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This is a fiction story i wrote, please rate and comment.

I was sitting on the bus on my way to school listening to some random songs on my iPod.  I decided to doze off a bit since I wouldn’t get there for about 20-30 minutes, and I didn’t sleep much the night before since I was studying for my midterms next week- so I was dying.

I was woken up by a slight movement in the seat, I opened my eyes and looked to my right and saw that a girl sat down next to me.  It was a girl I had known since 5th grade, Becky.  She looked at me and smiled and asked if I minded her sitting there.  I quickly proceeded to tell her it was fine.

Becky was a pretty fine chick, she didn’t have a huge ass or big tits, but her tight body and choice of clothing always made up for her lack of sexual attributes.  She was wearing tight leggings and a tank too, which showed off her b-cup breasts.  

She leaned over and grabbed my iPod and asked what I was listening to.  Blinded by her beauty, I had forgotten I was listening to music the entire time.

“Drift away by dobie gray, I love that song!”

She quickly reached for my ear bud and quietly started humming the lyrics while leaning over to be comfortable with the bud in her ear.

All I could concentrate on was her tank top, I had a clear view of her cute and perky tits- when I noticed something.  She had no bra on! I saw her nipples were a little erect, it was a bit cold that day. Fuck they looked great. I felt like grabbing those cute little nipples and gently squeezing them… 

She quickly caught on, she looked me in the eye and blushed at the sight of me watching her tits in all their glory. She sat up straight and took out the ear bud.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t realize…”

I quickly interrupted. “No it’s fine, IM sorry.”

She nodded and looked down at her legs.

Damnit I’m a dumbass!

We soon arrived at school and she got off the bus first, letting me see a clear view of her tight little ass in those leggings, which had ridden up into her ass.  Fuck she looked sexy.  Why was I barely noticing now? Oh well… We dont really talk much, especially since we have no classes together and have completely different social groups. 

The day came to an end pretty fast, Fridays always seemed to zoom by for me, unlike other kids.  I guess it’s because I have almost straight A’s and have some type of entertainment in most of my classes.  

Before leaving my AP calculus class, the last of the day, my teacher Mrs. Anderson called me aside and wanted to speak with me.

“Andrew, your grade in this class is far above any of the other students, including all of Mr Calderons AP calc students as well.”
I had always been great at math, it just stuck well with me.

“I want to offer you your final right now, instead of having to wait until the end of the semester.”

Can she do that?

“I want you to tutor one of Mr. Calderons students, she has a very poor grade, and we believe the extra attention could very much help her.  I’ve already talked to her and Calderon, they both are fine with it, and just wondered if you are interested.  You won’t need to take the midterm or final if you agree.”

Really? Fucking awesome! All I have to do is tutor some dumb chick and I pass, fucking deal!

I agreed to tutor her, and she said that I could go ask Calderon for her info to contact her, since she most likely had left the school by now.

I went over to his class and saw Becky talking to him.  I froze for a second, admiring her sexy ass once again, man I’d love to fucker her…

“Ah! Andrew right?” Calderon waved at me to come over.

“this is Becky, she needs help with her Calc course, and mrs. Anderson said you’d might be interested in tutoring her”

Oh fuck, this is getting interesting…

“yeah I actually just spoke with her, I think it’s a good idea.”

I looked at Becky, who met my gaze with a small smile

“great! Well I’m about to take off, but feel free to use my class to work on your assignment Becky. Andrew you can stay and start helping now if you’d like.”

Me and Becky looked at eachother as if agreeing to stay and work here.

Calderon left and soon it was just us two, alone in the class with just a desk separating us.

We began working on a packet he had given her class, she was pretty bad, she didn’t know much.

We went over derivatives, anti-derivatives, related rates, all these terms she had no clue about.

Soon she began grasping the concepts and would jump in excitement at understanding what I was teaching illegal bahis her.  Her tits would bounce a bit, man that was turning me on a little… Heh.

She was gorgeous, perfect complexion, amazing blue eyes, long blonde hair, and that tight little body.
I was focused so much on it, and her on Calculus, she never noticed my occasional glances.

After we finished about 1/5 of the packet, we decided to head out.  I asked if she’d like me to walk her home, but she politely rejected. Oh well

I started on my way home, and felt like I was being followed.  I turned to see her behind me about 20 feet.  She laughed and loudly said “I guess we live in the same direction”

I smiled and tilted my head as if saying ‘come on’

She caught up and walked next to me.  There was a bit of an awkward silence as we looked at which way we were both going.  She lived on the exact opposite side of my street, across the intersection.  How had I not noticed this morning?

“look, we live real close!” she said with a surprised expression

“yea… I guess we do” I said

“that means you can always come over and help me with my calc!” she said excitedly.

I had gotten a little excited too, being able to see her more often would be a nice change in my day.  

I agreed, and we exchanged phone numbers and emails and went our own ways.

Later that night around 11:30, I got a text asking if tomorrow would be good for a study session.  Tomorrow was Saturday, but I didn’t mind- spending a day with that beauty sounded great. 

I agreed, and we set up our study date for a 2:00 pm appointment at her house.  

I promised myself I wouldn’t get excited, but I couldn’t help it, she was just so damn hot! All these scenarios went through my mind, I wanted her little ass to bounce on my dick, but I wouldn’t be bold enough to make a move…
I jerked off and fell asleep, not knowing what awaited me tomorrow afternoon.

I woke up that morning and saw a text from Becky.

“morning! Eat a good breakfast, we’re gonna study a lot today :)”

I smiled, shes kinda cutesy.

I ate my eggs, bacon, and pancakes, and hopped in the shower.

I decided to trim my man-area… I mean come on, you never know right? Haha

I got dressed, nothing too, desperate-looking I guess.
A button up flannel shirt, some black jeans, and my favorite converse shoes.  I grabbed my bag and quickly started my walk towards Becky’s.

I got to her house and noticed her parents outside.  They saw me and asked if I was Andrew.

“yea, that’s me. Is Becky home?”

“yea, she is.” her mom responded, “she’s just about done giving her baby brother a bath, we’re about to go to my sisters house for the night.”

I was a little put back by this, we had agreed to study today…

“But I thought Becky was going to be here all day, she called me over to study, I’m her tutor.”

“yea we know, she’s not coming with us. We gave her some money to order in a pizza for the both of you, it’s the least we could do for such a sweet boy helping our girl out in school.”

Pizza and a day with that babe? Haha awesome!

“Thanks, that was kind of you.”

Becky walked out holding her baby brother, handing him to her father- who quickly began putting him in the car.

“Well you two be careful, lock the doors Becky!” her mom demanded

“yea mom I know.”

They drove off and turned the corner, they were gone.

“sorry about that, we’re they bothering you?”

“actually know, your mom is really cool.”

“try living with her.”

We both laughed.

“well come on in, I have my stuff set up in my bedroom.”

No! I’m here for math and pizza, that’s all. 

She led me to her room and sat me on her desk chair while she jumped on her bed and crossed her legs with her book being propped open on her knees.

She was wearing a loose tshirt and short shorts, showing off her sexy long legs and smooth skin. She looked pretty hot on her bed.

A few hours passed and we had finished about 3/5 of the packet, and we were exhausted!

We decided to order in that pizza and watch some tv. The pizza guy said about 30-40 minutes… Enough time to…
no! Fucking pervert she’s not some slut, get your head out of the gutter.

She looked at me, she could tell I wasn’t relaxed in that desk chair.  

“you ok?” she asked with a concerned expression

“yea, I’m fine.  I’ve just never been alone with a girl this long, that’s all.”

She giggled, “I could tell.”

We both smiled at eachother.

She wagged illegal bahis siteleri her finger to come to her.  She sat me right beside her. She was still on the bed with her legs crossed, she looked so cute.  

She looked up at me curiously.
“have you had a girlfriend?”
I could feel myself blush. I never had a girlfriend before, and I was a senior in highschool.  Not a proud thing to express to someone you barely know.

“y-yea, I have.”


“she goes to a different school…”
Dumb answer! Now she’ll know…

“oh.  She’s lucky to have such a smart boyfriend who’s also cute.”

I looked at her and could see her blush, as if she didnt mean to say that last part.

Hmm… Maybe I can work this to my advantage…

“well we broke up about a month ago”

She leaned in as if gaining interest.
“oh? Why?”

“she cheated on me…”

She looked sympathetic. 
“aww, I would never cheat on you!”
She giggled, a very cute little smile grew on her face. 

“Your too cute”

My heart thumped.  She thinks I’m cute,  me? 


“yea, I like your shaggy hair”
She leaned over and rubbed my hair with her small gentle fingers. It felt so relaxing.

We caught eachothers gaze, and she looked down at her legs like she had on the bus.

She was really nervous, and so was I.

Suddenly the doorbell rang and we both jumped a bit.  

Pizza man already? 30 minutes my ass… The one time I want you to be late!

We walked over and paid the dude, only gave em a 1 dollar tip- douche bag.

I watched as becky walked over to the kitchen, her sweet little ass jiggling in her shorts.  I wanted to eat THAT, not pizza.

We ate some pizza while conversing about school and what teachers we hated, what girls were whores, what guys were assholes.  Normal gossip 

She then asked if me and my ‘ex’ ever had sex


“um, no…”

“me neither, my ex was an ass, I’d never do it with such a douche.”

We laughed, then it suddenly got quiet.

“so who would you do it with?” 
Why did I ask that?!

“I don’t know haha, a nice guy, someone SMART.” She giggled.

“Really? How smart?”
What am I doing? Am I seriously trying to flirt right now?”

“hmm, well he needs to know about math… So he can help me whenever I ask him to.”

My heart was racing. Was it working?
“haha really? Well damn we should do it then!”

Awkward. What the fuck man.

She looked at me with a casual look.
“it’s not like I haven’t thought of that.”



She looked a little embarrassed now.
“yea, like I said, your really cute… And sweet.”

Now it was quiet, dead quiet.

“so…” I said trying to change the subject.

“do you want to?” she asked, straight up.

“what? Are you serious?”

“yea I mean, c’mon I saw you staring at my tits, and could feel you staring at my ass… I mean it’s embarrassing with most guys… But it felt nice from you.”

I was speechless.

She walked over to me and grabbed the collar of my shirt and kept her head down.  She was about 5 inches shorter than me, she had to look up a bit to see my face.

“I’m kinda sick of being a virgin…”

She was serious!


She looked up at me and planted her lips on mine gently.  Her lips were so soft and sweet.  

She pulled away.

“let’s go to my room…”

She grabbed my arm and I followed her without question.

She sat me on her bed and slowly took off her tshirt, revealing her bra. Her tits were so cute, not too small, and not big either, but a nice size. They were round and perky, fucking gorgeous

She unhooked her bra and placed it on the floor behind her.

“no ones ever seen my tits before… It’s kinda embarrassing…” 
her hands were shaking, she really hadn’t experience much, neither had I.  

“it’s ok, they look beautiful”

She smiled shyly, then climbed on too of me, allowing me to suck on her wonderfull titties.

Her nipples were small and supple, they were sexy as hell.

I took one into my mouth and slowly rubbed my tongue around it, gently stroking it with my tongue. 
Her body was trembling, she was really turned on.  It wasnt long I until she was moaning loudly.

I continued to suck on her little pink nipples, changing the speed of my tongue to tease her a bit, she enjoyed that.  Her moaning progressively got louder, which in turn got me Hornier.

“mmm that’s fucking good…”

I dug my hand into her shorts canlı bahis siteleri and found her panties, they were soaked. She got up and slid off her shorts, then her panties.  She looked amazing, just Like i had imagined.

Her tits were perky and round, which complimented her sexy curves and tight little ass.  Her pussy wasn’t shaved, but it was trimmed a bit.  It looked so tempting, she was dripping her juices on the floor… She was ready to be fucked.  

She undid my jeans while I took off my shirt, soon I was fully naked as well.

She grabbed my cock in her hand, showing surprise in its size, 8 inches fully erect.

She smiled, then slowly began kissing the tip, slowly using her tongue to caress it gently.  
Her tongue felt amazing, I wanted her to play with my cock for hours.

She took my cock and inserted it slowly into her mouth, going further and further each second. 

She couldnt reach the end, especially on her first bj.  She quickly realized her limit, and started pulling her head back and forth as far as possible, taking in as much of my cock as she could.  

She began moaning, she enjoyed the taste of my man hood.

She began exploring my cock with her tongue while I mouth fucked her, drooling all over my balls and shaft.

She was trying to slurp as much of the saliva as possible, which looked and sounded so fucking hot.

I signaled that I was going to cum, but she quickly pulled out and stopped 

“I don’t want you cumming in my mouth, sorry”

I guess I understand, she’s new to this, so am I.  

She got up and bent over the bed, spreading her legs a bit.

” I’ve used a dildo before… It doesn’t hurt anymore, but your a bit bigger than that…”

I slid it in, interrupting her.

She gasped, then let out a groan
“oooooh shit…”

I pushed it all the way to the back of her pussy, going in as far as I could.

“god damn! Uuuuugh, that hurt a bit…”

“should I stop?” I asked, hoping she said no.

“no, it’s fine, start slow”

I did as she asked, but we quickly found eachothers rhythm and sped up.  Her hips movements matched my thrusting almost instantly.

I watched as my cock slid in and out of her sweet little pussy, watching her ass which jiggled each time she backed into me.

I fucked her progressively harder each second, I could tell she was building up to climax.

“mmm, yea fuck me… Fuck me harder…”

I thrusted as hard as I could, shoving my whole dick in her tight pussy.

“fuuuuck! Mmm, yea baby, grab my tits!”

I reached around and cupped her juicy tits in each hand, fondling her nipples tenderly.

“yea play with my nipple! Mmm that feels good babe!”

I was getting so turned on by her moans, she was so hot!  I Squeezed her tits, feeling my cum build up… But I can’t, I dont have a condom…

Her pussy tightened on my cock as her body spammed.

“I’m cumming!” 

She squirted everywhere, leaking on her bed, and on my balls.

I kept going, I wasn’t finished yet.
I pulled out and probed her asshole.

“what are you doing?”

“trust me you’ll like it”

She looked back with concern, but reluctantly agreed.

I slowly slid it in, fuuuuck she was tight as hell!

She gasped in pain, “stop… It hurts”

“I know, it’ll get better.”

“mmm… Ow, ok…”

I started slowly, trying to be as gentle as possible.  

Her squirming was turning me on even more, she looked so hot, and her moans were making me so hot.

I started fucking her harder and faster
“ow ow! Ouch! Stop!”

I disobeyed her cry, I continued
Fucking her little pink asshole, building up my cum for a huge eruption.

“aaaah! It hurts!”

I moaned, “I know… Almost”

I began feeling my orgasm reaching near by.

Her ass was quickly beating against my legs, making loud “fap” sounds as I penetrated her tight little ass.

“imma cum!” I yelled.
“hurry, please! Ooooh…”

I exploded into her ass, dripping cum out as I pulled my cock from her ass.

She layer there exhausted, “why didn’t you stop?”

“Im sorry, it felt really good. Haha”

“you suck… Well it felt good a little near the end”


“yea… Maybe we can try next time a little gentler.”

“next time?”

“well duh, you live so close, ofcourse I’m going to want that cock of yours every now and then!”

Hell yea!


“yea, especially since we have so much time to study”, she gave me a sly little wink.

She got up and headed towards to the door
“I’m going to shower, your welcome to join me if you want” she gave me a smile and then did that adorable little giggle I love.

I’m going to enjoy calculus.

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