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It was the first day back to school and my first year in high school. I walked in to the commons and instantly started to scope out the scene I separated the jocks, nerds, cool kids, and hot girls from the ugly girls. I’m about 5’11, I had worked out during the summer so my arms and legs were a little buff, my abs had also started to form. I have shoulder length black hair and dark brown eyes that are almost black. I was wearing grey camo cargo shorts, my fatal shirt with a shirtless girl covering her breasts with her hands, and my black converse. My cousin goes to this school and basically dressed me so I would look like him and the other cool kids. I walked up to the cool kids and my cousin introduced me I wasn’t really paying attention because I was checking out the perfect girl standing on the other side of the room. She 5’9 with 40D’s and an ass to match she was just wearing a white V-neck shirt and black leggings. Her brown mid-back length hair was tied in high pony tail. She was wearing brown flip flops showing off her toes painted bright green. I walked over to her and she gave me a cute smile. I looked into her dark brown eyes and said,
“I like your toes.” She giggled and said,
“I’m Jeanne.”
“I’m Bryan,” then the first bell rang she handed me a piece of paper that had her number and said p.s. your cute I was so excited; I just blazed through the day. When I got home I texted her just so she can have my number. We talked until 3am then we went to sleep. We talked and hung out for a couple weeks then my birthday came up she told me she had a surprise for me. We went to this old art room that no one uses any more. She gave me a long kiss and stuck her hand down my pants and grabbed my 10 inch long and 2 ½ inch wide hard-on. I put my hands around her back and undid her bra. I massaged her breasts and tweaked her nipples. She un-zipped my pants and pulled my dick out and said,
“Wow you’re a big one aren’t you.” I smiled and nodded. She squatted down in front of me and spread her legs really far apart, and then she opened her mouth wide and began sucking on my head. She pulled off looked up at me and said,
“this bigger than my mom’s vibrator,” when I looked down to smile at her I noticed that she had one hand moving quickly in her skirt illegal bahis and she was soaking wet, there was a puddle of her juices on the floor and I realized she wasn’t wearing any panties. Then she started deep throating me. She started gagging so I pulled her off and stood her up. I laid her on a desk and started eating her pussy I ate her until she came twice. Then I kissed her so she could taste herself.
“Oh my God, that was amazing.”
“And you taste delicious.” She kissed me and wrapped her legs around my waist, so that I was holding her up. She slid down me so that the tip of my dick was rubbing her pussy. I grabbed her waist and slid her down slowly so that she could adjust to my girth. After I got all of my 10 inches inside of her I waited for her to tell me to continue, we stood like this for about 2 minutes. Then she whispered in my ear,
“Keep going.” I lifted her up and sat her back down I started slowly at first then I started to pick up speed and she started moaning and screaming. I kissed her to shut her up so we wouldn’t get caught. She came several times before I said,
“I’m gonna cum” I wasn’t ready to destroy her cunt with my cum yet.
“Where should I cum?”
“Anywhere you want birthday boy” I pulled out and put my cock back in her mouth. She gagged on my dick ‘till I came directly down her throat.
“I didn’t even get to taste it” she complained.
“Don’t worry I’m not done yet.”
“What do you mean?” she asked. I pointed to my dick which hadn’t wilted in the slightest.
“That’s amazing.” I smiled and picked her up. I bent her over a desk and stuck my dick in her wet cunt I let her cum once before I took it out and placed the tip at her asshole. I pushed in slowly so that I wouldn’t hurt her. I buried all of my meat in her ass and fucked her hard before I came in her ass.
“Sorry I didn’t warn you, did I hurt you?”
“No I’ve used my mom’s vibrator in my ass before.” I sat on a desk and put her on her knees then she blew me. I stopped her before I came and took her shirt off, I grabbed her breasts and put my dick between them and squeezed them together. She understood and gave me a boob job.
“I’m gonna cum again, open your mouth,” I told her. She did as I said and I painted her face and mouth with cum. Some dripped illegal bahis siteleri off her face and down to her tits. I watched as she slurped down as much cum as she could. Then I forcefully face fucked her and came in her mouth so much that she couldn’t swallow it all and started coughing it up. I then bent her over the desk again and shoved my cock up her ass and fucked her till I flooded her ass and intestines with so much cum that it went all the way through her intestines and shot out of her mouth then I pulled out and gallons of cum flooded out of her ass. Then I picked her up from behind and fucked her pussy; (I had tested a pill for this male contraceptive company and the results always came back positive, so I couldn’t get her pregnant until a week from now because I took one this morning) and I came again flooding her womb and drowning her eggs in so much cum that it dripped out and got all over her inner legs then she passed out from cumming so hard. I continued fucking her in all three holes (and at this point I was just rapping her unconscious body). I fucked her throat so hard that she was choking so I pulled out stepped back and just blasted her whole body on the floor completely covered with cum so that no skin or hair at all was showing she was pooling enough cum to bathe in and she was still having orgasms even though she was still out cold. I stepped back to inspect my work and I noticed her pussy was filled to the brim with cum I grabbed her ankles and lifted her upside down to see if it would go down and it didn’t I looked at her asshole and saw that she was gaping I stuck my dick up there and then she sat up and grabbed my shoulders. I grabbed her hips and fucked her so hard that she was screaming in pain. I blasted her ass again and she coughed up more cum. After I finished I threw her down and fucked her face again till I drowned her in cum. Her nose was filled with cum and her mouth was literally a small pool of cum so that she couldn’t even breathe! I grabbed a towel and cleaned the cum off her neck then I massaged her throat so that she would swallow the cum then I fucked her face and refilled her mouth and recovered her neck. I put my dick back in my pants and started to walk away as I was leaving I looked back and saw that canlı bahis siteleri her stomach was huge. I left and came back with the two largest bottles I could find and shoved the larger one so far up her cunt that when I spread her lips I couldn’t see it and I did the same with the second bottle, I left to take a piss when I came back I removed the bottles and saw they were filled with my cum. I made to leave and suddenly behind me I heard a slurping noise, I turned around and saw her sitting up she said,
“I know several nymphos who would love that cock: my mom, my two sisters, my aunt, my five best friends and my two 10 year old cousins. I know for sure that I’ll be back, but I have to let all this cum digest first then we can go again.” she rubbed her stomach and I blasted her throat one more time and watched her choke. I knew for sure that she was hooked on my never empty balls and my never soft dick.
“Make sure they have at least C-cups and they don’t wear any under wear panties or otherwise. They must always wear clothes that give me easy access or are super revealing like shorts that cover half your ass. Make sure to tell them that I can do anything to them whether they are comfortable or not and that they must do as I say or the will be punished severly. And one more thing you will all know that you are my cum dumpster, sluts, whores, cum sluts, and fuck slaves which means none of you are allowed to fuck anyone else including each other, boyfriends, husbands, fwbs etc. I may bring some guys to gangbang one of you at a time and only one of them has the same super dick as me so go easy. ” She nodded and said,
”We will all be wet and ready for your dick on Saturday at 8am.” I nodded and left her to marinate in my cum.
“And I will see you for our next session here tomorrow right after school.” Then I went home to fuck the three sluts waiting for me at my house.
This is my first story so please don’t be harsh. There will be 2 more parts to this story then it will turn into MY CUM BUCKETS. I will also be doing fanfic for Naruto, Bleach, Marvel, DC, Family Guy, Simpsons, American Dad, Futurama, and more. Please no mean comments, helpful suggestions only. If you have any story ideas for me please pm me. The story about him and the three mystery sluts waiting at home will be a separate three part series. I will try my best to release a story every weekend if I miss a week there will be two the next week.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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