My Girlfriends Daughter_(0)

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My Girlfriend’s Daughter

When I first met Hannah it was lust at first sight. She was sexy, very well built, and drunk as a skunk. I managed to get her to come home with me. She looked like one of those girls that you see on satellite television at two in the morning. She was about five feet six inches tall, a hundred and twenty pounds, and a body to die for. She claims that her tits were real but I can’t figure out how they could be. She was all tits and no waist and she had really nice hips too.

On the way to my house I asked Hannah her bra size and she said that it was a 34-H. Yeah right! I had never even heard of an H-cup. She explained that you measure just under the breasts and add five inches to it and that number becomes your bra size. She had a 29-inch ribcage so she wears a 34 bra. As to the cup size that depends on how big you are around your tits minus your bra size, the number 34 in this case. I measured her to be 43 inches over her nipples. That 43 minus the 34 makes 9-inches. On a chart 8-9 inches becomes an H-cup. When you think about it though with that added 5 inches, her tits were 14 inches bigger than her rib cage. Quite impressive! She also had a 22-inch waist and 34-inch hips. Her tiny waist only made her huge boobs look enormous.

So when we got to my house I took this 34H-22-34 woman into my bedroom. Hannah pushed me onto my bed and I sat there while she did a slow strip tease for me. Oh my God she was fucking unbelievable. She could dance very provocatively and gave me an instant hard-on before she even took anything off. When she was standing in front of me in just her bra and panties she looked spectacular. She looked even better out of them. I could not believe that tits that size could defy gravity. They seemed to lift up when her bra was removed. Her pussy and mound were bare as a baby’s bottom and even cuter. I actually wanted to eat her pussy as much as I wanted to fuck her. I got to do both!

After we had sex Hannah fell asleep in my arms. I played with her tits until I fell asleep too. In the morning when we woke up she offered herself to me again and I accepted it. If this was to be a one-night stand I was sure that I would never ever forget it. The sex was by far the best that I had illegal bahis ever had.

When I drove Hannah home after sex and eating breakfast she had me swing by her mother’s house first. I waited in the car. When Hannah came back out she had one of the most beautiful girls with her. She introduced to me her fourteen-year-old daughter Madison. Since Madison sat directly behind me I saw very little of her during the trip to her house. When I dropped Hannah off she invited me up to her apartment for a cup of tea. I was going to say no when Madison opened my door and begged me to come up. Madison was just as beautiful as her mother was and if I’m not mistaken she is almost as busty too.

So I said, “Okay! I’ll come up if you tell me your age and your bra size!”

Madison said, “I’m fourteen years old and I wear a 32-E bra but I’m still growing! I go up a cup size about every three or four months!”

I smiled at her honesty and got out of the car. Madison took my hand and we followed Hannah up to their second floor apartment. As we climbed the stairs slowly I was eye level with Hannah’s ass. Her mini skirt was short enough so that I could see the bottom globs of her fine ass. I could not see her panties very often but I knew that she was wearing a thong. Occasionally she would get a step or two further ahead of Madison and I and then I could see her white panties as they caressed her pussy between her legs. All the while we were walking up those stairs Madison was rubbing her boob into my arm and I knew that she was deliberately forcing the back of my hand to touch the crotch of her jeans. I could feel the heat that was radiating from her crotch.

Once inside her apartment I had to adjust my cock in my pants so that I could sit down. Both girls saw me do that and giggled. I really didn’t care if they noticed or not. After all I had fucked Hannah twice and felt Madison up for the entire trip up the stairs. Why should I care if they know that I have a hard-on! Hell I was even proud of it!

Hannah told her daughter Madison to entertain me while she got out her soiled panties. Then she simply lifted her mini skirt up to her waist, hooked her thumbs into her G-string panties, and lowered them to her ankles and stepped out of illegal bahis siteleri them. She tossed them to me and said that they were mine to keep as a remembrance. I just naturally held them up to my nose. She said that most of that smell was my cum running out of her pussy. I was pretty sure that she was right. That’s when Madison took them from me and held them up her nose. I watched as she arranged her mother’s panties on her hand and then licked the gooey wet spot clean. Just then Hannah returned to see what her daughter was doing.

Hannah asked, “Would you like a better taste young lady?”

Madison turned toward her mother and said, “Why yes I would!”

Hannah came over to us and dropped her short sexy robe onto the floor. Since I was sitting on the couch she sat on my lap sideways and leaned back against the armrest. As she opened her legs Madison got right between them and started lapping up the sticky juices that were flowing out. I couldn’t resist leaning over and sucking on one of Hannah’s nipples as I watched her daughter lick her pussy. I knew full well that this morning’s load was still in there. It was extremely sexy to watch this happening only inches from my face.

Hannah said, “Madison I don’t want to be the only naked woman here! Get undressed!”

Madison stood up and smiled directly at me as she pulled her tight T-shirt up over her head then dropped her jeans to her ankles. Madison looked absolutely delicious standing there in just her bra and panties. When she took off her bra and I saw her tits for real Madison smiled and repeated that she wore a 32-E bra. Mother and daughter were almost exactly the same with Madison being just a smaller version of her mother.

This time Madison got on top of her mother in the sixty-nine position still on my lap. I was too close to actually see what was taking place. I would lean in one direction to watch Hannah licking Madison’s sweet pussy and then I would lean the other way to watch Madison lick Hannah’s pussy. The next time I leaned over I leaned in to kiss Hannah and get a taste of her daughter’s sweet pussy, and sweet it was!

As I enjoyed them enjoying each other they were also trying to enjoy me. Together they undid my zipper and pulled canlı bahis siteleri my cock out so that they could play with it. Hannah pushed Madison off from her and she rolled to the floor. Hannah sat up on my lap and then moved over to sit next to me on the couch.

Hannah said, “Now Madison, my cunt is empty so if you want any more of his cum you’ll have to get it yourself!”

With that Madison sucked my cock into her mouth, hell she sucked it clear into her throat. I could not believe what this busty fourteen-year-old girl could do. Before I could cum though she stopped and backed away.

Before I knew it Madison was offering me her puckered brown asshole. It was already lubricated too! What to hell! I took it!

As I slipped my cock into her well-lubricated asshole her reaction was much more extreme than I had expected from her. She cried out, gritted her teeth, and forced herself not to scream as she tried desperately to relax her sphincter muscle. I stayed motionless for a minute then she muttered, “Put it all the way in! Please!” I slowly pushed the rest of my cock into her ass and this time she scream out. I couldn’t tell if it was in pain or in pleasure. Once again I stayed motionless for another minute. Madison finally said, “Oh that hurts so good!” So I finished fucking her as Hannah watched us.

After I had cum deep in her daughter’s rectum and pulled my cock out Hannah said, “Oh Madison that was so wonderful for your first anal experience! Congratulations!”

First time? What! I thought she had done it before and was just giving me a piece of it.

I asked, “Madison was that really your first anal?”

Madison said, “Yes! I wanted to give you something that no one else ever got! Besides with your cum way up there I don’t have to share it with my mother!”

Soon I had given up my apartment and moved in there with them.

Shortly after that Hannah and I were married.

Now the three of sleep together every night and the girls have worked out a way to share me. First I’ll fuck my wife then I’ll fuck my daughter. After that they usually get in a sixty-nine while I fall asleep.

Life is so sweet.

Oh by the way…there tits really were real. Not only have I seen Hannah’s mother naked but I have personally been buying a bigger cup size for Madison about every three months. That girl is already top heavy.

The End
My Girlfriend’s Daughter

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