Locker Room Shower Appointment Ch. 02

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Note: Chad and I must face our swim coach after he saw us having sex in the showers. You do not need to have read the first installment for this story.


Just as Chad and I were about to leave the locker room, holding hands, we heard our swim coach call us back saying he saw our whole sex display. I looked deeply into Chad’s brown eyes to see a look of apprehension.

“What you just did in those showers broke so many school rules, and team rules, that I don’t even know what to do with you two!” said Coach Hanley sternly. His demeanor was a little too calm for a teacher and coach who just found his two star athletes engaging in public anal sex, on school grounds. His dark brown eyes shifted deviously between me and Chad as if he was checking us out; that or he was sizing us up. I felt he was judging something about us, as if he were about to initiate something.

Being the swim coach, the whole team had often seen him in his Speedo practicing with the team. It’s a good thing too because he had an amazing body. He was a young guy. This was only his second year teaching at our school and he could not have been older than twenty-five.

His short blonde highlighted hair was gelled up. He had a serious forehead that wrinkled up when he was angry or concentrating hard. His chiseled jaw and chin dimple were extremely prominent especially with the sexy smirk on his face. He had not yet changed out of his practice suit, a tight blue skimpy Speedo that struggled to hold in his large muscular ass and bulging man meat.

His penis was outlined clearly in his swimsuit. He is one of those guys who have a long cock when it is flaccid. It was tucked to the right, making an obvious bulge on that side. He shifted his weight and crossed his arms which puffed out his crotch, detailing his thick member even more. If I didn’t know any better I would say he was trying to show it off.

He stood there staring, at Chad more than me, inhaling then loudly sighing as if disappointed. While he did this his defined pecs raised and lowered and his rock hard abs tightened and relaxed. With his hands on his hips, his index fingers outlined his sex cuts which gave me half a staff on the spot.

I had no problem with the silence as long as I could stare at his perfect body. His thick muscular quads and upper legs jutted out his Speedo stretching it even further. No pubic hair was visible however, because he shaved his body hair like most swimmers. I admit I had noticed his fantastic frame before, and I had masturbated to it many times.

Finally someone spoke.

“I’m really embarrassed. Look, I’ve never done this before. I was just stressed out and I am not into guys!” Chad nervously stammered to Mr. Hanley.

Chad looked to me giving me a guilty look. I admit, he had hurt me by saying that but I understand that he couldn’t escort bahçelievler be “outed” in high school. I looked to Mr. Hanley and nodded in agreement with Chad.

“Look, I don’t want to punish you boys. You’re my best guys. There is one thing you can do to ensure that this is swept under the rug.” replied Mr. Hanley. He had a mischievous grin on his face.

“We’ll do anything! We’re so sorry.” I quickly added as if to influence what Mr. Hanley was about to say. We needed to get some arrangement worked out soon because I was getting excited and my package was swelling.

I noticed that after I said this, Mr. Hanley’s cock was fully erect now. It was still pushed to the side but it was pressing up against his Speedo lifting the elastic slightly off of his skin. His cock is huge. It cleared his waist easily and was thicker than Chad’s or mine. I couldn’t believe it, and I couldn’t wait until I got to see it…

Mr. Hanley looked to me and began to speak slowly moving closer to me as he did so, “Don’t be sorry. I enjoyed it. A lot! I would like to join in next time.” Chad reached behind me and placed his hand on my lower back and rubbed my ass slightly, letting me know that we had to take this opportunity.

“Mr. Hanley…” I began before he cut me off.

“Don’t. Call me Steve. We’re about to go utilize this entire locker room for one intense workout”, Steve whispered to the both of us in a sexy voice.

I decided to take the initiative to step forward and grab Steve by his manly arms. He placed them on my ass and slid his hands into my Speedo to grope my ass. I quickly followed suit. I leaned into him and we embraced in a deep kiss, while still squeezing each others’ asses. He obviously wanted control too because ripped my shirt off over my head.

Steve made the effort to look directly into my eyes and he gave me a look that told me he was going to teach me a thing or two.

I could tell Chad was getting antsy and was dying to join. He lunged for Steve’s Speedo and tore it down to his ankles. His 9-inch cock thrashed out and hit Chad in the face, which made me and Steve laugh. When Steve wasn’t suspecting it, I slid my thumb into his asshole.

Chad licked the underside of Steve’s penis head. He engulfed Steve’s cock with his mouth. I was getting impatient watching this and decided to get started on the real action. I backed away from Steve and decided it was time to move out of the hallway and into the locker room.

I grabbed Steve and Chad by their bulging biceps and guided them to the nearest bench. Chad immediately lay down on his stomach on the bench with his tight muscular legs on either side, spreading his cheeks in the process. I was ready to fill him with my hard cock and Steve was already getting something else out of his office.

I escort balgat quickly rammed my cock into Chad’s ass. The dry hump we began was so erotic. It was just a manly fuck. Chad groaned loudly and with a deep voice. It felt amazing because of his tight asshole. Also there wasn’t any lube so the friction was increased even more. I had to thrust into him fiercely. Every time I did his back muscles flexed and his ass jiggled slightly which turned me on even more.

His grunts turned into erotic moans as I pulled out slowly, pressing my cock up against his hole. When I would pull out all the way my cock flung up and hit my six pack. I began pumping him faster and faster until I felt close to ejaculating.

I pulled out and decided to cool off before I ended this fantasy prematurely.

Steve returned with some baby oil and began to rub my entire body with it so my tan muscles glistened as they contracted and relaxed. Then he rubbed oil on Chad.

Steve turned away from me and Chad bent over exposing his clean hole. We squirted enormous amounts of oil on his body and rubbed them in with our hands to begin with. Soon we slid our entire bodies against him grinding him and rubbing the oil in at the same time.

Chad slid his huge dick in between Steve’s legs and began pumping him. He leaned his head back with his eyes closed in pleasure. He thrust forward fucking Steve’s oily legs, holding on to Steve’s body by his hips. Chad then pulled out so as to not cum so soon.

I wanted the three of us to have some manly physical contact. I reached for Steve’s now oily giant cock and pulled him into the auxiliary gym. We all laid down on the wresting mats. We sat Indian-style in a circle jerking each other off. This didn’t last for very long because we all wanted to engage in some ass play!

Chad and Steve began to dry hump and rub each other all over examining their defined muscles. Chad rubbed Steve’s nipples in-between his thumb and index finger causing Chad to yell out in extreme pleasure.

“Ooohh! I want you inside me!” Chad wailed.

Steve turned Chad over to his stomach and slid his giant cock in. He pumped furiously. Steve moved back and forth into Chad’s ass so fast that you could hear the sound of Steve’s balls slap Chad’s ass echo the entire gym. Steve wasn’t letting up either. Chad was screaming from pleasure at the top of his lungs.

Steve pulled out and Shot his cum all over Chad’s lower back. I crouched down and drank it off, making sure to lick Chad’s crack as I finished. I cleaned his hole and jacked off at the same time.

I flipped Chad over and decided to finish Steve’s job and suck him off. I began blowing Chad and fingered my own hole with my middle finger. It felt amazing. Chad was passionately kissing Steve as I blew him.

Without warning I removed my escort batıkent mouth off of his cock and lifted his legs up into the air. I aimed my stiff dick at his hole and it slid in nice and smooth because of Steve’s ferocity.

It took all of 45 seconds before Chad was ready to cum.

He warned me and I quickly pulled out. He stood up and exploded all over Steve’s face. Globs and globs came out filling Steve’s mouth and face. I licked any excess cum of his throbbing member.

Steve rose to his knees and assumed a position on all fours. I slid my cock into his beautiful hard ass and started pumping him hard and fast. I sped up and his whole frame started shaking in tune with his deep moans of pleasure, “Ahh! Fuck my ass! Keep going. Agghhh!”

Once again my shiny penis was engorged about ready to cum. I pulled out fast with a pop from his tight hole. I decided to cum on Chad.

Chad lay down on his back and I came on his perfect symmetrical abs. The white liquid splashed against the shape of his abdominals. It painted his sculpted muscles. Steve crawled over and wiped the cum off with his hands and ate it.

I needed another go. My ass had not received any play yet and I was in desperate need for a big masculine man to plow me hard and massage my prostate.

I turned to Steve and whispered,” I want to feel that hard cock inside me.” His dick was half limp. It didn’t take long for it to spring back to action.

He grabbed my shoulders and flipped me over to my stomach. He motioned me to get on all fours. I promptly obeyed.

“I’m gonna bareback your tight ass. God, I’ve wanted this for so long! Are you ready?” asked Steve.

“Go ahead, fuck me!” I responded.

Steve poked my hole with his hard penis. I relaxed and it opened up; his glistening cock slid in and he thrust his entire body forward. He leaned into me and bent over, wrapping his body around mine.

He pounded my ass hard by thrusting his ass fiercely and fast. It wasn’t as fast as with Chad but nonetheless, great. I couldn’t believe how amazing it felt. I didn’t even have to touch my dick and I already felt close to climax.

“I’m CUMMING!!!” I yelled.

Chad came over and slid under me with his oily body. He capped my cock with his mouth and began sucking. Steve was pumping faster now and my cock exploded.

Tablespoons of sperm shot out of my cock into Chad’s mouth. Chad slid out and swallowed what cum he could. I was still cumming and the rest shot out all over the mat. A huge puddle remained. It was bright white.

Steve gasped at the mere amount of my man juice on the mat. He ate out my ass and when he was done he quickly jacked off onto my back. The three of us ran off into the showers, leaving our mess on the mats for the janitor.

This was the last time that either I or Chad had sex with Steve. We still had him for history and he occasionally gave us winks and smirks, reminding us of our amazing threesome.

States was coming up and even though we would never have sex with Steve again, we decided that what better way to celebrate a victory than to enjoy some male camaraderie?

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