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Big Tits

I lay on my stomach, wearing only a towel. She kneeled over me, massaging my sore back.

“Oh,” I breathed, “That feels wonderful…” She kneaded my back with her hands, pushing and rubbing my tender muscles. I felt her breasts on my back, soft and firm. She moved close to my ear, massaging my shoulders. I pictured her naked, riding me. I imagined her hands wandering to other places. A stiffness began to swell in me.

“Turn over,” she whispered.

“Um,” I stammered, “why?”, embarrassed that she would see my erection through the towel.

“I want to massage your chest and thighs,” she purred.

Hesitantly, I rolled over, revealing the tent in the towel. I was blushing hard, embarassed, but she didn’t seem to pay much attention to it. Her hands worked over my chest and slid down to my hips, slowly kneading my upper thighs. My erection raged.

As her eyes met mine, a playful smile on her face, one of her talented hands reached up under the towel to my balls, taking it softly in her fingers and squeezing and kneading softly. I gasped.

“Why the gasp,” she asked, “do you want me to stop?”

“No,” I breathed, “keep going…”

Her other hand loosened my towel and pulled it aside. Now I lay naked on the table with my cock stiff and bobbing free. My masseuse kneeled next to it, straddling my legs, otele gelen escort tracing her fingers up my thighs and running her fingers through my pubic hair.

She began to touch my cock. Lightly, she just trailed her fingertips along it, lightly rubbing me but not giving me any friction. She touched the head of my cock and it swelled. She tickled my balls. I moaned softly.

This continued until my cock was aching from being so hard for so long. Finally, she wrapped her hand around it and began to work it up and down, stroking me agonizingly slowly. I was breathing hard, sweat pouring from my brow.

My masseuse grabbed a bottle of warm massage oil and spread it on my thighs… my balls… then finally my cock. Her hand slid up and down it, gripping very loosely, spreading the oil over the shaft and head, teasing me slowly with the warm oil.

“Oh, yess…” I breathed as she smiled at me. She removed her top, a white cotton t-shirt. She wasn’t wearing a bra, and her breasts were gorgeous.

She leaned down, holding my cock in one hand, letting the tip of it slide over the surface of her breast. I felt her nipple pass over my throbbing cockhead and it swelled. She put my cock between her breasts and pushed them together, sliding herself up and down. I moaned more loudly now, my hips rus escort bayan rising and falling to push in and out of her gorgeous breasts.

I felt myself approaching orgasm, but she sat up, leaving my cock to bob painfully in the air. After a few seconds of massaging my thighs, her hands found my balls again and kneaded them, running a single finger up and down the length of my cock.

I was near the edge and going out of my mind. “Please,” I moaned.

“Please what?” she asked, smiling playfully.

“Pleeeease make me cum,” I responded desperately.

“What do you think I am, a prostitute?” she said in a mocking tone. “This is just a massage, nothing more.”

But still, her fingers wrapped around my steel cock and stroked it gently, bringing me maddeningly close to the edge but not going fast enough to set me off.

I was squirming around a bit and moaning like I was in great pain. I was right at the edge of cumming and she knew exactly how little to touch me to not let me explode. I was so desperate…

“Pleeease,” I begged, and she smiled, letting go completely. I groaned again, loudly. One of her talented hands went to my nipple, pinching it and tweaking it softly, while the other cupped and squeezed, massaging my balls, keeping me horribly frustrated.

She didn’t sıhhiye escort bayan touch my cock for a full minute, letting me fall away from the edge without relief. She massaged my thighs and calves, but stayed away from my cock.

“Our time is running out,” she said coyly, her hand finally lightly grabbing my aching cock. My eyes went wide and panicked as I realized she might send me away frustrated.

She stroked me fast, moving up and down my raging erection five times. Then she began stroking me very slowly, lightly rubbing my slippery cock very frustratingly. After five strokes of this, she gave me five more fast ones, then five more very slow and light ones. This treatment continued, five fast, and five slow, building me slowly towards orgasm. I was going out of my mind! The fast ones brought me closer, but the slow strokes kept me where I was. Just as soon as I started to really enjoy the fast strokes, they stopped and she was only lightly touching me, giggling at my predicament.

Finally, I was building for so long I was about to cum. There was no stopping it, even the slow strokes would set me over the edge. I was breathing very hard and was very frustrated. My cock was made of steel and her soft hands were evilly tormenting me.

Five fast strokes, and then the five slow strokes were even worse than before, so light she was barely touching me. The fast strokes never came, and I moaned loudly. She just kept touching me lightly as I was literally at the edge of cumming.

DING! rang a timer in the background. My masseuse giggled at me as I almost screamed from frustration. “Time’s up!” she laughed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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