my new submissive family – Part 4 Stacy’s training

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Part 4

For the next couple days, Lisa asked me a lot of questions and slowly relaxed around me. My interaction with the rest of my new family is almost strictly related to food. The only exception is the need to wash off Tom and Mary. They seemed to have shit on themselves a few times. Both of them were begging and pleading for me to release them, but I didn’t think they were ready yet.
After another day, I decided it was time to test the programming. I set the recording to stop in just as I would enter the cell. I wore my robe and placed a taser in the pocket.
I walked into Tom & Mary’s cell. I walked up to the computer and clicked off the script, turned towards them and said. “How are my two slaves this morning?”
Both were looking at me trying to shake their heads “good”, their eyes locked on me. There was no hate in their eyes. If I were reading their looks correctly, they desired to know what I wanted them to do.
As I removed Mary’s harness and mouthpiece, she said. “Good morning Master. How may I serve you?”
“After I remove Tom’s harness, you both will find out.”
I removed Tom’s harness and mouthpiece and he stated “Thank you Master, how may I serve you?”
I started “I have a small task for you. You are going to teach someone how to suck my cock. You will explain to this student, that since they are my slave, they are to learn how to please me and that their first lesson will be to learn how to suck my cock. Do you understand?”
“Yes master” they replied.
“We are going to start by showing Lisa how to suck cock.”
“But she is too young?” Mary replied.
At that point, I knew that the treatment hadn’t quite taken effect yet.
I instructed Tom and Mary to their table.
Tom turned around saying “No, I won’t get back on that fucking table! I refu…”
Tom’s comment was cut short from a violent shaking caused from the jolt of my taser.
“I don’t make requests. Mary, assist me moving Tom back onto his table. I want him to lie on his back.”
We placed Tom on his table we proceeded to secure his arms, legs and head. I handed Mary the Anal dildo and the nipple clamps. While I replaced the harness onto Tom’s head and inserted his mouthpiece and tongue clamp. I had Mary attach the other attachments onto Tom. I went over to the computer and started Tom’s portion of the program but with shorter pauses between jolts. In a matter of seconds, Tom woke up and realized that his nightmare had begun again. His ass, nipples and tongue were on fire and there was nothing he could do but scream.
I had not pleasured myself in a couple days so I pointed at Toms cock shouting at Mary “Start sucking” as I proceeded to step behind her. As Mary started to suck Toms cock, I slipped my cock into Mary’s pussy. It wasn’t long before Tom’s cock had responded to Mary. I pulled my cock out and had Mary climb up onto the table and sit on Tom’s cock. As soon as she had buried it all the way in, I stepped up and slammed my cock deep into her ass. I could feel Tom’s cock jump from the jolts right through Mary’s.
I hammered my cock unmercifully until I filled her ass with my sperm.
I quickly pulled out and told Mary to get up onto her table. As Mary walked to her table, she started to plead, “Master, I promise to do better. I will do as you command, just please don’t”
“Get on your table now” I commanded, cutting her pleas off.
Mary quickly got on her table. I tightened the restraints. I grabbed 3 of her instruments. The vagina dildo, and both nipple clamps. After I inserted the dildo and clipped on the clamps, I programmed the computer to randomly discharge the three points rapidly. Mary’s eyes opened wide and she screamed when the pain hit. I walked over and placed her harness on her head and inserted the mouthpiece. Mary was very cooperative, between the screams.
“I was very disappointed in the both of you. I gave you a task and you questioned it. You had doubts. Understand you no longer have children to worry about; they are my slaves. You do not have each other to worry about; you are my slaves. You will do what I tell you to do. Without hesitation! Trust me when I say, this punishment can get worse, much worse.”
The quick DP of Mary had not entirely fulfilled my needs and seeing Mary so eagerly wanting to please her master, I proceeded to stick my hard cock into Mary’s mouth. Mary did all she could to try to suck on my cock. The mouthpiece prevented her from biting my cock when the shocks hit. Mary clamped down on my cock with her lips and sucked with everything she could. Her tongue lapped and played with my cock like it was her final meal. It was not long before my cock was nice and hard. I shoved my cock all the way down her throat. Between her gags and the tightening of her neck muscles from the shocks, it was a pleasant feeling. I removed my cock from her mouth as she gasped for air.
Mary’s ass was still prepped from the previous fuck so I placed my cock head at her anus and shoved. I am not sure if she groaned because of me or a shock, but her ass tightened around my cock like a vise. The feeling of her ass tightening in irregular intervals was incredible. It felt like her body was a machine designed just to suck my cock into her ass. She was an electric anal cock vibrator. It wasn’t long before I unloaded into her bowels again. After I pulled my cock out of her ass, I replaced it with the anal dildo and also clipped the tongue clip. I also inserted Toms Cock tube before changing the program to include all of the attachments.
“Good night my pets” I said as I left to grab myself a shower.
Over the next couple days I watched Tom and Mary closely. I enjoyed fucking Mary while she was still plugged in. During the couple days, I gave then a few minutes occasionally to rest.
After those couple days ended, I decided it was time for another test. Stacey was trying to be defiant and not learning her Principles so she was going to be the instrument of the test.
I walked into the cell. They both watched me walk up to the computer and stop the programs.
“Good morning slaves. I have a new task for both of you. First, Posted on the door are your slave rules. You will need to start learning these quickly. Start with the Hand Communications and Positions. Second, Stacey has been denying her servitude towards me. She has already shown defiance to learning these Principles. Therefore I am going to place her in your hands. You are going to initiate her Sexual training. You are to abuse her, fuck her, suck her, slap her, and convince her that she is my slave and she is to serve me. I have verified that she is a virgin, so enjoy it. Train her well. I will provide you with toys. You will have 24 hours to complete her training. Do not fail me. Do you understand?
They both shook their heads yes.
I removed all the attachments and released them from their tables. I informed them that they had to be ready in about 16 hours and that they were also to shower, eat and grab some sleep. I would awaken them before their task was to begin.
“Yes Master” was all I heard before they quickly headed to the shower. I grabbed the computer cart and wheeled it into storage. I turned the monitoring system to the shower room and listened.
Tom: “I am glad the Master let us off the tables. I didn’t know how much more I could handle of that infernal machine.”
Mary: I am glad also. Stacey sure must have made the Master mad.”
Tom: “Well we had better hurry up and get some sleep or we won’t be worth shit. One thing is for sure, I don’t want to displease him again.”
Mary: “Neither do I”
They quickly finished their showers; dried off, wolfed down the food I left them. As I shut off my monitor, they were intently reading their rules.
I had a few errands to run that kept me out of the house for most of the day.
When I returned, I brought food for Lisa and Anna. I went to my study and took illegal bahis a look at Stacey. She was sitting on her bed staring into space. I turned on the video recorder to Stacey’s cell, gathered a few items together and headed to awaken Tom and Mary.
Both woke up as I opened their cell door.
“Good Morning Master!” they stated.
“Good Afternoon. Hope you slept well.”
“Yes Master, very well”
“Now here is a box of toys that you may need shortly. I wanted you to be ready when I need you. Mary, I want you to suck Tom and get him nice and hard, but do not let him cum. And as for you Tom, lick Mary’s pussy and get her ready also. I will return in a few minutes to collect you both. Be ready!”
“Yes Master!” they both exclaimed.
Stacey jumped when she heard me open her cell door.
“Hello my pet. How are you doing this evening?” I said
Stacey started to rattle off a bunch of questions “Where are my mom and dad? Where are my sisters? When are you going to let us go home? Why are you doing this to us?”
I cut her off saying “First of all, this is your home now. You are my property. Today is your first lesson. You are going to learn how to be a good sex slave. We can do this with me or with your parents. I would be the slow and easy way, or a fast and painful way with your parents. I prefer the slow way. The slow way is the least painful. Actually, it could be quite enjoyable for us both.”
Stacey cowered in the corner of her bed and shouted “I don’t care what way you want, you ain’t touching me you pervert! I am not your slave. My mom and dad would never do anything like that to me!”
“So you want it the painful way. I expected that since you have refused to learn your principles. I could give you a choice, I could chain you up and fuck you hard or I could bring in your parents to train you. I think I will just bring your parents”
As I turned to leave the cell I said “Be right back with your instructors“
I opened up Tom and Mary’s cell and said “collect your toys and follow me.”
As I walked towards Stacey’s cell, Tom and Mary were following closely behind like kids on Christmas morning.
As we entered the cell, I pointed down at the floor to the location I wanted Tom and Mary to stand. Stacey jumped up racing towards Tom and Mary shouting “Mom, Dad, What is going on?”
I grabbed Stacey before she could reach them. I scooped her up and held her away from them. She started screaming for help from Tom and Mary, but they remained frozen behind me. I threw Stacey down on her bed and held her there. I told her to stay on her bed until I leave and then she will be able to spend time with them.
“Let me introduce your instructors; Tom and Mary. You will refer them as your instructors. Tom, Mary, This is Stacey, your student. She is yours to instruct.”
I turned to head out the door I said “You have your task. I will check back later to check on your progress.”
“Yes Master” was the last words I heard as I walked out the cell and locked the door.
I walked down to my study and brought up the camera. I needed Stacey to be broken.
Stacey jumped up and ran to Tom and Mary jumping into their arms. “Dad, Mom, what is going on?”
Tom grabbed Stacey by the arm. “Did you refuse to serve the master?”
Stacey: “Of course. I wouldn’t let that asshole touch me!”
Tom reached back and slapped Stacey across the face. Stacey hit the floor and looked up in terror. Tom had never hit her before. Stacey looked at Mary expecting protection, but all she heard was “You should have listened to the Master. Now we will have to teach you how to act properly towards him.”
“WHAT! What has he done to you?” Stacey shouted
Mary reached over and grabbed Stacey by the hair, dragging her towards Tom. She pushed Stacey’s face towards his cock saying “And your first lesson is cock sucking. Open your mouth and start sucking!”
“NOOOO, MOM!” Stacey shouted. As Stacey said ‘mom’, Mary shoved Tom’s cock between her lips.
Stacey pushed against Tom’s waist with all her might to get away from them.
“OK, if she doesn’t want to suck, I guess we need to open up her other holes first.” Tom said to Mary.
Mary grabbed the cuffs from the box and quickly put Stacey’s hands behind her back. Mary rolled her over onto her back and sat on her face saying “If you won’t suck cock, lets see if you would prefer to start with sucking my pussy.”
Mary then grabbed Stacy by the arms and rolled her on top of her so that Stacey was face down looking at Mary’s pussy. Tom got above them and held Stacey down.
“Tom, now you can fuck her holes, and I get a great view!” Mary stated.
“When was the last time you ever got a chance to eat a virgin pussy Mary? You get her pussy ready and I will suck on her virgin ass. Of course, neither will be virgin much longer.”
Stacey couldn’t believe her ears. What has happened to her parents? They were talking about fucking me in my pussy and ass. How could they? Why are they raping me?
As Mary started licking on the pussy, Tom started sticking his tongue in Stacey’s ass.
They both playfully took turns moving back and forth between both holes.
“I think it is about time to deflower our student. And you have front row seating Mary.”
As Tom sat up and placed his hard cock at the wet pussy he said “I haven’t had a cherry in years. Not since I had yours Mary”
Mary started to lick Tom’s cock and Stacey’s pussy. Tom slowly started to push, as the head slowly disappeared into Stacey’s body.
“NO DAD! STOP, PLEASE DON’T!” Stacey screamed.
Mary reached down and grabbed Stacey’s head and pushed it into her pussy “You should be eating my pussy, not talking.”
As Tom pushed his cock in, he felt Stacey trying to squeeze him out. She was trying to prevent the invasion from her father. Tom felt her hymen resist and then finally succumb. Stacey screamed out in pain as she felt like she was being ripped in half.
Tom continued to push his cock until it had completely disappeared inside her pussy. As he pulled in back, Mary could see lines of blood on his cock.
Tom commented “Damn she is tight. I think she is even tighter than you were, Mary.”, as he continued his assault on the young pussy.
“Well, I was a couple years older and you had made me very wet before you stuck that beautiful cock into me. You didn’t have to hold me down to fuck me.”
Stacey couldn’t believe her eyes and ears. Nothing made sense. Why are they acting like this? Why are they hurting me?
Mary watched Tom slam his cock into Stacey repeatedly. Mary remembered the joy of him shoving his cock into her. The feelings when the Master shoved his cock into her in the garage. Tom looked so sexy fucking Stacey. Mary started to lick on Stacey’s clit.
Stacey stopped struggling. There was obviously nothing she could do to prevent this assault so she just gave up.
“Mary, I think she is trying to ignore us, don’t you think?”
“Well, I know she is not sucking on my pussy like she should, I think our student needs a little incentive to regain her interest into her studies. Why don’t you try the other hole?”
Tom pulled his cock out of Stacey’s pussy and raised it a little higher.
Stacey felt Tom place his cock at the entrance to her ass. She squeezed it tight hoping it would prevent him from what ever he had planned.
“NO, DON’T YOU DARE! STOP IT! YOU BOTH SICK! YOU’RE HURTING ME” Stacey shouted as Tom pushed.
“The more you resist, the more it will hurt. I will fuck your ass. You will get use to having a cock in your pussy and ass. Yours is my first virgin ass and I will enjoy it!” Tom shouted as he shoved hard. The head popped past Stacey’s sphincter muscle. Stacey screamed in pain and continued to scream for several minutes while tears poured out of her eyes. Suddenly, Stacey stopped screaming, stopped crying, and stopped moving. Stacey had given up. The people she loved had hurt her in ways she had never illegal bahis siteleri imagined.
This was what I was looking for. Stacey’s spirit had been broken. Now she was ready to be molded into my pet. I stood up from my desk and turned off the monitor. I grabbed some dinner and placed it in Tom & Mary’s cell.
Tom and Mary both looked up as I opened the cell door.
“Stop what you’re doing! Take all your toys and put Stacey on her bed. Return to your cell NOW.” I said trying to sound angry.
Tom quickly pulled his cock from Stacey’s ass and picked her up off of Mary. They removed the cuffs and put Stacey on her bed before quickly moving back to their cell. They both had looks of disappointment, confusion, and terror on their faces. They thought they had done something wrong, but they were not sure what it was. They thought they were going to be put back on their tables.
I followed them back to their cells. “You did good both of you. Here is some dinner. Since you’re both quite sexually charged, you may indulge yourselves for the rest of the night.”
Tom looked up at me inquisitively and said “But Master, we failed to train her.”
I looked at him “You proceeded as I commanded. Do not question the results. I gave you direction and you proceeded towards the completion as I needed. I determine when something is completed, I determine when you have been successful or if you have failed. You will finish learning your principles. From now on, questioning my commands will be punished. Now good night”
Both Tom and Mary said their good nights as I left their cell.
I headed back to Stacey’s cell. She has coiled up into the fetal position on her bed. She was not making a sound. I walked up to her and gently stood her up. I walked her from her cell into the shower room. I turned on the hot water and started to gently wash her abused body. Stacey just stood there with a blank look on her face. I washed and rinsed her hair. Then I soaped up a soft cloth and proceeded to wash her face, ears and neck. I stepped behind her, putting my chest against her back.
“You’re safe now.” I whispered into her ear.
I stepped back and washed her back and arms. Her body is so firm and soft. I stepped in front and started to wash her chest. My hands moving around those perfect mounds. I tweaked one of her nipples, but she didn’t respond. I continued to wash her stomach and waist. As I started to wash her privates, I motioned for her to spread her legs, which she did very nonchalantly. I was very gentle when I washed her abused pussy and asshole. Then I finished washing her legs and feet. I moved her under the warm water spray.
“Rinse yourself off and enjoy the warm water. I will return shortly with a towel.” I told her. I was going to give her some time to relax.
I went to my kitchen and put together some hot food and drink for us. I brought it down and placed into the larger living cell that will be Stacey’s new quarters.
As I walked into the shower room, Stacey was directing the shower towards her sore shoulders.
“Come here” I said as I opened up a soft towel, directing her to step into. She stepped into the towel and let me dry her body off. I turned off the water and directed her to follow me.
Stacey started to turn into her old cell, “No, this way” I said.
As we entered her new cell, I directed her to sit on the bed next to the table. I moved the hot dinner before her. She looked up at me.
“Go ahead and eat” I said
Stacey quickly devoured the first hot meal she has had in days.
After she finished I told her it was time to sleep. As I lay down, I had her lay down beside me, with her head on my chest. I wrapped my arm around her as I pulled the blanket over her.
“You’re safe in your Master’s arms” I whispered as I shut off the light.
At first she remained still, unsure, but after a while she relaxed. Her breathing slowed and she snuggled up tight.
By morning we both had moved. Stacey had rolled over and I was spooned behind her. Her head was cradled in my left arm and my right was wrapped across her chest up to her neck. She looked so peaceful lying there.
I started to lightly kiss her neck and shoulder. With my right hand I started to massage her shoulder and arm. She opened up her neck to me. Still not awake, as her body responded to my touch. I brought my hand down and gently rubbed her breasts. I could start to hear low moans coming from her. As my cock started to harden, I noticed that it was pressing between her legs. Her left leg was lying on top of my leg so I lifted my leg to place my cock against her pussy. I reached down and started to rub her leg moving slowly towards her pussy.
As my fingers started to rub her puffy lips, she spread her legs. This freed my cock allowing me to slide it up and down against her. I noticed that she was getting very wet and her breathing had deepened. While rubbing my cock, it had worked its way between her lips. All I had to do was press the head with my finger, allowing it to push its way into her. She was so wet, so hot, and so tight that I had to work hard to keep from slamming myself into her. I took my time, slowly inching myself into her. I would push in a little and pull back a little, only to push in a bit more. It seemed like an eternity before I was completely engulfed. I started long, slow and steady strokes. After a few minutes, Stacey started to push down on my cock as I thrust into her. She kept trying to speed things up, but I was determined to keep things at my pace. Several times I found myself trying to keep pace with her hips to prevent any movement within her.
Suddenly Stacey gave out a loud groan as she tried to burry my cock into her. When I looked at her face, she had a look of terror and ecstasy. Between the feelings that her body was feeling and the thoughts of me fucking her, she didn’t know what to do. Despite any thoughts of terror, her body was running on auto-pilot.
“Oh God. What’s happening to me? What are you doing to meeeee?” Stacey screamed.
I picked up my pace to maintain her state, but controlled it to preventing an orgasm. Soon she was grabbing at my waist trying to pull me deeper. She tried to move her hand to her pussy to rub her clit. I wrapped my arms around her to control her, holding her hands up above her waist. Stacey was trying everything she could to gain that sexual release. Anything she could to peak those unfamiliar, wonderful, terrifying, glorious, electric feelings running rampant through her body.
I stopped thrusting and said “Would you prefer me to stop?”
“Please don’t! Please don’t stop!” Stacey cried.
I started to slowly slide my cock out.
“You’re driving me crazy? Please fuck me. Fuck me hard!” She pleaded.
“Ask your master nicely and I might be merciful” I said mockingly
“Anything? I don’t ask for anything.” I said, “I demand everything, total obedience and total commitment. Your entire body is mine to explore, to use, to enjoy for what ever I desire. Your only desire is to please me.”
I grabbed one of her hands and moved it down to her pussy to have her feel my cock sliding into her pussy. I wrapped one of my fingers around her wrist and started to tweak her clit. My other hand started to play with her nipples while I sucked on the nape of her neck. I picked up my pace and started to slam my cock into her harder and faster. Stacey kept pushing down on my cock trying to drive me deeper into her pussy.
“MASTER!” Stacey screamed. Every muscle in her body was convulsing.
I felt that molten lava rapidly building inside me. With Stacey’s body clamping down on my cock, I released a flood of seed deep inside her, flooding her cavity with its first taste of my passion. canlı bahis siteleri I continued to shoot into her for several more thrusts and I stopped. Stacey’s body stopped moving momentarily as if she forgot how to breathe. Finally she remembered and grabbed a deep breath.
We laid still for several minutes until our breathing slowed down some. Stacey grabbed my arms and wrapped them around her.
“Master, I know this was opposite from what my mom and dad did to me, but will it always be this way?” She asked.
“No it will not always be this way; it can be better, or worse. But it is not up to you to judge. You are my sub, your goal is to give pleasure to me or whom ever I tell you to. Sometimes you will receive immediate pleasure, other times it will be delayed, or it may not be at all. That is not your concern; your only desire will be to please. Think about this, before this morning, you wouldn’t have even let me touch you, and now you were begging me to fuck you. Think what you could learn if you are willing to let me lead you, what you will experience if you serve me”
“Yes Master, please teach me to please you”
“Do you know how to suck cock?” I asked.
“I tried it once, and he said I was good” replied Stacey
“Well then let’s see just how good you are. Here is what I want you to do. I want you to make me cum twice, the first time within 10 minutes, and the second time about 30 minutes after you get me hard.”
Stacey nodded her head in excitement as she quickly leaned over to start. My cock was semi-hard after the fucking we had so I thought it wouldn’t be hard to arouse me, but I was wrong. Stacey clamped onto the head of my cock and started sucking it like a baby bottle. She actually sucked so hard that it hurt and her teeth rubbed several times. It was quickly becoming too painful to continue. It was a matter of a few seconds and I had taken about all I could.
I grabbed Stacey by the head and looked into her eyes saying “We have a lot of work to teach you. Sucking cock is about giving pleasure, not just how hard you can suck.”
I could tell Stacey was not happy that she had not been able to please me.
“Start like this” I said as I grabbed Stacey’s hand and placed her finger in my mouth. I started to suck lightly while running my tongue around her finger. Then I slowly started to slide her finger in and out of my mouth.
“It isn’t about intensity, but touch and feel. There is more to a cock then just the head as there is more to your mouth then just your lips. Use your tongue, your lips, your throat, but generally watch your teeth. Lick and suck the entire cock, the balls and surrounding area. Breath through your nose and you will be able to take a cock deeper.”
Stacey started to lick my cock head and then moved down the shaft licking and sucking. As she started to lick my balls, I told her to take extra care with them because they were extra sensitive to pressure and pain. She worked back up to the head and slowly slid it between her lips. She began to explore my cock with her mouth. She slid the head of my cock into her mouth and sucked lightly. Her tongue was licking my cock head while she pulled my cock in deeper. She began to fuck her mouth with this object of her desire. She looked up at me looked up at me and read approval of her performance.
I pulled my cock out and pushed her down onto the bed. I straddled her head, placing my cock back into her mouth. I then spread her legs and began to lick her beautiful pussy. It didn’t take long for Stacey to start moaning and grinding her hips. I could tell that Stacey was quickly approaching an orgasm so I let up on the sensations. Stacey lifted her hips trying to stop the torture that she knew had begun. As she began to calm down, I resumed my sucking and tonguing of her delicious pussy. I had a wonderful view of her asshole and ensured that there were plenty of fluids flowing down. After a couple minutes, Stacey was again approaching her orgasm, so again I stopped my lashing.
“Please Master, don’t torture me again. Please master, Let me come!” Stacey begged.
I started to play with her clit with my fingers while I said. “If you want me to let you come, you have two things to accomplish. The first is to work on pushing my cock deeper into your mouth until your lips reach the base. To do this, you will have to learn to overcome your gag reflex and breathe through your nose while sucking my cock. The second item for you to accomplish is to prepare your ass for me. Reach your hands around to your ass and feel. You will notice there is spit and pussy juice on your asshole. You will use your fingers, and rub those juices into your ass. Then starting with one finger you will begin to fuck your ass. Then you will make it two fingers, then three, and then finally four fingers. Once I have felt your lips at the base of my cock and you are fucking yourself, in your ass with at least four fingers, I will let you orgasm. Until then, I will neither let you rest nor orgasm.”
Stacey reached around and felt the juices that had overflowed from her cunt. Stacey started to complain, but was quickly overcome by pleasure as I began my assault on her clit. Several times I brought her close to her orgasm and then pulled back before she started to push my cock deeper into her mouth. Several times she gagged, but she kept trying to push it deeper into her throat. After the fourth time she approached an orgasm she had engulfed my cock entirely. Her hands had grabbed her butt cheeks, but she had not started to play with her asshole yet.
As she approached an orgasm for the fifth time, she pleaded “Master, please don’t make me fuck my ass. Please let me come!”
I ignored her pleas as I pulled back again. As Stacey moved her finger to her moist asshole, I resumed my teasing her clit. Soon she inserted her first finger into her ass followed shortly thereafter with a second finger. By the time I had her close to another orgasm, she had three fingers buried in her backside.
I started to back off, but she picked up the pace of her fucking her ass and I could tell it was bringing her close to her desired orgasm. I stopped licking her pussy therefore preventing her orgasm. Stacey quickly inserted the fourth finger and began to rapidly fuck her ass. Right at this time, Stacey shoved my cock completely down her throat. She had done what I had commanded, so I began to lick and suck on her pussy. As she approached her orgasm, I could tell she was going to do all she could to do to ensure that she reached an orgasm. Stacey again deep throated my cock and shoved as much of her hand into her ass as she could fit. I continued my sucking, to the point where Stacey’s body began to shake and stiffen. Stacey lifted her legs and wrapped them around my head trying to prevent me from releasing. After a few seconds I lightly bit down on Stacey’s abused clit sending her out of control. Her body straightened out and she screamed.
Stacey remained still for a several minutes. During this time I turned around and moved down between her legs.
Placing her legs on my shoulders, I placed the tip of my cock at her anus. Not giving her time to fully recover, I started to push my cock deep onto her ass. As I started to fuck her ass, she started to push back. Stacey quickly grabbed my legs trying to pull me in deeper.
“Oh God Master, Fuck my ass.”
After everything, I knew that I wasn’t going to last too long. Soon I could feel that familiar build-up. I could tell that Stacey was also approaching that point of no return. Stacey’s body tensed up again just as I began to flood her ass with my sperm. I slammed my cock deep into her ass one final time.
As my cock went limp, it popped out of her ass. I crawled up beside her as she cuddled up next to me.
“Not bad for a first day of training. Maybe tomorrow, I may have you come with me into Anna’s cell for her first day of training.”
“Master, Anna has no idea of the pleasures. I would be honored to serve you in any way I can”
Stacey placed her head on my shoulder as we drifted to sleep.

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