Master Mike Ch. 02

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Being bound to Master Mike’s cross made me powerless and yet I struggled with a burning desire to hold his head in my hands as he swallowed my cock. If my hands were free, I would have caressed the backs of his ears with my fingers while holding his head within my palms. If the ball gag were out of my mouth I would tell him what a wonderful feeling he was giving me. But that privilege was not available to me now and the irony of the situation finally sank in. I was being forced to enjoy his mouth only the way he wanted me to.

What a feeling it was to give in to the circumstances too. To let go completely gave me a reprieve and I used it to reflect briefly on the path I took to get here. For so long I had spent time in chat rooms looking for someone to be submissive with, and now here I am coming to terms with the fact that my pick takes as much pleasure in sucking cock as I do.

Master Mike was unrelenting, licking and sucking my cock from tip to base, lifting my balls up with his fingers and sucking them into his mouth. Each lick, kiss and suck had one focus: to feed my arousal.

I had no sense of time or any inkling to ask for it. His oral attention to my cock and balls was incredible and I drifted off into the clouds of total bliss. Very slowly, Master Mike introduced another element into our experience. He gripped my ball sack and massaged the skin with his thumb and index finger. At first, his attention to my balls was pleasurable, especially when combined with his expert licking and sucking of the sensitive crown of my cock. But then each moment of pleasure was followed by an increasing amount of downward pressure on the sack and soon my balls were confined in a much smaller space. Within seconds the intensity below my waist had grown unbearable and I announced my breaking point. All Master Mike heard were muffled screams but what I said through the ball gag was “What the fuck, owwwwww, fuck that hurts. God damn you!”

My outburst only bought so much though. Master Mike simply eased up on the downward pressure but still firmly held me by the balls.

“You know Bob, it’s amazing to me when a man like you gets his balls squeezed hard and doesn’t lose his erection. In fact, I think you’re harder now than when I sucked your cock. How do you suppose that could be?”

“Fuck if I know you ass hole,” I said into the ball gag. Then I felt a new discomfort. My jaw ached and suddenly I was aware of a lot of saliva flowing over my lips. “Help, I’m drooling. Would you please wipe off my face?” Of course Master Mike had no idea what I said and so his response was “Just relax, you were doing so well earlier, letting me have my fun with you.” He laughed.

“Jesus fucking Christ,” I yelled. “Un tie me, get this gag out of my mouth. What the fuck was I thinking letting you tie me up here. I’m never doing this again.”

“God damn your hard Bob. I just can’t help myself,” he said and took me deep into his throat again.

“Oh fuck that feels good. But God damn it, why is all this other stuff necessary? Oh yeah, oh my God, that’s incredible,” I moaned and more saliva formed on the gag, which in turn pushed the excess that was already there onto my lips. Soon, two wet trails of my saliva ran down both sides of my chin and I was oblivious to the humiliation of it as Master Mike brought me closer to orgasm than I had been since I first came to his house.

Just as I felt the point of no return approach, he stopped sucking and withdrew his wet mouth from my cock. He stood up and turned around and walked out of the room. I said “where are you going?” through the gag but he did not look back or return.

It seemed like an eternity until he returned. While I waited, I got reacquainted with the saliva flow on my face. It felt itchy and I moved my head to my right and attempted to wipe my mouth against my shoulder but it just wasn’t working. When I gave up, I became aware of my tired arms and legs. They felt as if I’d been at the gym working out and yet I was just bound to a cross doing nothing.

When Master Mike announced his return, I flinched and felt my heart sink. As my breathing returned to normal, I could hear him setting and moving things on the table behind bostancı escort me. “I see that after only 10 minutes of down time, your cock is fully deflated. Tell me Bob; are you ready for me to let you down off the cross?

“Oh my God yes!” I yelled into the gag. “Please let me down from here, I’ll do anything you want.”

He climbed up on my perch with me and removed the gag. “What’s that Bob?”

“Please sir, please let me down, I’ll do anything you want.”

“Oh I know you will Bob. You are an exceptional submissive given our short time together. So willing to please me, I love it.”

“Master Mike, would you please wipe the spit off my face? It feels like its all over my chin and neck and it’s itchy.”

He reached down and stroked my cock roughly in his right hand. “It’s been a long time since I’ve had a true submissive man in my care,” he began. “Your presence is awakening desires I buried months ago and I now realize the fruitlessness of it all.”

I looked into his beautiful blue eyes and asked “what does that mean Master Mike?”

“It means I want to give in to those desires and feed your lust for me in the process.”

“That sounds wonderful.”

“Do you remember how you responded as I lightly spanked your bottom with the leash?”

I felt my cock swell in his hand and the heat of embarrassment surface on my face as I recalled the sting of his leash.

“I liked that ass licking I got Bob. That was raw lust awakened by a very mild ass whipping. It makes you hard to think about that whipping and what you did for me afterward, doesn’t it Bob?”


He leaned closer to kiss me and I simply parted my lips and met his tongue halfway with my own. I kissed him with excited passion in the best way I could without the ability to hold his head and forcefully tongue his mouth. Instead, he did it for me by cupping the back of my head in one hand and while fisting my cock with the other he thrust his tongue against mine. He kissed me hard for several moments and then let up on the pressure until he finished the moment with light kisses to my lips.

“I want to increase the pain stimulus in our experience Bob. Your ass licking was fantastic because you set about your task enthusiastically, all because I whipped your ass lightly with your leash. It wasn’t just the willingness, but the intensity and creativity you brought to the situation. If I whipped you unmercifully what would you do for me Bob?”

I began trembling at the thought of more pain. “What do you want, sir?”

His look pierced my eyes and I felt his strong personality invade my mind. “I want to discover the key that unlocks the true power of your lust. Once I have that, I’ll own you completely and then you will do things for me; raw uninhibited sexual tasks that you cannot possibly imagine right now.”

“Wow, what do I have to do?”

“Have an open mind, I promise to stop if you ask me to and I won’t do anything you don’t want also. Understood?”

“Yes Master.”

He unlatched my wrists first and then my ankles. I felt a little wobbly at first as I stood flat on my feet. The balls of my feet were exhausted, yet now that I was free I felt my excitement intensify. I held onto the cross with both hands to keep myself from falling off until my Master jumped held up his hand to me and helped me down off the cross. Once on the floor, I fell into his arms.

He held me up momentarily until I felt like I could stand on my own and then he led me to the next room. At the center of this room was a beam extending from the floor to the ceiling. The beam had loops hanging off of it, spaced about 1 foot apart. He took my hands and cuffed my wrists with rubber restraints and I watched his face as he did this while in my mind I surmised his intentions. When he looked into my eyes again I leaned in and kissed him on the lips.

He embraced me in his big muscular arms and kissed me back. The tightness of his embraced began to press my arms closer together and soon I was wincing and struggling in agony. When he let up his kiss, I said “Please, it hurts my arms.”

“I understand Bob,” he said and took the chain between my rubber wrist restraints ümraniye escort bayan and led me to the beam. He unlocked one cuff and raised it and my free hand up above my head and fed the restraint through a loop and secured it back on my free wrist.

When he finished securing me to the beam, I was reacquainted with the pain of standing on the balls of my feet, this time with my arms stretched directly above my head. Once again, there was no getting out of this situation unless someone let me go.

He pressed a leather strip to my lips “Bite down on this Bob. When you’ve had enough, simply open your mouth and let it fall.”

I didn’t say anything and simply opened my mouth and accepted the offering. Then he walked way and I stood in wait for the next part of my training to begin.

Minutes later, Master Mike pushed two fingers coated with lube inside my rectum. He withdrew them and then re-inserted them once more with a fresh cool gob of lube. He thoroughly massaged my anus at the opening and roughly 1-2 inches inside it. It felt so good I nearly dropped the leather strip and then just as quickly as he appeared, he retreated into another space in the dungeon.

The lighting dimmed and symphony music began. In the moments I waited for Master Mike’s re-appearance, I looked at the steel beam and then upward at my wrists and the cuffs that bound me to it. I suppose I should have been frightened but I wasn’t. I was turned on and wondering what Master Mike had in store for us next.

Whoosh, snap, crack, it came lightning quick from nowhere. The stinging on my back was intense, like nothing I’d ever felt before. I bit down harder on the leather strip and rode out the pain. Whoosh, snap, crack! This time his whip landed on my right ass check and the burning was just as intense. Master Mike gave me three more hard lashes, once on my left ass cheek, the next on my right thigh and the final on my left thigh.

When I heard the whip drop to the floor, only the stinging on my back had subsided. I had tears in my eyes yet I was determined to hold the leather strip in my mouth.

He walked up close to me and touched my burning flesh with his callused hands. “It burns doesn’t it Bob. And then the intensity diminishes but you still know you’ve been whipped. Isn’t that right Bob?”

I nodded and flinched as he touched the sensitive areas. “Think about the areas that are not stinging yet. There is so much left for me to whip and we have all the time in the world don’t we?”

I nodded “uh huh.”

“Whipping you and watching you respond makes my cock hard Bob. Do you know that?”

I shook my head.

“But you need to know that don’t you Bob. Because you’re going to give up that tight ass cherry to me aren’t you Bob, and you want my cock rock hard when I shove it inside you.”

“Oh God, yes Master!” I yelled as best I could with the leather strip in my mouth.”

“That’s a good boy,” he said as he retreated from me.

Whoosh, snap, crack! His whip rained down on my flesh, leaving new marks in the vicinity of the others. What I didn’t know was that each new mark was starting separate trails of fire and that he intended to connect them all into one long trail. All I knew was that with every lash, I screamed and bit down in earnest on my leather strip.

After the second set he walked up to me and reached around to grasp my cock in his fist. I was hard as a rock and he seemed pleased by this. He stroked me for good measure and then retreated to the back of the room.

The next set began with the same out of nowhere intensity. Another series of pain points connecting to those that preceded them. The trails of fire were growing and Master Mike was the guiding force, steering pain through the vast network of my senses. Every moment there was a new experience topping the previous one and it seemed as though everything converged on my brain and cock. The pain was an aphrodisiac and we used it together. Master Mike whipped me unmercifully and after each lash I felt the need to lunge forward and touch the beam with the underside of my hard cock. For something so hard and cold, the steel felt smooth and inviting.

The set ended kartal escort and Master Mike said “That’s it boy, keep humping against the beam. Now we both know what you need and I’m really going to give it to you.”

Each lash of the fourth set burned harder than the one that preceded it. The screams he produced from me were primal. Pain seared my body and I felt my energy drain away. The door to subspace was open and I went inside.

Inside I learned what he wanted. It lasted only seconds and then I let the leather strip drop. The next thing that happened was I heard Master unlatching my wrist cuffs and I crashed to the hard cold floor. I was completely exhausted and yet I mustered enough energy from somewhere to move into the position he spoke of. When I finished moving, I was on my knees with my face on the floor and my ass in the air.

“That’s it my boy,” he said. “Reach back and pry that ass open. Show your Master where you want his cock.”

As soon as I reached back and pried my cheeks open, he was there and slammed his cock deep inside me. His girth stretched my anal opening wide and the sensation was pleasing and painful at the same time. Once he was as far in as he would be in the first slam, he held position to allow me time to get used to his size. In a few moments, he eased his big pole half way out of my ass and then he pushed it back inside until he was in deep again.

His hands firmly grasped my hips and he said “you feel incredible Bob. I’m going to enjoy wearing your ass on my cock for the remainder of the evening.” We moaned together as he picked up the tempo, sawing his tool in and out of my ass.

With each stroke, I felt my own cock grow harder but it was impossible to touch it and even if I could I don’t know if I would have had the energy to jerk off.

With no warning, Master Mike grabbed a handful of hair on my head and pulled me upright as he fully penetrated my asshole. The feeling of being pulled in one direction and pushed in another was incredible and I let him manipulate my body as if I were a rag doll. While he held me upright and fucked his thick pole deep into my ass, he reached around the front of my body with his other hand and grabbed my cock. “Mmm, very nice, you’re so fucking hard,” he said, “Do you want to cum for me slut?”

“Oh my God yes, please Master, please let me cum,” I yelled.

He kept plowing my ass with his big tool as he began to stroke my cock with his right hand. “You’ve done so well for me today slut.” He let go of my hair and draped his left arm over my chest. I could feel his body wrapped around mine as though he was my blanket of protection. My ass hole was on sexual overload and I felt on the verge of cumming as he stroked me harder. He lightly pinched my nipple and whispered in my ear “You’re so tight Bob. I’m going to cum again. Tell me where you want it…in your ass or in your mouth.”

“Oh my God, I’m gonna cum Master…may I please cum for you sir?”

“Yes my slut, spray your seed as you feel my cock swell inside you and know that I’m going to cum too.”

We grunted together as we came. My spray landed on the floor in front of us while Master’s hot cum blasted inside my burning rectum. I felt myself come to life as Master’s hard cock continued to thrust and pump his hot cum inside me. His grunting and thrusting continued well after the last spray I felt and it reminded me of all the times I had fucked my wife in a similar fashion. For me there was nothing to complain about. I loved the fullness and the hard sawing in and out feeling Master gave my ass hole. When he finally popped out of my ass, it wasn’t relief I felt so much as the sadness of inactivity.

Instinctively I turned to hug him face to face.

It was then that I turned to him and whispered “thank you.” We embraced and I kissed him. Our mouths opened at the same time and I felt his tongue enter my mouth. We kissed forcefully and I rubbed myself against his hard body with a renewed sense of passion and energy.

“That was so hot,” I said when he finally let me up for air. “Oh my fucking God,” I exclaimed. “I’ve never experienced anything so intense before. It was so incredible. Did you feel how hard I got?”

“Sure did,” he said and disengaged himself from our embrace.

“And, wow, your cock felt wonderful in my butt.”

He laughed. “Liked that huh?”

“Yeah, how long will it take to get another round?”

“Let’s go get showered and then we’ll see.”

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