Lil’ Lucy

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Ever know something was destined to happen. It happen to me the day I saw Lucy. She is in the payroll department of the company I work for. I am in the call center part of the building which is on the floor below the administration offices. When I saw Lucy I knew she would be mine and I was not going to stop until she was.
Lucy is a dwarf. She is four foot nine inches tall. I have never thought about a dwarf this way but there is just something smolderingly sexy about her. She has long fire red orange hair she keeps it up in a bun most of the time showing off her long thin neck. She has amazing violet eyes and her body is normally proportioned like a regular size woman. What is not in proportion however are her breasts. She is sporting large b cups. Does not sound huge but on her they are a nice size.
The day after I met her I actually ended my engagement to another woman. I knew she was not the woman for me anymore and I needed to chase my little girl.
The hard part has been finding a way to talk to her. Can not just leave my post and wander into another section and chat her up. So I had to play a waiting game.
It was my lucky day when I was outside on my break sitting on one of the benches by the back doors. I was drinking my coffee when I heard this sweet kitten like voice beside me.
“is it okay if I sit there?”
It was her. My chance had arrived. She had her hair up as usual wearing a grey skirt and white tank top covered by a red blouse.
“sure sit down take a load off”
As I watched her hop up on the bench and open a lunch bag and take out an apple. I was trying to come up with an opening line when I heard her snap me out of my thoughts.
“why are you staring at me Josh?” she looked uncomfortable. “it makes me feel like a freak when people stare” she growled.
“sorry Lucy I was just thinking”
“oh bout what exactly?” I decided just to lay it all out for her.
“wondering what what colour your panties are and what it would be like to fuck your brains out “
“ah_uhm…… I see, well thats a little uhm”
“I think you are the sexiest thing I have ever seen and I want to have sex with you”
She looked really uncomfortable so I tried to make her feel easier. But I knew I was coming off as a total perv.
“look” I slid closer and began running my finger along her arm. “I think you are the girl of my dreams, I would be thankful to get to bed you, but if you are not interested I will understand, I will not take it personal and I will move on. So here is my offer. We finish work around the same time, I will meet you right here. I will wait until 5:30 if you have not shown up I ‘ll know you are not interested and thats that.”
I got up and walked away and did not look back. I went on with my day and tried not to think about it. When quitting time came I went out and waited.
She did not show up. Oh well, I guess I need a softer approach.
I did not see her at all for the rest of the week, and the beginning of the next until Wednesday night. I was on my way to my car when I saw her standing at the door looking like she was waiting for someone. She was stunning as usual. Hair up,but some was falling around her oblong pretty face, black skirt, white blouse and she was wearing a pair if purple horn rimmed glasses that gave her a sexy accountant look.
“hey Lucy”
“Oh, Hey Josh”
“everything okay darlin’”
“yeah just waiting for the bus, but since its raining I thought I would wait here.”
“I can give you ride if you like, if you live close. No strings, I swear”
“gee thanks but”
“let me be your knight in Hyundai armour watta ya say?”
She was hesitant and I asked her a couple of times before she said yes. It was raining really good and we had to run to my car. We got settled in and as I was turning on the car I realized she looked really nervous. I made small talk as we pulled out of the parking lot and she directed me to her apartment. It was not far, about a twenty minute drive, but it would only take me ten to drive back to my house from there. I stopped at a stop light and went to turn on the radio when she finally spoke.
She apologized for not showing up after work last Tuesday. She mentioned having some personal stuff to take care of. I told her not to worry about it and I probably came on too strong but when I know something is there that I want I go for it. She understood and was actually flattered by the offer.
“Josh is your house close by”
“yeah just up here and five minutes to the left”
“we should go there, take me to your house”
I did not say anything at first but shrugged and okay and turned left and drove to my house. I pulled the car into the garage and we sat in the car for a second and she looked at me. She smiled and took off her glasses and put them in her purse.
“I need to get out of these wet things” she said playfully.
“follow me”
I led her to the house through the garage and showed her to the bathroom. I gave her a blue towel to wrap up in and she took off her clothes and passed them through the door and I took them and put them in the dryer. I then took off all my clothes and through them in too.
When I came back from the basement she was leaning on the wall beside the bedroom in the towel. It was the first time she saw my eight inch long cock.
“hey naked man” She said as I knelt in front of her.
I kissed her on the neck, she still had her hair up. Her perfume was soft and floral in scent and she giggled as I began nibbling her ear. I hooked one finger into the top of the towel and undid it. It fell to the floor around her feet. I took in her round firm breasts with tiny nipples on the end already getting hard. I used my thumbs and gently circled her areolas. She put a hand around my dick and began jerking. We were fondling each other and French kissing as we got more and more excited. I picked her up and carried her to the bed. I stood her on the bed so we were face to face. I finally go to see her whole naked body her amazing tits, her flat stomach and navel ring, and her triangle pubes.
I flicked the navel ring and bent over and licked it.
“you like that baby” As I licked her nipples.
“I am putty in your hands”
I went back to kissing her neck as I kneaded her ass with one hand and started rubbing her clit with the other. She was slithering to my strokes as she put both hands in my hair and stuck her tongue down my throat.
I drove three fingers into her soaking wet twat. I kept my thumb on her clit and fingered her wetter and wetter.
Her pussy was dripping so I knew it was time to give her my swollen member. I took my fingers out of her, to her disappointment. I slapped both hands onto her ass and lifted her up. She knew where I was going and wrapped her legs around my waist as I lowered her onto my cock.
I was now standing up and she was riding me using her leg muscles. Her arms now around my neck I used my hands on her ass to guide her rhythm as she bounced up and down like carousel pony.
I could feel the muscles in her strong legs as she tightened and relaxed riding my dick slowly with force.
I continued kissing her on the lips and on the neck as I squeezed her ass tight pulling her toward me so I could get deeper and deeper, until I leaned so her back was against the walls allowing me to get more of an angle inside her as she groaned her approval.
“I am coming, I am coming soo oh gouhooood” I felt her come running down my leg as she continued to buck. Her pussy constricted around me like a metal vice. Her fingers digging into my shoulders as she pulsed and spasmed against the wall.
Slowly she stopped as she was still convulsing from the orgasm. I raised her up off my dick and threw her illegal bahis on the bed and she landed with a bounce. I pulled her back to the edge of the bed and grabbed her ankles and held them high as I reentered her.
I fucked her hard and fast jackhammer style. I love the sound of flesh slapping together during sex it gets me going. So it was not long between her constant and continuing orgasm and the pornographic sound of my balls slapping off her hot little ass when I came. It felt like string after string filled her tight little pussy.
I collapsed on top of her and we continued kissing long deep kisses that kept me panting and wanting more.
After we caught our breath and she stopped shaking I ordered a pizza as we had both worked up an appetite. In thirty minutes we had our pizza and when I answered the door in a bathrobe I got a knowing congratulatory nod from the pizza guy. We ate our pizza and had a beer sitting on the couch. After she ate she snuggled up to me on the couch laying her head on my lap still just wearing a towel.
“so wanna know why I was not there the other day”
“if you want to tell me”
“I was breaking up with my boyfriend”
“because I really wanted to fuck you, but did not want to cheat on him”
“I see” She stuck her hand into my robe and began stroking my cock. “what now then”
“well” she undid my robe and straddled me and began licking my nipples. “you and I are a couple now, so until the sex gets stale we are together”
She slid down off the couch and began sucking my cock. She kept a hand at the base and stroked my balls with her fingers as she deep throated me and spit on my dick. She was so into it and I was so turned on at the thought she was tasting my come and hers from earlier. Finally I could not hold out any longer, I filled her mouth with come, lots of it. She stood up licking her lips. Showed me my load on her tongue and swallowed.
She then ordered me to lay down on the couch as she got up and stood over my face.
“One thing ya need to know about me Josh, I give very good blow jobs, but I expect you to eat my pussy in return”
“no problem honey, just lower yourself down and you shall not be disappointed.”
She knelt down with my head between her legs and I went to work licking her labia, using my tongue to push her apart and flick her clit. It took no time at all until she was moaning her approval.
“I guess I am still turned on from before” she grunted as another orgasm approached. She grabbed my hair and pulled my face right into her pussy as she came. I opened wide and let the sweet sweet liquid fill my mouth.
“Now you and I have tasted each others come” she grinned. “I can’t wait to do that again”
Within no time I was hard again as she was rubbing her clit on my hardening cock. I threw her towel on the couch and grabbed her tits and began sucking on them. She was coating my dick with slick fresh lubrication from her slit.
“you are going to find I am pretty horny all the time” she gasp as her nipple hardened in my mouth.
She stood up and turned her toward the back of the couch and put her pussy slit in my face. I gave it a few more deep, quick licks as she bent her knees, sinking on to my dick. She moaned in delight as she sunk right to the bottom of my dick. I hooked my arms through hers and grabbed her tits again pulling her back against my chest. She was standing upright now so she could get a good groove going as she rolled and rotated her hips. She went forward again putting her hands on my knees. I put my hands on her hips and guided her forward and backward. I got more and more into it as I began hard thrusting up into her causing her to to bounce.
There it was again her sticky come running down my ball..
“fuck you come like a river”
“yeeeesss” She gasped. Again her cunt clamped my cock in a vice like hold for at least two minutes.
I pushed her off me and put her on all fours with her elbows on the arm and her hot little ass in the air. Slowly I pushed in. She dipped her head as I gripped her sides and began throttling her again. We were swaying back and forth and feeling really good. I reached out and grabbed her hair pulling her head back and arching her back.
“I need to feel you come inside me again” she breathlessly spit out.
I did not need a second invite and put both hands in her hair and slammed her hard and fast.
“jesus your pussy feels so good.”
“feels better full of come though”
She pushed back with every thrust I put into her. Finally I felt the coming climax and it was building to be huge.
“you want it honey, you got it” as I slapped both hands on her lower back and pulled her as far onto me as I could get her just as I flooded her with another endless stream of semen.
I collapsed on top of her kissing her shoulders and lower back
“you know what” as she licked her lips
“this is going to be a fun relationship”
“fucking right”
“especially after I get my tongue stud”
We spent the rest of the evening lounging on the couch and eating cold pizza.
And kissing of course.
A few weeks later she got her tongue stud and an unstoppable sexual appetite became even more insatiable.
She is the first girl I have been with that has no taboos. If we can think it up she was up for it. Her long wavy fire red-orange hair goes down her back and she wears it down most days now.
The one thing that I found strange was I had never been in her apartment for more than twenty minutes. When I asked her about it she just said she had room mates and if we wanted to be loud and nasty it would be better at my house. I never questioned it but always thought maybe she was hiding something. I just did not care the sex was hot, the girl was hot and I was enjoying the ride.
Then on Friday night I had to be in Lucy’s neighborhood so I stopped in to see if she was up for a movie or dinner or something. She was wearing her work clothes because she just got home. She was ready for a bite to eat out at a restaurant. During the dinner she said she had the apartment all to herself this weekend so she invited me to spend the night. I never turn down Friday night sex. It was a nice evening and we slept late, having sex again in the morning. Then again in the afternoon. By the evening after we had showered together we were just snuggling on the couch, she was wearing a pair of red cotton briefs and a white tank top. I was just in my jeans and open shirt. Sitting on the end she laid with her head in my lap as I stroked her long soft hair. We were just about to get a beer and watch a movie when her room mate Samantha came busting in.
She threw her bag into her room and came into the living room where we were. She was a very cute, petite, c cupped black woman with an athletic build well proportioned under a pair of black Lulu Lemon tights with a blue and purple waist band. A black hoodie, over a white form fitting tee, with a black bra visible underneath. Her long straight dark espresso coloured hair was in a pony tail. She had full natural colour lips and warm hazel eyes surrounded by long curling eyelashes. She wore no make up. She flopped down in the chair across from us.
“rough night sweetie?” Lucy asked looking at her sighing in the chair.
“yeah, Tyler and I broke up”
“again, for how long this time?” I just sat there and listened.
“for good, that dude needs to loosen up”
“sorry Sam, I’ll get us a beer” Lucy got up and went into the kitchen to get a round. Sam sat back in the chair looking at me and smiled a shit eating grin. I sat there feeling like she was sizing me up.
“so you are the guy putting a pounding to our little Lucy hunh?”
“yeah, I am, and loving every minute”
illegal bahis siteleri I bet, she is never home, and always walking funny”
“we do get down” I said winking at her
She sat forward and leaned in to me. “did she tell you about our house rule?”
Just then Lucy came back and handed us each a beer and sat back beside me taking a drink from the bottle as she put her head on my shoulder. Sam took her beer and drank half down.
“I was just telling Mr, Man here about the house rules, Lucy”
“I see, yeah…well I guess rules are rules and you are here now”
“Indeed I am” Sam took off her hoodie and dropped it beside the chair. “is he a good fuck Lucy?”
“best I ever had, never wears out” Lucy began rubbing my crotch.
“what house rules would this be?” I said getting hard at her touch. Thinking I was about to live out every mans fantasy.
“well baby” Lucy began.
“See in this house if you bring a man home you have to share” Sam began to chug the rest of her beer.
“ I see, well ladies that seems nice that you share, Generosity is very civilized.”
“the only catch stud is if you do not make us both come she has to dump you and never see you again”
“no problem” I smirked.
“it really isn’t Sam” as Lucy un zipped my pants and pulled out my cock which was already full on hard. “ eight inches of fuck machine” she began jerking my cock slowly twisting her wrist as she pulled down. “what are you waiting for Sam suck his cock”
Sam slid down and knelt before me and took the head in her mouth and slowly began taking the whole length into her mouth. Her tongue was long and slender to point that sent good vibrations through my body.
“you like that Sam?” Lucy asked.
“tasty” Sam replied.
“Thats my come and his your tasting” she giggled. Sam just shrugged and kept sucking.
Lucy stood up and stuck her tongue down my throat as the mouth on my dick started pumping faster. I put one hand on the petite cock smokers head guiding her strokes and played with my midget girls clit through her moistening panties with the other.
Lucy dropped to her stomach and took over ravishing my dick as Sam came up for air. I bent forward and kissed her as I pulled her top off and ripped her bra off starting to play with her firm hard dark nipples. As she flicked her naval ring Lucy and her tongue ring were flat out making me hotter and hotter.
“who wants to get pounded first” I spit out
Sam who was pulling off her Lulus exposing her white thong smiled a me first grin of beautiful teeth. Lucy stood up and peeled those white sticky panties off exposing her trimmed and shaped pubic hair. Lucy looked at me and licked her lips, and motioned her head towards Sam. I stood up as Samantha again knelt before me and she started sucking my dick again.
“Josh put Samantha on all fours and fuck her like a dog” Lucy directed as she sat back on the couch. She put a hand in her panties and began stroking herself as I positioned Samantha in front of her and knelt behind that hot black ass and entered her sopping wet pussy in one slow motion.
“Jesus that feels good!!” Sam roared in ecstasy.
“wait till he starts pounding sweet stuff it will take you to heaven” Lucy purred as she sat forward and kissed Samantha.
As the two of them kept making out I began a slow rhythm of pulling almost out before pushing hard all the way in keeping my hands on her ass/hips. She kept perfect synch with my thrusts as she pushed Lucy back on the seat and peeled her now soaked panties off exposing her red pubes. Putting her hands on Lucy’s knees she pushed them apart and began using that serpentine tongue to probe her way through the pussy lips and work the clit mercilessly. Lucy quickly wrapped a leg over Samantha while kneading her own nipples and neck as the two of them began to grind. I could feel Samantha climax as her pussy spasm-ed for over two minutes long. While her forehead was buried in Lucy’s stomach.
“my turn now” Lucy pleaded as I rolled Sam onto her bum leaning against the couch and pulled My girl off the couch and flat on the floor in front of me. Holding both ankles in the air Sam guided me into that tight little pussy and I began pounding her fast. While Sam caught her breath she played with Lucy’s tits, licking and sucking her nipples. Sam eventually sat up on her knees and we kissed as I pounded my dwarf girlfriend. I had let one leg drop but still held her right leg up as she began slithering on the floor like a snake.
“I think little red here is about to make a mess on the floor” Sam growled as she reached down and rubbed Lucy’s clit sending her into convulsive orgasm. I could feel the spend squirt from her pussy. As I slowly pulled out I looked at Sam and smiled. “Get on the couch and spread your legs baby” I ordered and which she followed sitting back on the cushions as I parted her legs and knelt on the edge of the couch. “now I hope your a flexible kitten”
“don’t sweat it Josh” Lucy panted sitting up on her elbows. “she is a personal trainer and yoga instructor, she could put her legs behind her head if you wanted her to”
“naw not tonight but I am going to bend her a bit” I winked at her as I shoved my cock back into her and stood up raising her up so she was bent in half at the shoulders. I wrapped her legs around my shoulder and leaned on the back of the couch and got deep inside her and made slow deep stabs as she pulled me into her every time.
Lucy still recovering on the floor got up onto the couch and began sucking those dark chocolaty nipples like they were candy. In a minute Samantha was coating my dick a second time with sweet come.
I pulled out and let Sam crumple on the couch as I stood up straight. “its time ladies, that you showed me some thanks.” Lucy smiled and stood in front of me and began using her tongue ring to get me close to coming. Her hard fast pumping on my cock was what I needed to feel that tingle in my nuts. I pushed Lucy away and pulled Sam to the edge of the couch and stuck my dick in her mouth. “Lucy I am going to come in your room mates mouth, what do you think of that?”
“I am going to suck your come out of her mouth right after sweetness”
“you here that Samantha, my little red haired fuck machine wants a snowball, so do not swallow it all!”
“fuck yea Sam make him come milk his balls” as if on cue Sam grabbed my shaft and gave it a few good twists as she swallowed it right to my balls. I grabbed her hair to keep her from spitting it out all the way. “get ready Lucy I I ahghhh” I shot five good streams into her mouth causing her to gag. Lucy cleaned the come off my dick and them kissed Sam the two sharing my spend. Some dribbling onto Sam’s tits. Which was promptly licked up.
“holy shit I need a shower” Sam said as she slumped over the couch.
Later after Samantha went to bed and Lucy and I were spooning naked in her bed she said that was why she did not bring me home until now, she wanted to make sure I was man enough for her two room mates.
A week later and another slow weekend with Lucy and I, we spent a hot night Friday night exploring each others bodies and were settled in for a quiet Saturday afternoon on the couch watching movies.
Since her room mates were not to be around so we decided to order some porn movies on demand and see if we can find some nasty new ideas for screwing. Lucy is so sexy she had recently had cut short at the back but got longer as you got to her face were it was close to shoulder length which made it harder to see her violet eyes. She wore a pair of white briefs and a white tank top with no bra and I was only in a pair if blue boxers.
It was the first time that I had spent time at her place since her room mate Samantha had joined us canlı bahis siteleri for a hot threesome. We were spooning on the couch and watching a xxx about office politics and enjoying a scene where an old bald guy was taking on two female employees when Lucy reached back and began rubbing my cock. Her touch had me hard in no time. In no time at all I was on my back and she peeled off my boxers and began sucking my cock. I was enjoying the feel of her tongue ring on my shaft and did not here the front door close or Lucy’s second room mate enter the room until Lucy stopped sucking.
“hey Jen” Lucy said wiping saliva off her mouth.
Jen looked at Lucy then at me and at the hard core porn on the screen and shook her head. Jennifer was curvy bordering on chubby and what I would call nerd hot. You know what I mean she looks up tight, very quiet kind of dressed in a business suit or uniform but you know under the clothes there is a sexual animal just aching to be released. That was Jen. She was about five feet six or so long thin strawberry blonde hair that hung around her pretty chubby round freckled face. Her eyes were an icy electric green that were made brighter by dark mascara and greenish shades of eye shadow all behind black rimmed glasses. She had on a knee length navy skirt and silver blouse. Her shoes were off and she wore no stockings. Her only jewelry was a pearl necklace, and diamond studs in her ear.
“well Lucy I came back to see if you wanted to go out and help me celebrate my passing my real estate brokers test, but I see you are already partying” she began walking towards the couch. She took a long look at my naked body and my hard cock in Lucy‘s hand.
“my he is a man isn’t he” She began running her fingers through Lucy’s hair. “I was hoping you and I could have had a little girl on girl fun tonight, you know like that weekend last Christmas.”
“ I remember, how could I forget” Lucy turned to me and smiled. “See Jen here though not technically a dike prefers the company of woman. Then when she is with a man she will only have anal sex.”
“that is right Lucy see my pussy is ladies only, let the men have the nasty part in back of me.” She reached into Lucy’s top and began rubbing her nipple. To which Lucy moaned her delight.
“Here is what I am thinking” she said jerking my cock slower and biting her lip. “why don’t Jen and I head into the bedroom and start while you Josh go into my room, grab some lube. Fuck Jen I need your tongue in my pussy.”
I stood up and walked around the couch behind our curvy partner for the evening and pushed her hair to the side and began kissing her neck.
“I am down with that but I wanna help take her clothes off, and I wanna suck on one of those double d cup tits.” I reached down and undid her skirt button and un zipped her to let the dress fall to the floor exposing her white boy shorts with the lace around the legs and waist. Mean while Lucy who was standing on the couch leaning over the back had taken off her shirt and exposed her hardening nipples.
“suck them gently Josh, Jen has verrrrrrry sensitive areola.”
“ Yah know me unless you tell me to be rough I am gentle as a mouse” I unhooked her bra and her 38dd breasts were loose. I spun her around and licked both tits around the nipples and then sucked gently on each one while kneading the other.
Lucy feeling over dressed pulled off her top before coming down in front of Jen and stripping off her panties. While I enjoyed fleshy delights Lucy began licking Jens pussy.
“I think” Jen was getting breathless from all the attention. “Lucy we should take this to my bed.” She took Lucy by the hand and led her away as I went to her bed table were she kept her KY and then followed into the bedroom next door.
As I entered Lucy lay across the bed her head hanging over the side and her legs spread wide open. Jen was on her hands and knees her head between my little lovers legs and by the look on Lucy she was getting the pussy licking of the year. I walked around the bed and put my balls in Lucy’s mouth. I was tea bagging her and she was jerking my cock and all I could here was Jen slurping away on Lucy’s manicured pussy.
“I think Jen needs a good rimming Josh” Lucy then spun around on the bed so the two girls were in a 69. I walked back around the bed to where Jen’s voluptuous ass hung over the bed. I could see Lucy’s bright hair between her legs bobbing away. I knelt behind her and spit into her anus before running my tongue over and around it. I flicked, licked, sucked and fingered her anus for five minutes or so as the two girls slurped and ate each other.
I finally stood up and grabbed the lube as I rubbed my cock in her ass crack as I rubbed lube deep into her ass.
“take your cock and ram fuck my ass!” I heard Jen say with authority. So I did I rammed my cock deep into her ass slapping my hands on her ass so hard I left huge red marks I did not go easy at first I just gripped her ass and began hammering her causing a loud slapping sound every time I shoved in. In minutes Jen was on the verge of coming.
“Lucy do not forget to share her come with me I wanna taste her spend, lick it off your face too.”
“then she should ride you while I finish her off” Jen stood up and I sat on the bed against the wall and Jen was soon back on my dick leaning back against my chest as I quickly found a hard fast pace and pinched and squeezed her nipples while Lucy put her favorite three fingers in her pussy and continued her licking of the clit. I was looking down her tit valley at Lucy’s head bobbing when I watcher Jen squirt into my midget girlfriends mouth. Gush after gush filled Lucy’s mouth and drenched her face. Lucy never swallowed, never wiped any away. She just crawled up and open mouth kissed me as we shared Jennifer’s spend. I licked it off her face and neck as Jen continued her orgasm gripping the sheet and moaning loudly.
“ no offense Jen but if I am going to come I need his cock in side me.” Jen nodded in concent and crawled off my still throbbing cock as Lucy assumed the same position and began riding me reverse cowgirl. Jen not wanting to be left out began sucking on her perfect shape b cups and in no time I felt Lucy and her pussy grip my dick in a heavy duty orgasm. She soon slumped forward and fell over as I looked at Jen and her huge naked tits.
“I wanna come on those” I threw her the lube and she slicked up her tits as she sat on the edge of the bed.
“ready stud” she licked her lips and pushed her flesh pots together as I slid my dick into the greasy valley.
“good, when finished I am sure Lucy will help lick you clean” I began humping her chest as Lucy knelt beside Jen and the two continued kissing open mouth and with tongue.
Lucy looked at me and smiled and winked at me she new I was close, real close. She stopped kissing and pulled Jen’s hair and pulled her head back and chin up.
“do it babe spray come from her tits to her chin, do it I wanna lick you come off her throat.”
It was just after Lucy licked from Jen’s nipple to her neck and up and over her chin to her lips and kissed her hard. “then I am going to fill your mouth with his fucking jizz, want that Jenny Poo? Hungh you wanna taste his fucking sperm?”
“y yes” her head was back so far she could barely speak. “snowball me you little cunt”
I lost it right there and sent come from the nipples to the chin in six good shots. My hands dropped to my side as I watched Lucy take up large amounts in her mouth and share it with Jen as it dripped from both their mouths.
After all the come was cleaned up Lucy got off the bed and led us to the door. “congrats on getting your brokers license. treat your clients like you treat us and you will sell a lot of houses”
Lucy winked and we went back to her room and Jen fell asleep very quickly.
“you know” she said as we fell asleep. “ I am getting to like watching you fuck other women”

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