Me and My Pet Girl

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In this utopia of a world slavery has become legal. Those who are under the poverty line will become slaves to those who can afford them. Because of this countries have actually improved and don’t suck as they do now. Crime is low and Literacy is high. Everyone now lives above the poverty line. Public sex has also become something that people would do. People can have sex in public, even in front of kids because nobody really cares. Slaves can be at any age and can take any shape. Rika in this story is an 18 teen year old but has the body of a 12 year old. I hope you enjoy this story because I sure did. Leave a comment about how amazing or disgusting this is. If this manages to get a 90% I’ll start working on a part two and maybe make it a series.

It was a normal day for me and my pet, Rika. The sun brilliantly shone the whole neighborhood as we continued our stroll. Our first stop was at the new brunch restaurant that I have been dying to visit. It was called “Le Chatte.” I also wasn’t planning on going alone. A normal person would ask their wife or significant other to come but I had neither. The only one I had was Rika, my pet.

I had many slaves but Rika was special. Out of the hundreds of slaves I have Rika was the only one who was Japanese. Japan had the highest gross income compared to all other countries so most of their citizens were not in poverty. Luckily I was able to snatch up Rika before anyone else could.

I got her at the age of 12 but now she is 18. Despite being 18 she kept her look of her 12 year old self. She had tiny breasts and was short in stature. She also had pink hair which is rare in western society but common in Japan.

Rika was attached to a leach mainly because she likes to run to something that excites her. Fortunately I had a friend who designed a leash that could cover her nipples and pussy but leave everything else exposed. It gets very hot in California so I don’t want her to overheat.

Rika kept pulling on the leash trying to make me go faster. As the dominant one I kept my pace so Rika knows who is in charge.

On our walk we saw many people with their slaves walking outside. Most of them had been fully developed since they were taller and had larger genitals. There were also a few which were in their younger stages. Those are the ones you have to be careful about because they are extremely energetic. Despite the variety of slaves we saw, none of them were Japanese. It seems Rika was one in a million.

We finally made it “La Chatte.” The place was extremely packed but because of my celebrity status and Rika’s cuteness we got to cut through the line. We managed to get a table outside of the restaurant but it lacked a chair for Rika. The workers said there were no more chairs so Rika had to sit on the ground

The ground was full of dirt so I couldn’t let Rika sit there. I unzipped my pants and got my cock out. I got Rika to stand up, push the part of the leash that was covering her pussy to one side and got her to sit on my cock. By this time it almost her pussy made a perfect match with my cock.

We continued illegal bahis on with our meal. I ordered some eggs and bacon while Rika got waffles with syrup. A fully developed slave came out with our orders. She had large breasts and wore revealing clothes. She was a blonde who was also a bit tanned. The girl got my cock hard and Rika noticed.

“You better not be thinking naughty thoughts about her.” The waitress slave blushed and walked back inside. Rika continued to eat her waffles if nothing happened. Her cheeks were puffed out as they always do when she’s jealous.

“Of course not” I calmly said. “No girl is more perfect but you.” She smiled but spilled syrup all over her tiny breasts. She started blushing and went a little crazy. Rika hates getting syrup in her because she doesn’t want it to wipe off on to me. I always tell her it is fine but she still is paranoid by it.

“You want me to clean it.” I asked. She nodded with no words. She usually is a talkative one so seeing her so quiet was unsettling.

I turned her in order to face me and started licking the syrup off her breasts. She moaned as I sucked on her nipples. She should be used to it but she happens to be very sensitive.

The other customers were not fazed by what I was doing. In fact there was a slave and his master having sex on the table. The thought of fucking Rika got my cock hard again. Rika looked at me with blushed cheeks but furious eyes. “You’re still thinking of her, aren’t you?”

I kiss her on the lips to calm her down and reply “You’re the only girl for me.” She smiled and continued to eat her waffles.

After our breakfast, I paid the check and started to head of back home. As we were leaving the restaurant we were confronted by two men.

“Wow, are you The Phil Logan?” A tall black man asked.

“No shit he is.” His friend, a muscular white male responded.

“This guy’s a legend. He created that pill that can 100% cure STD’s.” The black man added.

“That’s me.” I smiled “I also created other stuff just in case you didn’t know.”

The duo laugh. “Of course we know! Bro you are like the best person in this world.”

I laughed in response. I am pretty popular so it makes sense that I have fans. “Is there something you guys want?”

In unison they say “We want a photo.”

I looked at my watch then back at them. “I guess we have enough time.”

I stood in the middle along with Rika as the two men surrounded us. We asked a stranger to take a couple of picks. A few were serious and a few comical.

“Is she Japanese?” The white male asked. He took his phone back from the stranger and put it in his pocket.

“Yes she is.” I look down at Rika. “Isn’t that right?” She nodded cheerfully.

“She is very cute. May I pet her?” The black man asked.

“Of course you can.” I push Rika’s back so that she was on her fours. The men rubbed her back and her head.

“You must be very lucky to have such a rare slave.” The white male said.

“Indeed I am. She is the only slave I got who is Japanese.”

“So I guess you aren’t selling her.”

“Not over my dead body.” I laugh and the others join in too.

“Still…” illegal bahis siteleri The black man said. “I’d do anything for a slave like that.” His friend jabs him in the chest. “Sorry, I mean she is cute and all so I’m pretty jealous.”

I laugh again. While petting Rika’s head I say “You might not get to own her but if you want you can fuck her.”

The men looked at each other in shocked. “What about us? Can we do it too?”

“I’m not that busy but I should be getting home. If you guys are okay having a gang bang with her then I won’t oppose.”

Almost immediately the men shouted. “Alright!”

“Very well.” Though Rika was my precious girl I want here to experience a lot of things. She should be able to do whatever she wants without me bothering her.

I remove Rika’s leash as the two men remove their pants. Their cocks range from 10-12 inches. I pat Rika’s head telling her it is okay to have sex with them. She runs towards the muscular black guy who has the largest cock and starts sucking him.

I whip out my cock so that I could masturbate to this. My precious Rika will be in her first threesome.

Rika was a pro. She sucked each guy for an estimated 30 seconds and switch, while giving the other two a hand job. The more I see Rika suck the two guys the hornier I get.

The two guys were talking to each other most likely about who gets to fuck her pussy first. I on the other hand stare at Rika’s bare back, rubbing my cock as fast as I can.

Rika sucked on the men’s cocks for a bit longer. She held their balls in her hand and squeezed them slightly. Rika on occasion will try to deep throat the guy with the smaller dick. The white man was jealous and forced Rika’s mouth down his larger cock. The two started arguing once again but I didn’t feel like intervening. I was too busy stroking my cock.

Rika’s pussy started to leak onto the concrete of the sidewalk. “Hey one of you guys should fuck her in the pussy.”

Since Rika was sucking on the black man’s dick, it was the white one who got into her pussy first. He picked up her rear and poked her pussy with his dick a little. He seemed anxious in the beginning but decided to just go on with it.

Rika did fuck other men before but her pussy was still as tight as when I first fucked her. The white man slowly started to fuck Rika in the pussy. As he thrusts into Rika’s pussy it forces her deeper down the black man’s cock.

I watch as I rub my cock furiously. Rika’s moaning can be heard despite there being a cock in her mouth. Her moans soon attracted other people to watch. Most of the men who came to watch took out their cocks and started masturbating. The women who were watching also started to feel themselves.

The white man began thrusting so fast and hard the Rika ended up swallowing the other man’s dick whole. After a few minutes of deep throating and pussy annihilation the white man stopped. This gave Rika a chance to breath.

By now most of the men watching have already came, but I was still tugging on my cock. The two men were arguing and it looked like the black guy was losing. With a sigh the black man picked up Rika canlı bahis siteleri vertically and started to fuck her in the pussy. Rika let a loud moan come out of her which turned on the people watching.

The white man then put his dick into Rika’s asshole. It seems like they were going to double penetrate her. Rika only had anal a few times so I wonder how she’s going to react.

The two men started fucking Rika with the white one holding her. The black one started to suck on her tits. The two started fucking her in unison. I started to rub my cock faster until I came.

I watch as the two men force Rika down their cocks. The slave waitress from before came outside to clean all the cum off of their property. The slave waitress noticed and walked towards me. She notices the cum all over my pants and asks “Do you want me to clean this mess?”

“That would be appreciated.” She then started to lick off the cum on my clothing. I also noticed other slave girls licking the cum off the sidewalk.

I continue to watch as the two men fuck Rika but I also kept the conversation between me and the slave girl. “So what’s your name?”

She started to lick my cock. “It’s Candy.”

“What a beautiful name.” I couldn’t see her but I knew she blushed. “So where is your owner?”

“He’s inside. Why do you want to know.”

“No reason. By the way I got to go to the washroom so can you keep an eye on Rika?”

She nods in response.

As I walk inside the restaurant I could still hear Rika’s moaning. I looked out the window to see that the three of them went from standing to lying on their backs.

The manager came up to meet me. “Hello there Mr. Logan. How may I help you?”


I walk back outside only to see that the crowd got larger. I look at my watch just to see that they been at this for half an hour. I had some where to go but it seems like I won’t be going today.

“Master, watch me!” I take a seat next to Candy and watch Rika.

“I think I’m about to cum!” The black man said.

“Same here.” The audience started cheering loudly.

The two men then cum into Rika’s pussy and ass. Everyone was screaming like crazy. I walk towards the two men and Rika.

“Thank you.” The two men said as they got their stuff and started to leave.

“No problem.” The crowd started to disperse after the climax.

Rika laid on the ground, tired. I pick up Rika and she whispers “Did you see?”

I smile back and answer “yes.”

I went back to Candy who was just sitting there on her own. I put on Rika’s leash when I notice that Candy was leaving. “Candy where you going.”

“Back to work.” She looked back and smiled.

I reach in my pocket and took out a pink leash. “Don’t you need this to work?”

She quickly ran to me and cheered. “No way did you buy me?”

“You were quite expensive but money is no issue.”

She started to tear up. “I hope to get along with you… Master.”

I smile and was about to talk but was interrupted. “Who you calling master?”

Rika seemed to have boosted her energy. She grabs onto my left arm, tugging and yells “This is my master.”

Candy sticks her tongue out and pulls my left arm. “Not anymore.”

As we start walking home the two continue to bicker with one another. This is going to be quite interesting.

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