Lucy’s Tale (Part 10 – Final Part)

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Part Ten

OK let’s get this straight. I am a teenager and like most teenagers, I have told my Mum lies over the years. Never anything big, but lies nonetheless. This was something completely different. Mum and the ‘rapist’ arrived home just after 7pm. I couldn’t even look him in the eye.

One of the first things Mum said to me made me feel sick to my soul. She said how delighted she was that I had asked John if I could call him Dad from now on. The little tear of happiness in the corner of her eye told me how little she really knew of the man, but as I have learned since, the fear of the victims always prevents them from revealing the truth to those who are closest to them. I was no different.

John stayed busy in the kitchen, obviously keeping an ear open to the conversation and I told Mum that it was only right. Then Mum went on about how good a guy he was and something in that sentence made me flip. I felt sick to the pit of my stomach yet managed to force a smile. I had to get away from this conversation and said I was going to go and get changed for a swim before it went dark. Mike had made his excuses as soon as they had got home and had been performing long, languid strokes up and down the pool. I made my way through the kitchen, avoiding eye contact with John and made my way to my room.

I quickly stripped off my clothes and started to dig through my case for my dry bikini. I heard footsteps on the stairs and panic filled me instantly. I pulled on the bottoms quickly and then as I tried to put on the top, the cords were all tangled and my frustration was making it impossible to sort it out. I felt my heart beating faster and I saw the handle moving on my door so I covered my boobs with my hands and called out, ‘I’m not decent!’

The door opened anyway and John strolled in.

‘Please Daddy, I don’t want Mum to catch us alone like this!’ I pleaded, hoping my politeness would help.

‘It’s OK Lucy, I just wanted to check up on you!’ he said in a whisper as he brushed my hands aside and squeezed my nipples roughly. I stifled my yelp with my hand and watched him fish out his hard cock from his shorts.

‘Not here Daddy, please! Not now!’

John, pushed me down to my knees and just looked at me and nodded at his huge tool. I knew I was beaten and opened my mouth and he instantly pushed it in deep. I began a flicking of my tongue on the head and under the shaft and John, knowing he had to be quick, began wanking himself furiously, his clenched hand punching into my face every few strokes. He didn’t care and kept the pressure on the back of my head to keep me impaled.

This didn’t last long and I heard his breathing change and I expected the blasts of come to squirt any second but at the last minute, he pulled away and aimed his shots at my face and chest. All five heavy shots covered my skin and he just laughed at my spunk splattered body.

‘Now clean it up you little whore!’ he spat

I reached for my towel and he slapped it out of my hand, ‘Don’t fucking waste it! Eat it! Eat it all!’

‘Sorry Daddy!’ I said, stifling my fear and tears. I began to scoop up the mess and placed it in my mouth and swallowed. John put his cock back in his pants as he watched and only when it was all gone did he turn and leave the room without a word. I took a wet-wipe from my make-up bag and wiped off the remaining mess, checking myself in the mirror for any that might be in my hair. I then put on my bikini top and made sure I adjusted it to cover the red welt left by John’s rough fingers and walked downstairs. John had his back to me in the kitchen and my eyes wanders to the knife block which sat close to him on the kitchen surface. Could I make it to the knife block before he turned around? Would I be able to stab someone? If I missed, or didn’t manage to kill him, what would he do? I realised I had stopped still, staring, when John turned round. His voice, because Mum was in earshot, was his usual bouncy, friendly, ‘Best Dad in the world’ voice.

‘Hey Lucy, what’s up honey? You Hungry? Food will be done in twenty minutes so enjoy your swim and I’ll call you when it’s ready ok?’

I stared at him, stone cold and emotionless. I turned to the door and faking my best bouncy voice and wanting to be sick, I called, ‘OK thanks Dad!’ I then trotted past Mum and dived into the pool and swam straight to Mike. As I surfaced, I knew the music from the radio in the kitchen would drown out my words with Mike. He could see I was sobbing as I came up and I could see his pain at not being able to hold me. Through my sobs, I told him what had just happened and that I couldn’t take any more. He tried to calm me a little so I told him about my staring at the knives and wanting to kill him right there. We both had a half smile at that but we also knew that neither of us were killers!

To anyone watching us, we just looked like we were stood in the pool chatting to each other, but we were softly holding hands, my back to the house, Mike keeping an eye out as we spoke.

‘Do you trust me?’ Mike asked earnestly

‘Totally!’ I responded instantly, ‘I love you too! For the record!’ I added with as sweet a smile as I could muster.

‘Look Lucy, I have been doing some thinking and …. and well … I think I have a plan! But we have to play this out for at least a day while I can set it up. He may ….. he may rape us again in the meantime though, but I promise, if my plan doesn’t work, we will disappear. I have enough money illegal bahis to look after us for a while at least. Are you OK with that? Can you be strong for me?’

‘What’s the plan?’

Mike looked solemn, ‘I don’t want to tell you the plan yet. I think it will be better if you don’t know! Please trust me on this one! OK?’

I knew from his face that Mike was deadly serious and I sensed that his plan was quite devious, possibly dangerous, so I just nodded and blew him a kiss. Under the water, he squeezed my hand, just as John called us for dinner. As we made our way out of the water, we both muttered that eating was going to be pretty tough. Food was the last thing on our minds right now!

I wanted to retch with every piece of food I swallowed but I ate as much as I could. The sadness in my soul was almost overwhelming and holding my sobs at bay was all I could think of. As soon as the food and painful small talk was finished, I made my excuses and went to sit by the pool in the fading light with my book. I stared at the words on the page, my back to my family, now unable to stop myself from crying. The more I thought about this whole situation, the less I saw an answer. Mike said we may have to endure John’s demands again but the pains in my lower body made me wonder how I could. I was 16 and would have welcomed death right now as an alternative.

I managed to calm myself down a little, knowing that Mum would surely come over at some point and I tried to lose myself in the novel I was reading. It didn’t really work because visions of John trying to choke me with his cock kept bursting into my mind. I even laughed sarcastically to myself at one point. I had enjoyed it so much when Mike had taken over control on a few occasions and it had even been responsible for putting me over the edge into an exquisite orgasm. I guess the difference was just one word. Love.

When Mum finally came over, she was already a little tipsy from the wine she had been drinking with dinner. She sat next to me for a while, chattering more to herself than me and I kept my face in the shadows to hide my red eyes. With every passing minute, I believed that I would be saying goodbye to my Mum permanently within the next day or so. That hurt a lot.

Before too long, Mum got up, kissed the top of my head and said goodnight. I was pleased to see her taking John upstairs with her. With that and the fact that I had been forced to drain his balls just a few hours ago, I had a good chance that my, and Mike’s, ordeal was over for today. Ten minutes after they had gone to bed, Mike returned to the back garden, a half smile on his face.

‘Where have you been?’ I asked, intrigued by the smile.

‘I’ve been busy my little Angel!’ he said with a slightly larger smile, ‘Tomorrow morning, we are going out early, before those two wake up. I need to drop you off somewhere safe first and then I have a few things to sort out. I think we have an answer to all of this problem. It is NOT going to be easy and when I explain it to you, if you have any doubts, just say so and we stop!’

I thought for a minute before I said, ‘You said earlier that it was best I didn’t know. Would it work better if I didn’t know everything?’

‘You are a smart cookie Lucy but the plan means you may well get hurt by him again and it’s not guaranteed to work!’

I took Mike’s hands in mine, ‘I trust you Mike, just tell me what I need to do, when I need to do it and I will do as you ask! I trust you! I want this over!’

Mike took my hand saying we should go to bed, just in case John came back down. At least in our room, any screams would wake Mum. As we reached the side of the house, out of sight from all windows, he pulled me close to him and brought his lips to mine. We kissed softly at first and then the heat between us increased and our tongues sought each other in their usual duel of love. His hands gently caressed my body through my t-shirt and for the briefest moment, nothing else filled my mind except the pure adrenalin rush of love. We broke the kiss and just held each other close. We walked up to our room, undressed and climbed into our own beds without another word. I knew already that tomorrow was going to be a long and challenging day.

When Mike woke me up in the morning, I could tell it was very early as the sunlight had not breached our window yet. My lover was wrapped in a towel from his shower and he ushered my sleepy body out of bed and gently patted my bum to get me to go to the bathroom. I showered quickly and was pleased to find that the aloe vera gel had taken most of the pain from my pussy and it felt almost normal again. A quick inspection also showed the redness to have almost gone as well. I pulled a big bath sheet around me as I climbed out, threw a quick dollop of gel onto my hair and ruffled it into a kind of ‘fun and wild’ style, the shortest time I have ever spent on my hair and was quite pleased with the result. I took my eyeliner, put a tiny amount around each eye and decided that would be enough for today. As I entered our bedroom, I discarded my towel which brought a tiny growl from Mike which gave us both a little smile. Somehow I didn’t think there would be too many of those so I wiggled my bum at him as I threw on a bikini and put my white shorts and ‘Hello Kitty’ vest over the top. As soon as I was ready, we left the villa and headed into town.

As we approached a cafe, I pulled my phone from my shoulder bag and glanced at the time, it was 6:45. I groaned illegal bahis siteleri inwardly at being up so early but I felt remarkably positive about listening to my instructions for the day but no sooner than I sat down, Mike said he had to shoot off. He saw the disappointment on my face but explained that he had to get some other things in place for the plan. I resigned myself to being on my own for a while and ordered a coffee as I saw Mike trotting down the road and out of sight. Before he left, he gave me strict instructions to not answer my phone unless it was from him and to try and keep out of sight in the cafe. I found a little corner table in their courtyard, took out my book and settled in for a long wait.

Four hours, five coffees and a bacon sandwich later, Mike came into the cafe, several bags in his hands and a notebook hanging out of his pocket and a smile to melt my heart. He stopped in front of me and in a confident voice he announced, ‘We’re ready!’

Over the next hour I was given my role to play in this exercise. Mike told me everything I ‘needed’ to know and he gave me a lot of instructions ‘just in case’ things didn’t go to plan. We were trying to set a trap for John and Mike had drawn every piece of knowledge he had of his father to construct the plan. He had realised, that the sex between him and his Dad had been quite rough but nothing compared to the violence he had shown on me and that meant I had to be the ‘bait’ in the trap. This terrified me but I was prepared to trust Mike on this one and I believed that he had put some ‘extra security’ in place. He wouldn’t elaborate on this too much as he wanted me to react as naturally as possible. I assured him, my fear was going to take care of that.

Once we were happy with our plan, it was time to start the wheels running. I picked up my phone and sent a text message to John.

‘Daddy, we need to talk! When I get home later, ask Mum if she needs some shopping, then ask me to come with you please. Just you and me, not Mike. This is important! Lucy x’

I hit the send button and gripped Mike’s hand tightly. My heart was racing and I nearly jumped out of my skin when my phone bleeped. With shaking fingers, I hit the ‘Read’ button to see the simple ‘OK’ reply. It was on!

While we were out, Mum had sent a message to say that she was preparing a late lunch around 4pm. We decided that this was good timing so we were back home with plenty of time. We were both surprisingly relaxed and conversation was much easier than the night before. Half way through, John suggested the shopping trip and I accepted his request for help, saying I needed some toiletries too! We finished lunch, cleared up and then John said he was ready to go. As we were leaving, John said to my Mum that we may go for a bit of a drive too. I gulped hard . John clearly saw this as a chance to abuse me again. Mike had predicted this comment to the letter.

We got into the car and John’s demeanour changed immediately, ‘So what’s all this about Lucy?’

‘Nothing special Daddy, please don’t be angry! I ….. I …..I just want yu to be a bit more gentle with me! I mean I have always really liked you and when Mum first met you I …. I had a bit of a crush on you but you really hurt me the first time and I didn’t like that!’

John thought to himself, expressionless and continued to drive the short distance to the shops. His face then started to show disgust as he turned to me, ‘Who the fuck do you think you are talking to? You are a little tramp and I will carry on fucking you as I see fit. Do you understand?’

I lowered my head and nodded as he turned into a parking space outside the shop, ‘Bit of a wasted trip isn’t it, for you?’ He sneered.

We climbed out of the car and I stopped just at the front and said, somewhat louder, ‘I only wanted a holiday! I just wanted time on the beach, I didn’t want this! What if I say NO?’ I stared at him, out in the street his anger was boiling over.

Making many heads turn he bore down on me and just inches from my face he screamed, ‘Oh you want a fucking beach do you? The same beach as you shagged Michael? Ok let’s go there then!’ He then grabbed my arm and threw me against the car. My head banged on the window and I fell to the floor, scuffing my arm as I landed. I looked up at him and wept, ‘Please no, please don’t make me!’

With one hand, he dragged me off the floor and with the other he opened the car. He threw me into the passenger seat, ‘Shut the fuck up you little tramp!’ As he walked around the car, the eyes of passersby were on him and he screamed something at them, climbed in the car and tore off down the road towards the beach which had been a place of pleasure such a short time ago. My tears were real and the blood on my arm from the fall was now staining my white shorts.

The car skidded to a halt behind the dunes and the whole area seemed deserted. John dragged me from the car and into the wooded area. His pace was so great, I was stumbling behind him, trying to break his vice-like grip on my wrist but it was no good. He dragged me through brambles, that you would normally step carefully over, and the sharp points ripped at the skin on my legs as he dragged me further inside the shaded area. Then we reached a fallen tree and john barked his next order,’Strip!’

‘No.. no …. please No John!’

‘THE NAME IS DADDY!’ He swung his open hand at my face. The crack resonated through my head as I spun and landed face down canlı bahis siteleri over the log. I felt his weight press down on my back and then his hand ripping my shorts and bikini bottoms from me in one short hard drag. Then I heard running from one side and a voice calling for John to stop what he was doing. It was an English voice and as I turned my head, the tears in my eyes meant I could only see the shape of a guy running towards us. I heard the voice again, it was Dave! As he came closer, John left me on the log and ran at him, arms flying in assault, screaming abuse at this intruder. I saw fists flying and then Dave turned and ran away. I was petrified. This was not part of the plan! Before I could even think about running, another full fisted punch hit my ribs and then John’s fat fingers started pushing at my arse hole. I screamed with pure pain and another slap hit my face. I screamed more so his hand went hard over my mouth, ‘Shut the fuck up you little whore! You will learn one way or the other!’

He pulled his fingers out of me and spat heavily on my hole, then I knew what to expect as his huge cock began to push at me. I was nervous, I was tense and that didn’t help as he rammed himself in. The pain shot through my body, my poor hole stretching beyond its ability, and I was praying to faint. Every time I screamed, he punched, bit or slapped me and continued pumping his massive prick inside me as he tore my vest and bikini top from me. Then I heard more shouting but it didn’t sound English. Maybe some other people had seen and were going to help me. The shouting got louder and John began to hurl abuse back at them as he continued to fuck me like a naked rag doll, but the shouting got more insistent. John’s punches got harder, as did his ramming of my poor bottom and then suddenly a loud noise and John fell on top of me, pushing all breath from my lungs, John was silent, still.

I felt something dripping onto my face, I tried to move from under him, I was stuck. I moved a hand to my face to feel what was dripping on me. It was thick heavy blood. I screamed a hysterical scream and then felt everything go dark. My last thought was of relief. Death was finally taking me!

When my eyes opened, everything around me was white. Lots of lights above me on a white ceiling. I couldn’t seem to move very well but I didn’t feel any pain. I managed to lift my arm and it was in a long white sleeve. My confused mind came up with the one logical thought. ‘I’m an Angel!’

My eyes closed again and I went back into unconsciousness but when my eyes opened again, I had a better vision, Mike was stood above me, smiling! I tried to sit up but soon gave up on that idea as pains throughout my body suddenly reminded me they were there.

‘What happened?’ I asked croakily

‘It worked Lucy! Not as we planned but it worked!

At that moment my Mum walked in and he stopped talking. Mum’s eyes were red and puffy and without saying a word, she just hugged me and sobbed into my shoulder. It was hurting some of my bruises but I didn’t care. After a few minutes, a nurse pulled my Mum from me and said I needed rest. They both kissed me softly and the nurse put a needle in my arm and I felt sleep drifting over me.

When I woke later, I saw a sealed envelope on my locker with my name on it. I opened the note and read carefully.
‘My Darling Lucy,

When I set up our plan, my hope was to use Dave and Kathy to help us get some video proof of what John was doing to you and either get him to stop or to give it to the police. That was why we got you to go to the shop and do your protest in a public place.

When Dad had me alone, he got the info about the beach out of me so that is why we had you mention the beach outside the shop, I guessed he would take you there. If that happened, I guessed he would want to rape you there which is why Dave was waiting to try and stop him. I didn’t expect his assault on Dave and when he realised that Dad would have beaten him to a pulp, he panicked and ran back, but we didn’t anticipate any of the public calling the Greek police. Even less did we expect Dad to be so engrossed in raping you that he would ignore the police.

They shot him. He’s dead!

I know he was my Father, but he stopped being my Dad when he started fucking me. He stopped being a human when he started raping you. We are free.

I have also told your Mum about us. She was a bit shocked at first but she already had a lot to think about and she feels guilty about what Dad did to you. All she wants is for you to be happy, so I think all is good.

I love you so much my little Princess and I will help you to get well and then we can begin our life.

Love you always


Epilogue – One year on!

As I lay here in bed, it is hard to believe everything that has happened. We sold the house in Surrey and moved back to Yorkshire. Mum took a longer time to recover mentally than myself or Mike, but she is doing good now. She is happy that Mike and I are so much in love and has already started to hint that she wants to be a Granny!

As I turn to my beautiful man, taking his permahard cock in my hand, I shudder at what could have been. I lift myself on top of him and slowly lower my hot wet pussy onto his manhood, never tiring of the joy it brings. I look deep into his eyes, knowing I have my man for life.

‘Make love to me Mike!’ I whisper, knowing I will never be disappointed.

******* Thanks for all the positive votes and lovely comments on here and by email – And for all you complete toss pot socks, voting down this story without the balls to comment, FUCK YOU ALL!!! ****

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