Long Lunch Ch. 6

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Her sweet red lips took him in and out, in and out, his semi-hard cock responding to her. I watched him place his hands on her face, stroking the cheeks with the back of his fingers. “That’s good, baby. Just like that. Slow and soft.” His sweet low voice seemed to echo in my head as I climbed up into position. As soon as I could feel her establish a rocking rhythm, slow and steady, I caressed his ass. I knew he wanted two tongues, her on his front and me behind and though he wanted me both places, he knew I would do this now.

The sight of him pushing into those lips I had just kissed was enough to make me melt. I knew the rewards of having him in my mouth and I wanted it, too. But I also knew of the lust that rimming elicits in him. The way he just opens for it, relax and enjoy it. I knew it would be all that he needed for a while.

I loved watching his ass thrust and meet her face. I started kneading his cheeks, pulling on them. I licked my little finger and slid it up and down your ass cleft, teasing him. My hands found his balls and on the backstrokes, I would tickle and lick at them. I felt him laugh a little, enjoying the sensations now flooding his mind, better than he had ever imagined and yet not what he wanted. It was too gentle, but he knew I would increase the intensity and I did. I placed my face against his ass, standing on the side of the bed and began matching his strokes, face buried in him, breath pouring on his hole, now exposed by my hands. I watched and waited until I could lick him, tongue broad and flat. When his little pucker met me, I felt him shiver and almost hold for more. I did not disappoint him, thrusting my tongue into him, just a little, and wiggling the end. God, just to get him off in minigasms, like I have had from him, just enough to relieve the edge a little. So much fun to hear that gasp and then that sigh. . . .

“Keep sucking, baby” he whispered to us. “Keep it up.”

And I did. Tongue lapping him, never knowing whether it would be penetrating or laving, soft or hard, just wanting it. I kept this up, licking around the edge, moving inside, intentionally missing, going low onto the perineum, coating his sac with saliva sometimes, until I knew he wanted to come. He had gotten steadily more forceful. Pushing and thrusting and wanting as well to prolong this, but I was ready for him to come again, too, and I wanted to see her see us as I had seen them together.

I lubricated my finger with my spit and began opening him. Because he was so open already from my tongue, he readily relaxed and thrust against me. I placed my tongue at my finger and vipered him there every time he pushed against me. I felt the tension in his ass as his load gathered. I had to concentrate to keep my finger inside escort ataşehir him, pointed down, towards the belly. I could feel him swell and rise and groan and then empty himself into her mouth. I pushed down again and heard him almost yell. I had hit the spot I had read about, made him shoot even more than he thought he could in one orgasm and he just kept on, rocking and bucking until he heard our blindfolded lover coughing and spitting.

“Damn, damn damn damn. . .” from him over and over. Breath still coming in sharp pants from him. I just smiled and continued to lick his pretty ass while I gently slid my finger from him with a little sucking sound of its own. I loved seeing him as undone as he has made me. So happy and so blown away by the sheer intensity of it. Happy to have had the experience and now hungry for it again. But he knew that the time had come to show our friend what she had been party to.

“Baby, that was great,” he said, looking at me but encouraging her. “You do that really well.”

Yeah, I thought, but not as good as me and I was kissing your ass, after all. . . .

“So I have something for you. Would you like a present?”

“Yes,” she whispered, through come-wet lips. “Untie me?”

“OK, but just your hands. Better? Put your hands up in front of your breasts,” he said, kissing one to help her remember where they were.

“OK. Blindfold?”

“Not yet. Soon.” He told me with his eyes to straddle her, knees on either side of her ribs. I did as I was commanded, giddy with anticipation.

When I was in position, he took the ties that had bound her hands and blindfolded me. Was I not to see her face when she saw me? How would she look? What would she do and how would she see him after this?

Blindfolded and across her, I waited.

“Do you feel the weight above you?”


“Good. Raise your hands. Feel it.” And she did. Her soft girl’s hands on my belly felt like satin. She explored tentatively, breath increasing in pace and length. She ran her hands up my ribcage to my breasts and stopped when she felt them.

“Is this for me, Zack? Is this my present?” My mind reeled. Was she angry? Was she pleased? Was that teasing or resentment I heard in her voice? My submissive nature kicked in and I froze and awaited commands. His. Hers. It didn’t matter.


“What does she look like?”

“Why don’t you find out?”

I responded quickly, reaching for her blindfold before she could. She then sought mine out. It amazed me that she instinctively knew where to reach, what to do.

Our blinds fell at the same time and we stared at one another. If I were to say I had words for the moment, I would be a liar. Electricity, wind, fire, between kadıköy escort bayan us. Eyes devouring the other, kissing, stroking, licking, caressing all without moving. No sounds, no words, no stir. Just sensory input, just flooding images into one another.

“She’s beautiful, Zack. Thank you.”

“Thank you,” I said. “Thank you.”

“Untie my feet?” she asked me. I looked to him, back in his leather chair, and he nodded. I turned my ass to her and bent to unbind her. She took advantage of this as I had hoped and began stroking me there, just letting her fingers graze my labia. I moaned to her to keep it up and she continued, growing bolder with each sweep. As my fingers undid his work on her second foot, her first one came up, knee bent. I kissed her thigh and she asked, “You were the last one to go down on me, weren’t you?”


“Was I your first one?”

“No. Have you ever. ..?”

“I’m about to,” and she raised herself up to me, grasping me around the thighs, pushing them wide apart, nose buried in my ass, tongue and lips diving quickly to me. She was clumsy, but enthusiastic, so I took a deep breath and let her find her way. I remembered how eager I must have been, how hard at first and then I felt her settle a little.

“There, let me move a little for you.” I turned, laying back on my elbows and watched her smile as I presented myself for her. She had a wicked little gleam in her eyes as I saw her look over at him.

“Go ahead. I’m fine. Go on,” he urged her.

And she did. It was fun to feel her glossy hair against my thighs and just lay back and feel her. I stifled the urge to giggle because I didn’t want her to be caught off guard. I can’t say that I came, but I did get off on the scene in general. After I had had enough, I placed my hand against her cheek and raised her face ,running my thumb across the juices that glistened against her chin.

“Did you like it?” I asked.

“Oh yes. Do you want more?”

“Uh huh, but I want to switch.”

She laid back and I motioned to Zack. He came to us on the bed and she propped herself up on a pillow to get a better look at us. I kissed him deeply on the lips, using my tongue as I did on her, arousing him again. He kissed back, tongue thrusting in me like his cock had. Then together, as he had told me just a few hours before, we kissed her cunt, tongues sliding over her and each other. I opened my eyes and saw him flicking against one side of her clit and I reached the tip of my tongue out to do the other. From above us we heard a groan and felt her push up. When I reached to slip my fingers into her, I found his there and knew the reason for her increased desire. Lowering my head again, I found his mouth with my lips and escort bostancı continued to kiss her while he licked her and fingered her until I could not stand it any longer. I wanted to come, but not with her. I wanted his hands in me, but he were intent on her. I figured the fastest way to get her off was to help him, then he could do me. I placed my hand near his at her slit and waited.

“Do you want to fuck her, Ari? Do you want me to show you what I do to you?”

“Please, sir.”

“OK, but you’ve got to do what I say. First, put your finger beside mine.” I watched him remove three slick digits from her and I immediately bent to lick and suck them.

“Ummmmmm . . . Good Girl, Sweet, but later. Now I need your help. Put your finger here. Right. Now push in and move up a little.”

I did and felt her grip us. “Right. Now, feel with me. You feel that?” I did. It was the pad I had felt earlier. “Move slow and soft at first. Think about how you would like it.” My soft movements seemed to bring about her new little moan.

“Ari, if that’s you, it feels just right,” she sighed. I was pleased that I had touched her well.

“Now, increase the speed and pressure.” I followed his lead and she began to thrust against us. “Stay with me, Ari. Just stay with me.”

“Zack, this is how you do it? This is how you touch me?” I whispered in his ear and kissed his neck.

“Yes. This is how. Now feel.” He pressed up sharply on her and I felt that flood that he must have felt in me. I wanted nothing more than to swallow her at that moment. I removed his fingers and mine and drank her sweet honey, rising only to kiss his lips and carry him back down on her with me.

Together, we feasted on her. Became greedy and so involved with licking and sucking and kissing her and each other that we all melted into one huge mouthcunt. Just an inexhaustible well of lust until we felt her begin to pump her hips in a steady rhythm.

“Let me make her come for you,” he said as I backed off to watch again. It took all of four deep solid strokes with your thumb on her clit until she shivered her passion and finally opened her eyes again.

“Now, Zack, do me. I want your hands and mouth now.” The intensity of his pleasuring me was white hot. Furiously working my cunt with his hands, I hardly allowed him access with his tongue. I felt your third finger slip in easily as he continued to piston in and out of me.


“Too tight.”

“DO IT.”

“OK, ready?” I spread my legs wider and pulled my petals open to give him more space. He filled me, liquid hard. I came drenching him, soaking his arm, riding his wrist, everything but his thumb in me.

I shook and sighed and breathed until I could remember my name.

And yours. Hers?

“It doesn’t matter, Ari,” she said, petting my head. “Zack has told me about you, do you know that?”

I blushed.

“He says no one gives better head than you. I think he is right. Would you show me how you go down on him?”

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