Mothership Wilderness Pt. 18

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All characters in sexual situations are 18 or older. Thanks for reading!

“This is a big day.” Mary looked around the table. They were all assembled in the mess hall for breakfast. She held her glass of milk up high. “Our old teachings said that nineteen was a number pregnant with meaning. That it represented His perfect order springing from His judgment.”

“Gosh, Mom. I thought you forgot.” Jacob’s face flushed as everyone looked at him.

“How could I forget my son’s birthday? I’ve been planning something special for you.” Mary raised her glass higher. “Come on, Jake. Stand up so everyone can see you.”

“Okay.” Jacob slowly stood. He was wearing his own uniform again, and he knew it was tight enough that everyone could see his cock lazily wriggling under his uniform.

“Glasses up, everyone.” Mary looked around the table and glared at Dr. Cole and Judy, who hadn’t lifted their glasses. They were too busy staring at Jacob.

“What an immature prank,” Judy whispered to Don. But her fiancé didn’t seem to be listening. She followed his gaze back to Jacob and felt suddenly woozy. She quickly looked away.

Dr. Cole slunk back in her chair, unconsciously moving away from the birthday boy. If that thing under his uniform was real, there was something very, very wrong aboard the Errand into the Wilderness. She needed her plan to work more than ever before. She silently prayed that he was just messing with them, standing there with some sort of mechanical device moving between his legs.

“I drink to my son, Jacob, may he continue to carry all the Lord’s blessings. And may we all carry the Lord’s blessings for him in our own way.” Mary drained her glass of milk. She heard murmuring around the table.

Judy drank her milk down. Relaxation spread through her. There was no need to covertly look at Jacob. She openly stared at his crotch, wondering what sort of game he was playing. Was he just an immature teenager? Probably. Whatever it was, it was having an effect on her. Sweat broke out on her forehead. She grabbed Don’s hand to anchor her, but she found Don had stood. She looked after him as he slowly walked away. Judy chased after him.

“To my … um … little brother.” Pricilla giggled, holding her glass with one hand, and rubbing her bulging belly with the other. “I can’t wait to share the years ahead with him in the promised land.” Pricilla lifted her glass and then downed her milk. A flush of pleasure made her shiver. “Oh, and I wanted to tell everyone, I’m pregnant. I’ve been blessed with the Lord’s child.”

“Congratulations.” Dr. Cole felt strange. That was an odd way to announce a pregnancy. But these zealots were odd people. “And happy birthday.” She looked over at Jacob and squirmed in her seat. Her breasts had been so achy lately, and the pain seemed to intensify each second she sat at that table. She put her mostly untouched glass down and hurried out of the room, following Judy and Don. “Not long now,” she whispered. “Not long now, not long now.” She repeated to herself as she stumbled along long empty corridors.

“We knew this would be a special voyage. But we thought it would pass while we dreamed.” It was Humility’s turn to stand and hold up her glass. “But here we are, awake. He has opened our eyes to a new world. Three cheers for my sister-in-law and brother-in-law. What a special day.” She drank as half the room cheered, and the other half watched in silence.

The men around the table looked on with bemused or tranquil expressions.

Maureen thought how odd it was that none of them toasted Jacob or Pricilla. She stood and held out her glass, but before she could say something, Heather spoke.

“I am proud to share this time, to share this space … I am proud to share everything with the Winthrops. Congratulations, you two.” Heather didn’t look down at her silent husband sitting stone-faced next to her. She didn’t care if her words weren’t cleverly disguised. “I’ll happily give you second base anytime.” She beamed at her boyfriend across the table.

Jacob laughed. “But I’m a home run hitter.”

“I know, I know.” Heather laughed and drank her milk.

Maureen looked back and forth between the dark-skinned woman and the teenager. Was that flirting? Had something happened there, too? “Um … um.” She looked around the table. Everyone was looking at her with expectation, like her benediction somehow carried great weight. “Well … I guess … I’m glad we had to delay our departure.” She smiled nervously and glanced at her husband as he stood and walked out of the room. Part of her wanted to go after him, but she knew she needed to make her thoughts known. Was that Pricilla’s husband’s baby in her belly, or her brother’s? Maureen was just now starting to see how far things had gone on the ship. But God seemed to be behind it all. And who was she to argue with Him? “I think it was Lil that mentioned ‘opened eyes.’ She might have meant it literally. I know you were all supposed to sleep canlı bahis for years … but … um …” Why was she so nervous? Her pulse beat in her ears. “My … eyes … have been opened too by … well … um … happy birthday and congratulations on the baby.” She looked Jacob in the eye, held her glass high, and then drank her milk. “Oh, and Penny turns nineteen today, too. We’re happy that we get to share this special day with you.”

“That was very moving.” Mary gave Maureen a rub on her shoulders. “Thank you, Maureen. As some of you know, I’m pregnant, too.” She held up her hand. “No, no. No need to make a big fuss. I just wanted it out there.” She looked around the table as her husband stood and wandered out the door.

Penny stood and spoke quickly, before anyone else left. “I just want to say that I always thought birthdays were special because it was a day all about me. But it turns out, it’s even better to share the day with my boyfriend. Happy birthday, Jake.” She smiled broadly and drank her milk.

“Happy birthday,” the remaining people at the table said, talking over each other.

“Really happy for you two. I have to get back to the lab.” Humility waved and headed out the door.

“It looks like our gathering is breaking up. And I must go find my other son. I don’t know why he’d miss breakfast on his brother’s birthday.” Mary smiled, but there was a little strain at the mention of Mason. “Have a great day, everyone.”

* * * * *

“I’ve been thinking.” The shower water ran over Pricilla’s shoulders, forming migrating streams down her large breasts and over her swelling belly. She pushed her blond hair back, slicking it down to her skull. A little smile played on her lips. “I want to spend all the time I can with you. I think I should move into your cabin.” She stuck her chest out. Maybe she could lure him a little into the right decision. How strange that she had been skinny not long ago. It was hard to remember that version of herself. Those days were certainly behind her. After a moment of her brother staring, she leaned forward and gave him a quick kiss on the lips. “Well, what do you think?”

“Um … well … let me think …” Jacob considered it. He loved his sister, and he knew they’d get along fine living together. She was maybe a little jealous, but that wouldn’t be a problem. A spark of anxiety ignited inside him. The idea cemented for him. What about John? What sort of effect were his actions having on other people? “What about John? You love John.” Heck, everybody loved John. He was an amazing guy, and a devout member of Colony Control. Jacob couldn’t do that to his brother-in-law. Could he? Pricilla was talking about breaking their marriage. But … maybe … their marriage was already broken. And it wasn’t his fault. He looked down at his dick as it rose from its somnolence. His dick liked the idea more than he did, it seemed.

“I do love John. Just not in that way anymore. I married young, Jake.” She put her hands on his shoulders and moved them in a circle so that he was under the warm water now. She knew how cold it could be on the other side. “A lot has happened since I married John. I’ve experienced His true light through you. Like the ladies said at breakfast, my eyes are open now. John would understand.”

“I don’t know.” Jacob was pretty sure that John wouldn’t understand. Would he punch Jacob, or accuse him of turning their family into heathens? Come to think of it, John hadn’t spoken to him in a long time. None of the men had. Should he be worried for them? “I’m not sure, Pricilla. There’s a lot to think about.”

“This guy seems sure.” She reached for his penis and felt its strength and power. It pulsed in her hands and pushed against her grip, almost like it was willing her to stroke it. She obliged. “We can’t get married. At least not until Mom figures out what rules apply to the new messiah.” She giggled. “But I could be your wife in all but name. I would be to you as the church is to Christ. I would care for you, shelter you, and offer myself as your sanctuary.” She turned around, and pushed her butt up against that massive, wriggling thing. It quickly found her anal entrance and slipped in. “Oh … yes … I will take whatever you have to give me.”

“Let me think … ugh … about it.” He took hold of her hips. He hadn’t wanted to fuck her in the shower, but he couldn’t stop himself. The pleasure mounted as he slammed into Pricilla. He watched her delicate back flex as she reached for the support of the shower wall. He honestly didn’t know what he was going to do.

* * * * *

Wasn’t she following Don? Judy blinked her eyes. It seemed she’d never caught him, and he’d wandered somewhere else. Her feet led her on through the ship, her mind taking some time off. She looked around in the corridor and didn’t see anyone about. That was good, because her boobs were sore and swollen, and she needed to do something about it. Over her uniform, she rubbed one, and then the bahis siteleri other, bringing a little relief. She’d been doing that sort of massage every night lately. It did lessen the pain. Her body seemed intent on spiraling back into her teenage years. She walked on and found nobody.

Jacob’s door. Her feet stopped right in front of it. What was she doing here? There was some connection to her new feelings and Penny’s boyfriend. But she couldn’t place it. Without her request, the door hissed open. Her mouth fell. She stared.

* * * * *

The hiss of the door caught Jacob by surprise. He stood in the middle of his room toweling off. His dick hung heavy between his legs, his balls a little more pink than blue after unloading twice in his sister. His towel was mid-rub on his back, so he found himself on full display to Judy Henderson. Goodness she was pretty with that shocked expression on her dark face. His dick gave a lurch, blood surging back into the thing again.

“Oh … Jacob … I’m sorry. I didn’t … mean …” Judy’s gaze fell to what clearly had not been a prank at breakfast. The birthday boy looked mostly like a skinny, nineteen-year-old human, except for the abomination between his legs. It grew, and moved side to side like a blind, searching beast. A steady dribble of clear fluid escaped from the thing’s massive head. “Oh … my …” Did her sister know that Jacob was so deformed? Judy had to warn her. But instead of running to find Penny, she stood rooted in the corridor.

“Yeah, so, from the way you’re staring, I can tell this is a bit of a surprise.” Jacob heard his sister humming in the bathroom as she freshened up. He couldn’t have Judy find out Pricilla and he were an item. Not like this. There’s no telling what Judy would do. And his mother had been clear. He was supposed to avoid unnecessary drama. “I’m just a bit different.” He watched her take a small step toward him. Another step and the door wouldn’t close. “And I need some privacy.” He wrapped the towel around his midsection. “Errand? Close the door.”

The door hissed closed.

* * * * *

The door to Jacob’s quarters didn’t open again. Judy stood in front of it for a long time, staring at nothing. She replayed the images she’d just seen over and over. The repulsive thing had moved. It was clearly hard, but bending. Jacob wasn’t human. Her feet turned and she quickly walked away.

Danger. Danger, Judy Henderson. They were all in danger. She headed back toward her ship. She would warn Penny first. And then tell her mother that they couldn’t delay leaving any longer. But when she returned to her ship, she didn’t seek out her family. Instead, she locked herself in her room. She tore off her uniform and underwear and sat on the edge of the bed. Her hand dropped between her legs. She was wet.

Had her sweet sister already discovered Jacob’s secret? Had she touched it? The image of Penny tentatively touching that hideous thing burned in her mind. She convulsed and had the first orgasm in her life with her little sister in mind. But several minutes later, she found that it wouldn’t be the last.

* * * * *

“Is this good, Errand? Can you get a reading?” Humility sat naked on the edge of the metal table. The steel was cold on the bottom of her thighs. She put the glass tablet up against her slightly swollen belly and moved it with a steady spiral motion.

“Reading now. Finished. You may dress, Member Winthrop.” Errand’s voice was blithe as always.

“Send the data to my console.” Humility hopped down from the table and slowly dressed. She zipped up her uniform and checked the screen. “Are these numbers right?”

“They are correct,” the computer said.

“Well, we can’t assume a constant trendline, but …” Humility pulled the table into a graph, projecting out into the future.

“There are two kinds of people in the world.” Errand’s voice was a bit flat, but clearly modeled on a woman.

“Oh?” Humility barely listened to the computer. This was not what she’d expected. Sure, they were all showing early. But …

“There are those that can extrapolate from incomplete data …” Silence reigned as Errand waited for a reaction.

Humility laughed. “Who programed you to make jokes?”


“So, correct me if I’m wrong.” The moment of levity forgotten, Humility finished the curving line. “Our pregnancies are set to come to term in three months. With fully matured babies.”

“That is correct, Member Winthrop.”

“What did Jacob do to us?” Humility sat in a chair, thinking things over.


“And did you find out why we’re slowing down?” Humility rubbed her belly.

“Uncertain,” the ship said.

* * * * *

The sun shone down. The sand under their feet radiated the heat back up wonderfully. Heather wriggled her toes, waiting for the next serve. Even in broad daylight, she could see the greenish glow on the horizon from the spot that used to be Honolulu before the bahis şirketleri fourth war. She had now traveled to her honeymoon spot in the holopark more than she had on Earth.

Maureen, in her modest one-piece, served the ball. Heather, wearing a somewhat less modest one-piece, passed it to Mary. Mary, practically falling out of her little bikini, set the ball. Heather jumped and spiked it to the other side. Pricilla, also in a bikini, dug the ball out, Maureen set it, and Pricilla tried her best to spike it. But Heather was waiting, and blocked it back across the net. Heather smiled and gave Mary a high five.

“This isn’t fair.” Pricilla panted and put her hands on her knees.

“I chose Jacob’s baseball partner for a reason.” Mary smiled sweetly at her daughter across the net and then turned her head as the door opened. “But it looks like Jacob and Penny are here to put you out of your misery.”

The four women turned toward the door and sang “Happy Birthday” to the new arrivals.

Penny and Jacob stood in their uniforms, watching their moms and the two other women sing. Penny thought her own mother looked a little out of sorts. But Mary seemed quite at home singing her heart out on the beach. When the women finished, Penny and Jacob undressed and put on their holopark swimsuits. Like her mother, Penny wore a one-piece. Jacob wore trunks. He noticed that all eyes were on him for the brief second his cock dangled out in the warm, tropical breeze. And then it was tucked away again. The birthday boy and girl found side-by-side recliners on the beach. They sat holding hands and picked up drinks with little umbrellas in them.

“I can tell who’s winning by the expression on your face, Pricilla.” Jacob laughed and sipped his drink. “Don’t stop playing on our account.”

“Is that what you want?” Mary walked over to her son, well aware that both Penny and Jacob had their eyes on her bouncing boobs.

“Yeah, that’ll be fun.” Jacob nodded.

“Anything for my big guy.” Mary leaned forward, her cross dangling down in front of her hanging breasts, putting her cleavage right in Jacob’s face. She kissed his forehead, and walked back to the game. “Where were we?”

The four women went back to volleyball. After a few minutes, Penny let go of Jacob’s hand and let her fingers wander up his flat belly and then down under his trunks. She had spent most of her teenage years desperately wanting a boyfriend. And here she was at nineteen, with a boyfriend that melted her heart. And her pussy. Not only that, but she was fapping him in front of her own mother, who kept stealing glances between points. And his mother, who seemed to think he was some sort of god, was right there, too. She thought back to the pity party she had thrown herself on her eighteenth birthday, when those carnivorous slugs were still sneaking about the ship. Things could not be more different. Jacob’s cock pulsed in her hand and grew.

“That feels … really good … Penny.” Jacob put his drink down. He watched the women play their game, enjoying all the bouncing and shaking that the sport provided. They were all such beautiful women. This fake beach in fake Hawaii was Heaven.

“Is it okay that we’re doing this … in front of all of them?” Penny leaned closer to him to get a better angle. The head of his cock poked out from under his trunks, and flopped on his belly. She’d have to take those trunks off soon.

“It’s the perfect … birthday gift.” He watched Heather dive for the ball, her black skin glowing in the sun. “But it’s your birthday … too. What do you want?” He looked over and gave her a relaxed smile.

“I want you to … um …” She bit her lip and looked over at her mom as Maureen missed another of Heather’s spikes. “I want you to put it in me.” She let go of his dick and pulled his trunks down to his knees. Despite her familiarity with his anatomy, she sucked in her breath at the sight of it. That giant was going inside her. Her pussy gushed. She looked down and saw a stain between her legs. She looked over at the volleyball game and saw that all the women had similar spots on the crotch of their suits. Mary and Pricilla, also seemed to have milk stains on their bikini tops.

“You okay with doing it in front of all my girlfriends?” He pulled his trunks the rest of the way off and reclined in his lounger. He watched her quickly get out of her one-piece.

“I don’t mind as long as my back is to them.” Penny’s body surged with expectation and adrenaline.

“Penny, maybe you shouldn’t.” Maureen let the ball fall next to her in the sand. She stood staring at the teenagers. “He’s too big for you.”

“But he fits in your pussy, perfectly?” Penny scowled at her mother, and then climbed on Jacob. She now had her back to the game. “Stop trying to get between me and my boyfriend.” She could feel the thing spreading her lips, searching for her opening.

“I … um …” Maureen stared as that strange penis found its way into her daughter’s vagina. In no time at all, Penny’s white butt bounced up and down on him. Goodness, he was really stretching her. She could see the pink from inside her vagina pulled in a taut ring around that fat thing. “Maybe … I …”

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