Lost in the Country, A His and Hers Tale

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Him, Chapter 1

“In half a mile, turn left”

I can barely hear the GPS over the sound of the movies you are watching on my cell phone, reliving our adventures from the previous night. Day two of our road trip and the air is warm as the sun sets, the open top Jeep letting us enjoy the feel of the breeze against us as we drove through miles and miles of empty country. We had planned this trip for months, picking strategic stop-off points as we explored areas of the US we had never been, looking for similarly kinky, open minded people always up for adventure. Next up was a forest nudist camp site known for their sexual adventures – but in the dimming light I was seeing no sign of our destination.

“Holy shit, was his cock really that big?” you exclaim from next to me, reclined naked in the passenger seat. On screen, one of the three men from last night was approaching you from behind, as you busied yourself with the remaining two in front. My vantage point from behind had perfectly captured the moment his monstrous black length had penetrated your willing asshole. “No wonder I was so sore this morning!” you say, smiling at me as your hand dances over your pussy. You had been naked for all of the drive, stripping off within seconds of leaving our previous location. I had lost count of the number of orgasms you had enjoyed, going through our bag of sex toy supplies, practicing with each increasing size. A few remained too large still to take on in the cramped confines of a passenger seat, but I was confident we would get there in the next few days of our trip.

The light was fading fast now, and my headlights only show emptiness ahead of us. I don’t want to raise any alarm and spoil the mood of our trip, but the gas gauge has been dropping steadily for a while, with no sign of any gas station either.

“Hey baby”, I look over to you, where you are trying to force an extra large dildo into your hungry pussy, both feet on the dashboard as you focus, determined to take everything you possibly can. The toy doesn’t budge, held outside your pussy by your tightness. You moan, frustrated, holding the dildo aside while you briefly fist your hot sex with the other hand, working yourself open. Satisfied with the stretch, you resume your efforts with the monster dildo and cry out in pleasure as it is swallowed by your open pussy, filling you to the brim again.

“Fuck, that feels illegal bahis soooooo good. What did you need honey?”

“Can you check the GPS? I haven’t heard any instructions in a while, just wanted to make sure we are on the right track”.

You pause the video, just as the three are finishing unloading inside you for the third time. Last night could not have gone better, it had lived up to every expectation I had and more, since discussing the stop-over online with the guys. When I had mentioned a dirty slut willing to do anything, with a particular fondness for extreme anal and blowjobs, they had instantly agreed. When I had mentioned their sizes to you and showed you some of their texts, detailing their desires, you hadn’t taken much convincing either.

“Um….I think the GPS is down…there is no signal out here”

“Well shit” I say, knocking the steering wheel in frustration. With our gas tank ever dropping, no light and no GPS, we were getting pretty desperate. Our camp gear in the back would be fine for the night, but the empty roads would make it hard to get anyone to come by the next day.

We drove on, hoping our forest camp ground would magically appear on the horizon. Eventually, we see lights, but as we approach, it is clearly not the camp. Instead, a single farmhouse sits alone in a vast expanse of fields. We turn in and pull up to the house, noting lights on and plenty of cars in the drive. I jump out and you follow, pulling the dildo from your wet sex with a loud slurp, throwing on some clothes.

Holding your hand, I knock on the front door. The lights are on in the windows of the huge farmhouse, but no-one appears to be moving around. I look at you and shrug, peering through the windows to try and see if anyone is there. It is late, but not too late to expect some kind of activity.

To our left, we hear a noise from the barn, the sound of laughter and applause rolling over to the house. We walk over, the grass of the yard soft underfoot, and more sounds mix in – sounds of screaming and moaning. “What the hell is going on in there?” I whisper to you, oddly excited and aroused by thoughts flashing through my head. We reach the door, slightly ajar and peer inside.

Her- Chapter 2

“I’m going to cum!”

We look at one another is disbelief as the sight before us unfolds. “And I thought we were kinky!” I whisper in astonishment, watching this illegal bahis siteleri young girl get overtaken by an animal so large I can only imagine how much her sexy little body was being stretched from the inside out. I was instantly jealous and envious all at the same time. The barn was an old barn built a long time ago, and some of the pieces had rotted out. Allowing us the perfect view as we watched a horse pound himself into a girl that couldn’t have been 20 years old. As my own wetness starts running down my leg, you instinctively run your hand up my thigh and rubbing my wet slit. You cover yourself with my juice, preparing to ram my ass hard with your fist. Watching this young, hot girl being stretched and drilled by this sloppy wet horse cock made you instantly hard. Even in the moonlight I can see your hungry eyes. It is my most favorite sight, those eyes make me do incredible things.

“How big do you think that horse cock is?” I ask, unable to hide my excited curiosity. Licking my lips, my eyes growing wider with each thrust and moan of this amazing show.

“At least 15 inches.” You answer confidently. You have done your research on the size of a horse. You had looked into buying me one of those toys that resemble a flared horse dick and you wanted to get the biggest one, closest to actual size. Now you wish you would have splurged and bought it, you have never been this hard watching a girl get off in your life. “Did you know that a horse can cum as much as 30 ounces at a time. That is like a whole water bottle full!”

“Yummy, my brilliant boyfriend is a genius at horse cum quantities!!” I laugh as I moan watching the girl writhe and scream below the stallion. “What do you think this place is exactly? I mean, the girl is not exactly complaining about being fucked by that horse and everyone is cheering her on.”

You seem to care less what everyone’s purpose for being there is when I hear you whisper for me to pull my skirt up so you can slide your hand inside me. I am more than happy to accommodate you. The whole ride up here I had been focusing on my pussy so my ass needed some attention. I hated being empty for too long and you were not too fond of me not being constantly plugged in one way or another. “Fuck baby, you’re gushing!”, you whisper as your hand starts to open up my waiting asshole.

“I can’t help it, have you noticed what is going on right in canlı bahis siteleri front of us?!” I scream a little louder than I should, as I moan and push myself onto your hand. The feeling of your fingers touching my tight little hole as you circle it with my own wetness make me crazy. My whole body responds to your hand as it squeezes it’s way passed my entrance. I can hear you moaning and grunting as well, knowing it must look and feel amazing. We have filmed ourselves so much I can almost see your exact view in my mind. I know I should slow down and watch the horse show more, but I am overcome with the need to let everything go and cum all over you. You start moving faster, in time with the horse. I close my eyes and imagine its me laying there on that table, feeling every inch go deeper and deeper. Letting the horse push himself all the way inside my wet hot tunnel. Just begging for the horse to unload his cum all over and in me. You close your eyes too and imagine the same, your girl being fucked to oblivion by this large mammal.

Suddenly we both realize it has gotten quiet and we no longer hear the stomping or neighing of the horses and the crowd has gone silent. Both of our eyes snap open and we are suddenly face to face with a group of people, both shocked and maybe a little upset. My impending orgasm is so close that we can’t stop and i just keep pushing myself more and more on your hand, squirting and screaming your name, “Mmmmmatt!!! I can’t stop baby, please!” Spraying you, gushing like a fountain, drenching everything around us, including nosey a dog that has snuck up behind us.

A few moments pass and I am able to realize what just happened. As I pull myself away from you and lower my skirt back to its original place, I start apologizing frantically. But no one is saying anything back, staring at us from the center of the barn and I start to get scared. Everyone is naked, and the men of the group are hard, stroking thick, long cocks as the stare at me. I look around the crowd, there are three younger girls and one guy and an older couple, maybe late thirties or early forties. They all look similar to one another which confuses me. Are they a family, I wonder? I look to you but you are trying to wipe your hand on your shirt as you try to make the dog stop licking at you.

The dog barks and pulls us all out of our trance and everyone snaps back to reality.

“Hi, I’m Olivia and this is M–” I started to say as I was interrupted by the older guy.

“And this is Matt, yeah we heard!” He replied laughing. “Why don’t you two come on in, join the party”

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