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This is an account of my first experience with swinging, or to be more precise, a threesome. It’s a story which goes back quite some time but I know for sure that it is the kind of thing that is still happening for young women in today’s world.

What prompted me to write was my outrage at a radio phone-in show. I was listening to the program one evening as I drove home from the office. The issue under discussion was the closure by local authorities of a swingers’ club. The calls from listeners were all strongly in favour of the place being closed down. People who used the club were condemned out of hand as perverted, immoral and generally up to no good. My anger at these attitudes grew quickly to the point where I pulled the car over and phoned into the show myself. When I told the program producer what I intended to say, he told me that my views would be unacceptable and I was cut-off. I could hardly contain myself but fortunately I realised that I had better get out of the car and cool down before doing something stupid.

Over the following days, after discussing what had happened with some intimate friends, I decided that the best way to get the incident out of my system was to sit down and write about my own experiences. The result is what follows.


I was 34; a career woman; just divorced; no children. The divorce was painful because I had to face up to all the mistakes I had made in the marriage. Nevertheless I was determined to get my life back together and I threw my energy into my work. I got the rewards for my efforts, like a nice apartment and a reasonable budget for travel. I didn’t even flirt with the idea of an affair with a new man. I liked my life as it was and I didn’t want to mess it up again with another failed relationship.

There was just one problem: sex. Or perhaps I should say the lack of sex. It’s not that there weren’t opportunities. I was propositioned many times by men who wanted to bed me and with some of them I’m sure I could have had a brief fling and moved on. The risk that I might have got involved in something more serious was what held me back.


There is a theory that all a girl needs is a vibrator. I had several of them and became quite expert at using them. Yes, they helped me release the sexual tension from my body, but they didn’t satisfy my mind.

The kind of sex I wanted was the kind that only another person could provide. I needed the presence of someone else – the smell of them, the feel of them, and the knowledge of their desire for me.

People say about certain women that what they need is a good fucking. If they said that about me, then they were absolutely right.

So, that was the dilemma. But I discovered a solution and it is one which has stood the test of many years.


Going to a swingers’ club didn’t happen on the spur of the moment. The subject first came up in a lunchtime conversation with a close girlfriend, Suzy. She worked in the media and had access to all kinds of illegal imported magazines. (This was apartheid-era South Africa and anything to do with sex was heavily censored.) She’d read something about swinging and swinging clubs and had been fascinated with the idea. Later, I read the article myself. My first impression was that swingers’ clubs were really just an organised form of wife-swapping and not for me since I was no longer a wife.

The subject came up again with Suzy a couple of weeks later. She’d talked with other people and had discovered more. To get to the bottom line, I learnt that there was organised swinging right here on our doorstep. Single women were more than welcome. If I was interested then she might be able to arrange something for us. She was up for it if I was.

I played with the idea in my mind trying to decide what to do. Part of me was saying yes but another part was more reluctant.

I realised that I would be having some kind of sex with another woman and that wasn’t what bothered me. I had been through a lesbian stage at university and I wasn’t averse to picking up on it again; in fact it quite excited me. I had no real experience of group sex except for a teenage session where I ‘did it’ with a boyfriend in the same room as another couple. There was no swapping of partners, though, and it was really very giggly. Still, I wasn’t put off in the least at having someone else see me.

What really bothered me was that I might end up in a situation I couldn’t control and that I might not be too safe.

It took another couple of weeks of talking before I finally agreed to accompany Suzy. She’d found out about a ‘contact’ group where people who were looking for swinging partners could meet others with the same interest. Suzy assured me that nothing actually happened there, except kızılay escort bayan people meeting up, so it would be safe. If they wanted to follow-up, then people would go on to other venues such as their homes or hotels.

To be totally frank, my craving for sex was getting very hard to deal with and I was excited at the thought that there might be a solution in sight. I suppose the give-away to my true state of mind was that, having agreed to go along, the first thing I did was to buy some new underwear.


I met Suzy at her place and we drove in tandem to what turned out to be a an impressive property in a very upmarket suburb. That we each took our own cars was another clear indication that we would be open to possibilities.

This was the early 1980’s and, certainly here in South Africa, people dressed much more formally than today for any kind of social event. The ‘contact’ meeting was no exception. Men wore suits and women wore smart dresses and lots of jewelry. To all appearances it was a sophisticated cocktail party. There was nothing whatsoever seedy about it.

We were welcomed by the host and quickly separated and introduced to different groups. There must have been around 40 attendees and it looked as if we might be the only two single women. Most of the people seemed to be over-30 and some were probably much older than that. We were certainly popular and I began to find it a little over-bearing. It’s not that there was anything untoward, just that I wanted to stand back and take a breath, not to mention a few large gulps of my drink.

As time went on, smaller groups of people began to form and I managed to catch Suzy’s eye. We met-up in the bathroom and quickly exchanged notes. She had already made a connection with two couples and the five of them were planning to leave together. I thought she was wanting to run before she could walk but I left it up to her. For me, I wasn’t particularly enthusiastic about anyone I’d met and wasn’t feeling too optimistic.

As we left the bathroom, we were intercepted by a striking looking brunette woman. She introduced herself as Anna and it was clear that she wanted to talk with me. Suzy got the message and quickly disappeared.

I can clearly remember Anna’s words: ‘My husband and I are very taken with you. We’re sitting out on the patio. Would you like to come over for a drink?’.

I knew straight away that this could be a serious possibility. Then, when I met Anna’s husband, Tom, I was sure that these two people were going to enter my life. A flush of excitement washed over me and I felt like a nervous girl on her way to lose her virginity all over again.

Tom was not exactly the kind of guy who would be chosen as a Hollywood leading man, and he was all the more interesting for that. He had blond hair and humorous blue eyes which looked out from over a slightly bent nose and a lean, weather-beaten face. He was Austrian and had that worldly European look about him. To me he was incredibly attractive and he had the most beautiful hands.

I discovered later that Anna was just a few years older than me. She had a great sense of style and she moved gracefully which gave her a certain elegance. What I liked about her most was that she didn’t have the airs and graces which many very attractive women seem to affect. She had Elizabeth Taylor type good looks (Elizabeth Taylor as she was when she was young) and wonderfully defined slender legs. Like me, she didn’t wear stockings or tights because it was much too warm and, anyway, our legs were well sun-tanned.

Although we chatted casually, they were gradually checking me out; how experienced was I, what was I looking for, was I in a relationship?

For my part I decided that I would go with the flow and let them make the pace. I knew how things were going to end up and the best thing was to enjoy it as it unfolded.

Anna finally come to the point. ‘Would you like to come back to our place for the rest of the evening? It will be just the three of us.’

Of course, I accepted. I followed their white Mercedes until we ended up at a very smart apartment block overlooking the sea.

Their apartment was high up and had a spectacular view over the ocean. I stood on the balcony with Anna and she pointed out a few familiar landmarks which I was seeing from a new perspective. Inside, Tom was fiddling with the stereo. As soon as the music began to play, Anna turned to me, her eyes full of desire.

‘Come, dance with me,’ she said.

I knew this was the beginning. I moved close against Anna and let my head rest upon her shoulder, aware of the smell of her perfume; citrus and spice, light but exotic. Her hands moved sensuously over my back as we swayed kolej escort bayan together. I raised my head to look up at her and a tendril of dark hair brushed against my cheek.

She smiled at me with all of her face and then she whispered, ‘I think we are going to be very good together.’

I nodded and without a second thought we were kissing, fully and deeply, with warmth and passion. Her hands pressed my body and I pushed against her, wanting the closeness.

Somewhere through our embrace, Tom had become a part of us. He was behind Anna and I could feel his hands between us. He was taking off her dress, then her bra, then her panties.

Anna’s fingertips traced lines over my hips and then she broke away. She stood naked in front of me and she looked superb; dark hair and tanned skin, small pert breasts and smooth flowing hips. She stood with such confidence and poise, just letting me look and appreciate.

‘Now it’s your turn,’ she said, and pulled me back close to her.

I felt Tom behind me. His hands ran over my breasts which made my nipples tingle. Then he worked at the zipper at the back of my dress and away it fell. Next, my bra came off and then my panties were eased over my hips and down my legs. I was naked against Anna and it felt wonderful.

‘Come with me,’ she said, smiling, and took me by the hand.

She led me along a short corridor and into a softly-lit bedroom with light beige-coloured walls and black fittings

Still smiling, Anna ran her fingers through my short blond hair, pushing it back from my forehead. ‘I can’t wait to have you,’ she said and guided me to the bed.

We rejoined our embrace, naked flesh to naked flesh. Our breasts joined together, pressing firmly, then lightly brushing, then pressing again. Her fingers took hold of my nipples, teasing them; delicate touches alternating with little squeezes; a flash of her tongue, then the fullness of her lips and mouth.

I was on my back and Anna was moving above me, cat-like, lapping at me. She used all of her body to caress me; her tummy, her hips, her thighs; all of her sensuous body working against me. And her perfume lingered around me, adding to the headiness and the sense of her. I felt soothed yet aroused; very cared for and very desired.

She was down amidst my thighs, kissing them and beginning to explore me when Tom materialized at my side. Anna’s hands ran along the outer lips of my pussy and Tom’s hands, those lovely hands, again found my breasts. Fingers glanced against my clit and other fingers plucked at my nipples. I heard myself moaning and my hips writhed, encouraging Anna’s touch, urging her to give more.

I felt her mouth, light kisses circling round and around, and her murmuring voice. Then Tom’s voice, husky and foreign, saying things I couldn’t pick up. His chest was close to my face and I could smell him – manly, woody scents. I felt possessed by them both and I was loving it, swimming in the sensuality of every touch, every sound, every sensation.

A finger entered me, almost imperceptible but enough to make me moan. Then there was another and I ground against them. I tried to find a rhythm, a steady thrusting, but they withdrew and hovered tantalizing before pressing into me again.

She used her mouth and her tongue and her fingers in delicious combinations, building me up and up towards an inevitable climax. But then she moved away and she replaced Tom by my side. She worked her thigh underneath me, raising my hips, and with her hand she lifted one of my legs to spread me and open me. I looked down and saw Tom kneeling between my thighs. It wasn’t the length of him that made me quiver in anticipation but the appearance of strength – so hard and curved, so upright and thick. I wanted him very badly. I wanted all that maleness inside me; strong and capable and forceful.

He edged nearer and I watched him take hold of the shaft with his right hand. With the fingers of his left hand, he held my slick cunt lips apart and aligned himself, ready to enter. Then the swollen tip, so flared and angry looking, disappeared from view as he brought it into contact with my opening. Slowly he eased forward and I felt the pressure of him, about to penetrate.

He began with a long slow thrust that seemed to stretch me ever wider as it went deeper. And then I felt his pubic hair against me and I knew I had all of him. He gave a few short, quick strokes as if he was getting me loose and then he settled to a steady fucking. It had been so long since I’d had this that I felt my orgasm beginning as soon as he entered.

Anna was still by my side with her thigh underneath me so that my hips were sandwiched between her and Tom’s thrusting pelvis. She could maltepe escort bayan sense how close I was to orgasm and she urged him to fuck me harder. Her hand found its way between my legs and pressed against my clit and that tipped me over the edge.

Anna was by my face and I heard her saying, ‘Yes baby, yes. Cum for me.’

And cum I did; a tumbling, rolling orgasm. As much as I wanted to scream in pleasure, my voice seemed to stop in my throat. Anna’s arms were around me, holding me tightly as if she wanted to possess every jerk and quiver of my body.

As soon as I calmed a little, she let go of me and worked herself free. Tom was still kneeling at the end of the bed, still hard and strong, and I realized that he hadn’t cum – I guessed he hadn’t had anything like enough time with me.

Anna flipped over on to her knees and elbows so that she was astride my thighs with her head on my breasts and Tom moved in behind her, also straddling my legs. She moaned loudly as he penetrated her and her body tensed as if she was gripping him. Then they began.

They started at a steady rhythm, Anna making little gasping noises at each stroke. As Tom picked up the pace, Anna responded with little cries. Soon, she was rubbing her head into my breasts and the little cries became shrieks of pleasure.

For me, it was the most erotic thing I had ever experienced. I felt like I was on a different plain of existence. I held on to Anna and it was as if I was inside her body and inside her head. I seemed to be melding with her as if I was the one being fucked. I wanted to get a hand between my legs but I didn’t want to let go of her.

‘It’s there! Fuck it into me. Hard!!’ Anna was cumming.

She gripped my breasts so hard that it hurt. She was tensing and jerking and then she shuddered. Her grip on my breasts released and she fell onto me, her eyes unfocussed and her body soft and quietly trembling.

I was trembling as well, but not in the same way. For me it was the trembling of profound excitement and I desperately needed to release it. Over Anna’s shoulder I saw Tom, now standing by the side of the bed. I was surprised to see that he was still as erect as he’d been at the beginning.

He saw me looking at his cock and said, ‘Now it’s all for you.’

I eased myself from under Anna and swung my legs over the side of the bed. It was not the time for ladylike niceties; I grasped my thighs and pulled my knees back to my shoulders.

For the second time, Tom went into me; nothing remotely clinical this time, just his need and eagerness to reach his climax. He drove into me with great force and I gasped into another fast orgasm. He didn’t stop, he just kept up the thrusting, beads of sweat on his face, and then he suddenly withdrew. He held the base of his cock and a stream of cum flew from the tip and fell on to my thighs and stomach. His face was a picture of ecstasy; eyes tightly closed and his lips drawn back, almost as if he were in pain.

I had experienced so much intensity and released so much emotion that I felt totally drained. I can recall rubbing Tom’s cum into my thighs and then I closed my eyes. I just drifted away and didn’t wake up ’til the following morning.


Tom and Anna have been my close friends for over 20 years now. After that first meeting we saw each other often. Sometimes it was just Anna and myself, other times all three of us. They helped me and encouraged me to discover more about myself and the real nature of my sexuality. They weren’t at all possessive of me and introduced me to other people they thought I might like. I didn’t always take the right steps though I did become aware of my special needs, but that is another story.

I last saw them about a month ago and Tom is as virile as ever. He says he needs the help of ‘modern medication’ these days but, from someone on the receiving end, I can assure you that you wouldn’t notice.

I hope that this story speaks for itself. I am not suggesting in any way that swinging is for everyone. I am saying that it was, and still is, a wonderful, positive experience for me and a life-changing experience too. I find it impossible to relate to those people who seek to condemn it out of hand and I think it is a very sad state of affairs that they can wield so much power.

But on a much happier note, what of Suzy? For a brief period Suzy had a wild time, but then she was always that kind of girl. Suddenly, it all changed when she met an English guy. She said that she had managed to convince him that he was her handsome prince and that she was an innocent country girl from the colonies, waiting to have her womanhood brought into full bloom.

She married her Englishman and he took her off to live somewhere close to London. I last heard from her about a year ago. She has two daughters, both in their mid-teens, and she seems quite content with life. I do wonder if she could really change so much and I sometimes imagine that perhaps she has a sideline of arranging ‘contacts’ for suburban English couples with special interests. I wonder?

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