Love Ain’t Nothin’ But Trouble Ch. 02

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Not surprisingly, for such a domestic goddess, Lisa made the lunch. She didn’t know Sam’s kitchen that well, but she quickly figured out where he kept things, even if for only a simple lunch of pastrami sandwiches with mustard on sourdough bread and pickles on the side. She loved making meals for her man … correction, men now, as always. She loved Jeff, yes, but she also loved Sam and Willie, and now she could own up to that fact. Hell, she loved Aimee, too, and she could easily open her heart to Sam’s mother, Carolyn.

“Damn, Lisa, you really do know all the ways to a man’s heart, don’t you?” Sam remarked.

“Yeah, no shit! I had to marry her after that first morning, when she surprised me by making me breakfast after I had fucked her silly the night before. I thought, God, is this she not the best girlfriend ever? Then she moved in and wouldn’t leave me alone, so I took the hint and made her my wife.

“Then she really surprised me by packing condoms in my suitcase for the next concert with a note that had lipstick on it. Did I tell you about that? Or about the sandwiches, two of them, that she included? The note said that one of them was for me, the other for the poor gal that I was gonna ‘fuck until she was bow-legged’. Her words. She even put lube in there the last few times, ‘just in case.’ That part had a winking face on it, too. What a woman!” Jeff bragged about his wife, making her blush.

“That was in case you wanted to fuck her in the ass. Every girl should get plenty of lube for that, and not all rubbers have enough on them. You forgot, at the risk of tooting my own horn, what else I did last time?” Lisa winked at Sam.

“Yeah, you left me a pair of your panties, smelling of your dripping wet snatch, with a note that read ‘thinking of you and some lucky gal. Perhaps you can talk her into wearing these afterward, so she can leave the sweet scent of her just-fucked pussy on it. I want to smell her pussy juices kartal escort bayan on them.’ Those were your words, as I recall. The next time we fucked, you produced them and begged me to stuff them in your mouth while I fucked you up the ass. Turned out that you hadn’t washed them off, either. They still smelled like Sandy’s cunt,” Jeff grinned about that.

“See? I’m here to serve you. I also like the taste of pussy and it was a great way to get it. Next time, you won’t have to wear a rubber and I can taste your cum and hers at once on my panties. Assuming, of course, that next time, it will be either Aimee or Carolyn. I can’t wait to swap panties with them, get my face in their gashes to eat them out until they beg for mercy, and lick you men’s cum out of their twats. Trust me, honey, this is just the start to the best sex you’ve ever had, all of you,” Lisa licked her lips at that thought.

“Well, for now, I am extremely horny right now. Who wants my cock and in what hole?” Sam announced, having recovered during lunch, especially with the protein and calories.

“My turn, sugar,” Lisa got on all fours and made an undeniable offer of her body and all holes, “pussy this time, to knock me up, just like Aimee here.”

Sam didn’t need to be asked twice, so he went behind Lisa and lined up his cock to enter her cunt from that position. She gasped for merely a second and then began to adjust to the force of his entry. He slowed down for just a little bit as he slid out of her twat, but then he shoved it back into her, repeating this motion to make it clear that he was in control of the action. Lisa’s response was to move her hips desperately in an effort to fully engulf his cock in her delightful pussy. When he accidentally yanked one of her hairs, she moaned so noticeably that he pulled harder on her hair and more of it.

“Oh, God! Yes, fuck me! Jeff, honey, he’s gonna put a baby in me! He’s fucking me nice, escort maltepe hard, and deep!” Lisa announced as she felt the powerful strokes from Sam balls deep and he finally bottomed out in her.

“Fuck, Lisa, I want inside at the same time! I want my cock in there next to his!” Jeff declared, eager to give her twins.

“Yes, please! Can we do that, Sam?” Lisa pleaded, the idea being too hot to resist.

Sam pulled out, thinking of how hot this was in various porn films that he had seen, a sexy woman stretched out by having two cocks in one hole at once. It would be even sexier with her fertile and eager to be knocked up by each man. It wasn’t very long before both men slid in and out of Lisa in alternating strokes that kept her constantly filled by at least one dick, making it impossible not to reach and affect her G-spot. She was moaning, sighing, screaming, spitting, and even hissing before anyone knew what was about to happen.

For Jeff, actually sharing his wife’s pussy at the same time with another man was a whole new experience that he couldn’t believe. The additional sensation of Sam’s flesh against his own while they both pleasured Lisa made it so much harder to resist cumming hard and fast inside her cunt. Her constant hip movements and loud responses, plus the soaked feel of her twat made it clear that Lisa was now more satisfied than she had ever been before.

As Lisa came down, first Jeff and then Sam exploded with their jizz inside her drenched pussy, making it even messier from the two loads deposited there at once. Willie was ready, not waiting for any signal before grabbing Lisa’s waist and entering her while she stood unsteady on her feet. To help balance her, Aimee went behind Lisa and fondled her buns before spreading them to lick her ass.

Lisa lost anything resembling rational thought now, all of that being dominated and pushed aside by sheer lust and incredible pleasure. She couldn’t pendik escort begin to think straight, while her husband’s band mate fucked her hard from the front and slipped her a lot of tongue and another rimmed her crack.

When Lisa clenched down hard on Willie’s dick, the poor man couldn’t hold out and he shot his load far enough inside her that the others wondered if he wanted his swimmers to catch up to those of Sam and Jeff. Meanwhile, she gushed on his cock and nearly fainted again but for the quick thinking of Aimee, who now moved her mouth under Lisa’s cunt instead of her butt to clean up after the men (though not enough to stop Lisa from conceiving, of course). It was a creampie to die for, the three men’s jizz in Lisa’s sweet, juicy twat. Aimee licked so hungrily that Lisa nearly toppled again before the bass guitarist finally pulled her down to the floor and climbed on top of her.

The men now got to see Aimee in a more aggressive light, as she rubbed her pussy against Lisa’s, the friction from the two women grinding together adding to the steamy moment. This continued several more minutes, while Aimee all but violated Lisa’s mouth with her tongue as well as fingering her asshole. Lisa came yet again, much to their shared surprise, and then she collapsed for a minute almost into a gelatin rather than a woman. Aimee and she were now one massive sweaty mess of flesh, but neither woman minded as Aimee stayed on top of Lisa for long enough to catch her breath.

“I think it’s time for a movie. Give us a chance to unwind. How about you guys?” Sam proposed and they all just gave their thumbs up in their exhaustion.

They needed to rest and recover, but they would be back. One look at each other and they knew that they were hooked, addicted, hopefully entangled with each other. Theirs was an unbreakable bond now.

“I guess that the band that plays together … stays together,” Sam teased.

“I think that you’re right, babe,” Lisa winked at him and giggled with Aimee in response.

Jeff and Willie just grinned like guilty cats, but they didn’t regret a damn thing. They were lovers now, all of them, and that was just the way that they liked it. It was as it should be.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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