Lincoln’s Pride Ch. 05

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+{Lincoln’s Pride}+

Part 5

“So you remember everything from the file I gave you about my family? You studied well, little cub?” Mr. Hamad asked as the black Mercedes glided down a narrow highway across the desert floor towards a series of sparkling white towers.

“I think so, sir. You have four older brothers but two of them live far away, right?” I asked.

“Names, Lincoln, who lives in my home?” He demanded as he laid his arm across my back and pulled me against him.

“Ali is the oldest brother who still lives at home, and he is with Emerson, that deaf, blonde guy I signed with over FaceTime during my interview, right?” I looked over at him but he stared out the window. He nodded and waved one hand for me to continue.

“Ok, then Zaid is the brother between you and Ali. I saw a picture of him, he is skinny… Not like Emerson skinny, toned, but not muscular like us, right?” I was trying to look out the window to see what had his interest, but just saw sand and some upcoming low buildings.

“Muscular like… US?” Mr. Hamad turned to me with amusement and gave my pecs a gentle squeeze.

“Hey, I’m not weak. I lift. And now we can start working out together. You can train me so someday it’ll be a little more even when you try to attack me,” I joked.

“I attack you?” he gave a good laugh at that and turned to face me. He kissed my cheek, “And my workout routines for you will keep you just as you are. You’re 18, there is no need to erase your youth with overtraining. Ok back on topic, little cub. Yes Zaid is skinny. He’s always been the smallest. But he is clever. Do not mistake his size for his power. Now go on.”

“Oh and Dr. Hamad your father, and Emerson and Ali have two twin sons. I don’t get how they did that though. In the pictures the boys look like a mix of both of them… but um… both fathers are male… right?” I asked.

“Science, Lincoln. China can make anything you want for the right price. Two healthy, perfect boys with both of their DNA and without the hearing loss Emerson might have passed on.”

“They are Ali and Amir, did I say that right? Oh and the guy who takes care of them, Jai. I think that’s everyone. Plus all the house staff, but you didn’t mention their names. What do I call them?” I asked.

“You don’t call anyone. House staff speak to the men of the house. It is respectful and traditional for them to avoid the weaker… the innocents of the house.” He said.

“I’m neither of those things… sir,” I reminded him with a smile to sound respectful, but he turned to me with a serious face.

“We’re not in Los Angeles anymore, little cub. Amongst my people, you are weaker. You will learn your place here. You may not speak so freely to me. You will not address others here unless they are my family. And even then it is only if they address you. It is how things are done here. Until you are ready to stand on your own as a man, a leader, you only address me,” he put a hand to my cheek to show he was serious.

“Won’t that just make me seem weaker?” I looked at him doubtfully.

“Allowing me to be your voice says to others that you understand us and come from good breeding. Your blonde hair and light skin may attract sexual glances, but proper manners will show you are of an elevated position. They will take you seriously as an intern and remember you took your time to learn our culture when you are ready to join our level. The impressions you make now will affect your future success or failure.” He said this looking me dead in the eyes.

I nodded, understanding, “That’s why you call me a cub? I am learning to be a lion like you.”

“Yes… well, something like that,” he laughed to himself and then ruffled my hair. I was tempted to reach up and do the same to his, but I wanted to seem serious.

I noticed we were starting to wind up a road into the desert hills above the city. As we climbed, he pointed things out about the city below us. The sports stadium, the world’s 12th largest mall, the zoo, the university, etc… Everything was new and clean and looked well-planned. It was very much the opposite of the chaotic landscape of Los Angeles.

“This is our newer house,” he waved a hand after we’d driven up through large gates and armed guards to a neighborhood of five homes on small, separate hills high above the city. “We built this two years ago to support our growing family.”

The house was angles of steel with large, sweeping windows that stacked glass boxes up the hillside. It looked like a resort hotel and had a large porte cochere covering a section of the circular driveway. We pulled under it and I saw two large, glass doors that looked like the check-in area of a fancy hotel.

“It’s still early, most of them will be at appointments so we will have some time to settle in before they come back,” Mr. Hamad said to me as he opened his door.

I followed him inside, escort bahçelievler the driver would take care of the bags. He entered something on the keypad and the glass doors slid open to reveal a sweeping marble room that was a perfect circle with three points of exit. The room was empty save for a round table in the center with a large splay of exotic flowers.

I looked up and three levels above me was a perfect, blue glass dome. I paused to wonder how they cleaned it, but I heard Mr. Hamad clear his throat, “You will have a lot of time to take things in when we are settled. Let’s get to our quarters.”

He extended a hand to me and I took it. He pulled me through the doorway to the right and two steps up to a grand sitting room with large, comfortable couches. A barking dog sounded from a distance and I turned but wasn’t sure where it came from. I felt Mr. Hamad pull me again insistently, and I followed.

We went through a long hallway, up more stairs, and out to a grassy courtyard. There was a blonde man, thin and small, but with tight muscles. At first I thought it might be Caleb, and my chest tightened. He would be the kind of guy to fly around the world just to fuck with my head.

He was on a yoga mat and balanced on one hand as his body twisted up above his head like a circus act. He looked at us from his upside-down position and smiled widely. He neatly unfolded himself so his legs shot straight into the air. He brought his other hand down to the mat. He bounced once and pushed up off the mat. He lept into the air, turned, and landed in a crouch, right-side up.

I started to clap like an idiot. It was beautiful movement. He was beautiful, graceful, smiling at me. He came towards me.

He made the sign for link, like you would do for a link of chains, and then pointed at me excitedly. He was giving me a nickname, a name sign. I instantly recognized him from my interview the first day I’d met Mr. Hamad.

I signed back, “Yes! That’s me! You’re Emerson. Wow you look amazing!” He came for me then and put his arms around me and hugged me excitedly. I don’t know why, but when I put my arms around his waist to hug him back I wanted to pick him up. While I felt submissive and weak in Mr. Hamad’s arms, Emerson’s hug made me feel strong and important. I felt Mr. Hamad’s hand on my shoulder and knew he probably wanted a hug from Emerson of his own.

I stepped back and Mr. Hamad lifted him up and kissed his cheek. I looked behind him and two identical 4 year olds were stepping out of a doorway across the courtyard followed by a thin man with black hair and coffee skin. The boys looked at me and then each other. Mr. Hamad moved me gently to the side with a squeeze on my shoulder and went to pick up a boy in each arm. He made goofy faces to each of them and kissed their cheeks while they squealed like kids do.

I felt a hand on my shoulder and I turned back to Emerson who signed, “You’re very strong and tall! I expected Samir to bring back someone more…” he stumbled for words, maybe not wanting to offend me.

“Thank you,” I signed back, interrupting, “I want to learn how to be like him, run my own business someday. I’m not here to be like Caleb. He’s a mess.”

“He’s my best friend,” Emerson interjected with an alarmed look on his face.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I…” I started, but then his face turned to a smile.

“It’s ok, he’s a mess, but… he’s our mess,” he pointed between himself and Mr. Hamad. “He was there for me as a kid growing up. He has a lot of good points, he really does.”

“I didn’t know that. I’m sorry I offended you,” I looked down at him. He was shorter than me, half my build, yet knowing his place in this family intimidated the hell out of me.

“Link,” he signed again with a smile. He put his hands on my pecs for a quick squeeze, and I was tempted to put my arms around him. Our eyes locked for a minute almost like he wanted me to kiss him, but that wouldn’t be right or appropriate here.

He pushed off of me and continued signing, “You have enough to worry about here. I am not offended. I will be here for you. Just promise me you will remember why you are here. I forgot totally and then it didn’t matter anymore. My life is good, don’t get me wrong and I have two beautiful boys to take care of plus a husband who loves me. But unless you want to end up like I did, keep focused on why you’re here.”

“Ok,” I signed, trying to make sense of all he was trying to tell me.

“Don’t misunderstand, Samir is a wonderful man. I see how he looks at you. You would be lucky to have someone like him be your lion. But I know he wants what Ali wanted, someone to be at home and raise his children, someone to come home to after long, stressful workdays. Just promise you won’t open that door too much without really thinking about what you want or why you’re here.” He finished with a serious face. His body sighed and it seemed to clear his escort balgat thoughts as his lips curled up into a smile. “Oh and welcome!”

“Thanks, I… I’m here to learn his business. Plus I’m straight,” I signed.

“Yes, Samir said you say that a lot. I was straight when I came here too,” he shrugged with a laugh.

I looked back to Mr. Hamad who was on the grass pretending to wrestle with the boys while Jai, their caretaker, looked on anxiously. I imagined he would be severely punished if anything happened to the boys, but Mr. Hamad was careful and gentle with them.

Emerson called them over with a wave and introduced me using signs. They both signed to me, thinking I was deaf like their father, asking if I was going to live there and did I know how to use legos and video games. I signed and spoke back eliciting surprise from them. They must not be used to both methods. I guessed Caleb hadn’t interacted with them much.

“Well boys, we need to get settled in. We’ll be here for dinner, I promise,” Mr. Hamad said to the twins with a kiss to each one’s cheek. I hugged them each goodbye and then followed Mr. Hamad through another door on the other side of the courtyard.


His room, or rather aparment, was one large open room behind it’s own privacy wall at the end of a stone pathway up a hill. There was a keypad and he punched something in without telling me what it was. The thick cement door slid sideways and opened to the large room. There was a huge bed to the left, two couches in the center, and a kitchen with a long bar to the right.

“You said you prefered to share my quarters. If that changes, you can take a room in the main house, but it will need to be monitored for security. I am responsible for you here and I need to know what you are up to.” He spoke as though I was a criminal he’d agreed to sponsor.

“This will be fine for me, sir… I can work from the kitchen bar here if you need me to do things at home. I am here to learn from you all that you can teach me,” I answered knowing full well that he’d want me with him.

“Yes, perhaps it would be best for you to have everything here in one place to keep you focused,” he said flatly as though it made no difference to him. “There is the kitchen, here is the living room, and over there is the bedroom.” He waved his hand around the large room in one sweeping motion.

“There is a bathroom and closet just behind that wall,” he said pointing to a continuous wall. He moved towards it and I followed and watched as the wall wasn’t what it appeared. It was an optical illusion from the front doorway, but getting towards the bed revealed a side opening. I followed him through it to a large open bathroom with a private area for the toilet. He showed me the closet and pointed to a small side area of it noting it held clothes for me.

I smiled to myself thinking he must have known all along I’d prefer to stay with him. He had set up here for me. Or maybe he didn’t care what I preferred and would have made moving into another room the more uncomfortable option.


Our bags arrived and then two covered plates arrived for our lunch. So far I had counted a staff of four since we arrived. It seemed like a different person showed up for each small task. We sat at the kitchen bar and ate the artfully crafted sandwiches that looked ready to photograph as he told me about what we would work on this week at his business.

He showed me around the grounds after lunch. His estate had everything one could want including a large pool and extensive outdoor party area, a small movie theater, a gym, and finally a garage with sixteen cars for every need from sports racing to a shuttle van. He let me sit behind the wheel of his prized Bugatti and promised he’d take me out to drive it one day. He leaned over me with his arm across my back pointing out all the features as his eyes glowed excitedly.

“This can be yours someday, Lincoln. If you work hard and learn to be smart about business here. Anything you want can happen. There is much money to be made,” he said to me with a smile. He touched a finger to my cheek and then traced it over to my lips.

“You want that, little one? You want to be like me someday?” he poked his finger into my mouth and I sucked at it with a nod.


Dinner gathered the large family around a circular dining table with 12 chairs. Mr. Hamad had laid out for me dark blue briefs, a blue button-up dress shirt, and black pants with blue socks and dark leather shoes. I admired myself in the mirror and brushed my blonde hair to the side. I came out from the closet and was surprised to see him wearing a nearly identical outfit. The clothes fit me well, but they were snug on him. I was sure it was intentional to show off his muscles and remind me he was the stronger of us.

I followed Mr. Hamad into the dining room and saw Emerson sitting with empty chairs on one side of escort batıkent the table. On the other side of him, an older man who looked like he might be Mr. Hamad’s father rose and smiled at me. He came towards me and pulled me towards him by my hand. He kissed my right cheek and then the left. “Welcome,” he said with a warm smile. His dark eyes sparkled like his son’s, and there was a look in them that seemed to say, “You are important to me.”

“This is my father,” Mr. Hamad said to me. “Dr. Hamad.”

“It’s nice to meet you sir,” I said, bowed slightly, and shook his hand.

Next up was a smaller version of Mr. Hamad who was toned but not nearly as built as his brother. It was Zaid. I recognized him from the pictures in the file. He came towards me wearing a tight, soft pink polo shirt that showed his slim, toned body. He got close and looked up at me and then down, appraising my worth.

“I’m surprised, Samir,” he said to Mr. Hamad in the same deep Arab tone of his brother without taking his eyes off of me. “You usually go for the weaker boys. He is more someone I would choose for myself.” He reached for my biceps, squeezed them, and gave an appreciative nod.

“Nice to… to meet you, sir,” I stammered trying to stumble through introductions as he continued to appraise me. He moved behind me then and I felt his eyes on my ass. A second later I felt his hand. I jumped to the side and he laughed at me.

“That’s quite enough, Zaid,” Mr. Hamad pulled me protectively into his chest. I inhaled his cologne and felt his warm breath on my neck.

“Oh, the new baby already needs daddy’s protection? Now it makes sense. Muscle jock on the outside, daddy’s little fag on the in. I thought as much. Still cute though,” I heard him laugh behind me.

Mr. Hamad started to say something to him in Arabic. It sounded harsh, but something inside of me snapped. I pushed off from Mr. Hamad’s warm, comforting chest and turned back to Zaid. “I can defend myself, but I was raised to be a polite guest in someone’s home. If you step outside with me, we can see who needs protection.”

I felt Mr. Hamad’s arm slide across my chest and he pushed the air out of my lungs as he pulled me forcefully back into his arms. “Settle, boy,” he whispered angrily in my ear and then bit at it softly. It wasn’t a suggestion. I nodded and looked away from Zaid who smiled mockingly as though he had gotten what he wanted from me. He walked away.

Zaid sat opposite me and two muscle-bound men who looked to be twins and wore matching blue polo shirts came in and sat on either side of him. They took turns kissing him passionately and he kept checking to see that I was watching.

I turned to Emerson who signed to ask what happened. I signed back nothing, I was ok. He signed that Zaid liked to shock, especially when he thought he could get a big reaction. Looking at him, so beautiful and graceful. It made me feel shame that I’d let Zaid get me upset in front of him. I offered him a half smile and he started to return it but got distracted as the twin boys came in begging for their father’s attention with their caretaker in tow. I felt embarrassed as I calmed down.

Mr. Hamad kept my hand firmly gripped in his lap under the table. He massaged my hand in his. It felt patronizing, like he needed to calm his out of control boy. I wanted out of there. I wanted my hand back. Then strangely I got lost picturing Emerson pushed against the wall with my cock pounding him from behind. He was so beautiful and made me feel so strong. I was no one’s little fag. I suddenly felt really uncomfortable in Mr. Hamad’s hold.

The last to arrive was Ali. His pictures didn’t do him justice. He was the leader of the siblings, the tallest, strongest, and most charming. He entered the room and everyone changed. Zaid straightened up and stopped trying to get my attention. My Mr. Hamad, who everyone called by his first name, Samir, sat up taller and squeezed my hand with traces of anxiety. Perhaps he was worried how his out of control boy would look to his older brother. I thought of my own older brothers and my constant need to prove I could keep up.

He had on an expensive suit and carried a leather workcase in one hand. He must have rushed from some meeting, anxious to get home to Emerson and his little family. My heart sank as I took him in.

Of course Emerson would have the best of the pack, the strongest of the herd. I had a weird mix of emotions as his dark eyes found me, the newest addition. He offered a warm smile, but quickly passed me by. Every stride flexed the stonework that built his tall frame. He stretched that dress shirt’s every thread as he passed me and went to kiss Emerson. He lifted his children then, one in each arm and they adoringly settled into his chest. He hugged them and danced a few swings before setting them back in their chairs.

Next up was my Mr. Hamad who rose as his brother called, “Samir, my brother, welcome home.” Ali enveloped him in a warm hug that shrouded him in the protection of the alpha. Samir straightened up as tall as he could. He fought to meet his brother’s height. They released after kisses to each other’s cheeks.

“This is my boy, Lincoln,” he said waving a hand towards me with a beaming smile.

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