Louise Sexploration Ch. 03

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Over the next couple of weeks, work and life went back to the normal routine. Well fairly normal anyway. That nights events were not mentioned, a couple of nights it was hinted at and sex was very explosive afterward. Then came the obligatory time of the month cooling off period, then things went strange.

Her friend Gina was coming over more often and they were talking a quietly then stopping when I entered the room or they thought I was trying to eavesdrop. Not sure what they were up to so I confronted Louise on the strange behavior and her response was evasive; “She just has some things going on that she wants to talk to me about.” And she would say no more on the matter, even went so far as to give me head, which she really detests doing, to distract and redirect my attentions. The following Friday I knew that her rag was just about over and as my luck would have it, Louise had plans to be over at another friends house. I wasn’t invited so I am thinking I would get a porno or something to pass the time till she got home.

Stopping at the adult video / book store I gravitated over to the section on bi action remembering the conversation with Louise on her friends fantasy. And her hinting at the two guys thing. So I grab this movie called “Mile Bi Club” and “Cum Eating Cuckolds”. I pop in the cuckold flick and while the whole watching your wife have sex was ok and I was getting a rise at the action, I would soon lose it when the females would start belittling their ‘husbands’ just couldn’t handle the whole humiliation part. I traded out the videos and was intrigued by the guys sucking other guys and stuff, I just wasn’t sure I could handle the kissing or backdoor action. The more I thought about it, the more I thought that kissing was way out of the question, but I would try the sucking dick or taking one up the ass.

About seven that night there is a knock on the door. I look out the window to see that it is Gina. OK so that is strange I think to myself; ” Hey, Gina, Louise is over at Debbie’s place babysitting till Debbie gets home, she had to work late.”

“Oh, I know that, you gonna let me in or what?” she responds.

Now I am sort of panicking because I have a porno on the TV, one I rented on the way home, one I am not sure that Louise would be happy to see me watching. Not only that I only have my boxers on, a raging hard-on that is starting to subside with my panic.

“Uh… yeah give me a second.” And I go to close the door the door and I guess I didn’t get it closed, because as I turn around to grab some pants and click off the vcr, I hear her say: “don’t turn that off on my account.” I turn around, shocked, “Er.. sorry. Was just getting my pants back on.”

Gina laughs out loud and pulls the door shut. “Hmm does Louise know what you do while she is out?”

“uh, yeah sorta.” I stammer

“oh don’t worry about it.” Then she sees what is on the screen one guy is caught in the middle, with his dick in a woman while another guy is ramming a cock into his ass. “oh I have this one at home, its my favorite. ” She then plops down on the couch, on top of the remote, so now I have to turn off the set manually which means going across the room in my shorts. Well screw it I think and plop down in the chair and start pulling my jeans back on. Just as I get ready to stand back up pulling them the rest of the way on I look over to see Gina rubbing herself through her jeans. Stunned I just watch her.

Gina is maybe five foot two, and is well over two hundred pounds. Blonde hair and blue eyes, monster big tits that kartal escort bayan I can only imagine how big her nipples are. She has a fairly narrow waist, not a big belling but she has wide hips and large ass. I can see her nipples are starting to strain against her bra and I am starting to get a hard-on again.

“um… maybe you should go, Gina.” I say

“Sorry, that is my favorite part, it just gets me so hot.”

“you wouldn’t be able to see it yourself if you were the woman, you know.”

“Sure I could, if there was a mirror there. Besides I look at it this way, if I get to watch one guy fuck another up the ass, I would be so hot I will have to jump on and get some myself,” Gina replied, still watching the action playing out on the TV. Then she turned to me, seeing I had started getting turned on, “So what about you?”

“What about me?” I replied, leery of where this conversation was going. I sure didn’t want to tell her about the conversation between Louise and I concerning Gina’s fantasy.

“Well you sure got all excited watching Louise get banged by Jason, right? So maybe next time you want to be in the room, maybe get your ass banged as well? Not that Jason would be game for that, I tried to get him interested, and well he wasn’t game. But you sit here jerking off to some pretty hot action.” While pouring out her knowledge of what I thought was my personal sex life she was tweaking a nipple and had unzipped her tight jeans. “It makes me think that Louise might be able to get you to do some pretty hot guy on guy stuff, even though her only interest is to have two guys stuffed into her at one time.”

“I really think it would be a good idea for you to go, Gina.”

Gina laughed at this, “OK I will behave. Well for a little while anyway. So you think she is at Debbie’s place, huh? Yeah, she is over there, but there aren’t any kids there, they are at Debbie’s sisters and Louise is getting rammed hard by Jason right about now.”

I noticed she was watching my waist as she said this, and sure enough my dick gave a twitch at the memory of that night, inspired by what she was saying. Then it occurred to me that either this was true, or Gina is just saying it to see if I would get mad or aroused, then it dawned on me that if true, Louise lied to me to go fuck someone else.

All of this flashed through my brain and spun around in circles for who knows how long, I came back to reality with a jerk as I felt Gina wrap her hand around my now fully hard dick. In a husky voice as though thick with her own lust she said, “well you may feel betrayed about her lying to you, but you sure like the thought of her bending over while he fucks her brains out.” She continued stroking my cock telling me how thick it was and she really did want to barrow it sometime, ” but I can’t tonight. But you better put that monster up for now.” With that she moved back over to the couch looking at me with a secret smile on her face. I took that opportunity to stuff my dick fully back in my jeans and get them fastened properly.

“So now what? You gonna wait for her to get home or what?” I asked as I moved to turn the tv off, pull the tape out and put all of that stuff away. I decided then I needed to leave if she wasn’t going to.

“Yeah, she is expecting me to be here keeping you company.” Gina replied.

“OK, well I am gonna run these videos back, I will be back after a bit.” And out I went, I could hear her laugh at my sudden departure. I was pretty sure she didn’t see the other video I rented and I really escort maltepe didn’t want her telling Louise or worse mentioning it in public that I was curious about cuckold action that I am being drug into with very little of my own input. I wasn’t sure if I was ready for the guy on guy stuff and I sure didn’t know if I wanted to go down on her after some other guy had been there. It made my dick hard again thinking about it but at the same time it kind of grossed me out.

I managed to think of other things long enough for the swelling in my jeans to subside long enough to return the videos and get back to the trailer. Sure enough Louise was home before I was. “Well,” I thought to myself, “if she did do as Gina said, she had plenty of time to get banged good an hard and will probably not want anything to do with me.”

I got in the door and there was Louise in nothing but the t-shirt she had worn to work and the panties she had on, no bra or jeans. Her and Gina were sitting on the couch together talking. Gina was flushed and her nipples were again straining in her bra, and as has been their habit lately they stopped talking the minute I walked in. “So you took off before I could ask what you thought of that cum eating cuckolds movie you had?” Gina popped off with before I even had the door fully shut.

“Do what?” I asked brilliantly.

“Oh I forgot to mention I know the guy that was working the register and I asked him what you rented before I got here. So what did you think of guys going down on their wives after the wife had been quite thoroughly screwed by another guy?” Not a giggle, just dead-pan serious. Both of them sat there expectantly looking at me.

“I didn’t have a chance to watch it.” I lied. “I was kind of curious if that sort of thing really happened but it would probably be kind of gross, but like I said I didn’t see it so I don’t know.”

“hmm well I for one am seriously interested in what other porn you watch when I am not around” Louise stated, letting her leg slide open. So I could see her crotch and.. it was soaked.

I sat down in the chair and she shifted her self so that I had a full view of the wet crotch of her panties. It was like she had done just what Gina said and was now flaunting it. With both of them staring at me no less.

“OK” I ask, “What gives, you two have been tight and tight lipped like you have some major stuff planned out, so if I am supposed to be a part of it, I would like to know so I can at least have a say.”

They just looked at each other and laughed. “Well I gotta go, anyway, talk to you later Louise.” Gina said as she got up to go.

“Now wait a second, that isn’t an answer…” I started to say. But they ignored me totally and Gina was out the door and Louise, who now had her back to me as she said her goodbye’s to Gina semi bent over and I noticed that her panties are soaked not just in her crotch but half way up her ass crack. Just like she had been indeed fucked hard and put her panties on right after and drove home. I was thunder struck.

Louise apparently got tired of waiting on me to respond to some question, and lightly tapped the side of my face to get my attention. As I came to I noticed she was now topless with only her wet panties on. I also noticed the hickeys on her breasts above and around her nipples. Three good sized ones and couple of small ones on her belly. “Gina wasn’t lying.” I said softly too stunned for words.

“Nope.” No equivocation, nothing just flat straight out telling it like it was. Worse standing there hands pendik escort on her ample hips flaunting her freshly fucked body. “Question is are you man enough to get up here and fuck me too?” Not waiting for an answer she said; “Strip”

Shocked clear to my fingertips I stood up dumbly and started striping. Louise laughed huskily as she saw my already hard cock standing out, seven inches but very thick. “Well get on with it, get it all off.” She stated impatiently, “now get down on your knees, baby.”

As I complied with her request, she turned around and bent over slightly, “here baby check out this ass you love so much, be a sweetie and pull off my panties. No wait a second, on second thoughts come with me down the hall here.”

I got up and she took my hand leading me down the hall. I could smell the musky sent of her and that added something. With a churning gut I realized that it must be Jason I was smelling, or whomever gave her those hickeys anyway. We got about half way down the hall, and she turned me about facing her then pushed me back till I was up against the wall.

With a sharp intake of breath; “easy, that wall is cold!” then she pushed down on my shoulders, her hickey laden breasts right in my face as she pushed me down to my knees.

Now I was totally at a loss here, as she got me down to my knees and my back against the wall she turned back around wriggling her ass at me again, ” now you can take my panties off baby. Come on.”

I slid the down over her ample hips and the smell of her and what I was assuming was Jason hit me full on in the face. As I got them down to her ankles she stepped out of one leg so she could spread her feet farther apart bracing them.

“What don’t you want my ass anymore? I see that rock hard cock of yours, telling me otherwise…” she said as she eased her ass back into my face.

Then I realized I had nowhere to go, not that I really wanted to but then I was too busy as she started grinding her ass in my face, I started licking her crack nibbling her ass cheeks then she really got to business as I buried my tongue in her tight ass hole. Then before I knew it she was bent further over and her soaked pussy was in my face.

“That’s right I knew you wanted it, lick that dirty pussy!” she proceeded then to really start grinding it into my face as she came.

She fell forward, catching herself against the opposite wall and breathing really hard. I just stayed where I was as it sunk in what I had done, how I had been played. I tasted him all over her and ignored it mostly during the heat of the moment, as she knew I would. She knew I would be all over her ass and would get carried away.

“Come on lover boy.” Louise said as she roughly grabbed my wrist and yanked me up onto my feet. She then drug me the rest of the way down the hall and slung me onto the bed.

Not one to hold back she pounced on top of me, “Damn you look so hot with my cum and Jason’s all over your face.” Then proceed to lift up just enough to put my cockhead at the entrance to her then drop down with all of her weight onto it all at once.

I had taken the moment to wipe my face and look at my hand to see, indeed there was what appeared to be mans cum in addition to the wetness from her. Then the full sensation of being buried into a wet hot pussy registered and she lifted back up to shove her tits into my face demanding I suck on them, bite on them.

Then she rammed herself back down hard on my cock and sat back with all of her weight on me hands behind her hair pushing it up, tits thrust out and she started to gyrate her hips rolling and grinding, milking my cock. “Don’t you think I am sexy, my freshly fucked look?” My answer was my cock exploding deep in her, and her response was a laugh and; “yeah I thought so big boy, wait till tomorrow…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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