Mary and her Lovers Ch. 03

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Part III

Introducing Bitch Boy

About a week after Mary had her second outing, this time with the twenty five year old waiter I began asking more questions about her night. “Have you girls been back to that restaurant since you your ‘date’?” I asked her.

She was sitting at the kitchen table as we were having a Saturday morning breakfast. “Oh sure, we’ve been back there like twice, I think” she said with a mouth half full of food. “He’s cool with the secrecy part though, and doesn’t treat me any different in front of the other girls.”

I sipped on my coffee as I listened to her. “We text like every day, so I think he’s starting to understand our arrangement.” She said taking another bite of her pancakes.

“Have you two made any more plans to see each other?” I asked.

She finished her bite, and then looked at me with a puzzled look “actually, no he hasn’t even asked to see me again”. Her view started to drift to the ceiling as if in deep thought. “Oh well. I guess he just wanted some head and that was all. As I told you, other than the blow job we didn’t really do anything but kiss.” She said with a shrug.

I began to chuckle, “so fingering another man’s wife is ‘nothing’?” I asked with a smile.

“Well, you know what I meant. We didn’t… like fuck, ya know?” She took the last bite on her plate as she spoke.

I set my cup down, and looked at her. “I love you, Mary”.

“What was that for?” she questioned with a confused look on her face. “I know you love me, you’re my husband. Besides, you better love me; after all I am fucking all these guys for you.” She said laughing as she picked up her plate and headed for the sink.

I started to laugh. “You’re fucking them for me?” I jokingly asked her. “Like you’re not having fun, and it was only one guy that you actually had sex with.”

She placed her plate in the sink then spun around with a smile. She leaned back on the counter and put her head back and sighed. “Oh yes, you’re right. I do like it. Love it in fact.” She quickly raised her head back up. “Do you want to meet Chris?” she asked me in a tricky manner.

I thought about it for a second before I answered. I had never met him, but I wasn’t sure I’d be comfortable meeting the man that gave my wife the best sex she ever had in her life. I mean, it was one thing to hear about and know that she does it, but another to actually meet the guy she does it with. “I’m not sure” I told her.

“Oh come on, you’d really like him baby” she said slowly walking back to the table with an obvious seductive mentality. “You guys actually have a lot in common.”

“Oh yea, like what” I asked her. “Not condom size I know.” I said jokingly.

She laughed and sat back in her chair. “No silly, I mean like other stuff. You know, stuff that ‘normal’ people do.”

I laughed at her remark. “Normal people, as in guys who don’t jerk off to the stories their wives tell them about whom and how they fucked last night?”

“Well, of course.” She said back with a smile.

“OK, if you want me to meet this Greek sex god, I guess I will… for you, dear.” I sat up and leaned over the table to kiss her, but she moved back. I flashed a muddled look at her.

“I’ve been reading a lot. About what we’re doing, I mean.” She said getting up from the table again. “You know, there’s a term for this kind of thing” she said as she returned to the counter and propped herself up against it.

“Uh… yea, of course I know, how do you think I find my porn.” I said with a smile while I stood up and walked over to her.

“Cuckold.” She said opening her arms as I walked into them. She wrapped her arms around my shoulders and gently began to kiss my lower lip. “So…” she said, pushing her forehead against mine so our noses where touching. “You are now my bitch boy.” She said deviously.

I pulled my head back, still holding onto her waist. “Um, excuse me?” I said with an awkward look on my face. “What exactly have you been reading?” I questioned.

“Just some websites, you know random websites.” She said giggling and pulling my head back toward her.

“Random websites, huh” I said “What kind of randomness are we talking about?”

She leaned in and kissed me again. ‘I found this site about ‘how to cuckold your man’ the other day when I was surfing at work.” She said as she continued her seductive kisses. “And, I have some ideas of what we’re going to do… and not do.”

“Not do?” I asked fearing she may be getting into more than I was willing. But, who am I kidding… I would do anything this woman asked me to.

“Well, you get off on me fucking other guys and hearing all the naughty details, and you’re the one that got me interested in this ‘lifestyle’, but now… I’m taking the reins like all the other women I’ve been reading about.” She said with a glimmer of excitement in her eyes. “So… you’re going to do what I tell you to do.”

I was puzzled at hearing this. But, siirt escort she was right, I did get off on her sexual adventures and wanted to know all the details… but, what exactly was she thinking here? I mean, I’ve watched the cuckold porn movies and I wasn’t exactly sure I would go that far. But, I figured I’d trust her to know my limits and go ahead. “OK” I said. “I’ll do it.”

She slapped me across the face, rather hard. “Yes, you will do it my queen.”

I was immediately taken back and sort of stumbled a bit. I rubbed my cheek and looked at her. “Yes” I purposefully paused. “Yes, my queen.” I pouted.

She then put her arms back around my neck and pulled me closer. “Chris is coming over tonight” she said as if it didn’t matter what I said. Looks like I’ll be her cuckold from now on, actually being her cuckold not just hearing about her sexual outings.

“OK…” I stammered out. “Are you going to be acting like this, when he gets here” I knew I’d feel very uncomfortable with her doing that and him being right there watching her. He was considerably taller than me, far more muscular than me and from what all three of us knew… a helluva lot ‘larger’ than me.

“Aw… would that make you sad, bitch boy.” She said pouting her bottom lip. I cocked my head and showed my confusion. I couldn’t tell when she was playing or when she was being serious now. “I’ll tell you what; if you’re good while he’s here… he won’t see a thing.”

She then gave me a slight shove to the side and walked by me out of the room. I can honestly say I felt a little scared of what was going to happen tonight but, at the same time… I was more than excited.

After doing the dishes I heard Mary come down the stairs and walked into the living room to meet her. She was wearing her white nightgown now. It was very form fitting, made of silk and usually showed her panty lines through it, but tonight it did not. “Chris is on his way over” she said walking past me and over to unlock the front door.

“Are you going to be wearing that?” I asked her.

She slowly turned around to face me, reached down to her ankles, and grabbed the bottom of her night gown. She quickly lifted it to her waist, exposing her freshly shaven bald pussy. “Yes. Why, do you have a problem with my lover seeing me like this, bitch boy?”

Even though I felt the growing in my pants I was still startled by all of this. She had just shaved her entire pussy. We’ve talked about that before, but she was always against it. “You shaved!” I exclaimed.

“Well… yea. Chris asked me to for next time we fuck.” She said with a grin.

How should I play this? If I got defensive and didn’t follow her lead, she may stop having sex with other men and we’d go back to fantasies, although, if I kept going with I might start regretting coaxing her into sleeping with him.

As a car pulled into our driveway, Mary leaned in and whispered into my ear; “Our safe word will be ‘red’ if it’s too much and ‘green’ if you’re OK with things. I read them on that site.”

Hearing her say that sort of relaxed me a bit, but I was still cautious of what might happen tonight. After that, she pulled the door open and waved at our guest walking up with a smile. “Hello, Chris.” She said inviting him in. She shut the door behind him, walked around and wrapped her arms around his shoulders. I noticed she had to stand on her tip toes to kiss him, as she did just that. I figured it would have started with a peck, but she went all in. I could literally see their tongues swirling around each other, but I must confess… my erection did not even soften at the site.

His hands moved down and began to grab her ass while the heavy kissing continued and I thought to myself; “What, are they going to fuck right here in the doorway?” But, when she pulled back and returned flat footed he stopped and moved his arm around her as she turned to face me. “Chris, I’d like you to meet ‘bitch boy’.”

She pointed at me as she spoke. He looked me up and down and sort of smirked, “Hey man, what’s up?”

“Uh… not much, I guess.” I responded. Mary began to laugh which in turn made him force a laugh. Was he as uncomfortable as I was? I wouldn’t assume so, considering he was grabbing my wife’s ass behind her back.

Mary started to walk over to the couch leading him by the hand. I just stood there. I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do now. When they sat down, next to each other she through one leg over his lap so he could rest his hands on her upper thigh. “Hey, bitch boy…” she started pointing to the floor beneath her feet she exclaimed, “Get down there, now!”

I stood frozen for a second. It wasn’t until she raised her eye brows and puckered her lips up while continuing to repeatedly point at the floor that I began to walk over to her. I slumped down on my knees where she had pointed. “Chris, do you think our carpet is too green?” she asked him. Our carpet was blue. A very deep blue and sincan escort I figured she was just having him control me without him knowing it. Or perhaps she was doing it to make sure I was OK with what was going to happen next.

“I think its blue, Mary.” He replied with an awkward face. She whipped her leg around and placed both feet firm on the floor in front of me.

“You’re right. It isn’t very green at all” she said. She bent down and began to unbuckle her shoes and slide one foot out, pointing her toe at my face. “Want to see what my bitch boy likes to do?” with that she shoved her big toe past my lips so I was sucking it. As she forced more toes into my mouth, she leaned over and started kissing him.

She would move her foot around so that every toe was equally sucked on and licked. She started moving her hand down his chest as they kissed, again intertwining their tongues in a blatant way. I knew she was controlling the kiss to show me what they were doing, but I thought it was kind of hot. And it probably helped that I have a huge foot fetish, and absolutely love Mary’s sexy feet and toes.

She kept sliding her hand down his chest until she reached his belt. Paused, took her foot away from my mouth, still holding it in the air and looked over at me. “Would you like to see this massive cock that I fucked?”

“OK” I said. Just then she gave me a light slap with her foot.

“Excuse me, bitch boy. What was that?” I could see Chris snicker at this.

I then decided to play along, if I remained to act timid; most likely none of us would have any fun. I felt secure in her ‘safe word’ idea, and was pretty sure she wouldn’t push to far. I mean, after all she’s already fucked him, so what could watching them her hurt… and I was actually interested to see exactly how big he was, considering she went on and on about his size. “Yes, my queen… I’d love to see it.”

She undid his belt and removed it from him. She then undid his button on his dress pants. She stuck her hand down his pants, and opened her mouth as she looked at me. “Oh… it’s already so much bigger than yours and he’s not even hard yet.”

She slowly slid his pants down slightly, and pulled this rather large penis out. She began to stroke it as she continued her gaze on me. “Don’t you think the carpet is green, darling?” She asked me as she thumped his cock up and down.

“Yes, my queen… it is sort of green now that mention it.” I replied.

With that, she leaned in and took the head of his member into her mouth. I could see her tongue slide in and out of her mouth around his massiveness. “Mm mm…” she elated pushing her mouth further down his pole. Just then he moved his hand to the back of her head. It looked he was just moving with her head at first.

“Oh yes… suck that dick you little slut” he said pushing her head down with force. She could barely deep throat half of that monster thing, but I had to give her credit for trying. He then took his other hand and smacked her ass. “You like that, don’t you” he asked her.

This of course forced her to exert a rather loud grunt. I was now in amazement as I was watching my sexy wife, suck on this huge cock only feet from me. He was so much bigger than me, which turned me on even more. Not just the size of his dick, but overall massiveness of his whole body. She began to shove her foot back into my mouth as she sucked Chris. I had a raging hard on at this point, and began to undo my own pants. She quickly took her foot away, then again gave me a slap with it. It was still rather light, but harder than the previous one. She popped his cock out of her mouth, “What do you think you’re doing, bitch boy?” She asked me. “You’re not thinking of playing with your dick are you?”

I stopped undoing my pants, but did not move my hands away. I didn’t know if I was supposed to say yes, or ask. So, I decided to go with what they did in the movies… “May I please touch myself my queen?”

She remained stroking his dick as we spoke, and rubbing her toes on my lips. “Aw, does watching me suck this big fucking cock excite you, honey?”

It really did. I was so turned on right now. This was my all-time fantasy that I’ve had since I first met her ex-boyfriend, who just happened to be much taller and more built than me. I imagined how they used to fuck all the time, and he was actually one of the first men we used in our sex talks.

“Oh god yes my queen!” I exclaimed. I had almost forgotten the queen part, as this wasn’t our usual banter.

“I bet you do, bitch boy.” She went down on his cock a few more times then looked back up at me. “Not yet. I have other ideas for tonight, and I know you won’t be able to last if you start jerking that little dick right now.” She said, moving her foot back to the ground. She sat upright, the entire time never stopping her stroking. She motioned for Chris to stand up, and started to take his pants down. When she got his pants to sinop escort his ankles, she literally had to stretch her head up, to lick the tip of his dick.

After he stepped out of the pants, she threw them to the side then pushed him back to the couch. She stood, and raised her arms in the air. “Bitch boy, remove my gown.” She said as I jumped up and began to pull her form fitting gown up over her bottom. “No.” she turned her head toward me. “Get down and slowly pull it up.”

I crept down on my knees once more, softly picked the bottom of her gown from her ankles and slowly started to lift it up. When I got the gown over her ass, she stopped me, reached her hand back and grabbed the back of my neck. She then leaned herself forward stick out her rear, and grabbed my neck harder, shoving my face into her juicy buttocks. “Lick my ass hole, bitch boy” she said as she began to writhe, her hips in the motion of my tongue. With her other hand she made a come here motion to Chris, who stood and pointed his dick at her face. She grabbed his enormous shaft and forced it into her mouth. He put his hands back on her head and began to fuck her face as he pulled her hair in both directions of his arms.

Occasionally I would peak my head from between her cheeks to watch him. This is what she told me about, they did this that night she spent hours having sex with him. It was better than I imagined it looked. He was so forceful when he shoved his dick in her mouth. I was never that way when we had sex. I could feel the juice coming from her pussy as I licked all around her area. She was getting really turned on by what he was doing. I couldn’t believe she was enjoying being face fucked by such a big dick. Maybe she was finally becoming the size queen I wanted her to become. My wife was such as slut, and I loved her for that.

He stopped thrusting himself into Mary’s mouth and pulled her by the hair up to him. This in turn forced her to her tip toes, removing her ass from face. They began their deep tongue kissing again as I sat there with an impeccable view of my wife’s ass and pussy. I then saw his large hands reach around and grab her ass, and with a hand on each cheek, he lifted her up while she wrapped her legs around his waist. She then moved one hand between her legs, inserting his colossal cock inside her. I could see her pussy fill with that cock so clearly, it was amazing, her hole; which had seemed normal now seemed so tiny when taking his huge member.

He began to bounce her up and down on his penis, showing all nine inches as she went up and then quickly dropping her down to his sack. She gave out a few very loud screams of pleasure every time he would go down. As I lay under her, being bounced on a large dick I could see her feet begin to in twine below his knees. Her toes began to point as she let out a ecstatic “I’m coming!”

“Oh fuck yes, Chris… fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!” I then saw the slippery white juices seep out of her pussy and cloud his cock every time he raised her up. I wanted to jerk my dick so badly, but she was right… I would have exploded right then and there, cutting my part of the night short.

He then started to grunt as well; “whose pussy is this Mary?” he questioned her.

“It’s yours Chris. It’s all yours!” She screamed. “Only yours, baby” she continued panting and moaning in ecstasy. “Oh god, I love your dick!” she continued. “Cum in my pussy, baby!” she then exclaimed. As soon as the words were uttered, I could hear him grunt with delight.

“I’m coming, you fucking slut” he said. “You’re pussy feels so good, I’m going to fill it for you and bitch boy.” Wait a second; did he just say he was coming for me as well? That took me by disbelief. What was that supposed to mean?

He pumped her up and down and few more times then stopped, continuing to hold her up started lustfully tongue kissing her. She let out a slight whimper and I could hear her say “Thank you, you are so amazing. I just love fucking you.”

She looked down at me, “Hey bitch boy, take your pants off.” I immediately stood and took them off, the sight of my wife fucking was still fresh in my mind and I could easily cum. “Now, lay down.” She started pointing again.

As I got flat on the floor, he lifted her off his cock and lowered her over me. With a leg on each side of my head, and my nose in her ass she squatted over me. I was so fucking horny I either wasn’t realizing what she was actually going to do, or just did not care. I moved my hands down to start stroking my dick, but before I could get there she slapped my hands away. “No.”

She then hovered over my face, looked back into my eyes and said “Now, I want you to eat all of his wonderful cum out of my pussy.” With that, she forced her body onto my face and began grinding her pussy into my mouth. She slid her entire area all over my face, from the crack of her ass to my nose, to her sweet clit. She then leaned over and grabbed my cock, still grinding on my face. She started to stoke me. “You can cum now, bitch boy; I think you ate enough cum to earn an orgasm.” I could not help it. I came more than I remember coming in a long time. I exploded everywhere; all over myself, all over her hands and arm and a lot on the floor too.

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