Life Changes, Chapter 11

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Life Changes, Chapter 11. The Pregnant Ladies and Football.

Things were starting to get interesting later in the fall. It was getting toward Halloween, the leaves were falling, and my beautiful Cindy was starting to show her pregnancy. She was now three months along, and was gorgeous. Everything about her was fantastic. I had never experienced this, being close to a woman who was pregnant. I had not seen how they do actually “glow”. Cindy only had morning sickness for about 8 weeks, but was now happy, healthy, and her body looked like it was on happy drug. Her skin was soft and smooth, she was always happy and laughing, she wanted to have sex more than ever, and everything to her was a joy. I was amazed.

It also turned out that Emily from across the street was also pregnant and two months along. She was having some light morning sickness, but was doing well overall. She came over the Saturday before Thanksgiving to have bagels and swap stories with Cindy. I had been up late and came downstairs in my sleeping shorts and t-shirt to find the two of them sitting in the kitchen laughing. Cindy’s face was a joy to behold, and Emily’s was not far behind. Emily’s pale skin and freckles seemed to be highlighted by the pregnancy. I just wanted to bend both of them over the table and fuck them senseless.

“Good morning, gorgeous.” I leaned over and kissed my wife on the lips, lingering just a little. When I pulled back she smiled and sighed. God, she loved being pregnant, and I loved her being pregnant.

I went over to Emily, who was also carrying my child. “Good morning, gorgeous number 2.” She laughed and I kissed her lightly.

I turned toward the kitchen counter to make myself a bagel and join them. “Darling.” Cindy said behind me. “We’re both horny and need some help over here.” I had just put my bagel in the toaster, so I turned back around and the two ladies had turned their chairs toward me. Both were wearing dresses and had pulled them up around their waists. Neither one was wearing panties. I could see two wet, inviting, pussies staring at me. I was hungry, but my dick immediately reacted and tried to take over my brain.

“I need some breakfast.”

Cindy smiled. “But honey, we have breakfast right here.” She pointed to both their pussies.

“You forget yourself, my little cum slut. You are my slave and will do my bidding.”

Cindy smiled. “Yes, sir!” Emily looked amused. “Just stay like that while I butter a bagel.” I turned around and buttered my bagel that had popped up from the toaster. I turned back around and faced the ladies. I took a bite and said to Cindy. “Come over here and take my sleeping shorts down. Get my dick ready.”

Cindy came over to me and did so. She looked at my already hard dick and then up at me. “Sir, I think it’s ready.”

I chewed some more. “Good. Now let’s go treat Emily. I want you to eat her pussy while I feed her some tube steak.”

We went over and Cindy immediately started feasting on Emily’s pussy. Emily just slid down in the chair a little and moaned. I decided to really feed it to her, so I kicked one leg up and over the two of them so that I was straddling Emily in the chair, my dick pointing at her face. She reached up with one hand, took my dick into it and started sucking. She was good at blow jobs and she knew she could get me off quick, but she took her time, so that Cindy could get her close to cumming. I was standing over Emily, watching her suck my dick, eating my bagel, and I could look over my shoulder to see Cindy eating her pussy. What a Saturday morning!

Emily was slowing licking up my cock and sucking on the head when Cindy’s ministrations were too much for the oversexed pregnant auburn-haired beauty. She released my cock and started moaning.

“Oh, fuck, you little slut. You have me cumming already… oh, shit… fuck… suck my clit more… FUCK!” And just like that Emily came. I watched her as her face showed the last second tension while waiting for the orgasm, the clinching as she came, and then the relaxed smile as she finished and enjoyed the post-orgasmic glow. After about 20 seconds of relaxing she looked up at me. I was still eating the bagel, my dick standing out rock hard over her face. She laughed.

“Okay, John, let’s finish you off. Cindy can get hers later.” Cindy groaned. Emily sat up a little straighter and took hold of my cock. “Yum, a little dessert after my bagel.” She started sucking and slurping on it. It felt wonderful to have her full attention.

Behind me, I suddenly felt Cindy licking my ass. She started at my balls and licked up my crack all the way to the top. It felt delicious to have the two women working on me like this. Emily started a good up and down on my cock now, sucking all the way down and back up. Cindy pulled my cheeks apart a little further and shoved her face into my ass. She had to work hard in this position, but finally got to my asshole. She started thrusting her tongue at it, trying to poke around and into it, while Emily was doing a masterful job on my cock. I knew this was going to be a good blow. I grabbed Emily’s head and started fucking her face, thrusting in and out, wanting to feel that wonderful release. Cindy tried to stay in place, but I was moving too much so she backed away and just reached up to cradle my balls.

“Oh, yes. Emily, you are a great cock-sucker! Here I cum!” I came with quite a blast and Emily kept sucking and slurping, swallowing most of my cum. When I finished, she sucked a little more and then finally backed off when I pushed at her head, indicating that I was too sensitive.

Cindy backed away and I backed up away from Emily. I looked down. Emily was still sitting with her legs apart, her pussy still swollen and dripping. She had my cum dripping down her face and she was smiling. Fuck, she was hot. I turned around and looked at Cindy and she was sitting on the floor, her legs apart and gently rubbing her pussy. She was smiling, too, Another fucking hottie!

I started to finish eating my bagel when my wife looked up from the floor. “Master, can I have some attention and cum now?”

I smiled. “Sure. Get up here on the table.” I patted the kitchen table.

Cindy stood up, ripped off her dress and practically leaped onto the table. She was naked and lying there, pussy wet and puffy, her nipples standing straight up, her pregnant belly slightly protruding. I smiled and looked at Emily. “Em, take her tits, I’m going to eat pussy!”

I dove in and heard Cindy moan her approval. I was lapping up along her crevice as the outer lips slowly separated and Emily was sucking on nipple and twisting the other. Cindy was immediately thrashing and I knew she was so worked up that we could make her cum immediately. I shoved two fingers into her cunt and latched on to her clit with my mouth, sucking and humming. She went off like a rocket, moaning, uttering “Oh, fuck”, and soaking my face. I looked up at Emily and she was laughing.

“I guess she was really ready to go!”

I laughed. “No kidding.”

Cindy lay there, basking in the completion of her orgasm and smiled with her eyes closed. “Oh my god, I’ve been thinking about that for about 2 hours.”

I chuckled. “Well then, ladies, I have a little proposition for you.”

Cindy rose up on her elbows, but made no move to get up. Emily sat there looking at me, still lightly running her right hand over Cindy’s tits and stomach.

“You two are insatiable right now. I was thinking that I could have you two and Sam over here next Saturday. I have invited several young, horny guys from work over to watch football. What they don’t know is that I plan on setting up a glory-hole type thing between the den and the kitchen. Cindy, you know a couple of them, so we will act like you are just waiting on us with drinks and food while the other two are taking turns. That way they won’t know that you are participating, but you can also get in on the act. I’ll devise some way to have a lottery or award situation that allows the winner to partake of one of the holes and you guys will be behind the partition ready for some hard cock. This way bursa escort you guys get some hard dick and I get to watch you guys take it wherever you want, mouth, pussy, or ass. What do you think?

Emily spoke first. “Great idea. I’m horny all the time and so is Cindy. You can’t take care of both of us all the time and I want to try fucking somebody else. God knows that I have let Robert fuck me a couple of times, but he’s too much the wimp. What about you Cindy?”

“Fuck yes, Master. I want to suck and fuck some cock.”

I laughed. “Well, it sounds like you two are ready. I’ll finalize everything while Cindy plans the drinks and munchies.”

That week, I took some plywood that I had in the garage and made a kind of partition with three pieces. They are 4’X 8’ and would definitely wide enough. I put them together and they would fit in under my 9’ ceilings and be 12’ wide. I used Cindy as a model and measured her so that I could get two heights. The first was bent over, taking it in the ass or pussy. The second was kneeling for blowjobs. They were just a little different. I made the two holes large enough to have plenty of room, and then finished off the holes with some duct tape to prevent splinters. Nobody would want to even think about getting splinters in their dick!

When Saturday came, I had Cindy dress up in a nice dress that came down to her knees. It was not that sexy and made her look more like a wife waiting on her husband and friends than a sexual dynamo. I ordered Sam to show up in a mini-skirt and tank top, no panties or bra, wearing the collar I had bought for her. I knew that Emily could take care of herself. The ladies all gathered at about 11am to work out their routine. Sam and Emily would remain anonymous behind the panels and Cindy would wander in and out taking care of our food and beverages. When she had a break from that, she could go behind there and enjoy a little male hardness herself. They were not to believe that she was participating.

The guys started arriving at about 2pm for the key game of the week. As they came in, each noticed the divider between the den and the kitchen. I had covered it with sheets and they couldn’t see it. I just passed it off as a separator for all our testosterone-enhanced yelling and screaming during the game. When all four who had RSVP’d were present, we sat down to start the game watching.

The kick-off was coming up and I had devised my reward plan. I pulled out a notepad and some pencils. “Okay, everyone write down on this pad a team, type of score, and time on the clock. Each time someone scores, we’ll do it again. Every time someone wins, they will get a prize.”

They all looked at me a little askance. “Like what?” several asked. “Just fill out the paper and I guarantee that it’s something you’ve never gotten from winning a football pool. When you win you’ll draw from the list of prizes in this box.” I pulled a small computer paper box that had a bunch of rewards listed on it and folded so that they couldn’t see it. They all stared and I could see the wheels turning, but none could have guessed what I had in mind.

Meanwhile, Cindy was putting out munchies and taking drink orders. Everyone wanted beer, so that was easy. Finally, a score occurred and we determined that it was Rick who won. He went to the box and pulled out a reward. He opened it and his eyes went wide. Somebody shouted read it and he cleared his throat. “Receive a blowjob from slut 1 or 2, your choice.”

Everyone turned to stare at me. Cindy was standing right behind me and they all looked at me and then at her. “Well, which do you want?”

“Slut 1, I guess. Hey, how is this going to work? What sluts? What the hell is this?” I was getting questions from everyone now and they were confused, but laughing about it, thinking it was a joke.

Cindy and I walked over to the divider and yanked the sheets down. The guys stared at it. The slightly higher cutout had a hand sticking thru it, waving. “Gentlemen, this is slut 1. She is here to give you the reward.”

Rick looked at me unbelievingly. The other guys were all standing there watching.

“Well?” I said to Rick.

He looked at me and then at Cindy. “Is Cindy going to watch?”

“Cindy, honey, why don’t you go back to the bedroom while Slut 1 takes care of Rick.”

“Yes, of course.” She smiled and turned to go. Just before leaving she turned back to us. “Enjoy!”

Everyone looked back and forth at each other and finally Rick stepped up and started undoing his pants. He looked around and the other guys started offering support, so he stuck his dick thru the hole. I knew the Slut 1 was Sam, and she could suck cock like no woman I had ever met. This proved true for Rick, too.

“Holy shit! This woman is fantastic!”

“Don’t tell us.” I said to him. “Talk to her. The two sluts I have here today love the dirty talk.”

Rick looked at me, then rolled his eyes back. “Damn, girl, you can really suck cock. C’mon baby, suck that dick. Lick my balls, too.” He scooted forward to make sure that his balls were reachable. Evidently, they were, because he groaned in appreciation. “Fuck me, this is the greatest fucking football pool I’ve ever been in. C’mon baby, start jacking and fucking. I have to get back to the game.”

I reminded everyone to make a selection for the next score and they all hurried over to fill out the paper while Rick was being finished by Sam. “Oh, yeah, baby. I’m gonna cum. Swallow it all, Slut 1. I’m gonna give you a big load… fuck… oh, shit… fuckkkkkkkk!” His jerking was a clear sign that he was ejaculating into Slut 1’s mouth and she was sucking it down. Finally, he pulled back and bent over to look thru the opening, but Sam dropped the cloth cover I had put in back so that they couldn’t see behind the partition. He stood up and zipped up, came back and made his next selection.

“Guys, you shouldn’t try to peek thru the holes and see the ladies. The two sluts I have selected have asked to remain anonymous. Please follow those instructions or you will be out of the game.”

While I was talking the next score occurred and he winner was Mike. He picked his reward and read it out loud. “Pussy fuck with Slut 2.” He was rumored to have a very large dick and it was going to be obvious soon if the rumors were true. Without any hesitation at all, Mike stood up and walked over toward the wall. He didn’t just unzip, he dropped his drawers and boxers and stood facing the wall. Suddenly, at the lower hole, a hand waved and then, just visible, we could make out a pussy backing up to the wall. From the other side came a shout. “Ready and lubricated, let’s go!” Everyone else was now moving over to the wall, and we could all see that Mike was definitely endowed. His dick was about 8 inches long and very wide. He moved up to the wall and poked his dick into the opening, moving it around as a few fingers appeared to guide it in.

“Oh my God!” A shout came from the other side. “It’s enormous!”

Mike grinned. “Just take it, baby. I’m gonna fuck you hard and fast. I haven’t had a nut in three weeks.”

“Then shut up and fuck me, stud!”

Mike started moving back and forth a little and suddenly just left himself flattened against the wall. “Shit, she’s fucking me good!” We could hear the slap, slap of her ass against the wall on the other side as she rocked back and forth on his cock.

Again words from the other side. “Let me know when you are going to cum! I want to swallow it.”

Mike just groaned and kept his little thrusts going as Emily did most of the work. I could hear some whispering on the other side and then Slut 2 (Emily) started cumming. “Oh, fuck. I’m cumming all over that big, fat cock! C’mon, baby. Keep fucking me. Oh… shit… fuck!”

“Damn, her pussy is fucking milking me with all those tremors.” The other guys were all interested now. “Ugh… ugh….” He kept grunting in time to the cunt sliding down his dick and slapping against the wall. “Okay, slut! I’m going to fucking cum!!”

Mike left himself there, plastered against the wall as little spasms hit his body. He was just barely humping bursa escort bayan the wall, spurting his cum into someone’s waiting mouth. I wasn’t sure if it was Emily or Sam… even my precious Cindy, but somebody was getting quite a mouthful.

Finally, he pulled back thru the wall and backed up. His dick was softening, but still large and hard. It was his girth that was probably best for Emily. “Fuck me! That was amazing! That woman sucks dick like a Kirby vacuum!”

Suddenly, I saw movement and Cindy came around the corner, motioning me to come over. I scooted over to her by the entrance to the kitchen.

“Master, the two sluts are tired of waiting for dick. They want you to just let the guys stick their dicks in there and let them fuck and suck them.”

I laughed. “Yeah, those sluts. I guess you don’t want any, huh?”

She looked at me. “Only if you will let me Master.”

I gave her a hug. “I love you, Cindy… not as a slave… but as my beautiful pregnant wife. You know that, right?”

She hugged me back and I could feel her get choked up. She was much more emotional now that she was pregnant. “I love you and will do nothing if you don’t want me to.”

I pulled her out of the hug. “I want to see you fuck Mike’s big, fucking cock, baby. I want to see your face when he buries that monster into your gorgeous cunt. Now get back in there and we’ll make the arrangements.”

She gave me a tight hug, squeezing really hard. “Thank you, my husband and Master.”

I turned her around and gave her a little slap on the ass, then retreated to the den.

The guys were all going down the sheet and trying to get their best guess down there next. Only Mike and Rick had gotten to play and the other two were raring to go.

“Change of plans, guys.” They all looked up expectantly. “Fuck the bets, rewards, and all that shit. Just line up and get fucked. The sluts just want some dick. To the wall, guys.”

The two who hadn’t experienced it before went to the wall and were jockeying for position. Pants were coming completely off now and they were approaching the openings with just their shirts on, dicks waving in the breeze.

“Anyone want anything to drink?” I offered as they were all stripped down now. I wanted to see if anyone worried about Cindy coming back in. They all looked at me like the proverbial deer in the headlights. “Don’t worry, Cindy has seen a few dicks before.” I turned toward the kitchen. “Cindy, dear, bring another 6 pack out.”

Cindy came back into the room carrying another six-pack of beers. When she rounded the corner and saw the guys bare asses as they faced the wall, waiting for some indication of a female body part in the openings, she stopped. They all were facing away and seemed afraid to turn around and face the wife of a friend.

Cindy just laughed. “Where’s my camera. This would make quite a shot.” The guys all laughed nervously, not sure how to take it. Cindy handed me a beer and started toward the rest of them. She went right up to each one and handed them a beer, taking time to look down at each dick. When she was done she came back over to me and all the guys followed her actions closely. She gave me a peck on the cheek and pointed to the wall. “Uh, guys, I think the sluts are ready.” I looked at there were hands coming out of each hole waving. “Bye, honey.” She turned back to them. “Be careful, Mike, you could hurt someone with that.” Then she flounced out of the room. The first two guys were already at the wall, but Mike actually looked like he was blushing.

“Geez, John. Cindy took that in good stride.”

“Hey, Mike. Do you think she’s ignorant of my sluts I have back there? She knows what goes on.”

He just stared at me and I pointed over to the wall at the next two victims. Jerry and Larry were up there. Jerry was getting a blowjob and Larry was getting fucked somehow. I didn’t know who was who, but I left them there to go into the kitchen to watch. I determined that Jerry was being blown by Emily and Sam was fucking Larry.

Sam didn’t get fucked as often as she liked, so she was really enjoying it. Her husband Bill was not allowed to fuck her very often. His mistress didn’t let him.

Sam was moaning, her beautiful slim body bouncing as she backed up to the wall, her tight little ass flattening with each hit and her tits bouncing. Emily was slurping and licking and working hard on a dick while her curvaceous body, which was just starting to show her pregnancy, was on display. Cindy was now naked, watching, so I stripped off my pants and went over to her. I just stood there next to her, rubbing her ass as we watched the action. She was holding on to my dick, which was now very hard. I took her by the hand and led her over to Sam.

“Kneel and work on her tits.” I pushed Cindy to her knees and she started working on pulling and pinching Sam’s tits. I stood in front of Sam and aimed my cock at her mouth. She lined it up and pulled me forward until it was perfect for her to rock forward from the cock in the wall onto mine, and then back onto the wall cock without fully releasing me. I just watched closely. I could hear some talking from the other side, but suddenly the volume went up from Jerry.

“Oh, fuck. I’m cumming you slut. Swallow all the cum. Suck it… oh, yeah… here I cummmmm!” Then I could see the jerking motion going on and Emily swallowing shot after shot from the spurting dick. She kept sucking until he backed away and pulled it away from her. Immediately another hard dick poked thru, and it was not Mike. Emily went back to work.

I looked down at Cindy and Sam, trying to decide what to do when my decision was made for me. Sam suddenly stopped moving, released my dick, and I could hear Larry grunting as he came in her pussy. She grabbed my hips and closed her eyes, enjoying the last moments of having his dick in her. When he pulled out she pulled away and released my hips. She lay on the floor, panting. I don’t think she had an orgasm, but she was a little tired. I looked up and could see another dick poking at the cloth covering the opening. I knew this one had to be Mike. I looked at Cindy.

“Check out the dick there.” I nodded toward it.

She went over and pulled the cloth up and there was Mike’s dick; big, hard, and very fat. She looked at it, wide-eyed, then up at me. “You think I can take that?”

“Yes, my little pregnant slut, you are going to take it.”

She smiled and crawled forward, turned away from the wall, and backed up to it. She reached under and lined it up. I moved up against the wall to watch this and I could see her rubbing it around, getting the large bulbous head wet. Finally, she seated it into her hole, and started backing up. She moaned and slowly worked her way back further and further. Sam was still resting on the floor, but I could see Emily working diligently on the dick she had.

Finally, Cindy was backed up against the wall. “Fuck, it’s so fat!” Then she suddenly groaned, and I watched as Mike took the initiative and started fucking her. She was panting and moaning and loving every minute of it.

My dick was hard as a rock watching these three lovelies fuck and suck. I was just holding my dick, trying to figure out where I wanted to put it when Emily’s dick-sucking finally yielded its reward and she swallowed another load. She again sucked it until they withdrew. I yelled over the wall. “Take a break, fellas, I’ll be back in a minute.” I motioned Emily over. “Em, I need your ass. Sam, lay down on your back and 69 with Emily.”

Sam just turned over on her back and Emily clambered on top. I moved onto my knees behind Emily and looked down at her ass and pussy. Her pussy was dripping wet, and Sam was looking up at me with a smile. “Oh!” Sam suddenly exclaimed as Emily apparently started eating her pussy.

I lined my dick up with Emily’s pussy and slid it in. It went in easily and I fucked her for a couple of minutes. Once I was sure my dick was soaked, I pulled it out, ran my finger thru her pussy and spread that on her asshole. I pointed my dick at her ass and she bent over further, arching her back escort bursa and spreading her cheeks. I pushed and my dick slipped in. I held it there and looked at my wife. I was only about a foot from her face and she saw me looking and smiled.

“Oh, god, it’s so good!”

“Enjoy it honey. And try to cum before he does.”

She smiled and closed her eyes, savoring the moment.

I looked down and Emily was starting to move back and forth on my cock. She wanted to be fucked in the ass, and I was ready to do it. I started thrusting, burying my dick in her ass and watching as my body bounced up against her gorgeous, pale ass. When I pulled out, I could see Sam under her, rubbing Emily’s clit. I was worked up pretty well and knew I could cum at any time, so I was hoping Emily was, too. I looked back at Cindy one more time. She was groaning and thrusting.

She opened her eyes again. “Oh, fuck, I’m going to cum! This big dick is stretching me and fucking me so good!” Then she blurted out with the impact of each thrust. “Fuck… me… I’m… going… to… cum… oh… fuck… oh… ooohhhhhh!” She shuddered and shook and had a major orgasm on Mike’s big dick.

I suddenly felt Emily cumming and the combination of her pulsating asshole and watching my wife cum had me cumming buckets. I filled up her ass with several spurts and kept thrusting until I couldn’t thrust any more. I pulled out at the same time as Cindy finally pulled off Mike. My cum started dripping all over Sam’s face and she started lapping it up. Cindy moved out of the way and I could see that Mike’s dick was still hard and that he had not cum. I grabbed Cindy by the arm. “Leave it. I have another idea.”

I got up, wearing just my shirt and asked Emily and Sam to get up. I heard Mike asking what was going on. “Just a minute!” I called back to him. I helped Sam to her feet. She had become a real connoisseur of cock-sucking and loved doing it. She always said she loved the control it gave her. I looked at her. “Sam, you and I are going in the next room. I want you to suck off all four of them in the middle of the living room.”

She looked at me and smiled. “Yes, Master.”

I took the dog leash that I had purchased and put it on her collar and led her into the other room. I’m sure we were a sight. Sam had cum dripping down her left leg, her hair was completely disheveled, she had cum splatters on her face, and was naked. I was in just my polo shirt with my dick hanging limp and still dripping cum.

They all looked up when I entered and they all stared at my charge. I led Sam into the middle of the living room. “Mike, you’re first. This is my slave, Slut 2, and she is a blowjob expert. She is going to blow everyone and then we’ll call it a day. Everyone else get ready for a major suck job. Slut 2, kneel and prepare to swallow cum!”

Sam knelt and grabbed Mike’s dick and pulled him right in front of her. She could barely get the wide monster into her mouth, but she worked on it with her hands, her tongue, and her mouth. Mike had been fucking Cindy for a while and was ready to blow in no time.

“Yeah, baby, suck my dick. I’m gonna cum in that beautiful little mouth. Oh, yeah. That’s it. Almost there… fuck!” And he grabbed and started stroking the bottom of his dick, jacking himself into her mouth as she held her lips closed over the head. I could see her swallowing quickly to take it all down. It was his second load, so she managed to swallow it all.

Rick, Jerry, and Larry all got around Sam as Mike sat down and she started doing them all. She moved from cock to cock with her mouth and kept her hands on at least one other one. It was quite a show and when I sensed movement, I turned and saw that Emily was looking thru the wall and Cindy was peeking around the corner. Sam was working on all three and they all seemed to be enthralled with her mouth and with watching her move from cock to cock. It was over quickly once the first one went. First Rick shouted he was cumming and Sam clamped her mouth over him and took his spurts easily. By the time she finished and was releasing Rick’s cock, Jerry and Larry both said they were cumming. Sam turned to the next dick in line and started sucking. It was Jerry. Larry kept jacking his dick, aiming it at the side of her face. Jerry started moaning that he was cumming and started jerking and spurting into Sam’s mouth. He was just winding down when Larry started yelling that he was cumming. Sam looked to her left at his dick, which was only a few inches away, while she continued to suck the last of Jerry’s cum out. When Larry erupted, the first shot went over her nose and across her cheeks. She suddenly released Jerry’s cock and dove onto Larry’s to get the rest of his cum. They were all panting and watching closely as the thin girl continued to suck them off. When they were all done they all sat down while Sam sat there collecting the cum from her face with her fingers and licking them clean. I now had quite a boner as I sat there watching her. It was at that moment that Cindy decided to reenter the room.

Cindy walked back in, dressed again, very nonchalantly. She looked around the room at all the limp dicks and then at my hard one. The guys all watched her closely, seeing what she would do with Sam still kneeling there cleaning up her cum. They didn’t try to cover themselves up in obvious fashion, but there was some slight movement revealing that they were still a little uncomfortable.

“Honey.” Cindy came over to me. “Your slut needs all the cum she can get, so don’t waste it. Slut 2, come over here and get my husband’s cum.”

Sam started crawling over and then I looked around the room, the guys were all showing their surprise at this sudden turn of events. All four of them stared at Cindy, slack jawed.

“Okay, slut.” Cindy grabbed my dick and pointed it up towards my belly. She gave instructions to Sam when she got to my dick. “Start with his balls. He likes to have his balls licked and nuzzled first.” She said it like Sam didn’t know this for the benefit of our audience. Sam obeyed, first nuzzling into my ball sack at the bottom, and then licking up over them toward my shaft. She sucked lightly on both balls and then looked up at Cindy. Cindy pointed my dick towards Sam. “Now lick up both sides, then down, then I want you to suck the cum out of this fucker!”

I was really enjoying this and looked around the room to see all the guys were completely flabbergasted, but staring intently at the beautiful Sam sucking me off while Cindy directed her. She was now sucking me good, deep-throating me every so often, then moving up and just sucking on the head and teasing it with her tongue. She was good and I knew I would blow another load soon.

Cindy was taking it all as if it was an everyday occurrence. She reached down and patted Sam on the head. “Good girl. Get all that cum.” She turned to me. “Is that good, honey? Is this little cum slut a really good cock-sucker and going to make my husband cum down her throat?”

“Oh, yes. This slut can really suck some dick. I think I will cum down her throat…” I readied myself as I felt it approaching. “… right… NOW!” I thrust up into Sam’s face and she sucked greedily at my dick as she received her offering. She sucked and sucked until I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Wow, I really needed that.” I looked down at Sam and turned to Cindy. “Darling, take this cum slut back into the kitchen so she can get cleaned up.” Cindy picked up the leash and led Sam back into the kitchen. “Okay, guys, I think we are done for today. I hope you enjoyed my little surprise.”

They all murmured their approval and started getting dressed. I got several comments from them about being their hero for having those sluts available. As they were all leaving, Mike turned to me and was serious for a moment. “John, you are one of the luckiest men alive. But I’m not talking about those two sluts. I get pussy all the time, but none of them, or your sluts, are as beautiful as that pregnant wife of yours. Please tell her that. Don’t fuck that up, buddy.”

I smiled at him and actually started thinking that Mike was a much better guy than I initially thought. “Mike, that’s the nicest thing anyone has said to me and Cindy in quite a while. Thanks.”

I shut the door and went to take a nap.

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