Little Sister Part 2

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Chapter Two

It was early in the morning when Alan walked out of his bedroom. Angel was asleep, looking so beautiful. But he couldn’t stop thinking about Brianna. He knew that she was in her room, waiting for him under the covers. As he slipped into her room, he turned on the small desk lamp.
Brianna was fast asleep. Her covers had rolled off, revealing her gorgeous young form in her black tank top and tiny pink and black panties. Her legs were slightly spread, and her hand was down the front of her panties. It appeared that his little sister had masturbated only moments before falling asleep.
He knelt between her spread thighs and pulled her hand out of her panties. She stirred and slowly opened her eyes. “Alan?”
He slid up her body and kissed her soft lips. “I missed you, Sis.”
Brianna pulled his naked body close as she made out with him. “Fuck me,” she whispered in his ear.
Alan kissed her neck as he pulled her shirt up and over and over her head. He took a hard nipple into his mouth and rolled it gently between his teeth. She inhaled sharply and ran her fingers through his hair. As he moved down, she breathed heavily. Alan pulled off her panties and gently laid them aside. In one motion, he removed his boxers as well.
Brianna spread her legs wide, moaning softly as he rubbed her wet cunt. He slid a finger into her and began pumping it gently. Her tight muscles clung to him, sucking him in deeper. Then his tongue began flicking over her clitoris. She moaned louder, groaning as he licked her and nibbled on the lips of her pussy.
She bucked her hips and pulled his hair as he slid his tongue and finger into her depths. Then she came hard, biting her lips to keep from screaming. As he slid up and kissed her, she could taste her own juices on his lips. It was so hot.
She gasped as his cock slid deep into her, filling her completely. He was so big. As he fucked her hard and deep, her heart pounded in her chest. She felt the waves of a powerful orgasm coming. She was moaning and writhing beneath his weight.

Angel yawned and sat up in Alan’s bed. She looked around, wondering where her boyfriend could have gone. Then she rolled out of bed and pulled on one of his t-shirts to cover her naked body. As she stepped out of the room and walked down the hallway, she heard a soft moan. She knew that it could only be Brianna.
She looked through the crack in her friend’s door and gasped quietly. Alan was pounding into his little sister’s pussy. She smirked. “So that’s why she didn’t care about Alan and I,” she said to herself.
She rushed to the bathroom and sat on the edge of the tub. She slid a finger into her twat and began fucking herself. She bit her lips, imagining A threesome with Alan and his sister. She came again and again. It was so sexy to think about.

Alan groaned as he came, filling his baby sister with his hot cum. Brianna smiled and kissed him as he held her close. “We have a strange family,” she said.
He winked at her. “But illegal bahis I love it. I love you.”
Brianna grabbed his softening cock. “I love feeling you inside me.”
He jumped up and pulled on his boxers. “I should get back to Angel. I don’t want her to wake up alone.”
Brianna winked at him. “Maybe you should wake me up like that more often. I like being touched.”
Alan was as quiet as possible as he left his sister’s bedroom. He slipped into his own only to find his girlfriend sleeping just as he had left her. He slipped under the covers and held her close. Being with two girls was so much fun.


Angel smiled as she slipped into Brianna’s bedroom. It was early in the morning, and Alan was still fast asleep. She pulled aside Brianna covers and examined her best friend’s naked body. She was definitely a good choice for her first girl on girl sex.
Angel was glad that they were both naked. It meant less work. She sat on the edge of Brianna’s bed and gently rubbed the lips of her friend’s pussy. Brianna moaned softly and rolled over, spreading her legs. Angel slid a finger inside and grinned. She was tight. She pumped her finger completely into Brianna. Brianna moaned and raised her hips, squeezing her breasts. Then she opened her eyes.
They simply looked at each other for the longest time. Brianna couldn’t seem to speak or look away. Finally, she bit her lip as she smiled. Angel slid up and kissed her while still fingering her friend’s tight twat. It was on. They were touching and moaning. Brianna was fingering her as well. Angel had never felt so sexy.
She moved back down Brianna’s body and licked her pussy. She tasted sweet. As she licked her cunt, Brianna moaned, pulling at Angel’s hair. Angel licked her clitoris and fingered her hard, loving the sound it made. But Brianna was lost in pure bliss. She was moaning and bucking her hips. She was experiencing the best orgasms.
Angel smiled when her friend rolled her onto her back and kissed her hard. Brianna slid down and rammed two fingers deep into her cunt. Angel gasped and moaned as the fingers were quickly followed by a tongue. It was like magic. She was cumming within seconds, moaning louder than she had intended to.
Once they were done, they cuddled on Brianna’s bed. “We should have done that a very long time ago,” Angel panted.
“Yes. We should have. You eat pussy better than any guy I have ever been with.”
Angel grinned. She ran her fingers through Brianna’s long, curly hair. “There is more where that came from, Baby Girl.”

Chapter Three

Alan smiled as he walked down the hallway in his black robe. It was going to be an amazing weekend. When he woke up to find Angel gone, he figured that she had gotten up to make breakfast. But she wasn’t in the kitchen. So he had decided to look in the bathroom.
He poked his head into the bathroom. Empty. “Where are you?” he asked softly.
It was possible illegal bahis siteleri that she had left, but she never did that without kissing him goodbye first. When he passed Brianna’s door for the second time, he noticed something. He poked his head in and gasped softly. Angel and Brianna were holding each other as they slept. Their nude bodies were covered in sweat. “She fucked Brianna?”
His heart raced. This was good news. That meant that she would be willing to do so much more. But how could he break it to her that he had fucked his baby sister? He had to come up with a plan.
Alan was about to go to his room when the doorbell rang. He decided to run to his room any way and look out the window. It was his best friend, Michael. “Shit. It’s already ten.”
He pulled on his basketball shorts and a t-shirt and ran down stairs. Michael smiled as Alan let him inside. “What took you so long, Dude?”
“I was getting dressed. You want to shoot some hoops in the back?”
They went outside and played for what seemed like forever. Alan just hoped that Brianna or Angel wouldn’t walk out naked. That would destroy Alan’s reputation. But when Angel and Brianna finally did walk out, at least they had something on.
The girls walked out in tiny bikinis, leaving very little to the imagination. Michael checked out Brianna’s ass. Her bikini bottoms went up into her crack, revealing those smooth cheeks. Alan sighed. “You gonna play, or stare at my sister’s ass?”
Michael chuckled. “I can’t help it, Man. She is fine as hell. I know she’s young, but it would be worth the jail time.”
Alan rolled his eyes as he shot another goal. Michael looked back at the girls as they played in the pool. “You ever think about fucking Angel?”
Those words made Alan freeze. Was his friend onto him? “Oh shit. You already have, haven’t you?”
Michael’s surprise told Alan that he had been wrong. Michael hadn’t known. “You fucked Angel Wise! Holy shit! Is that pussy tight?”
Alan glared at his friend. “Shut up. You don’t have to announce it to the world. She is my girlfriend. That’s why I haven’t dated anyone in two years.”
His friend’s jaw dropped. “Wow. So how about letting me tap your sister’s ass?”
When they looked back at the girls, Michael grinned. The girls were making out as Angel pinned Brianna to the wall of the pool. Their tops were already off, floating away from them. “Holy shit,” Michael said.
The girls looked at them with the most devilish grins. “You two gonna join us?” Angel asked in her most seductive tone.
Michael was pulling off his clothes in seconds. Alan tried to ignore the sight of his friend’s huge penis. He pulled off his own clothes and jumped into the pool. Once they were close enough, Alan embraced Angel. “You fucked my sister?” he asked.
“Unlike you?” she asked with a grin.
Alan gasped. “You saw us last night?”
“Yeah. And once you fell asleep, I went and fucked her too. Now we are going to have some real fun.”
Angel began stroking his canlı bahis siteleri cock. He groaned, loving the way she knew just how to touch him. To his left, Brianna and Michael were already touching and kissing. He untied Angel’s bottoms and let them float away. Then he picked her up by her tight little ass and rammed into her.
She whimpered as he thrust hard, pounding her little pussy. Then she leaned over and began making out with Brianna. The sight almost made him cum. He fucked her harder, smiling as the girls moaned in unison. It was the best sound. And Michael was clearly enjoying his sister’s tight cunt.
Brianna clung to Michael as she came, crying out loudly. Alan didn’t even care if the neighbors heard. This was heavenly. He could spend the rest of his life sharing these two teenagers with his best friend.


The day went by pretty fast. Michael had spent himself fucking Brianna. And Alan was sore fro fucking Angel. After Michael left, Alan relaxed in the living room, holding both girls in his arms. He even watched as they ate each other out. But there was no way he could tag in. He was exhausted. But at least he got to enjoy the view.
The next morning, he woke up to the sound of Angel moaning. He got up and didn’t bother putting his boxers on. It didn’t matter. And when he found Angel laying on the kitchen table as his sister ate her out, he was glad that he hadn’t gotten dressed. Alan rubbed Brianna’s ass as he stood behind her. It was so hot to watch her finger and eat out his girlfriend. “You two are the cutest little whores,” he said as he pit into his palm and stroked his cock.
Once he felt that he was lubricated enough, he spread his sister’s ass cheeks and rammed deep into her anus. The girls cried out together, Angel coming hard and Brianna getting her ass impaled by a huge cock. And as he thrust fast and hard, Brianna moaned softly into his girlfriend’s crotch. Alan couldn’t believe how lucky he was.
Just as he was about to cum, he shoved Brianna aside and stood between Angel’s spread thighs. He loved ramming into her tight little cunt. She was so wet from Brianna making her cum again and again. Alan thrust deeper and faster into her, groaning as she clenched her muscles tightly around his shaft. And as he came, he let out a deep sigh of relief. “You two are gonna be the death of me,” he said with a smirk.
Angel sat up and kissed him. “We just love having you around to play with. We wouldn’t let you get hurt.”
He smiled and rubbed her back. “You should get ready to go home, Angel. I wish you could stay, but your parents called this morning.”
She pouted, breaking his heart into pieces. With another kiss, he looked into her eyes. “There will be a day when no one can separate us.”
“Promise?” she asked.
Alan kissed the tip of her nose. “I swear.”
As she walked to Brianna’s bedroom, Alan turned and embraced his little sister. Her naked body felt hot against his own. They kissed hard, pulling each other closer. “I want you again,” she whispered in his ear.
“Then wait until Angel leaves. You have me whenever you want me.”
He squeezed her tight little ass and groaned. “I love fucking you.”

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