Magic Potion: Lana

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Early Tuesday evening, the setting sun shines though the window. Mike stares at the computer screen. A web page for a dating site lists several women and he reads the description for each, none of them his ‘dream woman’, none are missing a leg. Either leg would be fine, somewhere above the knee, maybe both.

Donna had been like that, one leg, after a car wreck years before he met her. The first month was better than he could have imagined, frequent sex, playing with her stump, her suggestively teasing him by wearing short skirts without panties. She was average looking; still the missing leg was enough to keep him interested even with the extensive scaring. At the end of the relationship, everything came crashing down around him and she told him he was to stay away.

He has always been in the hunt for someone like Donna, looking at each woman on sidewalks or at shopping malls to see if they might be a missing leg. He rarely sees anyone. If he does, they are with another man. A lucky man he often thinks to himself. If not with a man, they have other women with them, probably just friends, or they appear to be unapproachable.

His ad on the dating site is only a week old. There have been a few nibbles from women halfway around the world, too far away, too old, too wrong.

He understands the risks of Internet dating, that many are just boys in Nigeria working with a dozen others in a small cyber cafe, all posing as beautiful women using photos stolen from modeling sites to lure gullible me into part with their money, and all working for some mobster. He had been one of those men buying into words promising him heavenly nonstop sex. It had cost him a lot of money.

He keeps his email program running, automatically checking for new messages every five minutes. The messenger program is up and logged in just in case. A few IM’s arrive from women hustling and wanting him to pay to see them on web cams.

An IM pops up and a ding rings though the room.

‘LanaOneLeg: Mike, saw your ad. Maybe we should talk. Lana’

‘MikeLovesU: Why?’

‘LanaOneLeg: I’m an amputee.’

‘MikeLovesU: Really?’

‘LanaOneLeg: Left leg, short stump. I’m 28 and pretty.’

‘MikeLovesU: Oh?’

‘LanaOneLeg: If you’re not interested….’

She logs out.

“Fuck!” he yells aloud. A quick search of the dating site yields no hits for such a user. A swelling in his underwear calls for attention. His hand slips under the waistband of his jeans and grips the shaft, stroking slowly as he clicks on other ads.

More IM’s from web cam women scroll past on the messenger window. They are annoying but easily ignored. He opens pictures of amputee women to help maintain the level of excitement as he strokes without wanting to come just yet.

The e-mail program dings and he clicks on the new message.

‘Mike, sorry you didn’t seem interested. I really did like your ad and I really am who I said I was. Here is a picture of me. I’m around for a while. IM me if you want. Lana.’

“Nah-h,” he groans, looking at the picture of a lovely woman with long brown hair sitting in a white bikini, the right leg slightly pulled up against her with her chin resting on the knee, the hands loosely gripping the ankle, the left leg ending in a short and nicely formed stump. “This can’t be real.” A fingertip rubs the picture over the stump as if trying to feel.

‘MikeLovesU: How do I know this is really you?’

‘LanaOneLeg: Trust me. :-)’

‘MikeLovesU: Can’t, been burned before.’

‘LanaOneLeg: Me too, how do I know you are real?’

‘MikeLovesU: Don’t know. Guess we could assume we are both real.’

‘LanaOneLeg: Good.’

‘MikeLovesU: Where do you live?’

‘LanaOneLeg: Rockland, and you?’

‘MikeLovesU: Benton, a few miles from you.’

He reaches into his jeans and strokes a few times realizing if she is real, she lives near.

‘LanaOneLeg: Let me call you. I want to hear your voice.’

Mike IM’s his phone number and the cell phone rings thirty seconds later.


“Hi Mike.”

Her voice is sweet and the call is clear without static, unlike the one from the Nigerian person where he could hardly understand the person.

“I’m overwhelmed.”

“Me too. I’ve not had much luck with the Internet dating thing.”

“Wait just a second,” he says, and then runs out the front door.

He takes a picture of himself holding the ‘Benton Gazette’ in front of his car with the license plate visible. As he walks back inside, he e-mails it to Lana.

“I just e-mailed you a picture of me. Hope it is enough to convince you I’m real and live in Benton.”

“I see the newspaper in your hands. Not like the ‘Benton Gazette’ is as available as the ‘New York Times’.” She laughs.

“Yeah, not like everyone knows where Rockland and Benton are. So, when do we get to meet?”

“I fly out of town in the morning on a business trip. Just a few days.”

“What do you do?”

“A human resources consultant, mostly with small companies that are trying to expand. And you?”

“Software engineer.”

“A nerd?” she asks.

“Uh-huh. Hope ataşehir escort bayan you don’t mind.”

“Heavens no. I like the nerdy type. What are you after in a woman, other than a stump?” She laughs.

“I like what I saw in your picture. Are you really ‘that’ beautiful?”

“You flatter me.” She pauses. “I like to think that I’m at least that pretty.” She snickers. “You’re not so bad either, hard to believe you’re thirty-six. You look much younger. Can’t wait to see you in person.”

“You have me panting. When can we meet?”

“How about this weekend?”

“Three days of torment from now.” He laughs. “Guess if we can’t before then.”

They arrange to meet at “Maxwell’s Saloon’ Friday after work then he closes the phone.

“Holy shit!” he groans, still looking at her picture. “Jackpot,” he mumbles aloud.”

Jean leans against Tom as he washes the dishes. She rubs against him, her bare breasts pressing into his back. Her lips peck his neck a few times before stepping back. He turns and dries his hands then holds her armless shoulders.

“Damn-n,” he drawls. “You are full of surprises tonight.”

“Well-l, Lana and I have this business trip tomorrow. I thought we might play around some.” She snickers as she twists and turns, modeling her naked body for him. She nibbles her lower lip seductively then grins.

“You know how I love it when you don’t have your arms.”

“Getting low on the stuff in the blue bottle, but Lana and I have more on order.”

Lana and Jean work together and found about the other’s interest in pretending to be amputees recently. A photograph of Lana without a leg accidentally fell from her purse at work right in front of Jean. She had found the potion in the blue bottle a month before.

After the incident with the photograph and Lana telling her about the blue bottle, Jean quickly started using the potion, though only around Tom at home. She had known of his fascination with women missing arms since soon after they married the year before. As they discussed his ‘secret’, she gradually explained hers. While Lana’s use of the potion seems limited to the left leg high on the thigh, Jean is willing to be missing anything. She prefers to be missing one leg like Lana.

“Can’t run out of that.” His hand roams between her thighs as they spread a little. A finger digs deep quickly becoming coated with her nectar.

“Maybe I could talk you into eating my pussy,” she whispers.

“You think?” he teases before pulling his finger away and sucking the digit clean.

She turns and thrusts her hips towards him with a small shake. “See ya in bed, big boy.”

Wednesday morning, Lana and Jean walk along the concourse of the airport towards the gate for the flight. Each carries a small canvas overnight bag and a purse hangs from the shoulder. Each wear business dresses just covering the knees, white blouses, and moderately high heal shoes.

“Had some luck on the dating web site last night,” Lana says as they move out of the crowd on the moving sidewalk.

“Will you tell him about the blue stuff?”

“He’s looking for someone missing a leg. I sent him the picture of me in the white bikini.”

“I love that one. I’d date you if I got it in my e-mail.” Jean laughs.

“Yeah, I hate having both legs after being that way.”

“Last night, I had both arms off for a few hours. Tom sure gets aroused when I’m that way.” She giggles. They walk in silence for a while. “If we can’t get more?”

“That’s exactly why I keep a full bottle in reserve.”

“Yeah, then what?”

“I’d leave my leg off permanently, a short stump like in that picture.”

“Good plan.” Jean looks around then whispers, “I’d do a leg like that.”

“I’m having dinner with this new guy, Mike, Friday night. I’m going without my leg, of course.” She chuckles.

“Are you going to sleep with him?”

“God, I hope so. I’m so-o horny. I’ll use enough to keep the leg off for twelve hours.”

“Hope he’s understanding about how you just pretend.”

“If not, then I’ll keep looking.”


Mike drops his briefcase beside his desk and plops in the chair. He swivels back and forth a few times before logging onto his computer while ignoring the pile of pink phone messages pilled in the center of the desk.

“Hey buddy,” Joe says, strolling into the office.

“Hey man. Already swamped and I just got here.” Mike holds the pile of messages up.

“Any luck on the dating front?”

Mike nods and Joe pushes the door closed.

“Really? Some Nigerian kid?” Joe groans.

“No, no, I actually talked to her on the phone after she e-mailed me a smokin’ hot picture.”

“Show me,” he begs, his tongue hanging past his lips.

“Don’t know if that’s a good idea.”

“Hey, I’m the only one in the whole frigin town that shares your interests.”

“Emily would cut your balls off if she knew. I’m saving your life by not showing you the picture.”

“What, you’re never going to introduce me to this mystery woman or come over to my house with her?”

“I haven’t escort kadıköy seen her yet. At least let me do that first.”

“Oh man, you ‘are’ killing me.” Joe rubs his hand over his crotch twice. “All those videos and pictures I’ve shared with you don’t count for anything?”

Mike and Joe have shared banter and amputee videos and pictures for several years. Joe had met Donna and been quite jealous.

Mike leans down and almost touches the briefcase then sits back up. “Give me till Monday. If she’s real, then I’ll show you the picture.”

“Fuck you,” Joe complains half teasingly under his breath.

“Don’t be mad. She’s probably not real.”

“Just the thought….” Joe quickly looks around then whispers, “Ah, you know.”

“I could tease Emily about getting rid of a leg. She’d either divorce you or confess her lifelong desire to be that way.”

They both laugh heartily. “I knew her three months before we married and that was three months ago. You’d think I’d know after six months if she wanted to be that way.”

“She doesn’t know about your fantasies and she’s known you just as long.”

“Good point.”

Joe kisses Emily warmly as the front door clicks shut. The kiss lingers and he rubs her hip, lightly grinding against her.

She breaks free and rests a hand against her waist. “Whoa, you must have had a great day.”

He smiles and looks at her. She’s pretty with curves in all the right places, his age, and wearing a tight fitting sleeveless tee shirt revealing an interesting amount of cleavage. The designer jeans hug her and the bare feet have toenails freshly painted red.

“Can’t I just be happy to see the most beautiful woman in the world?”

“Well, at least the most beautiful in this house.” She giggles then kisses him deeply, but not for long. Her hand rubs his pants. “Hmmm, is that from looking at me?”


“Well, then maybe later we find a use for that monster. Got any ideas?”

She looks seductively at him then wanders back to the kitchen. He pictures her with one leg, maybe the left, ending not far past the hip, and her walking on bright red forearm crutches to match the toenail polish on the remaining five toes.

“Change, dinners almost ready.”

“Sure you don’t want to help me,” he teases, playfully swatting her hip.

“Maybe for dessert.”

“I’m holding you to that.”

Neatly laid on each plate on the dinning room table are hamburgers and fries. The lights are off and two candles provide the only illumination.

“What’s the occasion?” he quizzes as he settles into the chair.

“None other than having the most wonderful husband I’d do ‘anything’ for.”


“Especially that,” she coos. “You know how turned on I get to suck that big ole cock of yours.” She snickers.

“Maybe we can munch on each other at the same time tonight.”

“Good thing I don’t have any panties on, otherwise they’d be getting soaked about now.”

“Should have had smaller burgers so we could finish faster.” He laughs.

“Eat up then.”

Lana and Jean stroll from the car rental counter to the door of the terminal. A woman walks quickly towards them on crutches. They both pause and watch the way her single foot swings smartly between the crutches on each step.

“Lucky bitch,” Lana groans, almost under her breath.

“Yeah, makes me want to….”

“Got that right.”

The woman vanishes from view in the crowd and they continue towards the parking lot.

“What’s his name?” Jean asks.

“Mike. He lives over in Benton. A little older, but not that much.”

“Wow, not halfway around the world like some of the men that write you.”

“Refreshing.” They take a few more steps. “And very handsome. Had to pleasure myself for nearly an hour to calm down.” She laughs then unlocks the car door.

“Ah,” Emily moans repeatedly around his erection as he strokes three fingers deep inside while lapping his tongue over her begging clit.

He pauses just long enough to offer, “Delicious pussy.”

“Great cock,” she mumbles with just the head in her mouth then resumes for a long moment, her hand stroking the shaft gently, not wanting him to come for a while longer.

Her climax makes it difficult to continue sucking him. “I’ll finish you in a moment. Ah-h, ah….” She thrusts hard against him, grinding and wriggling in uncontrolled way, her leg resting over his shoulder. “Ah,” she groans a last time and the orgasm wanes slowly.

She pulls his face towards her then continues stroking him with her hand, still not wanting him to come just yet. The kiss deepens and her tongue explores his mouth.

“You’re such a good fuck,” he teases.

“Just for you. Anything you want.”

He rolls her onto her back and quickly enters her, his balls slapping her asshole as he goes as far as possible. He pulls a leg up, the knee pressing against her chest, the foot over his back so he can enjoy the sensation her leg is complete gone as he begins pounding with long deliberate strokes.

“Honey, fuck me good-d,” she drawls slowly.

He maltepe escort caresses the imagined stump feeing the shaft coated with her nectar sliding past his hand.

“That feels nice, playing with my hip like that.”

“Oh yeah-h.”

“Almost like I didn’t have that leg.”

He explodes in a massive release of cum and his head presses against her shoulder, the strokes continuing until there is no more.

“Darlin’, that was very hot. We’ll have to do that again sometime.”

The erection remains and he pumps for a while, thinking about what just happened and what she said. She’d never met Donna and definitely didn’t understand how the idea of someone like her excited him.

Tom injects his upper left arm and withdraws the syringe. A few minutes later, his arm is a stump ending where the injection occurred. He rubs the end of the stump for a while then paces around the living room. He pauses in front of a tall mirror and flips the stump about watching the reflection with a mixture of pleasure and excitement.

“Jean can’t have ‘all’ the fun,” he says aloud to no one then laughs.

Mike sits at his laptop staring at Lana’s picture. His pants are unzipped and his hand stroking the erection. The messenger program dings and he checks the window.

‘LanaOneLeg: Just thinking about you, alone in my hotel room, wondering if you were looking at my picture.’

‘MikeLovesU: Actually, yes. :-)’

‘LanaOneLeg: I’m looking at yours.’

‘MikeLovesU: Glad to hear.’

‘LanaOneLeg: Yeah. Don’t want to scare you off.’

‘MikeLovesU: You won’t. Not a chance.’

‘LanaOneLeg: I don’t have anything on.’

‘MikeLovesU: Wish I could see. What are you doing?’

‘LanaOneLeg: Touching myself.’

‘MikeLovesU: Where?’

There is a long pause with no messages.

‘MikeLovesU: Did you faint?’

‘LanaOneLeg: No.’

‘MikeLovesU: Come? :-)’

‘LanaOneLeg: Okay, you caught me. I’m close to finishing. Tell me where you’d like to touch.’

‘MikeLovesU: Stump.’

‘LanaOneLeg: Oh, I hope so. Where else?’

‘MikeLovesU: Between your thighs.’

‘LanaOneLeg: Dirty man. Tell me what you call that place.’

‘MikeLovesU: Pussy.’

‘LanaOneLeg: That word makes me wet-t.’

‘MikeLovesU: Maybe I could kiss it.’

‘LanaOneLeg: I might have to fly home right away. :-)’

‘MikeLovesU: I can’t wait to meet you.’

‘LanaOneLeg: I was just lonely and wanted to IM with you for a moment.’

‘MikeLovesU: Thanks.’

‘LanaOneLeg: Think of me while you sleep. Goodnight.’

The next thing Mike sees is the logoff message and he sighs deeply.

Thursday morning, Joe is out of breath as he closes Mike’s office door, walks towards an empty chair, then sits.

“What?” Mike quizzes, turning his office chair around to face him.

“Last night, it was almost like she was reading my mind.”

“Emily? You know women can be quite good at reading a man’s mind.” Mike laughs.

“Yeah. I often wonder how transparent my thoughts are. Anyway, we were doing the nasty with one of her legs draped over my shoulder. The hip felt like a stump. I was rubbing away and she actually mentioned it felt like her leg wasn’t there. I came so hard she suggested whatever caused that, maybe we could do it again.”

“Who knows what is going on, probably not what your hoping.” Mike chuckles.

“That’d be too much to ask. Did you hear from the babe?”

“Actually, yeah. We IM’d for a while, not long.”

“And? Come on, spill the beans.”

“We just talked about how nice it’ll be to meet.”

“Did she talk dirty to you? I be she did.”

“What goes on in your head?” Mike chuckles.

“I just picture some drop dead gorgeous woman with one leg hot after your body.”

“In our dreams. Only in our dreams.”


“Emily’s great looking. If you get tired of her, I’ll bang her.”

“Hey, she’s my wife.”

“Well, you’re already ready to screw a woman I only have a picture of.”

“Yeah….” Joe shakes his head and leaves.

Lana finishes breakfast and meets Jean in the hotel lobby.

“You sure look chipper,” Jean says as they walk into the bright sunlight. “Did you talk to Mr. Stud?”

“We IM’d for a few minutes.” Lana flashes a big smile as she unlocks the car door.

“Well. Well. Tell me.”

The seat belts click into place and the engine starts.

“Can’t I keep anything to myself?”

“No, honey. No you can’t.” Jean laughs. “Did you talk dirty to each other?”


“Okay, you did.” Jean giggles. “Did both of you get off?”

“Uh-huh.” Lana grins big.

“Way to go.”

“Did you talk to Tom?”

“For a few minutes. He was still raving about me not having arms the other night. I don’t like it, rather be missing just one leg.”

“No IM’ing?”

“Well, a little, not with him. I have a woman I chat with some. We don’t know ‘real identities’. At least I think it is a woman. She says her name is Penny.” Jean giggles.

“Ever talk on the phone, trade pictures?”

Jean shakes her head and glances longingly at Lana.

Emily is in the kitchen when Joe comes home. She continues stirring something in a pot and he slips his hands around her waist and kisses her on the neck. She leans her head back and rubs her face against his.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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