’s eyes, “She’s hotter than Sharon Stone anyway!”

Nikki was beautiful, there was no getting away from that. Her dark hair shone and her sparkling brown eyes flashed as she and Jon connected. There was electricity flowing now and I knew we were in for some fun.

“Jess, is your camcorder in your room?” I asked.

“Yep, why?”

“I thought maybe Nikki and Jon could show us how well they could do the scene!”

Oh Nicole! It was so funny to see how quickly their heads snapped around to look at me! Nikki looked kinda shocked, but Jon…his look said volumes; he broke into this huge grin with a look that said something like, “You fuckin’ nasty bitch, I love you!”

Jessi scurried right out muttering, “Oh, my God!”

“W..what are you doing, Nance?” said Nikki, her voice cracking.

“What? I think you can do it better! Let’s try it!”

“On camera? Right here?”

“Yeah…Don’t you want to?” I knew she did. I’d watched Nikki and Jon together a few times at our parties and it was clear to me that she’d have no problem letting him fuck her. The only hurdle really was whether she’d let me film it or not.

“But Nance…I don’t want other people watching it.”

“So you do want to?”

Nikki looked back at Jon shyly. Her face was flushed again but she took a deep breath and said, “Hell, yes, I’d love to do it! Would you, Jon?”

Jon was tripping all over his tongue, “Are you shittin’ me? Fuck! Like this is one of the hottest things I’ve ever heard of! And I’d love to watch it again later, too!”

“Hmmm…” Nikki was smiling, but thinking hard.

“You can keep the film, Nik, If that’s what concerns you. No one will ever watch it again without your permission.”

Jessi reentered the room with the camcorder in hand. “God!” she said, “I can’t believe we’re gonna do this! What if my mom comes home, Nancy?”

“That’s why you’re here, girl! You keep a lookout while I film it.”

Jessi showed me the controls and pretty soon I was ready. “Hey, where’s Nikki?” I asked Jon.

“In the bathroom; she’ll be out in a minute.”

I stepped up to Jon and put my hand over the bulge in his jeans. “Mmm…this feels really good!” He felt about as hard as you could imagine to me and when he moaned, so did I. He kissed me lightly on the lips, pulling me closer and feeling my ass with both hands.

“Wow…I’m so fuckin’ glad I ran into you girls tonight! The guys are gonna shit when I tell ’em what elvankent escort we did.”

“Don’t tell them about the camera, Jon. Let’s leave that up to Nikki.”

“Leave what up to Nikki?” she said as she came back into the room.

“Like…we’re not gonna tell anyone about the film; let’s keep it among us three, okay?”

“Oh, my God yes, no way I’m telling anyone, I’m…”

“What’ya say we stop all this talkin’ shit and start?” We all looked at Jon and giggled. I was ready, that’s for sure, and Jon was so ready he was already taking off his shirt.

“Don’t do that, Jon, I want to get everything on camera! Nik, are you ready?”

Jessi sat over by the side of the front bay window where she could see the driveway. She was licking her lips and it was obvious that the whole idea of what we were doing was really turning her on. Ever since she had started hanging out with us she had really opened up to new things. A lot of the modesty had dropped away and she was so much more comfortable with herself and very attractive too. The thought crossed my mind that I would like to be with her later that night. But, first things first, right Nicole?

I switched the camera on, “How do you want us to start,” asked Nikki.

“Jon, any ideas?” I asked in return.

“C’mere, Nik,” said Jon. She stepped toward him and Jon gathered her into his arms. I stepped around to the side of them so I could get a shot of what his hands were doing behind her. Both of them cupped her cute ass cheeks and he drew her close, her hands closing on his upper arms. Jon’s lips swept across Nikki’s and after five seconds I could tell that this was gonna to be soooo hot! The kiss was hungry and intense and Jon’s fingers were already trying to dig into her crack. Nikki’s eyelids were fluttering with the heat and I heard her soft, urgent moans. I hoped that the cam was picking them up a little.

I zoomed in a bit to close-up their faces. They were so into the kiss as they alternated eating each other’s lips and swirling their tongues together. At one point Nikki pulled back a little and their tongues flicked quickly at the other’s without the lips touching. It looked so erotic, I groaned myself and it caused him to reach under her shirt and slide his hands up her back. Nikki giggled into his mouth as she felt him deftly unhook her bra. Her right hand grabbed at the back of his shirt and she pulled it up a ways, a signal that he should take it off now.

Jon whipped it off and Nikki’s hands immediately began gliding down his chest. Jon wasn’t too hairy and I could relate to Nik wanting to feel it. She palmed his hardened nipples for a bit, while Jon lifted her shirt and bra. Nikki’s beautiful tits quivered into view. This was one reason why I wanted to film her, Nicole. Nikki’s boobs were large, with just a hint of sag, and her nipples were set perfectly on each swell. They were very pale pink, which I thought was unusual but oh so sexy considering her black hair.

I heard Jon moan when they spilled out from under the shirt, and he moaned again when she reached for her own nipples and pinched them to super hardness. Jon watched her for a few seconds then used both hands to surround her left tit, his tongue flying into her nipple, flicking it, circling it, wetting it! Watching Nikki’s reaction, I got the feeling her nipples were at least as sensitive as mine. When Jon sucked on it hard, her head fell back and she groaned deeply, murmuring over and over, “Oh, my God…Oh, God!”

For several seconds, Nikki held Jon by the cheeks, pulling his face onto her breast and just enjoying the feeling. I was right up close, the camera focused on his mouth and her tit. Then she moved his mouth to her right nipple. Jon didn’t waste a second this time. He sucked the teat hard, pulling her breast away from her body and Nikki gasped. Her eyes snapped open so fast it made me giggle and the camera wobbled.

“Mmm…yesss…suck it! Oh God!” Nikki muttered. She stuck her right forefinger into her mouth and sucked on it while Jon tongued her tits. Her left hand began a slow drift down her tummy to the top of her shorts, slipping inside the waistband and inching toward her slit. The last time I saw her nude, she had been shaved and I wondered if she still was. Her finger must have touched her clit because her body flinched and she grabbed a handful of his hair.

Jon kept sucking her, but now his hands grasped the top of her shorts and he slid them down, taking her pink panties with them. Nikki was still fingering herself when she kicked them off and I smiled, noticing her smooth, bare pussy. Then Jon’s lips came off her nipple with a loud, smacking pop. He held her by the ass cheeks with both hands and watched as she pushed her middle finger inside her hole.

I couldn’t help it myself anymore, and I had to say, “God, Nik, that’s sooo hot! Wow!”

Jon pulled her shirt and bra the rest of the way off. I almost wished he hadn’t because it made her stop playing with her pussy, but then he unbuckled his belt and started pulling down his jeans. emek escort When his beautiful, hard prick swung out from above his pants, Nikki lovingly wrapped her right hand around it like she was shaking hands and jacked him four or five times very lightly, causing him to groan. She reached her left hand under him and cupped his balls and jacked him some more a little harder.

I then heard a groan to my left and swung around to focus the camera on Jessi. Oh, my God, Nicole! Jessi had gotten up off her chair and was leaning against the wall. Her head was tilted to the right and she was watching Jon and Nikki intensely. She was so aroused her eyes were glassy (when they were open) and she had one hand under her black tank. I could tell she was abusing her tits because the hand was moving quickly back and forth from one breast to the other while the other hand was cupping and clutching at her pussy right through her shorts.

“You like his cock, Jess?” I said to her, not caring anymore that my voice was on the tape.

“Oh fuck, yesss!” Jessi managed, “I like Nikki too, she’s so beautiful!”

“Take your clothes off too, Jessi, don’t be shy,” I was groaning myself.

Jessi nodded and pulled her tank top up and off. She was wearing a black wonder-bra which looked so gorgeous next to her blonde hair. Her cleavage was perfect and I kept the camera on her while she pushed her shorts down and showed off her black thong. It was so small it looked like a g-string and Jessi straightened the small “V” of material as she moved closer to Jon and Nikki.

Meanwhile, Nikki had dropped to one knee and wrapped her lips around Jon’s shaft. Her right hand was pumping the base of his hard dick and her left hand was tickling his sack with just her fingertips. Her head wasn’t bobbing on him too much as she concentrated on sucking and licking the head. Jessi knelt down next to her and watched closely, reaching for Jon’s ass and caressing his left cheek.

“Oh, my God,” I heard her breath as Nikki throated Jon’s cock a little more. “Does it taste good, Nik?”

Nikki responded by offering Jessi a taste! She kept hold of Jon’s pole and turned it toward her blonde friend, offering her a turn. Jon put a hand on each girl’s head and when Jessi drew him into her mouth and began to suck him, I heard him say, “Oh fuck…Shit! Oh shit!”

I was having trouble holding the camera steady now. Nikki’s eyes were shining as she watched Jessi suck on him for several seconds. Then Jessi let Nikki have him back. Her fingers slipped as deeply as they could between Jon’s cheeks and then Jessi surprised me again by reaching for Nikki’s hair with her other hand. She caressed it and ran her fingers through it as Nikki feverishly licked the cock in her hands.

“Damn…God damn it, you girls are good…Mmm!” They had him clenching now! Jessi couldn’t contain herself and she went in after some more cock, tonguing the shaft that was exposed as Nikki concentrated on the circumcised head. I saw that both girls’ tongues and lips were touching each other’s, but Nikki didn’t seem to mind at all! “Oh, God! That feels so fuckin’ good!” Jon yelled wrenching one of his own nipples and pulling at Jessi’s hair.

Suddenly Jon pulled Nikki to her feet and practically threw her into the sofa. Nikki giggled and lifted her left knee while draping the other leg onto the floor. I zoomed in for a second on her girl-slit. God, she was so wet, Nicole! It was visible right in the view finder! Jon fell between her legs and cried out, “God, Nik, I need to eat some pussy! Fuck!”

Nikki smiled and pulled her pussy lips apart, spreading herself, and replied, “Oh good…because here’s a really wet one, want it?” Jon lapped at her with three or four long, but quick licks and Nikki threw her head back, it was so totally intense. The feeling of his tongue on her center almost threw her, but the pleasure soon caught up with the surprise and he had her groaning loudly within seconds. “Oh shit…yesss! Oh…Fuck…Oh yeah!”

I narrowed the focus between her legs. Jon had glued his mouth to the top of her gash and was sucking her clit ferociously. Nikki’s ass rose off the sofa and she pushed her cunt at him, humping herself into his mouth. She grabbed at her tits and mashed them into her chest, her head thrashing from side to side as the intensity increased.

Meanwhile, Jessi had unhooked her bra and dropped it away. She knelt next to Jon and laid her hand on Nikki’s tummy, caressing it and every once in a while circling inside her naval with her middle finger. She insinuated her face between Jon’s face and Nik’s tummy. I watched fascinated as Jessi started licking at Nikki too…as best she could. Jon had our black-haired friend close to cumming and Nikki’s legs were spreading so wide that Jessi was soon able to lick the crease between her pussy and thigh.

I panned the camera back just in time to catch Nikki tip her head forward and look down at the two mouths tearing into her crotch. “Oh, my Goddd!” she squealed, “I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna…” Her ass was still off the sofa and when Jon pushed two fingers into her tunnel, her back arched and she came with a tremendous rush, her body jerking repeatedly with each spasm that tore through her. She flopped back on the sofa in a heap, murmuring “Oh, my God, Oh, my God” over and over as she tried to catch her breath.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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