Mo’s enema

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Mo was trembling with nervousness and excitement as she knocked on the hotel room door. It was going to be her first time meeting Jessica in person after playing with her online for months. There was a shadow of someone looking through the door’s peephole, then Mo heard a voice.

“You know what to do pet.”

Mo took a deep breath and looked up and down the corridor to make sure no one was there. Then she reached into her purse, took out the blindfold Jessica had sent her in the mail, and put it over her eyes. Mo heard the door open, and a soft strong hand took her by the wrist and led her into the hotel room. The door closed behind them, and Mo was spun around and pressed against it. Jessica pressed herself against Mo’s back, and leaned down to whisper into Mo’s ear.

“I am going to have so much fun with you pet,” Jessica purred. She reached around and began unbuttoning the dress shirt Mo was wearing. In moments it was open, exposing Mo’s breasts as she had been instructed not to wear a bra. Jessica pulled the shirt off Mo, then pressed her back against the door, her breasts against the cool painted wood. A second later Jessica pulled down and off the skirt Mo was wearing, revealing a pair of black lace panties.

Now clad only in her panties and high heels, Mo was led into the room, still blindfolded. Jessica took Mo’s hands and pulled them behind her back, then Mo felt a pair of leather cuffs slide over her hands and tighten on her wrists.

Once more Jessica whispered into Mo’s ear, “Do you remember your safeword pet?”

Mo nodded. “It’s ‘Ghost.’”

“Good. illegal bahis Then unless you need to say it, I don’t want to hear anything but moans from you.” Jessica then began to tweak and play with Mo’s nipples until they stood out straight and hard from Mo’s breasts and she was panting. Jessica’s hands left Mo’s breasts, and a second later Mo let out a yelp and shuddered in pain as a pair of clamps were applied to her nipples, then another as Jessica tugged the chain that connected the clamps to make sure they were secure.

Mo heard a rustle of clothes as Jessica undressed herself, then felt Jessica’s hand slowly run up her thigh to her panty covered crotch.

“Someone’s wet I see,” Jessica said and Mo blushed, then moaned as Jessica’s fingers began to run up and down the outside of her lips through her panties. She began to push open Mo’s pussy so that even more moisture collected in the crotch of the panties, and even though Jessica was ignoring Mo’s clit, she could feel herself start to approach orgasm. Mo moaned in frustration when Jessica stopped touching her, and pulled her panties down and letting Mo step out of them.

“Open up little girl,” Jessica said, and when Mo opened her mouth Jessica pushed Mo’s panties in so that the sodden crotch rested against her tongue. Mo tasted herself and was embarrassed by how wet she had made her panties.

Jessica’s hand returned to between Mo’s legs lightly running over her pussy. “Mmm. Nice and smooth. Good little whore,” she whispered. Mo felt her heart flutter with the compliment. She had waxed just the day in anticipation of this meeting. illegal bahis siteleri

Jessica placed her hands on Mo’s shoulders and turned her around. Mo felt Jessica kneel down, and spread apart her ass cheeks.

“However, you could certainly be cleaner here,” Jessica said as she examined Mo’s asshole. Mo thought she was going to die of embarrassment. She had showered right before coming to the hotel and she hadn’t used the toilet since. There was no way she could be dirty there!

Jessica stood back up and turned Mo back around. “I think I’m going to have to do something to fix that,” she said, and took the chain connecting the nipples clamps and led Mo into the bathroom. In the bathroom Jessica made Mo kneel, then pushed her down so that her breasts and face were pressed against the tiles and her ass was in the air.

Mo heard the snap of Jessica putting on a pair of latex gloves, then felt Jessica’s dry gloves hands running over her ass. Once again Jessica spread Mo’s ass cheeks. Then she felt a cold shock as a large dollop of lube was applied to her asshole. A gloved finger began to spread it over and massage the lube against Mo’s tight rear hole before. Then the finger was pushed into Mo’s ass, sliding in easily because of all of the lube and drawing a gasp of shock from Mo.

The finger withdrew, and Jessica told Mo, “This might be a bit uncomfortable, but I’m sure you can take it.”

Jessica’s finger was quickly replaced by a small plastic nozzle which she pushed into Mo’s asshole until the plastic bulb it was attached to pressed against Mo. Then Jessica canlı bahis siteleri began to squeeze the bulb, pushing a warm salt water mixture into Mo. At first it just felt warm, and almost like relieving herself in reverse, but then she became full, then over full, feeling her stomach swell and bulge. Finally there was no more water in the bulb and Jessica stopped squeezing.

“I’m going to pull out the spout now,” Jessica told Mo. “Stay very still, and don’t let any leak out.”

Mo felt the nozzle slowly withdraw from her asshole, which she desperately clenched to try and keep any of the water that had been forced into her from leaking out. She was starting to cramp, her body wanting to force the water out.

“Now I’m going to have to leave this in for fifteen minutes.” When Mo heard that, she shuddered. There was no way she would be able to hold it for that long. “I know that it would be quite hard to keep it all in so I’m going to give you a little help.”

The rubber tip of a buttplug was pressed against Mo’s asshole, then slowly pushed in. Mo tried to both relax to let the buttplug in and keep her asshole closed so no water leaked out. It was awkward and felt strange, but soon the widest part of the plug was in and her asshole snapped closed around the base. The cramps were still there, getting worse in fact, but at least Mo didn’t have to concentrate on preventing leaks anymore.

Mo felt Jessica’s hands on her shoulders, lifting her torso from the tiles of the bathroom floor. She was brought up to kneeling, then her head was steered forward. Mo immediately smelled Jessica’s arousal, and knew what was coming.

“This should take your mind off your ass,” Jessica said, and Mo extended her tongue to begin licking the very wet pussy of her mistress.

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