Man is Slave at Gloryhole

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Since I was 21 I have been frequenting many different Adult bookstores. I loved watching all sorts of kinky movies and jacking off. I have had numerous bi fantasies especially after seeing the bi and she-male movies but had yet to explore them. These were great places for me since I usually didn’t have sex with too many women do to a size issue.

I am 35 now and this one particular day I was in Montana on business and I happened to drive by an ABS. Later when I finished working I drove back to the store. I walked in and the place was fairly clean and had a wide variety of DVD’s and an attractive Goth BBW girl(Later I find out her name is Amber) behind the counter. I walked up to the counter and got change for a $10 and headed back to the booths. There were only 10 and 3 were in use. I choose one, went in and locked the door. I put in all $10 into the machine and noticed a hole in each side. I thought wow; I have read about glory holes but never experienced one. I undressed and sat on the hard plastic chair. I love the feeling of being completely nude. I flipped through the channels watched cum shot videos, anal sex, normal sex, bi, gay and TS. I was very hard and started masturbating as I sat down on the hard plastic chair.

Just then I noticed someone pop into the booth next to me. I put my eye up to the hole as I saw him whip out his cock. I put my finger through and he immediately put his cock through. I am very turned on by guy on guy play in movies so I grabbed it and started stroking him. His cock (about 7″) jumped when I touched it and I thought “I am going to suck off a guy today.” I leaned over and started licking his beautiful cock and wrapped my lips around it. It wasn’t more than 2 minutes of alternating between sucking and licking that he came. He came when I was licking his cock and it ended up all over my face, hair and chest. I instantly wrapped my lips and swallowed the rest.

Just as he pulled out I turned around and there was another cock through a hole on the other side. I eagerly jumped over there and started sucking him. He was smaller and I was able to deep throat his cock. It took about 5 minutes before he came in my mouth and on my chin.

I got up and sat in the chair with my face covered in cum and leaking precum. I thought “Wow, I have never sucked cock before but now I feel like a pro.” I licked up my own precum and looked at my movie timer. Only about half had expired. Just as I was about to start watching I noticed a finger in the first hole. I went over and pushed my 5″ cock through the hole and it was hungrily swallowed on the other side. I was watching 2 guys cover a girl in cum as I grunted and filled his mouth. I pulled back after he sucked me dry and noticed he pushed his own cock through. I was feeling a little shaky and wondering what I had done when I decided what the hell and dove in. I licked and sucked his cock until he came all over my face and in my mouth.

I decided then that I needed some humiliation and some more change. I decided to leave most of the cum smeared on my face and clothes when I went out to see the girl behind the counter. I walked out to the front and asked Amber for some change. She laughed and said “My aren’t you a nasty cum slut.” I turned beet red as I said whatever do you mean. She said “Well, you have dried cum in your hair, on your face, some soaking through your shirt and your precum has soaked through your pendik escort shorts.” I looked down and tried to cover up when Amber told me not to worry about it, it turned her on to have me humiliated. I told her that I love to be humiliated and this was my first time sucking cock. She laughed and said you must’ve really taken to them. This is when she introduced herself as Amber and handed me my change. I introduced myself as Marty. She told me to have fun and come back out and chat later.

I headed to the back and into a different booth. This one had a viewing window on one side and a nice big hole on the other. I undressed again and noticed a cock at the hole. I dove in and started sucking. I licked the huge cock and tried to deep throat it. I kept sucking the cock and balls for 10 minutes before he came in my mouth and on my chest. I turned around and noticed a couple watching me on the other side of the glass. I turned around to see another cock. By the time he came the couple was gone but I saw Amber peeking through the glass at me. She quickly left as I started to get dressed. I noticed another cock then and decided to suck it before heading out.

Just then my money ran out and I decided to head out front again. I quickly dressed and walked out front to see Amber. Amber was talking on the phone but hung up as I walked up. She said you need to look in the mirror. She handed me a little mirror and I turned beet red again but loved the feeling of being so naughty. She mentioned that in that year she had never had a guy come out wearing cum. She told me that she had worked here for a year and working here really turned her on although she was mostly into girls. I found out that if she was going to be with a guy he had to have a big cock and she laughed as she said it. I turned even redder as she said “I can’t believe how small of a cock you have.” She told me it really turned her on to watch me suck cock and see my little hard cock bouncing back and forth. She also told me that it would get busier later and I could come back then and be her slut slave.

About 3 hours later, I came back when she was off work and headed to the back. I left my door unlocked as she came in a couple of minutes later. I was undressed already and she touched my small hard cock and said wow it is even smaller up close like a little boys cock as she pointed out my first customer. She made comments about how small my cock was while I sucked him off and swallowed. She pushed me towards the other hole where I sucked off the next guy. On about the fourth guy, I felt a finger in my ass, some lube and then something bigger. I looked back and realized Amber was pushing a suction cup dildo in my ass. Once it was all the way in, Amber whispered for me to sit onto the ground. Just then the guy grunted and came.

I started moving up and down and was amazed at how good it felt and Amber was just watching me. After about 10 minutes another cock came through and Amber rolled a condom onto it. I thought she was going to fuck it and didn’t realize what she was doing until she told me to fuck it. I hesitated but she said that I was her slave. I plopped off the dildo pushed back against the cock while Amber guided it in. I quickly began fucking it and noticed Amber was naked. She played with herself cumming twice while I fucked for 10 minutes before the guy came in the condom. Amber pulled off the condom and poured maltepe escort it on her tits and made me lick them clean.

I sat down panting and Amber told me to jerk off for her. I jerked off my small cock while she verbally humiliated me and came all over her tits. She told me to lick them clean because she had to get home. I licked all of my cum off her tits while she fingered herself to another orgasm. As she dressed, she told me to come back the next evening with plenty of money for the video booths because the place is usually packed on Fridays and she had a friend that would want to see me as well.

I left when Amber did and went back to my motel. I was so horny thinking about what I had done that day, I jerked off 2 more times before falling asleep. I worked for a few hours the next afternoon before heading to the ABS around 5pm. The place was packed with guys and a few couples and girls. I saw Amber milling around and walked over to her. She was straightening up before she was off at 5:30pm. She told me to go back to booth 7, open the viewing window between booths and get naked. She would come back when she was done.

I opened the viewing window and realized this one was different. I undressed and noticed that it was one way glass on the right side for the other side to see me and there was a glory hole under the video display in the center and another on the wall to the left. A guy in the next booth wanted to suck me but he saw my cock size, laughed and poked his through instead. I quickly started sucking his cock. I sucked off 1 guy before I heard the door. Amber had brought a toy with her, an 7″ strap on and lube. She put it on over her clothes and made me suck it first. Then I bent over for her and started sucking a cock that came through the hole under the display. I heard the door open and close in the booth with the one way glass but I was too busy sucking and getting fucked to pay attention. I sucked off 3 different guys while she kept fucking me with the 7″ dildo for probably 25 minutes. My face was covered in cum by the time she was tired of fucking me. I asked if I could fuck her and she said before she saw my cock she wanted me but my little boy cock was of no use to her. In just a minute there were 2 cocks coming through the holes. Amber grabbed the biggest one and wrapped a condom on it and slid it into her pussy. I sucked the smaller one while she fucked him hard. Mine came in my mouth and Amber wanted me to lick her while the other was fucking her. I did and it wasn’t long before he filled the condom with cum. Amber peeled off the condom and poured his huge load all over my face. Amber then dressed to leave, took my clothes and told me I better do a good job and not jerk off because her or her friends could be watching. She told me to have fun. I then realized that I couldn’t leave because they have my clothes.

Over the next few hours I sucked off 5 more cocks and let 3 of the smaller cock guys fuck me. Occasionally I could hear laughing, chatting and snickering on the other side of the window. My face and hair were covered and my stomach was full of cum. There was a knock on my door and I unlocked it. There was a guy there telling me that Amber wanted me to suck him and deep throat his cock. Then he pushed me into the booth and unzipped his pants. I pulled out his huge 9″ cock and sucked him off. He was ramming his cock down my throat until kartal escort I was gagging and I finally managed to deep throat him. He lasted more than 15 minutes before filling my mouth and covering my face. He pulled away and I realized he was still hard and putting on a condom. I said no but he told me it was Amber’s wish. He let me lube him before he pushed it in me. He was a fucking machine and kept going at full speed for 15 minutes before pulling out and shooting another huge load on my face. Amber had come around and opened the door and was right behind him with her friend Stacy. Stacy saw my shriveled little cock and said “Wow, it is the smallest I have ever seen.” They tossed me my clothes and told me to get dressed without removing any cum. They were laughing the whole time. I walked out of the booth and realized that the place was packed and walked past the guys and 1 couple while covered in dried cum. Out front they had a train of people that I walked past that laughed and snickered at me. Stacy then said loud that didn’t I put on a good show and everyone clapped. I wanted to die realizing that all these people had watched me or been sucked by me. Amber then told me that there was a whole bunch of them that had been taking pictures with cameras and cell phones. Amber told me that I had to sleep tonight with my cum covered body and no shower until morning. I quickly left and luckily had a backdoor entrance to my hotel.

When I got up to my room I realized the girls had taken my room keys so I had to go down to the lobby smelling of cum with it dried in my hair. I was very humiliated as this young girl behind the counter quickly gave me my key. I was going to take shower but I was addicted to being Amber’s slave even though I probably wouldn’t see her again. I laid down naked, covered in dried cum and exhausted. About 2 hours later I heard my door bang open. I started to get up but was pushed down in the dark and I heard Amber tell me to stay still. They blindfolded me and tied me to the bed. I heard a few voices in the room some male and some female. I heard Amber tell a guy named Steve that her was the great cock sucker and I felt a dildo pierce my sore ass. Over the next 2 hours I sucked off 8 or 9 guys and they each covered my body with cum. As I felt the strap on in and out of my ass for half of that time occasionally I would feel someone slap my shriveled tiny cock. As they were leaving Amber undid the blindfold and I saw Stacy and her but the rest of the room was empty. She told me that Stacy was her lover and they decided I was a good slave so I deserved to watch them play. They played for the next hour and at the end Stacy rubbed my cock with her shoe until I came. She made me lick her shoe clean before they dressed and left.

Just then it hit me that I was left tied up and covered in cum. I tried to get loose but I couldn’t. About 30 minutes later there was a knock on my door. I answered saying that I was fine but since the girls had left my door cracked open before they called the front desk girl (I guess they told her I needed help), the girl came in anyways. She came through the door and her jaw dropped and then she started laughing. I was completely red all over and asked her to stop. She said that she couldn’t help it, that she had never seen a guy with such a small cock and realized that must be why I am gay. I tried to tell her I wasn’t gay but as she untied me she said you must be with that tiny cock and all that cum.

She left after I was untied and I had begged her not to tell anyone. I guess she had told everyone because the maids and the front desk people were all snickering as I left for the airport.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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