Meeting John

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I never really thought that i would be the type of person who would go online for sex.I always told myself that it would happen naturally,one day I’d meet a person and we’d connect and then we’d eventually get to it.Well nature was taking a really long time and I found myself in a long dry spell.I was jerking off constantly but I just couldn’t satisfy myself the way having actual sex would.So I went on craigslist and posted an ad.It was pretty generic,I had read a bunch just to see what the general vibe of the site was.After posting the ad I checked my email at least every five minutes just waiting and hoping for a response.Then I got an email from John.

My heart raced as I opened the email,and I was even more intrigued when I saw there was a pictures attached.The first photo was of John with his very supple ass pointed up with his back arched and the second was of him on his back and juicy cock fully erect.In the messageJohn introduced himself and asked if I he could come over.Very aroused fro the photos I wrote up a response immediately with all the necessary info.When it came time to send the email I suddenly froze.The sudden realization of me inviting a stranger into my home to have sex hit me,but with a second look at his ass and cock I hit reply and waited for his response.

My illegal bahis phone buzzed and I saw his reply,”Be there in twenty minutes.”.It was actually happening.I went into a frenzy cleaning my place,getting the bedroom read and then taking a shower.I was still rinsing my body off when I heard the knock at the door.I turned the shower off and quickly threw a towel on.I looked through the peep hole before opening the door and there he was.I took a few deep breathes and then opened the door.”Hey,are you Steven?” he said.”Yeah I am nice to meet you come on in.”.John walked in and I closed the door behind him.”So where are we doing this?”he asked.”I set up the back bedroom if you want to follow me.”,I said leading the way.As we entered the bedroom John took off his shirt and took me in his embrace and our lips locked for the first time.

It happened so quickly that my towel dropped to the floor and my dick,which was now fully erect sprang to life.”What have we got here?”John said as he grabbed and stroked my cock.I took in a sharp breathe as I felt a hand other than my own in a long time caress my member.”You like that?”he said as he kissed my neck all the while continuing to stroke.”I bet it tastes as good as it looks.”and with that,John grabbed the base of my cock and guided it into his warm mouth.I moaned illegal bahis siteleri loudly as his tongue swirled around the head of my dick.John moaned and it sent vibrations down my cock making me buck my hips slowly.John let go of my cock and placed both hands on my ass massaging and pulling me forward so he could take all of my length down his throat.After bobbing up and down on my cock for a few minutes John stood up and said,”my turn”as he laid down on the bed.I joined him on the bed and crawled in between his legs.kissing his inner thighs along the way till I got to his cock.I stuck my tongue out and licked the precum that had formed on the tip.John moaned as Continued to lick and stroke the base of his cock until i wrapped my lips around the head.His precum left a sweet taste in my mouth as i sucked on his hard throbbing rod.

“I want you to fuck me.”He said as sucked him.John stood up on his knee’s and presented his as to me while he stroked his cock.I got up and walked over to my bedside drawer and grabbed the lube that was in there,squirted some on my cock and rubbed the excess on John’s tight hole.He moaned as I slipped my index finger in to get his as ready for my cock.I could feel his ass muscles squeeze my finger,making my cock jump.I moved my dick closer to John’s ass and rubbed canlı bahis siteleri it against his ass a few times.”Stick your dick inside me!”He begged as I teased.I placed the head of my cock against his throbbing hole and slowly pushed it in,feeling a little pop as i got the tip in.I could feel the vibrations of John’s moans as my cock moved in and out of his sweet as.Every stroke was a piece of heaven as his ass muscles squeezed my cock.I pumped and pumped for a solid two minutes before John,who ha been stroking his cock the whole time,cried out,”I’m gonna cum!”.His body shook and twitched as jets of hot jizz hit the bed,which sent me over the edge.With three hard thrust I pushed my cock as deep as it would go and let out all of the built up cum that I had stored.

Drained of all my energy and cum,I collapsed to the side of John who was also breathing heavily.We lay in silence as we both took in the events that just occurred.With a sudden burst of energy John stood up and began to put on his clothes,”Same time tomorrow?”he said as he put his shirt on.”Sure”I responded slightly surprised.He gave me one last look over then walked out.I got up,picked the towel off the floor and got back in the shower.Was he really serious about meeting again tomorrow?I blew it off and went about the rest of my day,every once in a while thinking about how hot it was. I was pleasantly surprised when I heard a knock on the door the next day and saw John.We didn’t even make it to the bedroom that time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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