Man-Child Pt. 03

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I didn’t see my man-child for a few days after the power man ate me into oblivion and it was murder waiting for his return. My days were sex-hazed, I lost track of time on numerous occasions and what made it worse, the heat of the summer had hit its peak. I roamed the house covered in sweat, my mind turning on me had replayed our fuck fests over and over again and when I wasn’t pacing the floors, I was shoving vibrators and dildos into any hole that was hungry for them. The orgasms satisfied me wonderfully, who else but yourself knows how to truly turn yourself on and get yourself off? Still, the days melted into nights with little relief – from the heat or my sex hungry body.

The night before his return was the worst – both from the weather and the anticipation of his return. I spent hours it seemed like in the shower, shaving my body over and over, making sure that my pussy was bare and ready to receive his cock and mouth – not particularly in that order but would gladly take it regardless. Sleep was nowhere on the schedule, I was too keyed up, my hands were shaking, my legs trembling and my pussy constantly wet and throbbing – so when the sun finally broke the horizon, I gave up trying to get any rest, slipped out of bed and back into another shower.

Whoever said that a cold shower helps in this kind of situation really is a liar – at least in my situation. The cool water did help to some degree but it didn’t reach in deep where I needed it and I paced back and forth, standing under the invigorating spray for a few moments before I slipped out from under it to walk to the back of the shower. I washed and conditioned my hair thoroughly, scrubbed my body down and shut the water off in a huff as I glanced at the large bottle of baby oil. No way was I going to slather down with it in this kind of heat and I quickly reached for the towel and stepped out.

I had just finished piling the yards of wet hair on top of my head and opted for just a white tank top and white cotton panties when I looked at my watch and whimpered. Less than fifteen minutes until he arrived, I decided to go with the freshly showered look and opted for no makeup. I slipped on a pair of white socks, gave myself a once over in the mirror and called myself ready. I quickly left the bedroom, padded softly down the hall and into the kitchen just in time for the coffee maker to beep.

I was just finishing up making my breakfast into a creamy, iced coffee when I suddenly heard the door close in the living room. I stifled a loud moan as goose bumps erupted over every last inch of my body and I stood at the sink – looking out into the back yard as I took a drink. I had played this moment in my mind so many times, with so many ways to fuck him blind that when the moment finally arrived, my mind went completely blank – even if my already wet pussy grew hotter. I glanced down at my tits, quickly noticing my nipples were already rock hard as he slipped into the kitchen.

“Okay, new rule.” His voice was strong, deep and throaty as it ripped its way through me and I glanced over at him as I took a slow drink. escort ulus He put his tool belt on the counter and leaned against it, my mind already screaming in orgasmic bliss at how blazing hot the man looked standing there as his eyes raked across my body. Wearing nothing but his cut off jean shorts and a pair of boots, his tanned skin already gleaming with sweat, his cologne gently wafting in the air – he looked more like a god than a mere handyman. Good GOD, why did he have to smell so delicious!! “If I am to get anything done around here, you can’t be standing half naked in the kitchen.”

“It’s too hot,” I was surprised that my voice was steady and sure, even if my insides were trembling so hard they were turning into goo. “And the same rule applies to you, don’t be coming in here dressed like that and expect me to act like a civilized woman. Would you care for a glass?”

“Sure.” He chuckled deep as I reached for a glass and the coffee at the same time. He surveyed the back yard through the window as I made his breakfast and when I presented him with it, his eyes snuck a peek at my hardened nipples. He looked back into my eyes and my insides again flopped under my ribcage and he slowly took a drink. “There’s a few things I need to do today, I’m going to clear out the rest of the storm damage and get to the brush in the back so I’ll be here most of the day.”

“That’s fine,” It was then that I made my move, reaching down to grab the front of his shorts and gave it a yank, leading him quickly out of the kitchen and into the living room. “But before you do those few things, there’s something you need to do first.”

I let him sit down in my chair, watching him put his coffee on the table as I stood in front of him.

“What’s that?” His cool demeanor in those brief few seconds almost pissed me off, but I swallowed it down and quickly stood up on the chair, my feet on either side of his hips. I slowly pushed my panties down to my knees and carefully lifted my tank top – finally freeing my tits.


I grabbed his hair in both hands as I pushed my waiting pussy onto his mouth and I shuddered hard as I felt his tongue quickly split me in two and began dragging it across my clit repeatedly. I let out a long moan as I felt his hands push my panties down the rest of the way and I quickly lifted my right leg and placed it on the back of the chair, opening myself up completely to his long, thick tongue. As a hand steadied my stance over him by grabbing onto my ass, another snaked its way up and grabbed onto my tits, squeezing and massaging them, his palm dragging deliciously across my nipple.

I drenched his mouth in a matter of minutes as I began getting into his eating, my hips rolling and rocking, his tongue bearing down on my clit with lightning speed and efficiency as I kept hold of his head, my body trembling heavier with each passing lick. He snuck his tongue deep into my pussy as I groaned above him and as he slipped it in and out for a few seconds before he settled back to beat my clit within an inch of its life, my escort yenimahalle hands tightened their hold.

“Fuck yes, right there you fucking pussy eating beast,” I panted as my body began to tighten, the orgasm now just seconds away – the one I needed so desperately. “I’m going to cum.”

My man-child didn’t disappoint. Moaning deep into my folds, he bore down on the exact spot I needed stroked and with a heavy grunt, I came hard – my body seizing as my back arched, my pussy exploding and contracting in those electrifying waves only good oral can give. I began shaking uncontrollably as the waves increased, searing their way through my nerves and at the height of my orgasm, he shoved his tongue as deep as he could into my pussy and lapped at my quivering muscles, sending me higher than I thought possible. I gasped loud and hard as I quickly lost strength and sensing my weakness, my man-child held onto me tighter and with a newfound sense of energy, the man ate me off again.

When the second orgasm subsided after many minutes of being held captive on his face, listening to the wet sounds of my pussy getting licked, I was suddenly hungry. I slipped off his face long enough to extend the chair into a reclining position, remounted his face and with a long moan as he buried his mouth back on my pussy, I ripped open his jean shorts and freed the monster I was going to choke on. He was already so hot and hard that I knew getting him down my throat was going to be a monumental task, but I needed to feel him as far down as possible and with a soft growl, I did just that – shoving as much of my mouth down his fuck meat as I could.

He moaned heavy in my pussy as I worked up and down his pole repeatedly, moaning and softly choking as I felt his thick cock tip against my reflex and sensing what I needed, my man-child grabbed my head, his mouth still working my pussy over like a pro and shoved his hips upward. He groaned hard as his tip finally made its way down my waiting throat and I began sucking on his cock fast and deep, choking loud as it repeatedly hit the back of my throat.

I came in a gush all over his face as I continued working him in my mouth, slipping off of it long enough to run my tongue up and down his balls before snaking my way up the shaft and devouring it again as my own body convulsed on top of him.

I was lost at that point, no longer caring that I was in a gut-wrenching orgasm, I wanted him to blow so hard his eyes would roll to the back of his head and I began working my mouth up and down on his cock fast and deep as I worked his shorts down to mid-thigh.

As soon as my orgasm subsided, I quickly crawled off his body, pulled his shorts down even further and nestled myself between his open legs. I took hold of his monster in one hand, the other began stroking and gently squeezing his balls and I slipped his cock back in my mouth, sucking and licking on it with a vengeance. I settled in on his own sweet spot, the underside of the tip and as my tongue began licking across it as fast as I could, his body escort eryaman began tightening and his breathing became erratic. I knew I had him on the ropes as he began trembling, his head thrown back and his mouth open as he panted and moaned, his hands digging into the arms of the chair. I grinned to myself as I moved myself around slightly, my hand cupping his balls slipping further down.

It was then that I moved in for the kill, settling into a heavy rhythm with my mouth, my head moving up and down on his pole with increased speed and just as he weakly gasped that he was about to blow, I started to ease not just one, but two fingers into his ass. He shouted loud, inhaled deep and started shaking even harder as I kept even pressure on my hand, my soaked mouth working up and down on his cock. I wanted to tell him to relax, but I wasn’t about to give up my mouth grip and kept working my hand and mouth together, a thin sheen of sweat now gracing my face as I worked him over.

He let out a gruff groan as he suddenly seized under me and as the first wave of his orgasm raced through his body, his cock exploded in my mouth and I quickly began swallowing over and over. He quickly filled my mouth as his orgasm peaked and as I struggled to keep a mouth hold of his cock, I began slipping my fingers in and out, pushing his nerves to the limit. His groan turned into a shout as he continued cumming, filling my mouth with so much of his seed that I had to concentrate to get it down my throat. I quickly licked his sweet spot and it was then that he grabbed my hair and held on for dear life as his orgasm threatened his very sanity. I finished him off by sliding my mouth down as far as I could get it, the tip tickling my reflex as my hand worked methodically in and out and when he finally released the last of his load and collapsed into a heavy pile of twitching muscle, I eased my mouth off of his cock and slipped my fingers free.

I stood up after a few moments and left him to his thoughts as I slipped my panties back on and disappeared into the kitchen, retrieving my coffee to take a long drink. Even with the massive load he had sent down my throat, it was still on fire and the cold coffee helped kill the flames. I walked quietly and carefully back into the living room, eyeing him close as I retrieved a cigarette and lit it before sitting down on the couch. I grinned as I took a drink of coffee, he was a complete wreck – he had not moved a muscle and was still heaving as he sat in the chair, his body graced with a beautiful sheen of post orgasmic sweat.

I could have engaged him in small talk, but the reality of it was that I knew if we started talking about it, it would get me hot for my man-child all over again and I was cooled off – for the time being. When he finally moved to stand up and pull his shorts, I stood up with him, planted a heavy, deep kiss on him and quietly left the room for my office. I switched on my computer, taking a moment to notice that my hands were trembling and as I opened my latest work, I leaned back against my chair and looked out the window. He had moved over to the pile of brush that he was going to clear off and I smiled as I saw him merely stand in the heat, a shaky hand brushing his hair from his face.

Oh, if he only knew what other mind-blowing things I was going to do to him and I grinned evilly as I sat up and began writing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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