More Loving with Aunty Rachel

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Following our illicit encounter on the beach, I only had a couple of days remaining of my holiday in Spain and was desperate to get to grips with Aunty Rachel at least once more before I left.

Mum seemed to notice a change of atmosphere between myself and Rachel on the occasions when the three of us were socialising together.. I never seemed to have a chance to be alone with her, as mum was always around, purposely or not.

On the last day before I was due to fly back to the UK, I resigned myself to not having another sexy encounter with the gorgeous lady. After lunch together, mum took Rachel out shopping and I went to sunbathe on a lounger and swim in the pool.

Later in the afternoon, I went up to the apartment to have a shower and to wash off the chlorine. It was a good sized shower and the shower-head was one of those large modern ones that makes you feel like you’re standing in a tropical rainstorm. Needless to say, a lot of steam rose-up which fogged-up the place.

Soon I was aware that someone had entered the bathroom, but I couldn’t see clearly through the steamed-up türbanlı escort glass. A manicured hand slid open the door of the cubicle to reveal the fully nude, tanned glory of the lovely Rachel.

She stepped into the shower and I pulled her gently towards my slippery body, as the warm water cascaded upon us. We immediately started to kiss passionately and my soapy hands stroked and fondled her wonderful curves. Hers in turn ran-up and down my firm, muscular frame. My cock was quickly at full mast, poking rudely against her belly. One of her hands reached down to grasp the thick shaft, wanking it back and forth, causing the bulbous head to roll-in and out of the foreskin; within seconds this had me moaning with pleasure. Her other hand began to cup and soap my sperm laden balls making pre-cum ooze as a result of her double attention.

My hands were upon her large, soft boobs, fondling and gently tweaking the lovely brown nipples into rising peaks. I leaned my head down to suckle them, one and then the other. Moving my right hand down between her legs, escort ulus I ran my fingers up and down her swollen labia and over her little love button, then into her warm, moist pussy. Rachel gasped, delightfully surprised at the expert fingering of such a fine young man.

We carried-on frigging each other, our tongues entwining deliciously in the french manner, groaning and mewing. Rachel’s mouth suddenly gaped wide in a high-pitched howl as the spasms of orgasm overwhelmed her, love-hole clamping in pulses on my fingers and soaking them with juices.

When we left the shower, we were clean in one way for sure, but very dirty in another, as Rachel leaned over me to envelop my stiff cock in her mouth, sucking and butterfly licking its sensitive head. I grabbed a large bath towel and started drying-us down as Rachel’s head bobbed back and forth.

Discarding the towel, I followed Rachel into her bedroom admiring her curvy figure, fantastic for a woman now in her 60s. When she turned towards me, I pushed her backwards onto the bed, with my strong body on top escort yenimahalle of her, opening thighs wide and watching her soft tits bounce up and down.

My dick found her slit with impeccable aim and eased all the way into her warm moist sheath. Rachel may have been a mature woman, but she was a perfect fit for my youthful prick as I began to piston in and out of her. Smooth bronze legs curled around the back of my thighs, as I pumped over and over again to a chorus of: “oh baby, oh baby, ohh baby!”

With the feeling I was about to cum, I built-up the intensity of my thrusts, so that Rachel could sense it and her cries grew louder as she peaked towards her own climax. I was there and with a guttural growl, erupted, spunk shooting and coating her intimate place with torrents of warm white seed. As if on instinct, Rachel’s pussy clenched in uncontrollable spasms as she wailed in the throes of her own orgasm.

When mum arrived home sometime later, Rachel and I were in the kitchen drinking wine as if nothing had happened. A conspiratorial grin from Rachel was the only confirmation of our secretive passion.

I flew out of Spain the next morning with a renewed sense of joy. I took the train from London to Edniburgh while having the distinct feeling that it wouldn’t be long before I would partake again in the pleasures of Rachel, the gorgeous older woman.

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