Mom’s Boyfriend Wanted Penny

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Penny closed her bedroom door quickly as soon as she got inside and took a series of slow and deep breaths as she leaned back against it, trying to stop her heart from racing as she recovered from the shock she had just gotten out in the hallway.

It was a perfectly innocent thing, Penny assumed, a random meeting of two people in the wee small hours of the morning, both heading to the bathroom at the same time. Penny was half-asleep when she had left her room, but when she saw her Mom’s boyfriend emerging from her mother’s room, that woke her up fast.

Boyfriend, Penny thought as that term went through her mind, was a strange word to describe a man that was probably 45 or so, but that was what her Mom referred to him as. Only fair, since her father had moved in with a girlfriend after he and his mother had divorced, and that slut was in her 30’s.

Mr. Cole, the man who had been dating Penny’s mother for the last few months, seemed to be a very nice man, Penny thought as she leaned against the door and waited for sounds that would indicate that he had finished in the bathroom.

He had been very pleasant to Penny whenever they were all together, and just that evening after they ate dinner he had told Penny that he looked forward to getting to know her better, and insisted she stop calling him Mr. Cole.

“Call me Rick for one thing, if we’re going to get to really know each other,” he had told her, and Penny giggled nervously at that, because during those few seconds out in the hall, Penny had gotten to know Rick Cole a lot better than she had expected.

That was because while Penny had been wearing a nightie during that accidental confrontation in the hall, her mother’s boyfriend had been naked. Naked, nude, bare-assed, without even a sock on, he had walked out of her mother’s bedroom without a care in the world, and didn’t even seem flustered or embarrassed at her seeing him naked.

Truth be told, Penny thought that he might even have enjoyed her seeing him like that, and Penny shuddered when she realized that he had noticed what she was staring at before she mumbled a quick apology while ducking back into her room.

What would anyone expect? That was Penny’s rationale about where her eyes had strayed; only briefly looking down his surprisingly trim and muscular physique before staring open-mouthed at the penis that swung lazily between his thighs as he walked toward her en route to the bathroom.

Poor Mom, Penny thought as she tried to picture that monstrosity erect, since in its flaccid state the thing looked scary enough. Not that Penny was an expert, having only touched four of them in her 19 years, and only one of those four finding its way inside of her, but she knew enough to know that Rick Cole was one well-hung man.

Mike Brown. He had been the boy that had deflowered Penny after the senior prom last year. It had hurt like hell when he had put his dick inside of her that night, after endless fumbling with the condom, and Mike’s dick wasn’t as big hard as her mother’s boyfriend’s was limp.

Poor Mom indeed. Her mother finally starts dating again after all this time and she ends up with a guy that looks like that character in that movie “Boogie Nights” – what’s-his-name? Mark Wahlberg? John Holmes? Whatever, Penny concluded.

The sound of the toilet flushing and the bathroom door opening shook Penny out of her daydreaming, and after waiting an extra minute or two Penny hustled in and out of the bathroom, tinkling and hurrying back into bed and safely under the covers.

Sleep would not come however, as Penny could not get the image of seeing her mother’s boyfriend naked out in the hall, and along with the memory of that vision came the recollection of the sounds that had come from her mother’s room earlier that evening.

It hadn’t been loud, and Penny could tell that her mother was muffling the noise she made, just like she used to do when her and Dad got it on most Saturday nights, but it was the bed that made most of the noise. Back in the day, Penny recalled, it didn’t squeak anything like that.

Then again, Rick Cole was about 6’4″ and at least 200 pounds, about a half a foot taller and at maybe 50 pounds heavier than Dad. Then there was the – other thing – and while Penny only remembered a brief peek at her father one time long ago, Dad had looked pretty normal.

Nothing like Mr. Cole, that was for sure, and as Penny’s mind kept coming back to that, her hand slipped down under the sheet and between her legs. The hair around her sex was dripping wet, and inside was even wetter.

Poor Mom, Penny kept thinking, because while her mother wasn’t as petite as she was, she was still a little lady, and thinking about how big Mr. Cole’s cock would be erect made her shudder.

“Don’t hurt me, Mr. Cole,” Penny whispered softly as she pictured him climbing on top of her now, his fully engorged manhood in his fist and looking ready to force that huge organ into the place her fingers were busily working. “You’re otele gelen escort so big… please don’t hurt me.”

After Penny’s orgasm finally ended, she rolled over onto her side, her body still shaking from the force of it. Now sleep would come easier, but the dream came with the sleep, and the topic of the dream was still her Mom’s boyfriend.


Down the hall, in the bedroom of Penny’s mother, 47 year old Diane Walton, a similar scene was taking place, only the person leaning against the inside of the door was not a scared teenage girl, but a mature 49 year old man, Rick Cole.

He too was breathing heavily as a result of his girlfriend “accidentally” seeing him naked out in the hall. The confrontation was inevitable, given the fact that Rick had made a number of trips to the can during the night, and not all of them were bathroom related.

He had wanted little “Peanut” to see him, and he was hoping that the girl would be wearing something a little more erotic looking than the plain white nightie she had on, but the way she looked at him made up for it.

They all look, Rick thought as he replayed the image of Diane’s daughter’s eyes going right down to his crotch, and the sight of that sweet young thing’s eyes bugging out like a modern day Marty Feldman made his cock stiffen.

Rick wanted “Peanut”, and he made a mental note to try and stop thinking of the girl as “Peanut”, since she had made it clear that she loathed the nickname she had been burdened with most of her life. Her name was Penny, he reminded himself, and a sure way to not get into a woman’s heart (or panties) was to irritate them.

Rick didn’t want to make her mad, he wanted to have sex with her. He wanted to have sex with her long before he started going out with her mother, back when she waited on him at Best Buy a couple of times. He made several trips to the store for the sole reason of talking to her before finally buying the cell phone he had wanted all alone.

Of course back then Rick was only flirting with the little cutie, because while he liked them young and petite, he liked his freedom even more than sex, and he had figured the perky little red-head for a schoolgirl. The petite frame, tiny breasts and the braces made her look too young for anything that was on the construction company owner’s mind.

It was sheer coincidence that when he got hooked up with Penny’s mother, he saw that her youngest daughter was the girl from Best Buy. That almost made him think twice about dating Diane Walton, because being around that jail-bait would be too dangerous, but that turned out to be a non-issue.

“Peanut’s going to graduate from Hudson Valley Community College next summer,” Diane had told him when Rick had asked her what school she went to, and when he asked whether she was one of these geniuses that skipped a lot of grades, she said no.

“She’s 19,” Diane explained. “I know she doesn’t look it, but she’s really sensitive about that. Believe it or not, at her age I looked a lot like her. Anyway, please don’t kid her about being so tiny.”

“I won’t,” Rick assured Diane, and from that moment on, he set his sights on her daughter.

It wasn’t like Diane was bad looking or anything, because even though Penny’s mother was starting to show her age in subtle ways around the eyes and neck, it was clear where her daughter got her looks from. She must have gotten the red hair and the freckles from her old man, but the boyish body came from her Mom.

Rick looked over at Penny’s mother. She was asleep already, but Rick was raring for some more sex. Clearly, Diane Walton hadn’t had any for a while, but while she wasn’t bad in the sack her endurance was lacking. Rick crawled back into bed and cuddled up into Diane’s backside, his erection poking rudely into the crack in her ass.

He didn’t want to take her anally all that badly – that one time years ago in Thailand was enough for him to learn that most women, even professionals, wanted no part of him back there, but he needed to get off again after that meeting with Penny.

“Ricky,” Diane had after his hand had left her apple-sized breast and had wandered between her legs. “Baby, I’m sore.”

“I’ll be gentle,” Rick promised, but Diane was not convinced.

“Here,” Diane finally said when she realized that Rick was going to rub himself into until he got off one way or another.

Diane turned around and slid over across his thighs, pulling the long prong from off of his abdomen and stroking it a few times before going down on him.

I wonder if her daughter’s even given head to a guy yet? Rick pondered that as he looked down at the shadow of Penny’s mother as he held the shaft of his cock in her fist, jacking him off while her mouth slid up and down the head of his cock.

Rick came quickly, his thoughts not on the middle-aged woman whose mouth and throat he was hosing down with his seed, but of her daughter, imagining that it was her on the receiving rus escort bayan end of his load.


Penny wrapped the bathrobe around herself and went out to the kitchen the next morning, expecting to see her mother and her boyfriend eating breakfast, the aroma of which had woken Penny up.

Instead she saw Mr. Cole at the stove. making bacon while a pot of coffee finished brewing. He smiled at Penny and said good morning, and after Penny returned the greeting she poured herself a glass of orange juice, glancing over at her Mom’s man as she did.

Tough to look at somebody after you’ve seen them naked, Penny mused at she looked at Rick, now fully dressed. He looked a little like some character from The Sopranos, with his black wavy hair and broad shoulders and while he was already dressed in a nice yellow short sleeved shirt and brown slacks, Penny couldn’t help seeing him without clothes.

Penny legs watched the muscles in his forearms bulge as he brought platters of food over to the table, the gold watch he was wearing standing out from the coating of dark hairs that covered his arms.

The rest of him sure was hairy too, Penny thought as she still remembered seeing him in the hall very clearly. His chest was covered with a mat of black fur, as were his legs, Patty recalled, and she jerked her head away quickly as Rick turned around with a platter of eggs and bacon, not wanting him to think she was checking him out.

“Hope you’re going to join me,” Rick said with a smile. “Your Mom seems to be sleeping in this morning, and I made a lot of food.”

“Yeah, she sleeps late on the weekends,” Penny said as she slid across the table from her mother’s boyfriend and took a strip of bacon and some scrambled eggs.

Probably wore her out, Penny mused, or maybe she can’t walk this morning. That almost made Penny laugh, and she forced herself to stop thinking about the night before.

“Cute picture,” Mr. Cole said, nodding at Penny’s driver’s license, which had come in the mail and was leaning against the napkin holder.

“Omigod!” Penny said, cringing as she grabbed it and turned it over.

“That’s not such a bad picture,” Rick commented, gesturing with his fork. “You should see mine.”

“They’re all bad,” Penny suggested.

“Guess you’re right,” Rick agreed. “That says you’re five foot tall though.”

“I am, almost,” Penny mumbled in between bites of her breakfast, noting that Mom’s boyfriend seemed to know that the only way she could reach 5 foot tall on the scale would be to stand on her tip-toes.

“A lot of men love petite woman, you know,” Rick said, looking over at the pale skinned girl with the bright red hair and the freckles that were clustered around her cute little nose.

Penny shrugged, blushing when she saw Mr. Cole looking at her.

“Guess your mother hasn’t had many – uh – overnight guests,” Rick said.

“You’re the first.”

“I know it must be difficult for you,” Rick suggested.

“No, it’s cool,” Penny replied. “I love Mom. She needs somebody.”

“We all do,” Rick opined. “Uh – since your Mom isn’t up yest, I wanted to talk to you about something. About last night, out in the hall?”

Penny gave a tight-lipped grin and shrugged her shoulders as she looked down at her plate.

“I hope I didn’t upset you,” Rick said. “Guess I’m starting to feel comfortable around here and I forgot I wasn’t home.”

“It’s okay.”

“That’s good, because I really want us to become close friends,” Rick said as he reached over and put his massive hand over Penny’s little one, making it disappear from sight. “Really close.”

Penny nodded, the warmth of Mr. Cole’s hand as he lightly squeezed hers making Penny’s heart skip.

“Who knows, maybe some night we’ll meet again out in the hall,” Mr. Cole suggested, his hand still over Penny’s. “Maybe next time you’ll be the one not wearing any clothes.”

Penny laughed a little at that, but it came out like loud and jagged breathing, and she realized that underneath Mr. Cole’s hand, her own hand was shaking.

“I think I’ll be staying over again tonight,” Rick said before releasing Penny’s hand. “Your Mom wants to see that new Matt Damon movie, and I hate to drive home that late.”

“You don’t mind, do you Penny? Me spending the night with your mother, I mean.” Rick asked, smiling when the little red-head shook her head while her eyes never left her now-empty plate. “Good.”

“Thanks for breakfast,” Penny said, walking over to the sink to deposit her plate before scurrying back to her room.

Rick Cole looked at the backs of Penny’s pale calves, as she departed, which was the only view of flesh the robe afforded him and he smiled again, just imagining what was underneath it, while in his slacks his stiffening cock slid down in the inside of the leg of his boxers.


Penny looked at her clock radio, which read 10:40, and then looked at herself in the mirror like she had been sıhhiye escort bayan doing for the last several minutes. She was naked, having just emerged from the shower minutes earlier, and was holding her nightie as she examined her reflection in the large mirror above her make-up table.

It was like the movie Groundhog Day, Penny thought as she looked at the scrawny waif in the mirror. She looked the same at 19 as she did at 14, she noted with dissatisfaction as her hands went up to her breasts, cupping the diminutive cones lightly.

The nipples, the one truly extraordinary feature of them, blossomed as they pressed into her palms. The crimson puffy aureoles were like strawberries, jutting way out from the little mounds of flesh they dominated. If it wasn’t for her nipples she might almost be able to pass for a boy, she mused, especially if she was on her back.

Her eyes strayed downward, to the thick triangle of flaming red hair at her delta, and her hand followed her eyes, first raking through the dense bush before her fingers stroked the outer edges of the triangle where the stubble had grown since she trimmed last.

Leaning toward the mirror, Penny grabbed a razor and deftly shaved the hairs that grew in places that wearing a bathing suit would expose, and then examined her work. Just then, car doors closed outside, and Penny turned off her bedroom light as she heard footsteps coming up the driveway.

A minute later, Rick and her mother came into the house, and after a few giggles from out in the kitchen she heard the two of them come down the hall while she leaned on the bedroom door and listened.

“Penny have a date tonight?” she heard Rick ask her mother.

“Don’t think so. She doesn’t go out much…” her mother said as their voices went silent when they went into her mother’s bedroom.

Penny pulled her nightie on and after waiting several minutes, peeked down the hall. At the bottom of the door, the bedroom light in her Mom’s room went out, and then Penny crept down the hall on little cat feet.


“Oh – oh – oh!” Penny heard her mother grunt several times as she pressed her ear against her Mom’s bedroom door, and Penny tried to imagine what Rick was doing to her.

After a minute of listening to her mother moaning, the bed squeaked even louder, and then Penny heard her mother groan, sounding like she just had the breath knocked out of her.

From then on, the sounds were a symphony from the other side of the door. The squeaking bed frame and her Mom grunting, “Oh!” became a rhythm of sorts, and then a thump that sounded like the bed hitting the wall joined in along with a deep bass voice grunting.

Penny had her hand between her own legs when her mother let out a muffled squeal, and then another one as the squeaking and thumping got louder and faster. A series of guttural grunts – that had to be Mrs. Cole thought Penny – and her mother whimpering, “Omigod!” over and over again followed.

Penny bit her tongue as she came along with her mother, now leaning against the door frame so she didn’t fall right into the room, and then Rick groaned long and rather loud. Penny tried to keep her breathing silent as the squeaking stopped on the other side of the door, with only her Mom chanting “Omigod” several times before falling silent.

Snapping out of what felt like a trance, Penny hurried back into her room and closed the door behind her, her heart racing once again. What was she doing? What had she been thinking?


Penny was standing just inside of her bedroom, the door open as she stood in the doorway waiting. She had been standing there for over a half hour after returning to her room, the nightie she had been wearing now resting on a chair.

There hadn’t been any noise coming from her mother’s bedroom down at the other end of the hall for over an hour, and Penny thought that there was a real possibility that her Mom and Mr. Cole had fallen asleep after they had sex, but still Penny stood there, waiting.

This was a stupid idea, but the way Mr. Cole had spoken about their meeting the night before, it was as if he was expecting it to happen again. He had even suggested that perhaps she would be the one not wearing clothing, but this was way out of character for Penny, one of the most modest teenagers in the world.

When Penny heard her mother’s bedroom door open, she started to do what she had planned to do, but she froze. What if it was her mother going to the bathroom instead of Rick? How could she explain being naked like this?

Throwing caution to the wind, Penny boldly stepped out into the hall, but the person going into the bathroom was already entering the room. Penny saw enough of the muscular and hirsute backside of the person to know that it sure wasn’t Mom.

So Penny stood there, naked as the day she was born, and waited. Mr. Cole hadn’t closed the door completely, so she could clearly hear the sound of him peeing into the bowl, as was the resulting flushing of the toilet and the brief turning on of the faucet.

Suddenly, Penny decided that this was a stupid idea, and felt as naked as she was. Her hands came up to make a lame attempt to shield herself, one hand covering her sex and the other raised to her chest as Rick Cole emerged from the bathroom.

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