Lingerie Store 1: Who is She?

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This is the first of what will (hopefully) become an occasional series regarding various fantasies that i have, all of which centre around me being intenseley teased, degraded, and humiliated in a lingerie store! i hope You enjoy reading them as much as i will enjoy writng them…

* * * * *

i arrive at the Lingerie store, it is early Saturday. Thankfully the store is not as full as i had expected, only four Women are shopping and there are three Sales staff helping their clients. Approaching one, i haltingly ask for Rebecca, as i was told to, and am told to wait here. i glance to my left and see racks of bras, panties, garter-belts, my Mistress’ cock becomes engorged, even through its pink satin bondage.

After what seems like ages, but is probably no more than a minute or two, the Sales Lady returns, and asks me to follow Her. i do so, following Her through the maze of lingerie, nightwear, silks, satins, and lace. She leads me through the store and into a cubicle, the curtain of which She closes behind us.

When we are in the cubicle, i am made to strip ataşehir escort naked, and drop to my knees, a pink silk chemise is drifted over my body. She then blindfolds me, and ties my wrists behind my back. i hear the curtain open, and feel the air move as She leaves me, i do not hear the curtain being drawn closed.

Another presence then enters the cubicle, and draws the curtains. By the softness of the hands, i can tell it is a Woman. She runs Her hands across my shoulders, down my back, caressing my ass. Moving to my front, She pinches, twists, and flicks my nipples through the silk, making them red and sore. She crouches down, and i feel Her nylon-covered knees rest on mine. She grips the cock between my legs, slowly stroking it. i can sense Her smile as She finds the pink satin ribbon round the base of the hard cock. Her manicured fingers push between the hanging balls, separating them, gently massaging each one. A soft voice rings in my ears, “Hello, My little boy”, it says. i gasp, it is my Mistress, the one that sent me on this adventure. i remain kadıköy escort silent, fearful of Her anger.

“Show Me your pussy, slut” She commands me. i lean forward, put my head on the ground, and thrust my backside high into the air. i feel Her part my cheeks, inspecting my clean-shaven pussy, i feel Her finger slowly glide over the puckered hole. i hear sounds that i am unfamiliar with, various snicks, and clicks. Then i feel a slick finger invading my pussy, where only my finger has gone before. She lubricates my pussy, with one finger, then two, stretching me. Removing Her fingers, they are soon replaced by a thicker, harder object, the strap-on that She frequently threatens me with.

Slowly, She slides in and out, in and out, building up the speed, pushing further in, increasing the pressure, my submission. Her breathing increases, becomes a pant, my back passage starts to ache with the strange feeling. Then a liquid begins to fill me, coming from the dildo that is buried deep within me. It must be a hollowed-out, double-ended dildo, and as She is rocked bostancı escort bayan by the power of Her orgasm, so the product of Her orgasm is pushed through the dildo, into me.

After the crescendo, the lull. She relaxes over my back, leaving the dildo buried in my pussy. “Thank you, little boy” She whispers in my ear. She then withdraws the invader, allowing me to return to my male world. i am left on the floor of the cubicle, as She packs up Her things, and again i hear the curtains part, and feel the movement of air as She leaves. After some minutes, another Woman enters the cubicle, She removes the blindfold, and i see the smiling face of Rebecca, my Mistress has disappeared again. All i am left with, to know that this was not a dream, is a single pair of red-silk thong panties, “Your Mistress” is embroidered onto the front panel in gold script, She certainly knows how i am dominated by the thought, the taste, the scent of Her juices.

As i leave the store i am surprised to see that five hours have passed, five hours of humiliation, intense vulnerability, hell. Yet also, five hours of heaven, nirvana, of wonderful fulfillment.

* * * * * *

The other entries in the series may be longer than this, or shorter, only time will tell. In case You were in doubt, this is fantasy, not reality!


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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