My Pretty Little Slaves – Chapter 16 – Moving into the New Mansion with New Beginnings and Jessica’s Decision

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My Pretty Little Slaves – Chapter 16 – Moving into the New Mansion with New Beginnings and Jessica’s Decision

Characters Introduced:

Maize, 34, 5’8 Black maid
Hazel, 33, 5’6 Black maid
Dominic, 35, chef 6’2, white,
Derrick, 18, Dominic’s assistant 6’0, White
Charmaine, 14, 5’2 Black maid, daughter of Hazel
Chellise, 14, 5’2 Black maid, daughter of Hazel
Chemier, 14, 5’2 Black maid, daughter of Hazel
Chrystyna, 16, 5’7 Black maid, daughter of Hazel
Cleona, 16, 5’7 Black maid, daughter of Hazel
Corine, 17, 5’8 Black maid, daughter of Hazel
Kasmira, 17, 6’0 Black maid, daughter of Maize
K’Brianey, 17, 6’0 Black maid, daughter of Maize
Kea, 16, 5’8 Black maid, daughter of Maize
Keandra, 16 Black maid, daughter of Maize
Keisha, 16 Black maid, daughter of Maize
Niaomi, 30 Black Maid
Ilori, 15, daughter of Niaomi
Iman, 15, daughter of Niaomi
Imena, 12, daughter of Niaomi
Iniko, 12, daughter of Niaomi
Jozenia, 21, Black Maid
Flora, 21, Black Maid

The story continues with Ben and Becky having already moved into the mansion….

Ben and Becky have been looking through applications for their maids and came across two applications that seemed interesting. One was Maize another was Hazel. Hazel had six children and Maize had five. They both were single parents, which both Ben and Becky liked. Ben called Hazel and setup an appointment at Antonio’s for the next day. He told Hazel to bring her daughter’s with her and she agreed. Ben then called Maize and made an appointment for the following day. He told her to bring her children also. The next day Ben and Becky go to Antonio’s.

Ben “Antonio good afternoon, Can we use your backroom? We are interviewing a Ms. Hazel for the position of maid at the mansion”.

Antonio “Yes, most definitely Ben I will have them sent back there. Will you be eating today?”

Ben “Can you show her back when she gets here?”

Becky “Of course”.

Antonio “Very good, get settled and I will bring a couple bottles of the red wine you love”.

About 15 minutes later Hazel arrives 15 minutes early, Antonio brings her to the back dinning room and tells Ben “Ben, your guest have arrived”.

“Very good, Antonio. Thank you” Ben says as Hazel and her girls enter the room. Hazel introduces her daughter’s a set of triplets, a set of twins and the oldest girl being 17. All very lovely light skin black girls with very nice figures.

“Ms. Smith you know you are interviewing for a live in maid position at my mansion” Ben says

“Yes Sir, I do” is Hazel’s response

“Ms. Smith, this lovely lady next to me is my wife Becky” Ben says.

“How are you Ma’am” Hazel asks “Very well”

“Do you have problem being around men and women that are naked? We live in the house without any clothes. Will that bother you or your daughter’s?”

“No Sir” Hazel says. “How about you girls?” Becky asks. They all say “No Ma’am”.

“How long have you been a maid Ms. Smith?” Ben asks

“About 18 years, I have taken care of children, do wash and general cleaning?” Hazel says.

“This job is for you and your daughter’s. This position requires you to live in the mansion. We have separate bedrooms for you and your daughter’s. We require that you all work at the house. The girls will be home schooled with the rest of the family and be given a salary to do their work. They will have duties everyday. Is that acceptable to you. Your salary includes room and board” Becky says.

“Hazel, may I call you that?” Ben asks. “Yes sir that is my name” is her response. “What was your salary at your last position?”

“I made $500 a week, Mr. Barnes” Hazel says.

“I did some investigating on you, your husband past away about five years ago right?” Ben asks and she nods, “Well, I think I can start you off at $750 a week and $200 a week for each of your girls. Does that sound fair?” Ben asks.

“Yes, Sir. When do we start?” Hazel asks

“How about tomorrow, be at the address I give you at 7 am. I will give your name to the security guards. What type of car do you drive?

“A station wagon” Hazel says. “Give me the license number and I will have it at the guards station in the morning.

“Thank you so much, Mr and Mrs. Barnes” Hazel says.

“Hazel, you and the girls can call me and my wife by our first names. Be ready to meet the family. You do not need to bring too many clothes. We will get you uniforms and clothes when you get there tomorrow. Just bring enough for five days each” Ben says “Yes, sir. I mean Yes, Ben”

“Let’s eat I am starved. Here are the menus, Ladies order whatever you like. Have you ever been here before?” Ben asks “No we have not Ben”.
They place their orders, Antonio brings more wine and soda’s for Hazel’s girls

“Antonio, please bring a glass for each of Hazel’s girls and three more bottles of wine. I think we should toast to a start to a great relationship”

“Ben, my girls are too young to drink. Won’t the owner get upset if you have these girls drinking in here?” Hazel asks

“No, I know the owner. He is a real asshole, but he would never cross me” Ben tells her as Becky snickers

Antonio comes back with the wine and pours each girl a half a glass and refills Ben, Becky and Hazel’s glasses. “Sir, won’t the owner get upset that my girls are drinking in here” Hazel says.

Antonio smiles “No, the owner is an asshole, but would never cross Mr. Barnes”. He leaves laughing. The food arrives and Hazel asks “Who is the owner?”

“Antonio is the owner and manager. I bought it for him and he is running it into the ground” Ben says. Antonio laughs, “Ben is the owner it just has my name on it. Ben tell Elfie I will see her this weekend”. “Will do, Antonio. The food looks great as always”.

They eat and Antonio brings back dessert sampler for everyone. They finish up and leave Ben escorts Hazel and girls out and sees her car. “See you ladies tomorrow morning at 7” he tells them.

Ben and Becky head back to the mansion. On the way back Ben stops by the Chevy Dealership and buys three Suburbans fully loaded off the lot. He has the dealer drive them to the mansion. Ben, of course, get his usual deal. He calls Hilary and tells her that he just bought three Suburban’s for the new maids to use. He tells her he will get their information to her tomorrow.

They go back to the mansion and tell the guards that the Chevy dealer will be delivering three Suburban’s in thirty minutes. Jamal is there and says to Ben “Ben, We need to get a couple of 4×4 trucks for patrolling the grounds”.

“OK, let me take Becky to the mansion and we can go over to the Ford Dealership and get a couple of trucks” Ben takes Becky to the mansion and drops her off. He then goes and picks up Jamal and they head to the Ford Dealership. It is under new ownership now that Fred is in jail.

Jamal and Ben pick out seven brand new model year Ford Super Duty trucks with all the works, Ben has them put in CB radios and light packages, sprayed on bed liners. He tells the dealer to deliver the trucks when they are ready. He tells him they will be ready tomorrow afternoon. Ben tells him to have Jamal sign for them at the front gate.

“Will that do, Jamal?” Ben asks. “Yes sir, Ben. I have great news. Sheila is pregnant”.

“That is great news. How far along is she?” Ben asks “Three months, we were not going to tell anybody until after the first trimester” Jamal tells him.

“That apartment is way to small for children. Would you and Sheila ever think about moving to my compound? Ask Sheila, we can get construction started on the house and have it up before the baby comes” Ben says.

“That is too generous of you Ben, I will asks Sheila when I get home tonight. I will let you know in the morning” Jamal says.

Ben drops Jamal off at the guard station and tells him he will see him in the morning.

The next day Ben and Becky meet Maize and her girls and he hires her also. She is to arrive the next day at 7 am with her girls.

Ben introduces Maize and Hazel. Ben shows Maize around the mansion and she is astonished at how big it is. Maize and Hazel come up with a plan on cleaning the rooms and changing sheets, towels and the rest. They both come up to Ben and asks him, “Ben, you are planning on adding on 100 more bedrooms?”. “Actually it is 200 new bedrooms, why do you asks”.

“Well Ben, that is a lot for two maids and eleven teenage girls to handle. Is it possible to hire another maid or two?” they asks. “Do you know of anybody that is looking for work?”

“Ben, my sister is looking for work. She is a single parent with four girls. Her name is Niaomi, she is 30. Her daughter’s are 15 and 12 two sets of twins” Maize says. “What happened to the father if you don’t mind me asking?” Becky asks. “He is in jail”.

“Do you have her information, I need to do a background check on her and check out her husband?” Ben says. “They were never married and yes I will write it down for you”.

“I know of a couple of younger maids, both very competent that are looking for work. There names are Jozenia and Flora. They are twenty-one, I will give you their information.

Maize and Hazel take inventory of the cleaning supplies and what is needed, they come back and talk to Becky. “Becky, we need to get some more vacuum cleaners and some cleaning supplies. We could use one on each floor if that is not too much to ask” Maize tells her. “So how many are we looking at about fifteen, would that do? Make me a list of stuff you need and we will go out and get it for you”. They go and make a huge list of stuff and Becky looks at it and sees that it is acceptable and goes and gets Ben, who is of course in the middle of fucking Vanessa. Once he is done. She tells him we need to go get supplies for the maids. Ben tells her OK, see if Dominic needs anything. She does and gets another list from him.

Ben and Becky head to Costco and stock up on cleaning supplies there. They head to Walmart and buy five vacuum cleaners laundry baskets and the other supplies the maids needed, and then go to Target and buy five vacuum cleaners there, finally they head to Khol’s and buys five there. When they are done they are hungry and go to Antonio’s for a late lunch.

At lunch they ask Antonio “So when are you going to move in with Viki? She is looking forward to you moving in and being with her. You do love her don’t you?” Ben asks.

“I was giving everybody a chance to get settled before I moved in. How does October 1, sound to you two?” Antonio asks. “That sounds good to me” Becky says.

They eat lunch and discuss what is coming up in the household. Becky tells Ben that the everybody thinks he should bless everyone’s bedroom by sleeping in their bed one night. Ben likes that idea. Ben tells Becky that he has yet to train Kaley, Kasey, and Katey he also needs to train Becca’s best friends. They need to get back with their stuff for the maids. They leave and say goodbye to Antonio.

Ben calls his investigator and gives him the names of Hazel and Maize’s recommendations and asks him to do a thoroughly investigate them to birth and tells him the time frame is thirty days. The investigator tells him he will get an person on each case.

They arrive at the mansion and Maize meets them at the front door and she call Hazel they unload the vacuum cleaners and supplies. Hazel and Maize both tell Ben and Becky thank you. Ben and Becky then go into the living room and see Alexandra, Rosanna and Roxanne. They are there waiting for them.

“Master, I have been working all summer on a curriculum for the girls so that they can pass high school. I have ordered the books and materials and they are on the way. The school should be up and running next week. I have a list here of the girls that are going to be home schooled is it correct?” Alexandra ask.

Ben looks over the list, it reads “Becky, Laurie, Brooklyn, Renee, Rachel, Sarah, Sam, Jennifer (can be tested out), Alex, Carly, Elfie, Faith, Hope, Charity, Cloe, Jill, Peggy, Jenny, Jess, Cynthia, Candy, Alileen, Alexis, Cam, Calla, Emma, Ava, Nadine, Julia, Jolene, Josie, Janice, Claire, Clairice, Grace, Kelli, Reba, Joy, Jennifer, Jane, Kelly, Brook, Evelyn, Katey” Ben tells Alexandra “You need to include Maize and Hazel’s daughter’s. What else do you need?”
“They can all use a new computer, as well as us teachers. We were hoping to keep the students school work up on a couple of sky drives. We have broken the classes down to age levels 10-11; 12-13; 14-15; 16-17. We will individualize the classes, when needed, and get everybody ready for college” Alexandra says

“So I need to get 57 laptops loaded with what Microsoft Office?” Ben asks. “Just get the laptops we can use OpenOffice, it is Office compatible and it is free. No reason to pay for something you can get for free” Suzy says. “I think we should eventually get a server and put everything on that, we can wait for that until we get into the new school”.

“Ladies, get whatever materials you need to educate your sisters. Their education is very important to me. They need to excel in college and we need to prove that they are getting a proper education in case somebody gets nosy about our lifestyle” Ben tells them. The teacher go off to their rooms and continue their planning. “Are you ready to go back to school, Becky?” Ben asks her. “I guess, I never really missed it when I was with you. I was thinking about doing something with businessaccounting. What do you think of that?” Becky asks. “I think that would be a great major in college. Very useful for the family and business” Ben tells her.

Ben goes and orders sixty laptops from HP fully-loaded of course. He orders 60 HP Pavilion dv6tqe series laptop with Intel i7-3820QM 2.7 Ghz, 8MB L3 Cache processor with 16 GB of memory and a 15.6” Full HD Anti-glare LED-backlit Display with Windows 7 Operating System. He orders each with carrying cases, docking station with speakers and head phones. He gets each with an extra 27” monitor. He orders Wireless Keyboard and mouse with Netgear Wireless Range Extender and Dr. Dre Solo HD Headphones. The total for all this is $232,920 list. He calls HP and talks to the sales manager and negotiates a fifteen percent discount. The manager tells him he will give him 12 month financing same as cash. Ben negotiates another 10k if he pays for it in full. The manager agrees and Ben puts $187,982 on his credit card. He asks the manager if he can get it in a week. The manager tells him he will see and call him back. Ben then goes and tells Becky he has gotten all the ladies a new HP laptop, and he is trying to get them in a week. The manager calls back and say it will be two weeks to his door. Ben says OK.

Carol comes over and Ben takes her to meet the new maids. “Maize, Hazel this is my friend Carol. She is going to get your measurements for your uniforms. She needs to take the measurements of your girls also” Ben tells them. “My girls are still getting use to seeing you in all your splender Ben” Maize says. “Ben is quite handsome and a great lover” Carol says as they go to the servant quarters and round up their girls.

“Maize, Hazel would cellphones be helpful in keeping track of where your girls are?” Ben asks. “Yes it would” Hazel says. “They need to be careful on what they say about the family” Ben says. “Ben, we like it here we would never jeopardize what we have. You are paying us and supplying us a place to live” Maize tells him. “You are providing them with a private high school education and getting them out of the hood. We are very thankful for what you have given us” Maize says.

“Well when they graduate from high school they are all going to go to college. I need to talk to Corine, Kasmira, K’Brianey sometime and see what they want to do after they get out of high school. Do you two have any ideas of what they want to do?” Ben asks. “To be quite honest with you Ben, getting a high school degree was there ultimate goal. They never given college a second thought, I don’t think” Hazel says and Maize agrees. “Ladies, I need you to get down to your bra and panties” Carol says as she takes out her tape measure. “In front of Ben?” Maize says.

“I am standing here in front of you naked. It is not like I don’t see naked women all day long. I don’t have a problem seeing you naked. You have nothing to be ashamed of” Ben tells them as they start to strip. Carol measures Maize first, measures her arms, legs, waist, bust, neck, back, butt. Carol tells her to take off her bra and she reluctantly does. She measures her breast. Now the panties.

“Maize, you are a very beautiful woman. You have nothing to ashamed of, other than that bush. If you don’t mind I will have Emily, who is a dermatologist, permanently remove your hair from your pussy, armpits and legs. Would that be OK with you?” Ben asks. “It is ok with me, Ben. I have never shaved my pussy. My legs are a bitch to shave. It would be nice not to have to do that again. Not that I have too many male suitors. Well to be honest, I haven’t been with a man in over ten years” She says with her head down.

“That is nothing to be ashamed of, you concentrated on providing for you daughters. That is very commendable of you, Maize. You and your girls will be taken care of as long as you all do a good job as I know you will. You never know something might change for you in regards to your sex life”

Carol starts to measure Hazel when the girls come into the room. The mothers tell their daughters to undress and they look at them, “In front of our boss?” Chellise says. “Yes, and right now young lady. It is not like he hasn’t seen a naked woman before. Shit they are at least sixty running around here. You see him naked” Hazel tells her daughter. “Yes, and I will never get use to seeing his thing swinging like that. That thing is huge” Chellise says.

“What thing are you referring to, his penis or cock?” Hazel says. “Yes, mom” she says. They all undress and Ben takes inventory, “You ladies are all very beautiful young women, one thing I need to fix is those bushes. If your mothers don’t mind I will have Emily remove that hair, and also from your legs and armpits. I like a clean hairless pussy”. “That is fine with me, Ben. You girls will not have to worry about shaving your legs anymore” Maize says and Hazel agrees. Chellise is transfixed on BIG FELLA. Hazel sees it and comes over and talks to Ben privately. Ben agrees with what she wants him to do. Hazel tells her daughters Chellise and Charmaine to come over and stand in front of Ben.

“Now drop to your knees, you too” Hazel says. They do questioningly and are looking straight at BIG FELLA. “Now reach up and take Ben’s penis into your hands” they do and they start to stroke him. “You see it is just flesh. When you get older you will be with a man eventually. Now 99% of men, either white or black are not as equipped as Ben is. He very very well-endowed man. Everybody get over here and feel BIG FELLA as Ben’s cock is called and get use to it. Because he is going to be hanging out here. This is his house and he likes going naked”. Hazel tells them as they all touch and feel on BIG FELLA making him hard.

“I liked that BIG FELLA will be hanging out here all the time” Carol says as she continues to measure Hazel. Carol then measures each of the girls. Carol and Ben leave as the ladies get dressed and get back to work. Ben talks to both Maize and Hazel, “When is the last time you and your girls have been to the doctor’s office?”.

“Ben we don’t go to the doctor’s office unless we are sick and can’t take care of it ourselves” Maize says. “Well that is going to change right now” Ben says as he goes gets get his cellphone and calls Doctor Reynolds. “What is he doing, Carol?” Hazel asks. “I believe he is calling Doctor Reynolds and having him come over and give you and your girls a physical” Carol tells them. Ben comes back and tells them the doctor will be here at 6 to do physicals on all of their girls.

Ben goes and tells Becky what just happened as Carol comes in and shows them the uniform designs. They like the Double-Breasted Lapel Tunic in tan, hunter green, navy, black and burgundy colors and Pull-On Cotton Poplin Pants in the following colors emerald, sundance, navy, black, burgundy. Ben tells Carol to get two of each for each of his maids in their sizes, the ones they love they will get more. Becky being the lady of the house tells Ben, “Why don’t we go ask them which colors they like and order what they like?”. “That is exactly why I love you and can’t live without you” Ben says as he kisses his love of his life, “Before we talk to the maids let me have a little snack” and he gets in between her legs and starts sucking on her pregnant pussy. Ben makes her cum hard within ten minutes with his talented tongue as Joe comes over and watches his master love his mistress. “Hey Joe, where have you been?” Becky asks. “Worshiping Mistresses Tiffani, Renee, Rachel and Reanna. That Reanna is one hell of a little woman” Ben, Becky and Carol laugh at that one.

Ben continues to suck on Becky’s pussy giving her orgasm after orgasm until she has had enough and tells Ben to go get the maids. He gets up and licks his lips, “Baby you taste very sweet, as usual. What was that cherry flavored”. “Yes my love, I was hoping you would have time to service me” Becky tells him as they kiss. Ben goes get Maize and Hazel and asks them to bring their girls to the family room. He goes back and sits with Becky and Carol, he looks over at Joe and tells him to worship Carol. Joe smiles and gets in between her legs and starts to suck on her pussy.

The maids come in, Ben and Becky show them the maid uniforms and ask if they like them and which colors they liked. They all liked the outfits and said that the black pants would go with every top. Ben tells them that he will order them and they should be in a couple of weeks. Carol puts the order in when Joe is finished his work. Ben tells the ladies they can go back to work, when he looks down he asks them each what size shoes do they wear.

“Those shoes are not becoming of your new uniforms” Ben tells them. Ben gets their shoe sizes and orders each of his maids three pair of black sneakers shoes. They go back to work and Ben gets up and takes a shower. Carol orders the uniforms and shoes when Ben is in the shower. When he gets back out he is dressed to go to town. He kisses Becky and tells her he will be back in a couple of hours. He escorts Carol out and they go see Ken who is overseeing the construction of the new school.

It look impressive two stories with a huge library and media room. Fifteen classrooms, kitchen and lunchroom. Ben is told it should be ready ahead of schedule. Ben asks about there house, Ken tells him it should be ready by Thanksgiving. Jamal’s house should be done around April. Ben leaves Carol with Ken. He goes to the Verizon Wireless Store and purchases thirteen Lucid by LG Android phones for his maids. He buys 22 Galaxy S III phones for his new slaves and for himself and Becky. He heads over to Best Buy and gets five 3D blu-ray players and a few Blu-ray’s that they don’t have yet. He then heads back to the mansion.

He makes a list of the maids phone numbers and then gives them to the maids. He makes a copy of the list in the den and hands it to each of the maids. He tells them this is just for the mansion and tells the girls to not mention what goes on in the mansion. “Ben, I think I can speak for my sisters, as well as Maize’s, we would do nothing to jeopardize what we have here. We all love it here in the mansion” Kasmira tells him and the other girls agree. Ben tells them that he has programmed his number as well as Becky and Laurie’s numbers into their phones. The take their phones and thank Ben for being so generous. He gives each of them a list of their numbers so that they can program them in. Kasmira tells them to call her on her number one at a time. She then saves that number as a new contact. They all do that and Ben goes back to the living room leaving them to their phones and chores.

Jessica Taylor is in the room with Becky and Laurie, they are talking as Ben comes in the room. Ben asks what is going on. “Nothing just girl talk is all” Becky says. “Ben, Can I have some BIG FELLA? I am healed up from the pounding I took from the guys, my pussy and ass are nice and tight for you” Jessica Taylor tells him.

“OK, come on over here and suck on BIG FELLA and get him hard” Ben says and she gets up and comes over to Ben and begins to worship him. Sucking on BIG FELLA long and hard, she looks up at him and smiles with BIG FELLA firmly down her throat. She is squeezing BIG FELLA hard with her throat muscles. Once he is completely hard she takes BIG FELLA out of her throat and her mouth. She tells Ben, “I love the feel of your beautiful cock in my throat, Ben. How do you want me? doggie style, cowgirl, missionary?”. “Missionary to start” Ben tells her as she gets on her back and pulls her legs up above her head. “Come and get this pussy that is craving BIG FELLA. Make it yours, it is yours” Jessica says.

Ben pushes BIG FELLA into her wet pussy that is extremely tight. He pushes and pushes and works more and more of his cock into her. “Damn, what did you do to get your pussy so tight?” Ben asks. “Mistress Becky did it. Do you like it?”. “Hell fucking yes I love it nice and tight”.

Ben continues to fuck her as Becky’s phone rings and she has a conversation with the person on the other end. About ten minutes later there is a knock on the door, and Maize opens the door. She tells the guests to wait there. She picks up the phone and says “Miss Becky, there is a Sandra, Nicole and Tiffani here from Atlanta. They said they met you on the cruise ship over Easter. Yes ma’am, right away”.

“Please follow me” Maize tells them as she takes them into the living room where Ben and Becky are. Ben is pounding the crap out of Jessica Taylor. She is screaming and moaning “Oh, yes pound my pussy. You fucking god. GOD I LOVE FUCKING YOU”.

“Ben, look who is here. Its Tiff, Sandra and Nicole. Welcome to our humble abode” Becky says to them. “Humble, this place is bigger than any hotel I have ever been in” Sandra says.

Ben continues to pound on Jessica as Tiff and Nicole come over and give him a kiss. After about an hour Ben finally cums deep inside Jessica’s womb and then exits her pussy. “Ben, Sandra called me a while back and she has some interesting news. Tell him Sandra it will be alright” Becky tells her.

“Well, Mr. Barnes I…” Sandra starts to say “After the cruise ship can’t you please call me Ben”.

“Well Ben, After the cruise and our time together. It seems that I am pregnant, with your child. As our my daughter’s here. Please don’t be upset. I called Becky last month and she told me not to do anything rash and come talk to you. Ben, I can’t afford anymore mouths to feed. I am barely holding my own as it is. I can’t afford to get an abortion, much less three” Sandra says as she starts to cry as do her girls.

“Sandra, Nicole and Tiffani there is no way you are going to get an abortion. Sandra, do you rent an apartment or house?” Ben asks.

“I rent an apartment. Why” Sandra asks.

“Because it will be easier for you to move. You and your daughter’s are staying here with me. You are my responsibility now. You will have your children with me and I will take care of you. Give me your keys. How old is your car?” Ben says.

“It is about ten years old. Here are my keys” Sandra says.

“I will call my mover friends and have them go to Atlanta and get your stuff. I will have it put in the garage. First off, there are no clothes allowed in the mansion, so strip. Second no hair below the neckline. Stand in front of me” Ben says “It seems that you all need to get some hair removed, Becky make sure Emily takes care of this. Girls, Emily is a dermatologist and is excellent at removing hair from your mounds, legs and armpits. When we go out, you will need to dress accordingly. Becky will order you some new clothes. I will call my tow guy and have him tow your piece of crap from in front of our mansion. Do you have any questions?” Ben asks.

“Ben, Becky told me something about being your slave like the rest of the girls. Will you be my Master? I only want you to make love to me. I am in love with you” Sandra says. She comes over and kneels in front of Ben, she takes BIG FELLA into her hands and tells him “Ben, Master, I am yours” and starts to suck on BIG FELLA. “Damn, I missed you BIG FELLA!” Sandra says as she takes him out of her mouth and kisses the head and starts to lick the shaft.

“Master, will you forgive me and make me yours. My daughter’s have been after me to come here, they love you. Please I give you control over my body and soul I am yours” Sandra says as she starts to deep throat BIG FELLA. She worships Ben for about forty-five minutes before he erupts down her throat.

“I love you Ben Barnes. PLEASE accept me as your slave” Sandra says as Tiff comes over and kneels by her Master, “I love you Master. The doctor says I have twins growing inside or me and that they are boys. I have decide on Olabode Benjamin, Henry Neo as their names “Obie” and “Neo”. Henry was my father’s name”.

“I love you, too Ben Barnes, Master. I am carrying triplets, girls. I have decided on the following names: Aaliyah Peyton , Adrienne Penelope, Annabelle Piper. Do you like your daughter’s names my love?” Nicole says.

“Yes I love those names all three are APB, I like Obie and Neo names also. I love you girls all three of you. What about you Sandra, what are you having a boy or a girl?” Ben says

“Well they are girls, I am having triplets also I have decided on Paula Denisha, Olivia Keisha and Paige Salihah as their names, Master” Sandra tells him.

“I love the three of you, blessing me with eight babies. I will call Doctor Reynolds and setup an appointment with him and get you all checked out. Welcome to your new family” Ben tells each of them as he kisses them. Becky comes over and tells them that Emily is ready to remove their hair permanently. She kisses each one and welcomes them into the family.

“I am going to get Nadia to give you ladies a sonogram in our new birthing suite” Ben says as they three ladies are sitting in front of him. “You ladies will need to get your “Property of Ben Barnes” tattoos on your lower back, you will then need to be trained in your pussies asses and your throats”.

“Yes, Master. Mistress Becky told us the requirements, we are prepared to do as you choose” Sandra says. “I missed you, Master. Will you make love to me?” Tiff says. “Yes as soon as you get cleaned up and settled into your new rooms. You will need to trim those beavers” Ben says. They all say “Yes, Master” and leave with Becky and Laurie to go get their pussies, underarms and legs shaven. They then go meet with Nadia and have a sonogram done.

Once they are gone Ben calls the Omar and tells him that he has an assignment. While he is on the phone Jessica Taylor comes over and starts to suck on BIG FELLA. She looks up at him and smiles. Ben then calls Doctor Reynolds and sets up and appointment for the next day for his three new slaves.

Once he is off the phone Jessica takes and erect BIG FELLA out of her mouth and tells Ben, “That was so sweet of you, Ben, I have made up my mind. If you will have me I want to be your slave. When you get me pregnant it will be your child, not Steven’s. I am yours, my body is yours to do with as you choose. Please allow me to be your slave, I love you and the family. I want to give you our child and many more. Please let me stay” Jessica says to him as Laurie comes into the room.

“Laurie, honey, Jessica has made her decision to join the family. She wants to leave her husband and become my slave. She has professed her love for me and the family. Should I accept her as my slave?” Ben asks.

“I don’t know, she is kind of old to be a slave. Maybe a fuck toy?” Laurie says.

“I will be whatever my Master wants me to be, Mistress Laurie, A fuck toy or a whore as long as I am his and he is mine” Jessica states, “Master, After I earn my slave tattoos can I have a Queen of Spades put on each upper arm, under the tattoo on the left arm I want it to read “Ben’s Fuck Toy” on the right under the tattoo I want it to read “Master Ben’s Slave”. On my back I want a portrait of you with BIG FELLA hanging between your knees. I want a tattoo that reads “If you want to ride you have to ask Master Ben”. On one breast I want a heart with your name in it. On one hip I want it to read “Must be over ten inches to ride”

Ben “OK, but you will have to earn your tattoos my slave”.

Jessica “Yes, Master. When do you want to start my training? If you take as long as you did when my husband was here we might be at it for a long time, not that I am complaining about that”.

Ben “We can start it in a couple of days. I will spend three days on your pussy and then three days on your ass training. You are going to need a couple of days to suck me off twenty times”.

Jessica “Let me call my sister Chasity and see when she can come over”. She does and comes back and tells her new Master that her sister will be there in two weeks.

Ben “Did you tell her about me and your new arrangement?”.

Jessica “No, I will explain that when she gets here. I would love to have my tattoos done by the time she gets here”.

Laurie “Make sure she has a clean HIV/STD certificate before she gets here or she cannot have sex with my husband”.

Jessica “Yes Mistress, I will make sure she gets it”.

“I think I want her to be a breeder and a body slave. Jessica Taylor I accept you as my slave. Seeing as though I have been pounding the crap out of you since you got here. I think it is fair to say that you passed your training in your pussy and ass already”.

“I don’t think so, Master. You are not getting off that easily I want to be trained proper like my sisters. You are going to fuck me ten times in my pussy and then my ass now that I am your slave” Jessica Taylor tells him

“I will call Sheila and have her come over and tattoo you, giving you all your tattoos, she will tattoo Sandra, Nicole and Tiff. What are you going to tell Steven?” Ben asks.

“Fuck him, that limp dick workaholic, I will whip his ass into shape. He will serve the family. Will Doctor Reynolds castrate him for me. I think a setup like Joe’s will look good on him, except for the cunnilingus part. He will be our live in Doctor, if he chooses otherwise then fuck him and see if he can support his lifestyle without me. I am the one with the money. He will have a hard time paying back the student loans without my money”

Jessica “Master, take me as a slave. I want your cock in me for the rest of my life. You make me feel loved, I have never been fucked like that before and have never had multiple orgasms while having sex. I am yours if you will have me”.

Ben looks at Becky as she has entered the room and heard the conversation and she laughs. “What is so funny, Becky?” Jessica asks. “I told my Master, once he fucks your brains in you will never leave him!” Becky tells her. “You are right, I am his and so will you be my sisters”. “Yes we are” Becky tells her.

Ben “OK, I will make you my slave. I will support you and you will need for nothing”.

Jessica “I don’t need your money, Master. I am really rich, probably not as rich as you. But I support myself, and my sisters. Beside of my sister Chasity who is in Nursing school. She will be yours also. My other sisters are triplets and are in boarding school. They will be home for Christmas.”.

Ben “What about your husband Steve?”.

Jessica “Fuck him, limp dick bastard is always at work. I will make him my bitch. I am going to dominate his ass. I think we need a personal doctor on staff here don’t you too? I will break his ass”.

Ben “Is he that little?”.

Jessica “Every man is little compared to BIG FELLA”, she is holding BIG FELLA in her hands, “You are not only huge but you know how to use it. He is eight inches long and about three inches wide. He is alright in the sack but does not last very long, about ten minutes. I have not had an orgasm while having sex with him in over four years. Master, this pussy, ass and mouth are yours to do with as you choose”.

Ben “OK, lets get some sleep. I don’t know about you but I am really tired”. The next morning he fucks his new slave hard and deep making her scream out one orgasm after another. Once he has cum in her womb he gets out of her and goes takes a shower and gets dressed.

Ben goes to Sandra, Tiff and Nicole’s room and tells them to get dressed in their nicest clothes and meet him and Becky in the dinning room. They come up to him and kiss him passionately on the lips. “OK, let me take a look at you three” Ben says as he looks them over and he looks at Becky. “We are going to have to go shopping after we get out of the doctor’s office. This is not going to do. You are with me now, you are my property now. You will dress accordingly. Let’s go to the doctors office”.

They leave the mansion, Ben has three RFID chips with him, and head to Doctor Reynolds office. When they get in the examination room, Ben kisses Amber and she tells him “You promised me that you would get me pregnant this summer, Master. Do you remember that?”. “Yes Amber, I will sleep with you every night when you get home from work until you get pregnant” Ben tells her. “I have been taking my fertility medication for eight months, I am primed and ready for planting” Amber tells him.

“Amber, these are my new slaves, do you remember them from the cruise?” Ben asks trying to change the subject. “Ah, yes I do, sorry ladies about that. Welcome to the family. Let me get your vital statistics and I will introduce you to the family doctor” Amber says. She gets their stats and goes gets the doctor.

“Well Ben, you have been busy haven’t you? Let see who we have here Sandra, Nicole and Tiffani. According to your paperwork you are pregnant all three of you?” Doctor asks the say yes, Amber looks at Ben. “Well let me take a look at you, get undressed and Sandra get on the table first” Doc says. He examines each of the ladies and then draws blood. “Did Nadia do a sonogram at the mansion, Ben?” Doctor Reynolds asks he tells him she did and it all looked normal. The doctor prescribes prenatal vitamins and tells them that he will call them with the results.

Ben gives the doctor three RFID chips to insert under their skin and tells them “This is a tracking chip, this allows me to track your whereabouts no matter where you are in the world”. The doctor does the procedure that he has done so many times before.

“Doc, Jessica Taylor is now mine. She asked to be my slave, she is going to cuckold her husband make him our live-in doctor. That is her choice” Ben tells him. “Once you make love to a woman she is yours, my friend” Doc tells him.

He congratulates them and leaves the room. Amber kisses all three of them and Becky then her Master. She rubs his crotch as she leaves, “this is mine tonight” Amber tells him.

They leave and go shopping for clothes, as they drive Becky tells Ben “You better get Amber pregnant soon. She is getting frustrated”. “Yes, I know. I cannot resist anything you ladies want. I feel like I am the slave some days” Ben tells her. “Yeah, you got it really rough. All these women that love you and take care of you as much as you take care of us” Becky says and he smiles.

They head to Becky’s favorite dress store and the four have fun while Ben goes to the jewelry store and gets ten wedding bands and engagement rings. He purchases seven sets emerald earrings with diamonds and matching necklaces and bracelets. Ben also get two sets of sapphire earrings with diamonds and matching necklaces and bracelets. He also gets a set of topaz earrings and matching necklaces and bracelets.

He heads back to the dress store and sees his ladies enjoying themselves. It is another hour before they are ready to leave and they go to DSW and get shoes. That takes them two hours and they finally go to Victoria’s Secret and meet Viki. She gets them setup with everything a girl needs. In the backroom Ben produces the engagement rings to each of his new slaves. He tells each “I love you and will always love, honor and trust you. You are mine and I am going to take care of you and our babies” they each cry and Ben puts the ring on their finger and then he puts their wedding band on them. “With this ring I thee wed, I am yours and you are mine” he says to each one, “I promise to love you and protect you for the rest of our lives”.

They leave the mall and head back to the mansion. While going through the security gate the see the delivery trucks unloading stuff into the warehouse. Ben asks what was delivered and it is the uniforms. Ben then goes back to the mansion and pulls into the garage. He notices Sandra’s car and tells her, “Get what you need out of your car. I am going to have that taken to the junk yard by one of my guards. We will go out and get you a new car tomorrow. Think what you would like, something that holds a lot of passengers.

They go back into the house and the ladies put their stuff away in their rooms. Ben comes into Tiff’s room and asks her, “Do you like the sheets, curtains and the carpet colors?”. “Master, they are just fine” Tiff says as she takes off her clothes. She takes him by hand and leads him to the bed. “You are mine, I am going to make love to you” they get into bed and start making passionate love together. Ben tell her he loves her and kisses her and starts sucking on her pussy making her wet and after a couple of minutes climax hard. “Be gentle Master, don’t hurt our babies” Tiff asks him.

Ben pushes an erect BIG FELLA into her tight fourteen year old pussy, he fucks her hard and goes no where near her cervix. When BIG FELLA swells up Tiff tells him “Cum in my mouth, I want to taste your seed again”. Ben takes BIG FELLA out of her pussy and puts it in her mouth and pushes down her throat and then back out as he pours his cum into her waiting mouth. She swallows the whole load and Ben takes BIG FELLA out of her mouth and give her two more ropes into her mouth. Tiff licks BIG FELLA clean and then crawls up to him and kisses him.

“I wanted to come to you in June, but you were in Paris or New York. I love you Master, my body is yours” Tiff says. He gets up and kisses her and leaves her room with Tiff in bed with a huge smile on her face. He goes downstairs and gets the packages that were delivered. He takes the uniforms down to the servant quarters and gives them to his maids.

“Ladies, here are your uniforms. I bought each of you ten pair of pants, and four tops in each color. I don’t know which goes to whom, try them on and check them out. If any needs to be taken in let me know and I will get Carol over here. The shoes should come in soon” Ben tells them and they tell him thanks. Charmaine, Chellise and Chemier come up and kiss him and tell him thanks, “It feels like Christmas” Charmaine tells him. He smiles and leaves them to find out what fits whom.

Maize and Hazel come up to him and tell him thanks, “Ben, you are too generous”. “Did I show you the three 2013 Chevy Suburbans that are at your disposal. They are equipped with Lojack and have security keys. If you need to get something for the house just let Becky know and go get it”.

“OK, Ben. Thank you” Maize says.

Ben goes upstairs and Becky calls the whole family to dinner in the formal dinning room. Maize and Hazel having set the table. Becky sent a text to everybody’s cell phone. “Ben, we need to set a time when we are all here for dinner, every night no exceptions. Everybody eating dinner like a big happy family” Becky tells him. “How is 6:30 sound to you?” Ben asks her. “That sounds like a good time.

Everybody shows up and sits around the large table. Maize and Hazel bring in the salad and the wine, pitchers of water. After the wine is poured he lifts his glass and offers a toast “To family may this house always have the sound of laughter and love flowing from it. I love you all, everyone of you with all my heart. And yes that includes you Bill. We are family, as family we take care of each other and love each other. This is our first family dinner, may we always be together. To family”. Everybody says “To family”.

“We are going to have dinner, as a family, at 6:30 every night. Clothing optional” Becky says. For the first dinner they have lobster bisque after their salads. Maize and Hazel’s daughter’s are in their new uniforms as they serve the lobster bisque. The ladies love their outfits, and comment to Becky and Ben that they are very becoming. Next up is prime rib with garlic red potatoes, broccoli cauliflower and asparagus. For dessert Dominic has made several triple layered chocolate mouse cakes. He serves it with a nice port. The pregnant women only sip their wine and drink mostly water.

“Viki, I talked to Antonio the other day. He is going to move in October 1st. Is that OK with you and Elfie?” Ben asks. “Yes, Master. That is fine with me how about you Elfie?” Viki says. “That sounds wonderful to me, he will be here when his granddaughter is born” Elfie says. “How is the birthing suite coming along Nadia?” Ben asks.

“Most of the equipment is in, the sonogram, fetal monitors, ultrasound, and I have purchased everyone a breast pump. Delivery tables, infant bassinet, baby weighing scale, Oxy and Apnea monitors, Resuscitation Bags, Neonatal Open Care System and Infant Radiant and Open Care Warmers should be in within two weeks. I have the stainless steel tables already installed. It should be ready by the beginning of the month” Nadia states.

“Very good, Nadia. We have ten women that are ready to give birth in October, am I right?” Ben asks. All the women that are due in October say “Hell Yes” in unison. “Ladies, our maternity ward is ready, I hope to have three nurses ready to join the family within the month. I am just waiting on their background check to be completed. Ladies, your security and well being is my utmost concern” Ben says as they complete their dessert. Ben asks Maize to get Dominic.

Dominic comes into the formal dinning room, “Dominic, that was a great meal. Please plan on us having dinner at 6:30 every night. Clear the menu with Tiffani, Becky and Laurie for dinner. Thank you for a wonderful first meal as a family. Breakfast and lunches will be a lot less formal” Ben tells him and the ladies thank him for a delicious meal.

“Ben can I speak with you after dinner about a few items for the kitchen” Dominic asks. “Yes, I will be right there” Ben tells him. He gets up and tells everybody to have a good night. “Amber, Jessica Taylor, Cloe, Jill, Jess Williams meet me in the master suite in an hour please” Ben asks. They all say “Yes, Master” with a smile on their faces. Ben takes his supplements and vitamins. He heads into the kitchen and sees the maids eating. “Dominic, you and the maids eat what we eat. If we have lobster bisque then make enough for everybody. No exceptions, I will call if we have guests. That is very rare. What did you have to talk about?” Ben asks.

“Well this came in today. It looks like your china. We have no where to put it. You need to purchase a china cabinet. I would like a walk-in refrigerator, cooking for approximately 150 people a night is difficult. We need more refrigerator space. I would love another couple of chest freezers. I could use an assistant, I know someone that is good. His name is Derrick, he is eighteen and here is his information” Dominic tells him.

“Well, I will go buy three chest freezers tomorrow, the walk-in will take some time to plan. How about I get you two more refrigerators in the meantime?” Ben asks. “That will work” Dominic says. “I will get my investigator on this Derrick person in the morning. I will purchase a china cabinet in the morning also. Anything else you need?” Ben says.

“Well, could you setup an account with the local produce, meat/fish distributors and also Sysco?” Dominic asks, “That will help in the procurement of food stuff”.

“I will get on that right away, Dominic” Ben says. “If there is nothing else let me get back to the family”. “No, sir. Thank you very much”.

Ben exits the kitchen and sees his favorite virgin pussies. “Joy, Jennifer, Peggy come with me we are going to bed” Ben states. The grin and follow him up to the bedroom. When they get to the bedroom Ben tells Amber, Jessica Taylor, Cloe, Jill, and Jess “for the next seven days I am going to have sex with each of you after dinner. I am going to get all of you pregnant. I am going to put two loads in you each night. Peggy, Joy and Jennifer are going to be my fluffers, getting me hard and cleaning me up after. Are you girls up for that?” Ben states. The fluffer girls say “Yes, Master” and Joy comes over and starts sucking on BIG FELLA, Peggy sucks on one ball and Jennifer on the other. Once they have BIG FELLA fully erect Ben gets Amber in the doggie position and pushes BIG FELLA into her pussy, making her moan in pleasure. He humps her for a good hour before pushing through her cervix. It takes Ben another 45 minutes to climax, after he is done pouring his hot cum in her womb he exits her womb and her cervix closes tight. Effectively trapping his seed in her fertile womb.

Ben leans over and whispers in Amber’s ear “Amber, I love you. You have been with me for a long time. You know I would never forsake you. You sleep in my bed every night, if you want to have sex with me you can at anytime”. Ben exits her pussy and Amber rolls over and kisses her lover and friend. “I love you Ben Barnes, you have been real busy lately and did not want to put too much on your plate”.

Ben gets up and goes gets his pills and comes back. Peggy sucks him hard and Ben puts Jessica Taylor on her back he lifts her legs and puts them on either side of her shoulders. Ben the pushes BIG FELLA into her, “Master, pound my pussy” Jessica Taylor tells him. “This pussy is yours. OH, my god stretch your slaves pussy” she screams out. “What the hell did Becky put in your pussy, it is tighter than a virgins pussy” Ben says as he pushes and pushes BIG FELLA deeper and deeper into her pussy it takes him 45 minutes to get BIG FELLA deep enough to pound her cervix. Ben start to jackhammer her and does so for the next two hours hitting her cervix with each stroke. Jessica is screaming in pain and pleasure at the same time. Ben is ruthlessly jackhammering her cervix. When he finally pushes through he pushes deep into her womb and pours an enormous amount of semen in her womb. When done he exit her with a loud pop.

Ben falls next to her and tells her “I am sorry about that, did not mean to hurt you, Jessica”. “Hurt me, that was fucking fantastic. Master you are a FUCKING-GOD, my fucking god. This pussy belongs to you. You can fuck me anyway you want” is her response. Ben goes takes a quick shower and takes more supplements and comes back, Jennifer sucks illegal bahis BIG FELLA until he gets hard and Ben put Cloe on her stomach, spreads her legs so that they are perpendicular and pushes BIG FELLA deep inside of her pussy.

Ben fucks little 5’2 Cloe with his usual long deep strokes, he leans over and kisses her neck. “I love you my sweet Cloe, you are going to make an excellent mother”. He then rams BIG FELLA deep into her cervix and Cloe yells. He continues his assault of her cervix until it gives way and he pushes BIG FELLA deep into her womb. He rolls over to his side and he starts fucking her from the side with one leg high in the air. “Damn, Master you can see BIG FELLA pushing out her stomach with each stroke” Peggy says. “Sis, do you like BIG FELLA fucking your womb?”.

Cloe, breathing heavy, says “Hell fucking yes. Master, this is where BIG FELLA belongs”.

Ben pounds her for another hour before he cums in her womb for twenty minutes. Ben exits her pussy as Peggy comes over and sucks on her gaping pussy. “No leakage here, Master” she tells him. Jill is up next and she comes over and tells her Master “Suck on this little pussy of your loving slave get me nice and wet” Ben smiles and licks her slit and sucks on her love button and sticks his long tongue in her hole while Peggy sucks on BIG FELLA taking all sixteen inches down her throat. She gets him hard and takes BIG FELLA out of her mouth. “Master, I love sucking on your beautiful cock”. Jill has climaxed hard three times and Ben picks her up and pushes BIG FELLA deep into her pussy pounding her cervix with each stroke.

Ben and Jill fuck standing up for an hour and then he forcefully puts her down on the bed, when he does this he pushes through her cervix and bottoms out in her womb. He pounds her womb for thirty minutes before he drops his load.

Ben then exits her womb and her pussy with a pop. He then turns over in and lays flat in the bed as Peggy, Joy and Jennifer come over and suck BIG FELLA back to life. Jess then comes over and straddles Ben and takes BIG FELLA and pushes him deep inside of her pussy. Jess rides him for two hours before he is ready to penetrate her cervix and he turns her over and pushes deep into her womb and sprays his seed into her womb. Ben then passes out, exhausted from his love making .

Jessica Taylor tells everyone “I guess it is one load each tonight”. They all get on the double California King Size beds and go to sleep. Becky, Laurie, Mandy, Brooklyn and the other bed slaves come into the room and go to sleep. One huge pile of human flesh. Ben’s ladies are all covering his body. They kiss and stroke his muscular arms legs and of course his well defined six-pack abs.

The next morning Ben wakes up with his women still covering him. Peggy has BIG FELLA in her mouth and is using it like a pacifier. Becky looks at him and smiles, “Did you enjoy yourself last night?” she says to him softly. “Yes, I did. Can you get my pills?” Ben ask. He takes his pills and tries to free himself from the pile of humanity. When he is free he leaves the suite with Becky and heads downstairs. Their is a FedEx envelope waiting for him in the foyer. He opens it and sees it is from Paul.

Ben sits with Becky as Tiffani comes in. “We need to decide on which beds we like for the new 200 bedrooms we are adding on to the house. I need to go and get three freezers and 3 refrigerators for Dominic. I need to get a china cabinet for the china. You ladies want to shopping with me?” Ben asks. They look at each other and tell him “Hell yes we want to go shopping with you. Let us get the kids ready. I want to get a couple of strollers” Becky says.

They choose the beds they like and Ben goes to the den and faxes the list with the numbers of each he wants. They get dressed and head out of the mansion, on the way out Ben sees Ken with the construction crew at the school. Ben tells him he might call him requesting him pick up a couple of freezers and refrigerators. Ken tells him no problem.

They go to Sears first and sees a Frigidaire 19.53 cu. ft. Refrigerator with a glass door he likes he
orders three. Ben then looks at the Kenmore Elite 24.6 cu. ft. Chest Freezer in White and likes it and orders three. Ben sees a Kenmore Built-In 51 lb. Capacity Ice Maker Freezer – Stainless Steel and thinks that will go good in the kitchen, in the indoor pool room, the entertainment room behind the bar and outside in the air conditioned gazebo so he orders four of those. He orders two Kenmore Elite 29.2 cu. ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator with Genius Cool™ in White. The appliances are not in stock so he has them delivered.

The ladies are in the store shopping and find a few things for the babies, they buy twenty-five Safety 1st Complete Air™ 65 Convertible Car Seat by Great Lakes, they also purchase five Foundations The Trio Triple Tandem Folding Stroller and five Quad Four Child Stroller, both in Blue. Becky also purchases 25 Disney Pooh Travel Gear Bundle, which includes Disney Care Center LX Playard-My Friend Pooh, Saunter Travel System-My Friend Pooh, Serve-‘n-Store High Chair-My Friend Pooh and have it shipped to the mansion.

The ladies also purchase baby clothes, socks for all the children. Ben looks at them and shakes his head. They put their many many bags in three carts and go to the bedding department and find sheets they like Simply Linens: 1000 Thread Count 100% Egyptian Cotton Solid / Plain pattern Bed Sheets Set, they purchase California king size sets in Navy, Black, Lavender, Gold, Ivory, Burgundy, Sage, Blue and Beige colors. The buy two of each. They purchase the same colors for king size beds, they purchase twenty of each color. They have them shipped to the mansion.

They leave Sears with and load their bags into the Expedition and head to the local Haverty’s Furniture store and look around the like the Willowwood Road Display China Cabinet. They then head to the Super Walmart and do some more shopping buying supplies for the mansion. They go back to the mansion, when they enter the security gate Ben pulls off to the side and Ben gets out and heads into the office. He makes copies of the receipts of what is being delivered. Ben the takes the ladies on a tour of the guards living quarters. There are thirty bedrooms with two showers rooms one for the men and another for the women. There is a large kitchen, dinning
and living rooms a large screen television. Ben introduces his wife and mother-in-law to the guards there.

A couple of guards come out of the showers without towels on and Becky giggles at them. They quickly dive into a bedroom and put the towels on. They come out red faced and apologizing profusely, “I am so sorry Mrs. Barnes, please forgive me. I did not know we had guests” the guard says as the other one just stammers. “No problem, but you better not do that too much you might get into trouble” Becky says.

They go outside and Ben receives a call from his private investigator and he tells him that Janine, Mercedes and Annabelle have checked out. Ben asks him if he can deliver the files to the mansion and the investigator agrees and says he will be there in a couple of hours. Ben tells him to leave it with the guards in an enclosed envelope.

They go to the mansion and are greeted by Madison, Brooklyn, Laurie and Jessica Taylor. Ben gives them all a kiss and says what has everybody been up to. They tell him they have been swimming and did their routine in the gym. Laurie informs Ben that materials for the school has come in and that the teachers want to talk to him. Ben says OK and takes Jessica Taylor with him, they pass by Hanna’s room and she asks to speak to him, Ben asks Jessica to meet him in the master suite.

Hanna tells Ben, “Master, I just got off the phone with my mother. She has been laid off from her work. She says she has no problem coming down here in November”. “Call her back and tell her to pack a bag for her and your brother and sister. I will send the plane down to get them so that you can spend sometime with them” Ben says. “Master, what about her rent and utilities?” Hanna asks. “I will take care of everything, just call her and get her down here. What is her occupation?” Ben asks. “She is a beautician”. “Call her right now”. Ben asks her where does her mother live, she tells him by Princeton.

Hanna calls her and talks to her and she says that she can be ready in the morning. Ben calls Steve and asks him to fly to Princeton Regional Airport in New Jersey. He says he can be there by 1 pm local time. Ben has Hanna tell her mother to be at the Princeton Airport at 1 and that he will have his plane there to take them here. They agree and tell her that she will see her tomorrow.

“Hanna, do you think you mother will have a problem relocating down here? Would you want your mother, brother and sister to live with us?” Ben asks.

“Yes, I miss them very much. I don’t think there is much keeping her in Jersey other than my sister and brother and their school. They can go to school anywhere” Hanna says.

“I will have the limousine waiting for them at the airport when they arrive and will get a call when they are on the way” Ben says “I will make sure she feels welcome and that she has a place to stay down here”.

“Master, my brother and sister are still virgins. I know my sister is and I am pretty sure my brother is. He is rather shy and introverted. Will you make her your slave?” Hanna asks. “Only if she wants to be. I will not force her or your mother to have sex with me. I have plenty of room for them. I love you Hanna and want to make you happy” Ben tells her. “Oh, I am happy with you and here with our family”.

Ben kisses Hanna and tells her that she will be reunited with her family from New Jersey soon. He then leaves Hanna’s room and heads to his room and a waiting Jessica Taylor. She seductively comes over to her new master and kisses him and sucks on his nipples and kisses her way down to BIG FELLA, she takes BIG FELLA into her mouth and starts to suck him hard. Once hard Ben picks up Jessica and takes her over to the bed.

Ben puts Jessica on her stomach and puts her legs to either side so that they are to the side, Ben then presses BIG FELLA deep inside of her pussy and starts pumping. “OH, Master. That is what I love, your beautiful cock pumping in and out of me. I am fertile and should be able to conceive soon” she tells Ben as he continues to pump her harder and harder.
It takes him two hours before he finally breaks through her cervix and begins to pump her womb. After an hour of pumping her womb he starts to pour his seed into her womb. When he is done he takes BIG FELLA out of her womb and then her pussy.

“Master, that is the most fantastic feeling in the world” Jessica tells him, “What is that honey?” Ben asks as he lays next to her as she puts her head on his chest. “The feeling of having your huge cock stretching my pussy and womb. I love how it feels in my womb, like it was meant to be there. Ben Barnes, I love you, you are more man than my former husband ever thought he could be. You make me feel so secure and protected, so loved. Thank you for accepting me as your slave, lover and baby momma”.

“What are you going to do with Steven?” Ben asks. “Fuck him, I have the most wonderful man in the world. He can go straight to hell” Jessica says. “Don’t you love him, anymore?” Ben asks. “I don’t know if I ever did. I liked being the doctor’s wife and thought having a child would make me whole. Ben, Master. I want to be with you whether you give me a baby or not. I want to love you and take care of you”.

Becky comes into the master suite and tells them “Vivian has just broken her water, Suzy has been having cramps. We need to get them to the hospital, Nadia says the birthing suite is not ready yet”. Ben gets up and takes a quick shower kisses Jessica goodnight and then heads downstairs.

Bill has gotten the ladies dressed, with Laurie, Leslie and little BB in tow. Ben takes one car with Suzy, Becky and Laurie. Bill takes the other ladies with him and they head to the hospital after calling Doctor Taylor. Doctor Taylor tells them he will meet them there.

They arrive at the hospital in no time and the ladies are admitted to the maternity ward, Ben signs them in and sends Bill with the girls.

Doctor comes in and checks on the ladies and sees that Vivian is the first one ready to bring her child into the world. Leslie hands BB to Bill, as Ben Leslie and Laurie go into the delivery room. They are there for four hours and Vivian finally gives birth to a 7 pound baby girl. Doctor Taylor hands her to Vivian, and says you have a beautiful baby girl. “Cheryl Aruba, meet your beautiful father, Ben Barnes. These two beautiful girls are your sisters Cheryl” Vivian says with tears in her eyes. Ben leans over and kisses her, “You did great my sweet Vivian. Our baby is so beautiful, just like her sisters. I love you ladies with all my heart”.

Ben kisses Laurie and Leslie, as the nurses come over and congratulate him on another beautiful baby. They go into the room with Suzy, Bill and BB, Ben takes BB and tells him “You have a little baby sister my son”. Vivian comes into the room with her baby in her arms.

Janine, Mercedes and Annabelle come into the room to check on the newborn baby and the expecting mother Suzy. Ben tells the three of them that they check out and have passed their background check, they need to go to see Doctor Reynolds and get a current clean HIV/STD certificate and meet him at his mansion. They say they will do it in the morning after Suzy has her baby. Ben asks them if they are sure about becoming his slaves and all that entails. They all say “Yes, Master” as Suzy starts to have contractions that are really close together. The nurses check her and say they are going to wheel her into the delivery room.

When they take Suzy into the delivery room Doctor Taylor comes in and asks about his wife. “Doctor you can see her at Thanksgiving, not before, you agreed to this”. Doctor Taylor lowers his head and they can see a tear in his eye as he leaves to go to the delivery room.

“Fool let his wife be fucked by my Master, she is yours now” Vivian says. “I know, I still feel a little sorry for the guy” Ben says. “I have talked to Jessica, he was not satisfying her. He was never home to tend to the honey pot. I don’t think she ever loved him, I know she loves you Master. That is all she talks about, pleasing you, making love to you”

“I didn’t want to make him a cuckold” Ben says. “You didn’t, Master. Jessica did. Bill is not my cuckold. He fucks anybody he wants. He loves his new life, Don’t you Bill baby?” Vivian asks. “Hell yes, I like making love to Ben’s women, although I have come to realize you have to watch out for Reanna. That little minx drained every ounce of energy I had one night. I also love watching Ben fuck especially love watching BIG FELLA stretch your pussy, Leslie’s and Laurie’s also. I can’t wait to see Laurie’s baby in February” Bill says.

Ben then goes back to the delivery room and witnesses Suzy delivering his little baby girl “Rebecca Helen”. She weighs in at a very healthy nine pounds. Ben kisses his beautiful teacher slave and his baby girls. “Mr. Barnes, you have another beautiful baby” the doctor says.

Ben goes into the room with Vivian, Bill, Laurie, Leslie and BB and waits for Suzy to arrive with their newborn baby girl. Ben asks Doctor Taylor when can he leave with the mothers and babies. He says in a day, they want to monitor the babies. Ben gets a call from Becky saying that Steve has picked up Hanna’s family from Jersey and should be back in 3 hours. Ben tells her that he will be home in two hours. He tells the ladies that he needs to go back to the mansion and meet Hanna’s family as they arrive and he will be back in the morning to pick them up.

He leaves after giving each mother a kiss and asks if Laurie and Leslie want to go back to the mansion with him. The look at their mother and they say yes. They get back and strip in time to be ready for Beatrice “Bea”, Jason and Jayne. Ben is watching the news when they arrive.

Hanna meets her family in the foyer naked as the day she was born. Her mother asks her “Where the hell are your clothes, Hanna?”. “Mom, we do not where clothes in the house. So strip” Hanna says. “Hanna, I can’t” Jason says. “Jason, I have seen a penis before. There is nothing to be ashamed of. You see me naked here do I look ashamed of my body” Hanna tells them. “You had your breasts pierce and your navel? What is up with all those tattoos, Hanna?” Bea asks.

“All your questions will be answered, now strip” Hanna tells them. Her brother strips down to his boxers and Hanna pulls them off too. She looks at his 15 year old cock, “Damn, Jason you are hung. Not as hung as my boyfriend but you are packing a lot” Hanna says as she kisses him on his cheek and whispers in his ear “I want some tonight, will you let me suck on your beautiful cock?”. All Jason can do is shake his head yes. Her mother and sister strip and Hanna sees that they need to get their pussies shaved, but will mention that later. She then leads them into the large family room. Jayne asks her sister “Who was that in the portrait in the foyer?”. “That would be my boyfriend, Ben. He owns this mansion”.

“Hanna, I see a tattoo on your back that says “Property of Ben Barnes” is that your boyfriend’s idea?” Bea asks. “Yes it was, I am his property. I love him and he loves me” Hanna then shows her her engagement ring and wedding band. “My body is his to do with as he chooses, I am going to get pregnant with his babies when I am finished with my college studies” Hanna tells her.

“You are going to college, Hanna. That is great” Bea tells her. “That was my Master’s demand that I go to college and get my degree. He of course is paying for it” Hanna says. They arrive at the family room and Hanna presents Bea, Jayne and Jason. Jason is rapidly getting erect looking at all the pretty women around.

“Welcome, Bea, Jayne and Jason to my humble abode. Make yourselves at home. Jason you really are pack a nice cock there” Ben says as he notices his large 11” cock that is getting harder by the minute. Jayne in the meantime is staring at BIG FELLA. “Let me show you where you will be staying while you are visiting” Ben says as he stands up and takes Hanna and her sister and mother with him. “Master, Can I play with Jason while you show his mother and sister where they are going to be sleeping?” Reanna asks. “Sure, be careful. Renee watch her”.

Ben leaves as Reanna comes over and starts to suck on Jason’s cock. By the time his mother and sister have come back from their tour of the mansion, Jason has been given five blowjobs and Renee is sucking him hard. When he is hard Rachel straddles his cock after her mother has put on a magnum and starts to grind on him. Peggy comes over and tells him to suck on her pussy. “Lick it from top to bottom and then back, stick your tongue into my pussy and stroke my hymen with your tongue. Do not break it” Peggy tells him as she points out where her clit is for him. Peggy then lowers her little twelve year old pussy onto his face and he starts licking her pussy.

“What are you doing, Jason?” Bea asks. “Mom, he is just enjoying himself. He is safe here, loved and will be loved by all my sisters. Mom, we all share Ben. He is our master and we are his slaves and lovers” Hanna says as she leads her mother around and introduces her to everybody, she introduces her to Becky, Tiffani and their children. “Mom, this is Becky Barnes. She is the Mistress of the House and Ben’s legal wife. This is Tiffani her mother and their children Ben Jr. and Daniella. Both are Ben’s children. All the babies around here are Ben’s, their will be two more coming home from the hospital.

“Hanna, I see somebody that needs to get trimmed. Your sister also. Nice to meet you. Welcome to our home” Becky says as she gets up and kisses Hanna on the lips. “We all love each other here. My mother, Tiffani just gave birth to my sister. We have lots of children going to be born very soon. It is an exciting time in the mansion” Becky says. Becky and Hanna take Bea and Jayne around the mansion showing off all the rooms and the end up in the master suite. “This room is bigger than my whole three bedroom apartment” Bea states as she tours the bathroom and the bedroom. “Bea, Jayne come in her with me” Becky says as they go into the bathroom she gets her shaving cream and razor blade. “Now lets get rid of those bushes, mansion rules” Becky says as she has Jayne get up on the sink. She lathers her up and shaves her young pussy. Becky then does Bea, she has a lot more hair on her mound and her pussy lips.

“Bea, Jayne we have a sister Emily that is a dermatologist that can permanently remove your hair in your armpits, legs and pussies. Would you like that?” Becky asks. “Can we think on that?” Bea asks. “Sure, no pressure” Becky states as she draws a hot bath, she leads Jayne, Bea and Hanna into the water and then gets in there herself and turns on the jets. “Let’s soak for a minute, Ladies” Becky states as she starts to make out with Hanna.

Becky then starts to kiss Jayne and squeeze on her ample breasts. Bea asks “Becky, you share Ben with all these women?” “Yes I do, we share everything. Bea we love each other. We support each other in everything we do” Becky tells her. They get out of the tub and Becky dries off Jayne as Hanna dries herself off and then her mother.

“I love my new family mom. I want for nothing am loved and love my husband Ben. He treats us all like his wives” Hanna says. They go in and turn the television on and lay down on the huge double California King beds. Becky starts to make out with Jayne as Hanna starts to kiss and make out with Bea. Becky moves down on Jayne’s body sucking on her breasts and then sucking on her virgin pussy. Becky makes Jayne come three times as she does Hanna starts to suck on her mothers pussy. Ben walks into the bedroom with Cloe, Jill and Amber.

Bea is climaxing hard and after she comes down he asks “Where is Jason? Is he alright?”. “Bea, you son is fine. I had Abigail bring him five boxes of Magnums. I think he is going to need it. He really is enjoying making love to my women” Ben tells her as he gets in between Jayne’s legs and starts sucking on her pussy making her climax really hard.

Ben then starts sucks on Cloe’s young pussy getting her wet as Jill sucks on BIG FELLA. “What this Jayne?” Cloe tells her. “My Master is going to make love to me”. She then gets on her hands and knees and Ben pushes BIG FELLA deep inside of her pussy. He begins to pump her long and hard. Cloe looks over at Jayne and tells her “Jayne this feels so amazing, you should try it. I love my Master”. Ben continues to fuck Cloe as Becky comes over and tell Jayne to get underneath of Cloe between her legs. Jayne has an up close and personal look at BIG FELLA’s pounding in and out of Cloe’s pussy. She sees it stretching to accept it girth and gripping it as Ben pulls himself out of her pussy. Ben fucks her for the next two hours and then pushes through her cervix into her womb. “Damn, I can see that BIG FUCKING COCK pressing against her stomach” Jayne yells out. “Damn, Mom this looks so hot”.

“Hanna, what are you doing to your sister?” Bea asks her. “Nothing Mom, she is just watching Ben enjoy one of his girls. He does not take any woman by force” Hanna tells her. “I guess not with all these women waiting to have sex with him”.
“Mom, all you have to do is asks him and he will have sex with you. After you have a clean HIV/STD certificate” Hanna says. Ben begins to cum in Cloe’s womb when he is almost done he takes BIG FELLA out and Cloe gets off the top of Jayne. “Open you mouth Jayne” Ben tells her and she complies and Ben puts his cock into her small mouth and starts pouring cum down her throat and leaves a load in her mouth.

“How does my husband taste, Jayne” Becky asks. “A little salty and but also a little sweet” Jayne says. Ben presses his cock on her lips and she opens her mouth and starts sucking on the head of BIG FELLA. She stretches her full lips around the head as Ben starts to push himself into her mouth. He pushes to the back of her throat as Becky comes over and whispers in her ear “Swallow and keep swallowing, breathe through your nose as Ben pushes BIG FELLA down your throat”.

“You see the head of BIG FELLA stretching out Jayne’s throat, Mom? That feels wonderful, I love the feel of BIG FELA inside of me, you can enjoy this feeling also” Hanna says. “We want you to stay with us, you are family Bea. I want you to stay whether you have sex with me or not. I think Jayne really likes having BIG FELLA inside of her throat” Ben tells Bea. Ben fucks her throat for an hour before BIG FELLA swells up and pours his seed into her stomach. He exits her throat then her mouth with a pop.

“Jayne did you like sucking on my boyfriend’s cock?” Hanna asks. Jayne looks over and smiles at her sister “It hurt a little at first then got better. I think I can get use to sucking on that nice big cock of his”. “Would you like to have sex with Ben?” Hanna asks. “Hanna, no she is too young to have sex” Bea says.

“No I am not, Mother. Yes I want to, I am a virgin and might as well give my virginity to someone who will appreciate it and someone who knows how to fuck” Jayne tells her sister. “Jayne sweetheart, giving a man your virginity is the greatest gift you can give him” Ben tells her as she starts to suck him hard.

Once hard Ben spreads little Jayne’s legs and pushes BIG FELLA into her pussy, he breaks her hymen in one hard stroke and tells her the worst is over. He buries BIG FELLA all the way to her cervix and leaves it there. Her pussy is spasming around his large cock as his 7” thick head of BIG FELLA is resting against her cervix. Ben leans over and whispers in her ear, “Relax and adjust to the size of my cock”. “Yes, Master” Jayne replies to him and he lifts up and smiles at her. He kisses her full pouting lips and starts to move BIG FELLA back and forth in her tight pussy.

Ben lays on top of her and humps her hard and fast, Jayne moaning and climaxing over and over again. He keeps telling her softly in her ear “You are mine, I love you and you are going to be with me always. You are going to sleep in my bed from now on”. After two hours Ben finally pushes through her cervix and starts to pump her womb, he tells her softly in her ear “This is where BIG FELLA belongs, in your womb, I am going to impregnate you. You are going to have my babies. I am going to take care of you for the rest of your life”. He pumps her womb full of his seed after an hour of pumping her with long deep strokes.
Ben exits her womb and then rests next to her. With BIG FELLA still firmly inserted into her pussy Jayne rolls over and lays on top of Ben. “Momma, I am Ben’s now. I am going to make love to him again and again” Jayne tells her mother. “Baby, no, we need to go back to New Jersey” Bea says.

“Why, there is nothing there for you. I escaped because there was nothing but trouble for me there. I have made a life for myself down here. We want you to stay also, you can live down here much more comfortably than you can up there” Hanna tells her. Ben looks over at her and tells her “We have more than enough room for you. You are more than welcome to stay with us. I am going to make love to Jayne a lot the next couple of weeks. She has asked to be my slave and I have accepted her. I am going to train her pussy now. Later I am going to train her ass and then she will have to pass her oral training. Jayne is now mine, like Hanna I love and protect that which is mine” Ben tells Bea as Jayne starts to ride an erect BIG FELLA.

“Mom, I am Ben’s slave now. I am going to get pregnant and have his babies. I am going to sleep, well I don’t know how much sleep we are going to get, in his bed. This is how it is, I love how he makes me feel. I love my master” Jayne says. “That was quick” Becky says, “Welcome to the family Jayne”. They kiss and Becky gets up off the bed and takes Bea and Hanna with her “Let’s leave these two love birds alone for a little bit”.

The three of them get up out of bed as Ben rolls Jayne over to her back and begins to push BIG FELLA deep inside of her, pounding her cervix. “Pound this pussy, Master. Put BIG FELLA where he belongs in my womb. Impregnate me my lover, Master”, Jayne says “OH GOD, Hanna, Ben is a Master. I love it when he pounds my cervix”.

The make love all night long and the next day, Bea comes in the master suite 24 hours later and they are still going at it. “Momma, I love my Master. I belong to him”. Ben smiles at Bea, “I love both your daughters. They are so giving and loving women”.

“How many times have you two had sex?” Bea asks. “I think this is number twelve, am I correct Master?” Jayne tells her mother. “I think it is the second” Ben says as his little lover slaps him. “Bea, I have climaxed fifteen times in your daughter’s womb. What have you been doing today?” Ben asks her.

“I went to see your family doctor. I have a clean HIV/STD certificate, I had no doubt that I was clean. I have not had sex in twelve years” Bea tells Ben. Ben looks at her and smiles, “You have gone to long time without having sex”. Ben exits Jayne’s young pussy with a loud popping sound and lays on his back.

“Bea, come over here and suck BIG FELLA off. Swallow all of my cum down your throat” Ben tells her and she does as she is told. Bea is bobbing up and down on BIG FELLA and Ben erupts down her throat. When he is done he exits her throat and asks her “Bea, tell me what you want? Tell me what you Want BEA?”

“Ben, I want to be loved. I miss the feel of a man, I miss the feel of a man fucking me, making love to every inch of my body. I want you Ben Barnes, I want you to love me like my daughter, Hanna. She speaks glowingly of you. Like you are her knight in shining armor. I want you…” Bea says and is interrupted by Ben inserting BIG FELLA into her pussy.

“OH, GOD. You are so big, OH god I can believe I can take it. Be merciful with my tired old pussy, Master” Bea says almost crying. “Bea, you are not old. Just well seasoned, You will bare me many children. You are mine now. I am going to take care of you, love you, and pamper you. You are my responsibility now, I will honor love and care for you for the rest of your life. You will see many grandchildren, children of you own growing up before your eyes. Know this, you are loved. We are going to take care of you” Ben tells her as he pounds her pussy harder and harder.

After about an hour he pushes through her cervix and pumps her womb for another hour before cuming hard. “Give me children, bring forth a lot of children. I love you, as I do your daughter’s Hanna and Jayne. Your son is enjoying his new life isn’t he? He enjoys making love to my women, having sex whenever he wants. Jayne and Jason are going to go to college, they will get their educations and be productive. Give yourself to me. Trust me to take care of you” Ben tells her.

“OH GOD, Ben Barnes. I am yours as are my daughter’s and son. I don’t want you to take care of me. I want to take care of each other. Let me love you and take care of you” Bea says.

“No, you have been sacrificing your happiness for your children for too long. Let me love you and take care of you. I am going to fill you up with babies” Ben says. Bea sucks BIG FELLA hard again as Jayne brings in Ben’s bottles of vitamins and supplements. Ben takes twelve supplements plus his vitamins as Bea sucks him hard. Ben puts Bea on her hands and knees and begins to pound her long and hard Ben fucks her for three hours before busting through her cervix and pouring his cum into her womb for a half and hour. Ben tells her “My cock belongs in your womb. Pouring seed into your fertile womb”.

“Master, I am yours” Bea says as she kisses her daughter’s. “You love my boyfriend, Mom?” Hanna asks. “Hell yes, he is my master. My body belongs to him” Bea exclaims. “That is what I wanted to hear. Mom, I love you. Ben and Becky love you as do all my sisters” Hanna says as she kisses her mother and new lover. “Mom, we share everything here”. She kisses her mother passionately. They get up and go take a bath together, Bea Hanna and Jayne .

“How is Jason doing?” Bea asks in the jacuzzi tub. “He is loving his new life. He is taking advantage of the situation and making love to as many women as he can. I sucked his nice long cock last night. He has a beautiful eleven inch cock. I am going to let him fuck me up the ass in a couple of days” Hanna states as Ben takes a shower and goes downstairs and kisses the new mommies Vivian and Suzy.

He gets something to eat and Dominic asks if he has interviewed Derrick yet? Ben tells him he has not gotten the investigation back yet. Dominic tells him that the refrigerators and freezers have come in. He says that he placed them with Ken’s help. Dominic show Ben where he placed them and he says he did good. He tells him that this is his kitchen.

Ben then call the PI and gets the scoop on Derrick, Niaomi her daughters , Flora and Jozenia. The PI delivers the report and his bill. Ben gets the bill and pays it and then looks at the report. Apparently Niaomi has four daughter’s; Ilori and Iman, 15 year old twins. Imena and Iniko, twelve year old twins. Her husband died in a car accident about seven years ago, she has been trying to make ends meet ever since. Ben goes and talks to Maize and Hazel.

“How well do you know Niaomi, the lady you recommended for a job as a maid?” Ben asks them.

“I know her very well, she is very hard working honest and very dependable. She has four daughters, two sets of twins. Her husband was a drunk and got in a one car accident and killed himself a while back. She would make an excellent maid” Maize says.

“Mr. Barnes, she just needs to be given a chance. She has been beaten her whole life” Hazel says.

“How about the other two you recommended Flora and Jozenia what do you know of them?” Ben asks. “They are young but very dependable and hard working. They know how to mind their own business” Maize says as Hazel nods in agreement.

“Good, I will interview them separately tomorrow at Antonio’s with Becky. If everything goes well they will come on board by the weekend. How do your girls like their new uniforms and shoes? I see they have come in” Ben asks. “Ben they love them, although they don’t have much to wear when they are not working or in school” Maize says. “I will have Tiffani and Becky look into that. They make money and can afford to buy there own clothes now, right. We will get them somethings to wear. Anything else?” Ben asks.

“Well, Young Master Ray and now Jason have been well how do I say this. Playing around with our daughters” Hazel says. “What do you mean playing around? Having sex, watching television together or what. Be specific” Ben says. “Well, I don’t think they have had sex yet but the boys are always naked when they are with our girls” Maize says. “You don’t want you daughter’s having sex or you don’t want them having sex with white boys?” Ben says. “Both” Maize says.

“Are you racist, Maize Hazel?” Ben asks “NO” Hazel says. “We just don’t want our daughter’s getting pregnant. We don’t have much and can’t be supporting a bunch of babies” Maize says. “Well, Jason and Ray are my family now. If they get the girls pregnant then it would be my responsibility to take care of the babies. As you can see, I love babies and love having a big family.”

Ben leaves them and goes to the den to do some research, check on account balances when Becky comes in and tells him their stuff they bought the other day has arrived. She tells him that Ken is setting the refrigerators and freezers in place. Ben tells her that the daughter’s of the maids need clothes other than their work clothes. Becky says she will get right on it. Ben asks Becky if she knew anything about Ray and Jason sleeping with the maids. She says she did not but has no problem if they are all willing. Ben says he has no problem with Ray and Jason having sex with the maids. They need to set some boundaries.

Ben goes and sees what is going on with Ken and Dominic. He tells Dominic that he will meet with Derrick today. He sees that the kitchen is cluttered with refrigerators and freezers and asks Ken. “Couldn’t we build a room for these refrigerators and freezers outside his door in the courtyard by the greenhouses? And have room for the Masterbilt 860812-CX Master-Bilt Walk In Cooler / Freezer that I just purchased and should be delivered in a week” Ben states.

“Yes we can, we should put at least one more refrigerator in here. I need to get the specifications on this Masterbilt 860812-CX Master-Bilt Walk In Cooler / Freezer and meet with the construction company and get something drawn up. We want to build it so that it blends in with the rest of the mansion” Ken says. Ben hands him the documentation on the walk in and tells him to proceed. He tells Dominic that he has setup accounts at the local produce, meat seafood and poultry suppliers as well as Sysco. Ben gives him the login information to the companies and the accounts he setup.

Ben leaves them to their tasks and goes into the entertainment room and sees Ray kissing Kasmira and Jason making out with Corine. He smiles and leaves them at it. He then goes and gets the other maids daughter and brings them into the entertainment room.

“I am only going to say this once. It is OK with me if you have sex together. Ray and Jason are family now. But that does not give them the right to force any of you girls into having sex. Ray, Jason if you force one of these young women into having sex I will cut your balls off. Ladies, do not lead them on and say no afterward. Feel free to explore your sexual desires with each other. Boys “No means NO!” do I make myself clear on this subject?” Ben says. “Yes, Master Ben” they both say in unison.

“Ladies, your mothers say that you need clothes. You make money now and can spend it on clothes or whatever you need. Becky will be meeting with you in a little while to go over some shopping sites she likes. She will have things shipped to the mansion. Ladies, you may have sex with Ray and Jason if you like. You may sleep with them in their beds, but your work must not sleep nor your grades. Have fun but do not let it interfere with your other duties” Ben says and they all smile and says “Yes, Sir”.

“Very good, now I will leave you. Ladies get back to work” Ben says. Ray and Jason kiss their girls goodbye and whisper something in their ear. Ray and Jason go a different way Jason sees Reanna and they go to her room, Ben looks at Reanna and tells her “Don’t kill him, Reanna!” with a smile on his face. “Master, we are just going to play a little” she says.

Ben goes and checks in on Vivian and their baby girl Cheryl. He holds his beautiful little daughter and kisses her mother. “Vivian, you did good. Cheryl is so beautiful. I love you so much” Ben tells her as he kisses her over and over again. Leslie and BB come in the room, Ben kisses Leslie and his son. “Master, you now have the family you always wanted. A large loving family with plenty of babies” Leslie says as she kisses him. She hands BB to grandpa and kisses him and her mother.

“Yes, I do. I love you all. Even you Bill” Ben says. “Ben, I don’t float that way. But am flattered not the less” Bill cracks as Ben shakes his head. “How are architecture classes going?” Ben asks. “They are going. Not as easy to learn new things when you get be 46” Bill says.

He leaves them and goes and checks on Suzy and baby Rebecca. He kisses his teacher slave and their baby, “Master, you have made me a very happy woman. I always wanted to be a mother and you have given me a beautiful baby girl. I love you Ben Barnes” Suzy says as they kiss. She whispers in his ear, “I want to get pregnant again in February or March. I want my children close together”. “My love, I will get you pregnant when we are in the Cayman Islands for the holidays. We are going to take a trip down to our Caribbean getaway on December 28th for a couple of months” Ben tells her. “That sounds wonderful my Master, lover and friend”.

That reminds him that he needs to make sure that Bea, Jason and Jayne have their passports. He goes and checks on Bea. She is in the master suite sleeping it off. Ben kisses her and wakes her up. “You need to get something to eat, my love. I have a question for you. Do you Jason and Jayne have passports?” Ben asks. “No we don’t, never needed one” Bea tells him.

“Well you need one now. I am going to send my mover friends up to your apartment and pack your stuff up and move it down her. You are mine now. You are going to live with me, and Hanna now. Give me your address, your keys to your apartment and car. Do you have a friend that you can give your car to? You will be getting a new car down here” Ben asks.

“Yes, her name is Morgan. She is my next door neighbor and a single mother. She has a thirteen year old daughter named Magdalena and is Jayne’s best friend. I know she will miss her and that is probably the only thing she will miss from Jersey. I will call her and tell her your mover friends are coming up to pack up my stuff and bring it down here. Our birth certificates, social security cards are in my room in a lock box in the closet. It is a combination lock, 3428 will open it” Bea tells Ben.

Ben kisses her and gets dressed Becky is waiting for him at the front door, “Master, where are you going if you don’t mind me asking?” Bea asks. “I am going to interview for some new maids, three new maids and a cooks assistant. Bea you can asks me anything. Tomorrow, I will take you to get a new car. Think of one that you want” Ben tells her.

Ben and Becky leave the mansion, Becky has a list of what the girls need/want in way of clothes. “Ben, I want to stop by the Super Target and Walmart on the way back. I have a few things to pick up” She tells him. Ben smiles and says sure thing. They head to Antonio’s for their first interview with Niaomi, she has her daughter’s with her Ilori and Iman, 15 year old twins and Imena and Iniko, 12 year old twins with her as was instructed.
Ben and Becky are in the back private dinning room when Niaomi shows up early, which is a good sign, and Antonio shows them back. Becky is taken by how beautiful Niaomi’s daughter’s are, very light skin with very nice figures. Ben introduces his wife to Niaomi and her girls and Niaomi introduces her girls to Ben and Becky. Antonio brings in a couple of bottles of wine and some appetizers for everyone.

Antonio tells them that Jess and Jenny will be waiting on them today. Ben asks Niaomi “So how long have you been a maid and what services do you provide?”. “Sir, I do general cleaning, washing clothes have taken care of babies. I will do pretty much any type of cleaning and housekeeping that is needed. I have been a maid since I was 15, my daughter Imena and Iniko help me from time to time” Niaomi says. “You know this is for a live-in maid position and that you will be working with Maize and Hazel?”. “Yes, Sir my sister Maize tells me that you treat her very well and have hired my nieces also” She responds.

“First off, please don’t sir me. Please refer to me as Ben and my wife as Becky. And yes I do try to treat them all very good almost like family. I have over a hundred and fifty bedrooms to keep clean with two hundred more on the way by December. Do you have any problem with nudity? We are nudist in the mansion. I will be naked all the time as will my women” Ben says.

“I don’t have a problem with nudity, my sister has told me that you and your family are always nude” Niaomi says. “Well, I will have to have a talking to Maize. You are not to discuss what happens in the mansion to outsiders is that understood?” Ben tells her. “Yes Sir, Ben” is her response. “OK, then you will be taking your directions from my wife, her mother or Laurie whom I will introduce you to when you arrive tomorrow at 7 am. Only bring clothes that you wear out, I will get your uniforms to work in. What do you drive?”.

“I don’t have a car, Ben” Niaomi tells him. “OK, I will have my driver pick you up at your house at 7 in the morning” Ben tells her. Jenny and Jess bring in the menus. “Order whatever you want. Jenny please pour everybody a glass of wine”.

“Yes, sir Mr. Barnes” Jenny says. “Ben, my girls are underage wont the owner get upset?” Niaomi says. “No, the owner is an asshole but he would never mess with Mr. Barnes. Mr. Barnes knows how to treat his friends as well as his enemies. I for one would rather be his friend” Jess says with a straight face.

“Jess, I see that you and Jenny have the same tattoo on the back of your neck. A Queen of Spades, what does that mean?” Iman asks her. “It means that I prefer black men to white. My boyfriend is quite handsome and very good lover. He makes me climax over and over” Jess says as she pours the wine in her glass. She sees her engagement ring, “Damn that is a huge rock, your boyfriend must really love you” Ilori says.

“I am his body and soul. I would die for my boyfriend, I am trying to get pregnant with his child now” Jess says. “How old are you if you don’t mind me asking?” Niaomi. “I just turned sixteen. My boyfriend takes care of me. I live with him, he is very generous and supportive. I love him with all my heart” Jess says.

“Jenny you share the same tattoo?” Iman says “And the same boyfriend, also. I am trying to get pregnant also”. They eat their lunch and continue to talk after lunch Ben walks them out to the bus stop and gets back in time to meet with Jozenia and then Flora. Having already reviewed their background investigation Ben asks them the same questions he asked Niaomi. He hires them and tells them to be at the mansion at 7 the next day.

Becky has a list of all the maids dress sizes. She takes out her IPAD and orders the uniforms for the new maids. Becky brings up the website and orders double-breasted Lapel Tunic in tan, hunter green, navy, black and burgundy colors and Pull-On Cotton Poplin Pants in black just like the other girls. She orders 500 tunics and 50 pair of pants for the new maids and she buys 325 more tunics for Maize, Hazel and their girls she also buys each one five more pair of pants. The total Becky puts on her credit card is $26,718.44 and gets them next day air shipped.

Ben greets Derrick and interviews him with Becky sizing him up and down. She wonders what he is packing in his pants. She is horny, with all the talk from Jenny and Jess about Ben. Ben tells him that his chef recommended him. Ben asks if he can keep his “Johnson” in his pants if he gets hired. “Mr. Barnes, I am there to work and be Dominic’s assistant. Hopefully learn from him. He is an excellent chef as you have experienced already I am sure. I want to be a pastry chef and he can teach me” Derrick tells him. “Very good, I have already done an investigation on you. You have come up clean. We are nudist in the house, do you have any problem with that? Will you still be able to function?” Ben asks “Yes Sir, I will” Derrick tells him.

Ben asks him about his car and tells him to be at the mansion tomorrow at 9, bring his belongings because he is moving in. He tells him to keep what he sees in the mansion private and obey Becky, Tiffani and Laurie. They are in charge of the house, welcome to the mansion. They agree on terms on wages.

Derrick departs and Ben and Becky have a moment to themselves. Becky rubs Ben’s crotch and tells him “I am horny, all that talk from Jenny and Jess about you”. Becky gets on her knees in front of him and unzips his pants and starts sucking on BIG FELLA. Becky worships Ben for the next hour before he cums down her throat. Antonio comes in right after and asks if they want dessert.

“I just had my dessert, Antonio. It was wonderful hot cream” Becky says as Ben shakes his head. “Are you ready to move in?” Ben asks “Almost, packing up all our stuff”. Ben and Becky leave the restaurant and head to Super Walmart. Ben calls Omar and tells him he needs him to go to New Jersey and move Hanna’s family. He wants their stuff down here as soon as possible. Ben asks to meet them tomorrow at Antonio’s for lunch to get the details he agrees.

Ben and Becky shop for the maids at Walmart and then Target. They head back to the mansion and take their purchases in. Becky takes the clothes down to the maid quarters and meets with Hazel and Maize. She tells them they will be three new maids showing up tomorrow for work and to move into the mansion. Ben comes in and talks to them.

“Maize, Hazel I will only say this once more. What happens in this mansion must stay in the confines of these walls. Maize I don’t want to hear about you talking about anything that goes on in this house again. Do I make myself understood?” Ben says. “Yes Sir, I just…” Maize says. “I don’t want to hear your excuses just don’t ever do it again. What happens here stays here. I can be very generous, I can also be cruel and vicious when needed. I want to make this clear. I protect my family and my belongings with everything I have. I have considerable resources at my disposal. DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR ON THIS POINT. NO TALKING ABOUT WHAT GOES ON IN THE MANSION!!” Ben says.

“Yes, Sir we understand” Maize says almost in tears.

Ben leaves them and goes and checks on the birthing suite and Nadia. She tells him it is ready for action. Nadia says Faith, Hope and Charity should deliver anytime next week. She has everything she needs to deliver a baby, and the medical supplies and equipment. Ben leaves Nadia and her birthing suite and goes by Nadine’s room and sees her and Julia in there.

“How are you two doing?” Ben asks as he goes in. “We are doing better now that you are here. Do you have time to play?” Nadine says as Ben comes over and kisses her and then Julia. “What did you girls have in mind?” Ben asks as Nadine and Julia put him on the bed and start sucking on BIG FELLA. The three of them make passionate love for the next three hours, Ben being careful not to fuck them to deep. He makes love to Nadine then to Julia then back to Nadine. He cums in each of their asses. When they are done with their love-making session Ben lays on the bed with one of his little lovers to each side.

“Do you ladies like your new home?” Ben asks them they say they do. He rubs their bellies and Ben asks how they are doing with their pregnancies. “Master, I am upset at you. You only gave me twins, boys according to Nadia and the latest sonogram. George and Gaston. You gave Nadine five baby boys” Julia tells him. “No wonder your belly is so much bigger Nadine? That is great. And I had no control over how many babies you have at a time” Ben says. As he kisses each one. “Well next summer you are going to have to give me another shot at having at least triplets” Julia says. “Damn, you haven’t even had these and you are planning on having more” Ben says.

“Master, I plan on staying pregnant. I love having your babies inside of my belly. Don’t you Nadine?” Julia asks. “Yes, I do. Five at one time is a lot. I love you illegal bahis siteleri Ben Barnes and plan on giving you a lot of children” Nadine says as she kisses him and strokes on BIG FELLA.

They get up and take a shower in Nadine’s bathroom. They play some more as they wash each other. Ben gets out and dries himself and then his two beautiful pregnant slaves. “I love you two with all my heart” Ben tells them. Nadia is walking past the room and tells her Master that was really sweet of him. “Whatever happened to the idea of you spending one night in each bedroom, blessing each bedroom” Nadia says.

“I don’t know, but I will discuss it with Becky and I think I will start it with yours tonight. I will tell you after dinner” Ben tells Nadia. She kisses him and tells him she is looking forward to that.

Ben walks to the front of the mansion and hears three ladies enter the mansion. He sees Becky walking his way. “Ben, Janine, Annabelle, and Mercedes have just showed up with their stuff. You want to take them to their rooms with me?” Becky asks. Ben says he does and goes and greets his new nurse slaves who give him their clean certificates from Doctor Reynolds. “Thank you Master for accepting me as your slave” Janine says as her friends say the same thing.
“Master, this is a huge mansion” Mercedes says. “Well after you three get situated in your rooms, I will take you on a tour” Ben says. “Well after you have sex with us you mean. I want BIG FELLA inside of me” Annabelle says. Ben agrees and takes them to their rooms they are amazed at how big they are. Each with a huge screen on the wall, stereo with headphones and an ensuite bathroom. “Ladies, if you don’t like the colors we can have them changed” Becky says. “Mistress Becky, this is fine for me” Janine says as she kisses her new Mistress. The other agree and Ben spends the rest of the day making love to his new slaves.

He sucks on Janine’s breasts as Annabelle sucks on BIG FELLA. When he is hard he pushes BIG FELLA into Janine’s pussy making her moan out loud, “OH MY GOD, He is so big, BIG FELLA is stretching me out. OH GOD Master”. Ben starts to hump on her with long deep strokes he eventually makes it to her cervix and starts tapping her cervix. “MY GOD, MASTER nobody has been this deep inside of me” Janine exclaims out loud. Ben leans over and tells her “I still have nine inches to go. I am going to push through your cervix and fuck your womb. You are mine now and your womb is where BIG FELLA belongs”.

“Master, fuck me, I am your willing slave. My body is yours to do with as you choose” Janine says as Annabelle and Mercedes look on. “Do you like being made love to by Ben, Janine?” Annabelle asks. “Hell yes, Master can make love to me anytime he wants. I love the feeling of BIG FELLA inside of me, stretching my pussy out. OH MY GOD Master please don’t stop fucking me. Put BIG FELLA wherever you want. OH GOD I am CUMMING HARD”. Ben fucks her hard as she moans and screams.

Janine’s legs are shaking as her whole body starts to convulse from her orgasm. Once she comes down from one orgasm she has another. She has twenty orgasms before Ben even pushes through her cervix. When he does she screams out that she is in pain. Her pain subsides and all she feels is pleasure as Ben begins to pump BIG FELLA in and out of her cervix. He bottoms out in her womb. He has pounded her without rest for three hours before he pumps her womb he does this for another hour before pouring his seed into her womb.

Ben exits her womb and then slowly her pussy. He leans over and kisses her and tells her “You are mine now, Janine. I am going to get you pregnant after I train your pussy, ass and you have completed your oral training. You are going to bare me a lot of children. You are going to assist Nadia in the birthing suite”. “Yes, Master” Janine says with a smile on her face. “That goes for you two also” Ben tells them.

Ben tells them to get cleaned up and ready for dinner. They go downstairs and Ben introduces the new slaves to the rest of the family. Ben sits next to Becky, she reminds him that he needs to start training the new slaves, Jessica Taylor, Monique, Kasey, Katey, Kaley and the new arrivals Janine, Mercedes and Annabelle plus Hanna’s family, Sandra, Tiff and Nicole, some of them are pregnant so he has to be careful. Ben says he needs to get Sheila over to give them their “Property of Ben Barnes” tattoos.

The eat dinner and Ben announces that after he has trained the new slaves he will be spending one night in each of his ladies beds to christen the room. All the slaves cheer that news. After dinner Ben tells Jessica Taylor to meet him in the family room and he will be with her soon. He takes Janine, Mercedes and Annabelle to the new birthing suite with Nadia. Nadia shows them around and Ben leaves them to it. He tells the three new girls to go to Emily and have her permanently remove their hair below their necks.

Ben then goes and fucks Jessica Taylor hard and fast, unloading in her womb. He asks her when her fertile time of the month is. She tells him that she is in the middle of it now. He kisses her and then goes and talks to Bea. He tells her to be ready to leave the mansion at ten in the morning.

When his is done with everything for the night he goes and visits Annabelle. He pounds her for the next four hours and cums in her womb. He does the same with Mercedes, eventually falling asleep in her bed. Becky comes and wakes him up when the new maids are about to arrive. Niaomi has been picked up and is on her way. Ben takes a shower and cleans up.

Ben greets the new maids and shows them to their quarters. Niaomi’s girls giggle as they watch BIG FELLA bounce in front of him. Flora and Jozenia just have their mouths open. He tells them that their uniforms will be delivered any day.

Ben leaves the mansion with Becky and Bea in tow. He goes and picks up, six Galaxy S II Notes Android phones and nine Lucid phones for the new maids and Dominic and Derrick. He then goes to Antonio’s and meets with Omar.

He introduces Bea and she gives him her address and asks that they FedEx her important documents to the mansion. She tells him to give her car keys to Morgan her next door neighbor. They say it should be a couple of days before they can get back. Bea says she will call the rental office and tell them they are coming to pack her up and move her stuff.

They have lunch and go their separate ways. The next day Omar calls Ben and tells him they are on their way.

******************************* Moving Bea **************************************************

It takes them most of the day to get to Bea’s apartment complex and they check in with the apartment complex rental office and go to Bea’s apartment to check what they need to pack her stuff up. They go and buy boxes and start at it. They hear Bea’s neighbor come home and go knock on the door.

“Good evening, Ma’am we are next door packing up Bea’s belongings. She is moving down to Alabama to be closer to her daughter Hanna, You wouldn’t happen to be Morgan would you?” Omar asks. She says she is. Omar hands her the keys to Bea’s car and tells her it is a gift from Bea and that she will FedEx her the signed title. Omar tells her that they will try to keep it down next door.

Omar and the guys pack up the house until 9 when they hear a knock on the door. It is Morgan, she has a tray of sandwiches for them. “Omar, I though you and your friends might be hungry. I made you some sandwiches with some beer”.

She sits them down on the table and the guys come over and eat the sandwiches and drink the beer. They have their shirts off and notice that she is checking them out. Omar sits next to her and when he is done he tells her thanks for the sandwiches. Omar leans over and kisses her on her lips. Omar tells her that he likes her bright red hair. He pulls her shirt off and then her bra. Her full 36D breasts fall out and Omar begins to suck on them and she moans out her pleasure.

Omar then picks her up and takes her to the master bedroom, he pulls her pants off and then his pants along with his jockeys. She gasps when she sees his full fourteen inch cock pop out, she immediately sucks on him getting him hard. Omar puts on a magnum as Morgan leans back and spreads her legs and he pushes deep inside of her. She moans “OH GOD, it has been way too long since I have gotten any”. Fred tells her, “Don’t worry we are all going to give it to you tonight”. “We share everything” Abdul says as the other guys take off their pants and show her their cocks. “OH, I am going to be sore tomorrow” Morgan says. “Morgan, we aren’t going to be done with you for two days” Omar informs her.

“What about my daughter. I need to make sure she gets off to school tomorrow” Morgan says. “That is fine” they tell her. They all take turns fucking her pussy that night in the morning she gets up and takes a shower and goes next door to get her daughter ready for school. Omar and the go back to packing up Bea’s belongings and Fred takes a load of trash down to the dumpster and sees Morgan with her daughter Magdalena and smiles. Morgan introduces her daughter to Fred and his kisses Magdelena’s hand. She is off to school when the bus pulls away Fred and Morgan go upstairs.

They enter Bea’s apartment and as soon as the door is shut Morgan has her clothes off. “Guys that was the best night of sex that I have ever experienced. I want some more” she tells them as they start to strip and head back to the master bedroom. Omar asks her if she has ever been spit-roasted. She has no idea what that is. For the rest of the day the guys show her what it means.

That night Fred calls in pizza and Morgan goes gets her daughter and they eat pizza together. “Morgan, what do you do for a living?” Omar asks her. “Right now I am in between jobs. I was working as a waitress and had a job at a local electronics store. I sure am going to miss Bea, Jayne and Jason” Morgan says. “I can’t believe Jayne moved away without saying goodbye” Magdalena says “She was my best friend”.

Morgan leaves and takes Magdalena back to their apartment. Omar talks to his friends and asks them if they want to invite Morgan and Magdalena to come live with them. Fred says he wants a piece of Magdalena if she is up for it. Omar says if they play their cards right they will have both of them. Omar says he hopes Morgan comes back tonight, he wants to tap that ass of hers. Fred says they need some more condoms and leaves and goes to the store and buys several boxes at a local drug store with some lube. He buys twelve boxes of magnums at four different drug stores and heads back to the apartment. He walks in and hears Morgan moaning in the bedroom. He goes back and joins the fun. That night the take her anal cherry, they fuck her in the ass and pussy.

The next day is Friday and Morgan gets up in time to send her daughter off to school. She comes back and has sex until Magdalena gets out of school. Omar asks her “Morgan, we want to take you and Magdalena back to Alabama to live with us. We enjoy having sex with you. I think you are enjoying it also. You will be close to Bea and her family, would you like that?”.

“Yes, I would. I want to ask Magdalena how she feels about it” Morgan says. That night they bring in Chinese food and eat together and Fred asks Magdalena if she would like to move down to Alabama with them and be closer to Jayne and Jason. She says she would and asks “Have all four of you been having sex with my mother?” Morgan is shocked. “I can hear you through the walls Mom, you were moaning and screaming”.

Omar tells her “Yes we were. We like your mother a lot. She enjoyed herself, didn’t you Morgan?”. “Yes I did” she says. They guys take off their shirts and pants, they are standing in front of Magdalena with just their tidy white jockeys with their huge cocks and bulbous head clearly visible. Morgan is smiling as she knows what they are packing. Magdalena strokes their bulges. “Momma, they are so big” she licks her lips. And Omar takes his jockeys off and she opens her mouth astonished at the size.

“Mom, are all guys this big?” Magdalena asks “No, these men are special. Do you want to move down to Alabama with them?” Morgan asks her. “Yes, can I sleep with them? I want to have sex with them” Magdalena says as she takes Omar into her mouth and starts sucking on him. Omar asks Morgan “Are you OK with this?”.

Morgan thinks for a minute while she sees her daughter sucking on Omar’s huge cock “Yes, I am as long as you take us down to Alabama and take care of us”. “Morgan baby we are going to take care of both of you” Fred says as he puts his cock up to her mouth and she sucks on him. Omar cums down her throat.

“Magdalena, I am going to pop your cherry” Fred tells her as he picks her up and takes her clothes off. He sucks on her 34C breasts and then picks her up and takes her to Jayne’s room and puts her on the bed. He spreads her legs and begins to suck on her pussy making her cum hard.

Fred then pushes his 13” cock into her virgin pussy, Magdalena cries out when he passes her hymen and he tells her “It always hurts the first time. It gets better the more you do it and we will be doing it a lot this weekend”. Fred humps her for three hours before pumping his seed into her tight pussy. Jerry is next up and he has Magdalena suck on his cock until it is hard. He then fucks her for two hours straight. Meanwhile, Omar is in the next room with Abdul pounding the crap out of Morgan. When they are done double penetrating her they asks her to withdraw Magdalena from school on Monday. They will be leaving town my the end of the week when the finish packing their stuff also.
There is not progress in packing Bea’s stuff that weekend as the four guys take turns fucking the two women. Monday morning comes and Magdalena tells her mother “I think I am going to like living in Alabama. I love having sex with these beautiful men, don’t you?”. “Yes dear, I do. I am going to withdraw you from school today we are going to be leaving town by the end of the week”

Morgan gets dressed and heads to Magdalena’s school to withdraw her. When she comes back she doesn’t see Omar or Magdalena in Bea’s apartment with Fred, Abdul or Jerry. They tell her she is with Omar next door.

Morgan goes into her apartment and hears Magdalena’s moans from her bedroom. She opens the door and sees her daughter taking Omar’s 14” cock in her ass. Morgan comes over and kisses Omar on the lips. She asks her daughter if she is enjoying getting it in her ass and Magdalena tells her that it hurt at first, but is getting better. She tells them that she is going to prepare a meal for everybody and will call them when it is ready.

She goes back to Bea’s and tells the guys there that she is preparing a meal for everyone. Fred informs her that Bea’s place will be packed up completely today, with everyone taking a break to have sex with Magdalena. They are going to be spending the night at her place tonight.

They pack during the day and fuck Morgan and Magdalena at night, well Magdalena gets it during the day also. By Thursday night everything is packed and in the truck, they spend the night fucking the two ladies on the floor. The next morning they leave and head back to Alabama.

Omar, Fred and Jerry are in the moving truck and Abdul and the girls are in Bea’s old Chevy. Omar calls Ben and tells him they are on the way. He says he has everything packed and her papers in the cab with them. He tells Ben that they should be back tomorrow afternoon. And tells Ben to tell Bea they have a surprise for her.

They travel until 9 that night and pull into a motel and get a room with two beds. After getting something to eat they go back to the room and the ladies take a shower together to get the road off of their bones. They come out of the bathroom with a towel on and the drop them in front of their new lovers. The guys are already down to their jockeys and they spit-roast both girls all night long and finally fall asleep at 5 in the morning. They sleep until 11 and head out, they arrive at the mansion at 5 that night.

….Meanwhile at back at the mansion

Ben asks Bea if she has decided on a car that she would like. Bea asks for a Chevy Tahoe in black if it wouldn’t be too much. “Nothing is too much for my women” Ben tells her as they head to the Chevy dealership to get her a Tahoe fully-loaded. Ben calls Hilary and tells her to add the new Tahoe to his policy. He calls Sheila and asks her to come over tonight to do some tattooing. She agrees and tells him she will be there around eight.
Ben sees the Tahoe being brought up to them and the porter hands him the keys and he gives them to Bea with a kiss. Bea tells him “I want to show you my thanks when we get back to the mansion.

They head back to the mansion and as they pull through the security gate Ben pulls over to the side and gives the guards the details on the new car, the tracking device inside. They head over to the school construction site and talk with Ken. He tells him that they should be finished in April. Ben asks how his house is coming along and Jamal’s. Ken informs him that his house will be done in the middle of November and that Jamal’s will be ready in December. Jamal and Sheila have decided on a simple designed house with five bedrooms a living and dinning rooms with an eat-in kitchen. It has a large basement with a weight room and entertainment center.

They say goodbye to Ken and head towards the mansion, once inside Ben tells the ladies he is going to do a few laps in the pool. Bea shows up a half hour later and gets in the pool with her master. He stops swimming and comes over to her. She kisses him gently on the lips and pulls him to the steps and starts working BIG FELLA until he is hard. Once hard she straddles him and pushes BIG FELLA deep inside of her pussy. She humps him and whispers in his ear “I have fallen in love with you Ben. You don’t have to buy me cars and stuff for me to love you. I know now why Hanna stayed down here with you and the family. She feels safe and secure as do Jayne and myself”. Ben picks her up with BIG FELLA pressing against her cervix and takes her out of the pool and puts her down on a lounge chair and begins his pounding of her cervix. “OH MASTER, give me all of BIG FELLA. Put it in my womb where he belongs. Oh Master fill me up with your wonderful cum” Bea proclaims as Ben continues his pounding of her cervix. It takes him two hours to finally push through her cervix, when he does Bea squeals out in pleasure. Ben pumps her womb for about an hour before pouring his cum inside of her. After he is done filling her up he gets out of her womb and her cervix clamps down trapping his seed inside of her womb. He exits her pussy and kisses her on her lips. “You are welcome for the car”.

Jayne and Hanna are there watching and as he exits her pussy and lays next to her on a lounge chair they come over and start cleaning off BIG FELLA with their tongues and mouths. One sucks the head as the other licks the shaft and balls the continue this until BIG FELLA is hard again and Jayne takes him down her throat. Ben tells them that Sheila will be over after dinner to put some ink on their backs.

“Master, why doesn’t Sheila just move in to the mansion. It will be a lot easier on her and everyone else. She is your slave right?” Hanna says. “Yes she is, I have never brought it up with her. I will see what Becky thinks of the idea” Ben says as he looks down at Jayne working his cock in and out of her throat.

Becky and Laurie come into the room and come over and kiss him, “It looks like you are enjoying your new slaves” Laurie says as she sits next to him. “You look ravishing, Laurie, you are really taking being pregnancy very well. You are so beautiful pregnant with my baby” Ben says to Laurie as he rubs her belly. “Babies, Master, babies. Nadia says I am having more than three she cannot tell yet but they look like girls” Laurie tells him. “I love little girls” Ben says “Yeah, we know Master” Becky says. Ben groans and erupts down Jayne’s throat pumping a huge stream of cum into her waiting stomach. Jayne slowly pulls BIG FELLA out of her mouth with a pop as the head exits her lips. He kisses Jayne and tells the ladies that he is going to check on Faith, Hope and Charity. He gets up and walks down the hall and hears moaning coming from Jason’s room. He looks in and sees Jason laying the wood to Charmaine with Chellise and Chemier watching on the king size bed. Chellise says she is next as Ben looks at Charmaine’s pussy being stretched out there is a trickle of blood leaking out of her pussy. Charmaine is moaning and groaning, she screams out encouragement to her lover.

Ben leaves them to it and goes to Faith, Hope and Charity’s rooms that are next to each other of course. He knocks on Faith’s door and she says come in. Ben asks her how she is doing and if she is ready to deliver his son. She says she is as Ben rubs her belly. Ben tells her he loves her and that he can’t wait to see their baby. Hope and Charity hear Ben and come into the room holding their pregnant bellies. They kiss their Master and he rubs their bellies, “You three are so beautiful. You have a glow to you, the pregnancy glow. I love you ladies” Ben tells them.

“Master can we worship you, we miss you” Hope says. Ben nods and the three of them lay on their backs with their heads off the bed. Ben inserts BIG FELLA into Hope’s open mouth and she sucks on BIG FELLA. She reaches over her head and grabs Ben’s ass cheeks and pulls him forward. Ben fucks her throat for thirty minutes and then takes BIG FELLA out of her mouth and puts him in Charities mouth and does the same to her. Face-fucking her for thirty minutes and then moves over to Faith and does the same. He starts to cum in her throat, he takes it out of Faith’s mouth and then pours his cum into Hope and Charity’s mouth. The three of them lick BIG FELLA clean.

Ben leaves them and tells him that he will see them at dinner and heads to the master suite. He sees his sweet little Peggy on the way and she jumps up into his arms and kisses him. Ben tells her he is going to the master suite to take a hot bath. Peggy asks if she can join him and wash his back. He smiles and tells her ok. They go up to the master suite and Ben draws the bath. Peggy drops to her knees and starts sucking on BIG FELLA while the water if filling up the tub.

When full Ben gets in with an erection and Peggy follows she straddles him and pushes BIG FELLA into her little ass and starts bouncing up and down. “Master, I think my titties are getting bigger. I put on my 32B bra the other day and it would not fit. I think I am at least a C cup now and maybe I size bigger. I have been taking those hormone pills that Becky and Abigail have me on. I can’t wait to get BIG FELLA in my pussy and womb. Master, I am going to make love to you until you can get BIG FELLA up again when we are in the Cayman Islands” Peggy tells her lover.

Peggy rests with BIG FELLA deep in her ass. She looks straight into Ben’s eyes and tells him “I love you Master. I want to be no where else than in your arms with your mighty cock inside of me. I love being with you”.

“I love you too, my sweet little Peggy. Don’t go trying to grow up to fast on me” Ben tells her as he leans down and kisses her. Becky comes into the bathroom and sees the two together and smiles at them. “You enjoying your sweet little Peggy, Ben?” Becky asks. “Yes I am” Ben says. Becca and Jolene are with her and come over and give the two of them a kiss. Ben gets out of the tub with BIG FELLA still deep inside of Peggy’s ass and Becca, Becky and Jolene dry them off and they go to the bed and Ben pumps Peggy’s ass with long deep strokes. He takes BIG FELLA out of Peggy’s ass and puts it into Becca’s ass and starts ass-fucking her hard and deep. After a while he takes it out of her ass and puts it deep into Jolene’s ass and pounds her ass until he climaxes.

“Master, I just got word that my father was killed in a car accident in Dallas” Jolene tells him. “They said he did not leave us anything and that the state was taking care of his burial because we are minors. I was wondering if I should say anything to my sisters?” Jolene tells him. “Don’t you think they deserve to know?” Ben asks her. Jolene nods in agreement. Ben and Becky tell her after dinner that the three of them will sit with them and tell them.

“Thank you Master, Mistress. I knew I could count on you two for support” Jolene says to them. “Jolene sweetheart, we love you and care for you and your sisters. We only want the best for you” Becky says as she kisses her on the lips. It is 6 and they all get cleaned up for dinner. They head downstairs to the dinning room and join the rest of them family.

Ben announces that this weekend he will be having sex with all the slaves and watching football, college on Saturday (Alabama game) and pro football on Sunday (Falcons game). He tells everyone there “I love three things in my life, first my family, my wives and lovers, second ‘Bama football, and third Falcons football. I want to make love to as many of my lovers as want to this weekend. Next week I am going to start training, Annabelle first then Janine in their pussies to begin with. We have three lovely ladies that are ready to give birth next week, Faith Hope and Charity”.

Dinner is served and is excellent as usual. Ben notices that Charmaine, Chellise and Chemier and walking a little funny, just a little stiff. Ben leans over and whispers in Becky’s ear “Jason just took Charmaine, Chellise and Chemier’s virginity, they look a little sore. Can you and Laurie help them out after dinner?”. Becky looks at them and nods. After they have eaten Becky takes Laurie and goes gets the maids and takes them into the master suite and help them with their soreness. They give them a few pointers on how to make it not hurt. Becky asks them if they enjoyed their first time. They did and said Jason was terrific with them. The give them some cream that will help with the soreness.

They leave the master suite and Becky tells Laurie that Jolene’s father just died in a car accident and that Ben and her are breaking the news to Jolene’s sisters when she gets down there. Laurie goes with them and as they head downstairs Becky sees Abigail in her room and asks her to pick up a few things, she writes them down on a piece of paper, from the pharmacy tomorrow when she goes to work.

Abigail reads the list, it has Ben’s supplements, vitamins, and prescription for the little blue pill, also supplements and vitamins for Ray Jr. and Jason. Twenty-five boxes of magnum condoms, extra large of course, ten boxes of ribbed magnum condoms also. Feminine hygiene products for all the ladies. Abigail does a little research on the internet and tells Becky that they will get a better deal if they order their supplies in bulk and have them shipped. Becky says go for it.

Becky and Laurie then go to the den and meet with Ben, Jolene and her sisters. Ben motions them over. “Girls, Jolene has some troubling news to give you” Ben says to Janice, Josie, Clairice and Claire. “I got a call today that our father died in an accident in Dallas a couple of days ago. They are going to bury him in Texas. I told them that was alright with me”. Josie talks to her sisters and she speaks for them and tells Jolene, Ben, Becky and Laurie “OK, I don’t know how to feel about this. I don’t feel any loss he really wasn’t there for any of us after mom died. You are the only family we have. We love you Ben and Becky, you are our family now. I know for me at least I will not shed a tear for him. He did not care for us at all”. The other girls agree with her assessment of the situation. Each one comes up and kisses Ben and Becky and tell them that they love them and that they are their family.

Jolene and her sisters go to their rooms as Ben goes to the living room where several of his women are their. Jessica Taylor is there waiting on her master. She tells him that she is pregnant and starts to cry tears of joy. She tells him that she loves him and that he gave her the greatest gift any man could give. She tells Ben that her sister Chasity will be coming over next week and was wondering if he could be training her when she arrives. “Master, I want my sister to join the family and be your slave. I want her to enjoy your love just like I do” Jessica says. “That sounds ok with me. I plan on using the fuck table to train you ladies”.

“That sounds like fun doesn’t it sisters?” Jessica Taylor says to Annabelle, Janine and Mercedes as they arrive in the living room. Ben goes and gets the fuck table and tells Janine to get on top, she does and he straps her legs down spreading her out in a “T” shape. Ben then straps her arms down exposing her pussy and asshole to him, He puts BIG FELLA in her face and before he can say anything she sucks on BIG FELLA. He pushes more and more of BIG FELLA into her mouth and throat when he is fully erect he exits her throat and then mouth with a pop.

Ben moves around the table to gain access to her pussy and pushes deep inside of her hitting her cervix, Janine cries out in pain and pleasure “OH MASTER, no one has ever gone that deep”. “Janine dear that is only the beginning” Ben tells her as he fucks her with long deep strokes, BIG FELLA’s girth stretching her once tight pussy. She cries out, “OH you fuck me like to other man has ever fucked me before, stretch that pussy out, that pussy is yours”. Ben pounds her cervix for an hour before breaking through it. He bottoms out in her womb and starts pounding her womb.

“OH MY GOD, BEN BARNES, YOU ARE A FUCKING-GOD” Janine screams out repeatedly as she continues to have one orgasm after another. When his cock swells up Janine tells him “Pour that potent cum inside my womb, my body is yours Master”. Sheila comes walking into the living room as Ben pours his hot molten cum into Janine’s womb. When done he pulls out and her cervix clamps shut.

Ben looks at Sheila and tells her “Janine here is your first client tonight, she needs her “Property of Ben Barnes” tattoo on her lower back”. Ben unstraps her from the table and Janine tells Ben as he helps her off the table, “Master, no man has ever given me so much pleasure and some pain. I have made love to only white men that are really small compared to you. The biggest was 8” fully-erect. I am yours, my body is yours Master”.

Janine is unsteady on her feet and needs to be helped to Sheila’s tattooing chair, when there she applies the lidocaine spray on her lower back after applying the stencil. Sheila lets the lidocaine spray soak in and then starts her tattoo. Meanwhile, Ben puts Mercedes on the fuck table straps her in and has her suck his cock down her throat. Once BIG FELLA is hard he goes around and pushes deep inside her tight pussy, Ben moans out “Damn, this is one extremely tight pussy”. Ben pounds her hard for ninety minutes before me breaks through her cervix. Mercedes climaxes every five minutes from Ben’s pounding, all you hear is her whimpering and moaning as he stretches out her pussy.

When Ben pushes through her cervix he starts fucking her with hard deep upwards strokes making Mercedes cry out loud, “OH GOD, YOU ARE IN MY UTERUS!”. She starts crying in pain as Ben pulls out of her cervix and then pushes right back into her womb. He does this for about thirty minutes before she stops her whimpering. Ben then cums hard in her womb.

Ben leans over and tells Mercedes “That is my pussy, I am going to fuck you in your womb every time and then pour my seed into you until you get pregnant”. “Thank you Master” is all she can say with a soft voice. Ben unstraps her and carries her over to the tattoo chair and tells Sheila who has just completed Kasey, Kaley and Katie that her next client is ready. Ben then put Tiff on the fuck table and has her get BIG FELLA hard.

Once he is hard again he pushes BIG FELLA deep into Tiff’s ass and starts ass-fucking her with long deep strokes that lifts her up off the table. Tiff is moaning and grunting she yells out “Fuck your will slaves ass. Pound that ass. My ass belongs to my Master”. He fucks her for an hour before exiting her ass and pushing his cock down her throat and exploding a torrent of cuming into her waiting stomach. Once he is out of her mouth Tiff tells everybody that is in listening distance “GOD I LOVE MY MASTER”.

She gets off the table and Nicole takes her place and is strapped in. “Master, fuck my pussy. Be careful of your daughter’s” Nicole tells him. Ben smiles and asks her when did she find that out. She tells him that Nadia did a sonogram a couple of days ago. Nicole tells him his daughter’s names are “Aaliyah Peyton, Adrienne Penelope, Annabelle Piper”. “Nicole sweetheart, I love those names and I love you too” Ben says as he strokes her lips with BIG FELLA. She opens her mouth and licks BIG FELLA and tries to suck on him. Ben puts inch by inch of BIG FELLA into her mouth and she sucks him hard. Ben then fucks her pussy gently just tapping her cervix. He fucks her for two hours as the rest of the ladies get their tattoos completed.

Ben takes BIG FELLA out of her pussy and puts him in her mouth and she sucks the cum out of his cock. Ben unstraps Nicole from the fuck table and carries her over to Sheila’s area. “Sheila, I want to ask you if you would consider moving in with us. The ladies and I want you to live with us?” Ben asks her as Becky walks into the room with Ben Jr. sucking on her breast. Tiffani is with her and has Daniella on her breast. “We really want the whole family living here. We are going to ask Liz and Hilary to move in also. For some it is not advisable, like Erin and Charlotte. I really want you to join us” Becky tells Sheila.

Sheila tells them ok as she applies the template to Nicole’s back. She comes over and kisses her Master and Mistress, “I love you Master, you still have to get me pregnant” Sheila tells him. “When you move in we can work on that” Ben tells her. Ben goes and turns on the big screen TV and turns it to the football game. Katey and Kasey come over and start to kiss him as Kaley sucks on BIG FELLA. Ben asks them “How is Kyle doing with his training?”.

“Master, we have him jumping through hoops. With those electrodes Doctor Reynolds put all over his body we can make him do whatever we want. He put several on his testicles and penis, also more along his spine and around his neck and arms. I think he will be completely obiedient by Christmas time” Kasey says. “Becca is really enjoying training him. She has got him prementaly catherized and it is clamped shut and she is the only one that can unclamp it. She made him drink two gallons of water and then she started playing with the remote control for over three hours before she let him releave his bladder. He was actually begging her to release the clamp. When she let him releave his bladder she made him do it in a bucket and then drink it. Was probaby the grosses thing I have ever seen. Then she made him drink two more gallons of water. And started on the remote again this time concentrating on his testicles and penis. She did that for an hour before tieing his arms above his head and then hitting him repeatedly in the kidneys and stomach. I thought she was going to kill him. She eventually let him releave himself in the toilet. She then sodomized him for the rest of that night with a huge strapon that looked a lot like BIG FELLA. She eventually got the whole thing in his ass. She was ass-fucking him for three hours and he was crying like a baby. When she was finished he actually kissed her feet and thanked her for punishing him”.

“Kaley, what do you think of Becca’s treatment of your son?” Ben asks. She takes BIG FELLA out of her throat and tells him matter in factly “I don’t care, she can torture him as much as she wants. I kind of enjoyed seeing it, wished I could have done that to his father. If he is broken, I think he will make a great body servant for all of us. I use him to whip my ass from time to time”.

Ben feels a little sorry for the kid, but it is what his women want. He kisses Katey and Kasey as Kaley goes back to work in BIG FELLA. “Master, we love you and will do whatever you want. You know that. So does Becca. I just think she is working out a little kink she has” Katey says. “A little kink?” is Ben’s reply.

After awhile Ben erupts down Kaley’s throat and she sucks it all down. Kaley then takes BIG FELLA out of her throat and starts sucking on the head. He gets hard again and Sandra comes over and tells her Master, “I want to ride my love, you have three sons growing in my belly. Ezekiel, Ezra and Ethan” She takes BIG FELLA and rubs her pussy lips with him and then inserts him into her pussy making her pussy stretch to accept his girth. Ben tells her that he loves those names and can’t wait to see his sons. She humps him for close to two hours before he is ready to climax. Sandra then gets off of him and deep throats BIG FELLA and swallows his whole load.

“Master, your cum tastes so good” Sandra says. Becky gives him his supplements and vitamins with water and a kiss. “How is my handsome boy doing today?” Ben says as he kisses Becky and then his seven month old boy. “Nikki is going to be suprised how big you have gotten?” Ben says.

“Mistress who is Nikki?” Janine asks, “Nikki is my 16 year old daughter, she is in a private boarding school studying, she has been accepted into Harvard Business School and will be going there next year this time” Ben says with pride. “I miss her but this was her choice, she is extremely determined. You will all meet her at Thanksgiving and Christmas. She will be going down to the Cayman Islands with us for a couple of weeks before school starts again”.

“She is probably the most beautiful young lady I have ever seen” Sheila says. Amber, Tiffani and Becky agree. “Where is her mother?” Annabelle says. Ben has tears in his eyes with that question. Becky tells everyone that is a topic for another time. Annabelle drops it.

Ben goes back to watching football as Amber takes Sandra’s place and starts sucking on BIG FELLA. She tells him after taking an erect BIG FELLA out of her mouth “Master, we all love you. I love you, we all choose to be here with you. To take care of you and each other” Amber then takes BIG FELLA on puts him in her ass and pushes down. Amber whispers in her Masters ear “Take a day or two and then tell them about your mother, your adoptive parents, Nikki and how Becky completes the circle. You know I have seen pictures of your mother, Becky looks exactly like her”. “Amber she does look like her and has a lot of my mother in her. I believe she is my mother, my lover reincarnated but with more passion and determination. I don’t think I could take a breath without having Becky in my life. You know I love you and the rest of my girls. Becky is more spirtiual, soul mate type of love” Ben tells her as she grinds on him. “Thank you Master for getting me pregnant finally. I missed my period and took a pregnancy test and it came back positive. I am going to have doc take a blood test next week to make sure” Amber says as she starts to grind faster and faster.

After about an hour she makes him cum in her ass. She gets off of BIG FELLA and Brooklyn comes over and sucks the cum out of her ass and off of BIG FELLA. She sucks him until he is hard again. Brooklyn then straddles him and puts BIG FELLA into her pussy and starts to push down on him. “Be careful not to hurt Denisha , Malika, and Safara. We don’t want to hurt our babies” Ben says to his little lover and third wife. “Master, I love you. The day you accepted me as your wife, changed my life for the better. I am so happy to be with you and to be loved by you”.

The make love for two hours and Ben erupts in her pussy. Jessica Taylor comes over and cleans off BIG FELLA after Brooklyn gets off of him. Jessica then sucks on little Brooklyn’s pussy, getting all the cum out of her pussy. Ben is whipped and gets up and tells the ladies he is going to the master suite to lay down and rest, he tells the bed slaves to follow.

Ben goes down the hall and Kiki sees him and aks him if he needs a massage. He tells her tomorrow. He kisses her and rubs her belly, Kali and Mami come out and they kiss their Master. “Can we sleep with you tonight? Not have sex just sleep, Please Master” Kali says. He agrees and takes them upstairs, they draw him a bath and put him in it, they all massage his shoulders. “Master, we love you. All of you, no matter if you have sex with us or not. We love you. You need rest tonight” Mami tells him. They get him out of the bath after it cools down. They dry him off and take him to bed. They rub moisterizer on his muscular body, the moisterizer has a soothing smell to it. They get Master relaxed and he falls asleep with ten ladies taking care of him.

In the morning breakfast is brought to Ben by his ladies. They feed him, then they wash him down with cool towels. “Master, your ladies want to have sex with you in your bed” Becky tells her husband. Monique is the first one to take a ride sucking on BIG FELLA and getting him hard. She rides him for two hours before Ben turns her over and pushes through her cervix and pumping a huge load inside of her womb. Next up is Sarah, then Randee and Reba tag team him. Ben sucks on Joy’s sweet little pussy while Karen rides him. Jennifer rides Ben’s face while Kelly and Jane ride Ben.

Ben then watches the Alabama game while Gabriella takes her turn in the first half and Gabby takes her turn in the second half. Ben looks at Becky and says there is nothing better than watching football while having sex with beautiful women. Ben watches the next game while Vanessa sucks him hard and then rides him hard.

Gracie, Kelsi, Brook and Evelyn come in the bedroom next. Gracie hands Becky HIV/STD certificates for her, Kelsi nad Brook. Gracie with her girls come over to Ben and get on the bed “Ben Barnes, we want to be your slaves. We want to love you and take care of you. You take care of all your women. Please accept me as your slave”. Kelsi tells Ben “Please be my Master, I want to love you and be loved by you, Please make me your slave”. She then takes BIG FELLA into her mouth and starts sucking on him as Brook comes up and kisses him “I also want to be your slave, your lover and your baby momma. I want to have children”. Evelyn kisses Ben and tells him “I want you to be my first lover. I want to have that huge cock in me”.

“Evelyn do you want to be my slave and lover?” Ben asks “Yes, Master” she tells him and he motions her to straddle his face, when she lowers her pussy he starts sucking on her slit. He licks her from anus to clit and eventually sticks his tongue into her virgin tunnel stroking her hymen. Kelsi starts to bounce up and down on BIG FELLA, she screams out “OH GOD, BIG FELLA is stretching me out”. Ben sucks Evelyn’s pussy to four orgasms before he gives her one that rivals Peggy’s screaming orgasms. Ben then lifts her up off of his face and turns Kelsi over and forcefully pushes BIG FELLA deep inside of her pussy breaking her cervix and he starts bottoming out in her womb.

“OH Master, MAKE THAT WOMB yours” Kelsi screams out repeatedly as he pounds her womb for a half and hour before he cums hard inside of her. When he is done Becky gives him his supplements and vitamins as Gracie gets him hard, Ben puts her legs above her head and starts pounding her wet pussy. He fucks her for two hours until her cervix gives way and lets BIG FELLA into her womb and he starts pumping a huge load into her.

Next up is Brook, she sucks BIG FELLA until he is hard. She looks up at her new Master and tells him “I can taste you and my mother and sister” She straddles her new master and starts grinding on BIG FELLA and continues for 90 minutes until Ben lifts her up and puts her on her hands and knees and starts fucking her from behind. Ben tells her to give him her hands and she does, he rides her like a bucking horse and her arms are the reigns. He fucks her like this for two hours, she cries and moans and has screaming orgasms, over and over again. He finally pushes through her cervix and pours his baby batter inside of her womb. When done he gets out of her womb and then pussy with a loud pop. He gets up and goes to the bathroom to take a shower, take his pills, put his cock ring on and take two little blue pills.

Brooklyn’s comes over and sucks on BIG FELLA getting him hard, Ben then takes Evelyn and puts her on her hands and knees and pushes BIG FELLA through her hymen in one stroke making her scream out loud. He tells her to give him her hands and he takes them and rides her the same way he did her sister.

Ben fucks Evelyn for six straight hours before breaking through her cervix. Evelyn has climaxed every five minutes for the past six hours and when he pushes through her cervix she lets out a loud scream and starts to cry a little. Ben leans over and tells her “This is where BIG FELLA belongs”. “Yes, Master” is her response. “Evelyn baby, you are mine now body and soul” Ben tells her as he pumps her womb for four hours. When he is ready to cum he pulls almost out of her cervix and starts pouring his cum into her womb. He does so for an hour making her belly bloat. When done he exits her womb and it traps his seed in her womb.

BIG FELLA is still hard and very wet, Ben then separates her ass checks and starts ass-fucking her. He pushes deep inside of her rectum making her scream bloody murder. Ben starts slowly and then starts to pick up speed. He eventually starts to jackhammer her ass, with her moaning and screaming. He fucks her ass for five hours before cumming.

“Damn, that is one marathon fuck. How do you do that?” Gracie asks “My little blue pills, vitamins and supplements that help production of sperm. It also helps that I had my cock ring on”. “Are you alright Evelyn?” Gracie asks her daughter. “My ass is on fire, I am sore. My pussy is sore. My asshole is burning” Evelyn tells her mother as Ben comes back with a cold wash cloth and some soothing cream that he rubs in her ass and around her pussy.

“You belong to me now, I am going to take care of you. In a couple of days I am going to make love to you again, after you recover” Ben tells her as he kisses her. “I will have Sheila give you four your tattoos on the small of your back”. Gracie kisses her new master and tells him thanks for taking them and making them his.

Ben goes takes a bath as Gracie and her daughter’s go back to their rooms to sleep it off. Becky comes in and kisses her husband and tells him she is going to change the sheets and that he needs to go to sleep and rest a little bit. Ben tells her only if she stays with him.

Brooklyn, Laurie and Mandy are in the room as Ben comes in and they lay him down on the freshly made bed. They kiss him and rub and massage his muscles. Once he is asleep the three girls leave him with Becky. The next morning Ben gets up and he goes downstairs and eat breakfast with some of his ladies. He tells Becky that he plans on starting Annabelle’s training. He takes his pills that Becky has laid out for him. Becky with the help of Abigail has every slave on prenatal vitamins and supplements for healthy. Becky has put the newest slaves on fertility drugs.

Ben goes and gets Annabelle and tells her it is her turn to be trained. He has Janine and Mercedes be his fluffers. He takes the three of them to the living room and puts Annabelle’s on the fuck table and staps her down. He then has Mercedes suck BIG FELLA hard. He inserts BIG FELLA into Annabelle’s little pussy, Annabelle being on 5’2 her pussy is very small and when he pushes BIG FELLA into her you can see her lips stretching to accommodate his large 7” cock head and 5 1/2” girth. He fucks her long and hard pounding her for an hour before breaking through her cervix and he pumps her womb full of cum. He exits her womb and has Mercedes suck his cock hard again. Ben pounds her again, Annabelle is climaxing hard every five minutes. It takes Ben the 24 hours to finish her training. When done he carries his trainee to her bed and lays down with her and goes to sleep.

Ben is awoken by Becky telling him Faith’s water has just broken. Ben kisses her and tells Becky that he will be there soon. He kisses Annabelle and tells her to come with him to the shower. When they are in the shower Annabelle tells Ben about her family. She tells him that her mother, Angie, is a widow at 40 and very beautiful. She has three sisters sixteen year old Anita and 14 year old twins Anna and Ann. Annabelle tells him about her brother James who is . She asks him if they can come and visit after she is trained, something around Thanksgiving time. He tells her sure, her family is his family. Annabelle tells Ben that she loves him, that she really enjoyed having sex with him.

They get out of the shower and dry off. Ben goes to the birthing suite and sees Nadia, Becky, Crystal who is due any day, and Faith on the maternity bed with her legs in the sterrups. Janine and Mercedes are there also assisting Nadia. It takes Faith five hours to give birth to little Vincent William, he weighs in a little over seven pounds. Hope has just broken her water and is coming into the room as Faith is taken off of the table. Nadia cleans the table and puts Hope up on it and puts her in the sterrups and she starts having contractions it takes her seven hours to give birth to a big William Vincent who weighs a whopping ten pounds. Ben kisses both of his new mommies and Jess who is crying with her daughter with her grandson in her arms.

The new mommies go back to their rooms with their babies and as they leave Charity comes in having just broken her water. Ben says “You three always do things together don’t you?”. Faith says we try. Charity gives birth eight hours later to Billy Vinny with her mother Jenny there with her. Jenny takes her daughter back to her room with little Billy. Ben comes in and kisses his slaves and tells Charity she did good. He tells her to rest and that if she needs anything just call. They let her sleep and Jess leaves the room with Ben.

“Master, I need you to get me pregnant. You promised that you would. I don’t want to put any pressure on you” Jess says. “When are you fertile?” Ben asks. Jess tells him three weeks and he tells her that he try to get her pregnant then. He kisses her and tells her that he loves her, Chairty and Billy. She smiles and tells him we know.

Ben goes upstairs to his master suite and takes a hot shower. Ben goes and lays down in his bed as Jayne, Brooklyn, Evelyn, Joy, Jennifer and Peggy come in and get into bed with him. Peggy tells him that it has been an exciting day and kisses him as Joy and Jennifer suck and lick on BIG FELLA. Brooklyn is on the other side of him and starts kissing him. Peggy and Brooklyn kiss all over his body. Peggy asks him if he has the energy for some virgin pussy. Ben tells her that he always has energy for her virgin pussy. Joy and Jennifer look up and say they are next. Jayne comes over and straddles Ben and canlı bahis siteleri takes BIG FELLA in her hands and guides him into her pussy.

Jayne bounces up and down on BIG FELLA while Peggy’s little pussy is being sucked. Peggy and Jayne suck face while they are getting pleasured by their Master’s powerful cock and talented tongue. Peggy climaxes repeatedly as Ben licks her slit from her clit to her anus, Ben then sticks his tongue into her pussy and licks her hymen. He strokes her hymen and makes her climaxing, screaming and gushing girl cum into his mouth. He makes her cum four times like that and then has her get off of his face and then Joy takes her place. He makes her cum just like Peggy as Jayne finishes riding on BIG FELLA. Jayne gets off BIG FELLA in time to deep throat him and take his load into her stomach.

Jayne sucks BIG FELLA until he is hard and Brooklyn takes her turn. She puts BIG FELLA into her ass. Brooklyn bounces up and down and yells out loud “I LOVE HAVING BIG FELLA IN MY ASS. FUCK MY ASS”. Brooklyn repeats this over and over again until Eveyln comes over and kisses her and tells her to be quite. The girls are giggling as Becky, Laurie and the rest of the bed slaves comes in and join them.

“Seems like you are enjoying yourself, Ben” Becky says as Ben is still going to town on Joy’s sweet pussy. Ben taps her and she gets off of his face. “You know how I love virgin pussy. I can’t get enough of it” Ben tells her as Jennifer comes over to him and starts to straddle his face. Ben sucks on her pussy like his two virgin slaves before Jennifer. Ben finally climaxes in Brooklyn’s ass and Eveyln sucks him clean and then continues to suck him until he is hard.

“Master, I want you to get me pregnant like my sister and mother” Eveyln tells her Master as she starts to ride BIG FELLA. Ben gives him a thumbs up and makes Jennifer climax. When he is done with Jennifer’s pussy he has her get off of his face and then puts Eveyln on her hands and knees and pounds her pussy hard and pushes through her cervix and pours his cum into her womb. They all fall asleep and in the morning he fucks Eveyln two more times.

Bill comes into the room and tells Ben that Crystal is going into labor. Ben takes a shower and cleans up after pouring his second load of cum into Eveyln’s fertile womb. After his shower Ben goes over and kisses Evelyn and she tells him “That was fantastic, Master”. Evelyn then falls asleep. Ben goes to the birthing suite to be with Crystal. In the room already are Crystal’s daughters Peggy, Jill and Cloe along with Becky and Laurie. Ben comes over and holds Crystal’s hand as she has one contraction after another. After five hours of labor Crystal gives birth to Laticia Felicity at a whopping nine pounds. Ben kisses his slaves and tells Crystal she did great. Ben asks Peggy, Jill and Cloe how do they lie their new nephew and sister?

Jill and Cloe say the love them almost as much as their Master. They kiss him and help their mother and sister back to her room. Ben goes to Jill’s room and makes love to her and puts two loads in her womb and then does the same with Cloe. Both girls tell him they want to get pregnant and give birth to his children. Ben tells them that he loves them unconditionally, whether they give him children now or ten years from now.

Ben then goes and checks on Jess Williams and Hope and little baby William. Ben kisses Hope and baby William and whispers in Jess’s ear that he is horny. He tell Hope that she did good and that William is as beautiful as his mother. Ben and Jess leave Hope and her baby and go to her room nad they make love the rest of the night. The next morning Nadia distributes the breasts pumps for the new mommies. She checks on each of the babies.

After they are a week old Nadia takes the babies to the nursery floor. And the mothers goes there to feed them. The nurse slaves take turns watching them in shifts. Ben tells Becky he needs to get out of the house for a bit and will be back later that after noon. She kisses him and tells him to have fun. Ben takes the dry cleaning that needs to be done to Kim’s Cleaners.

Ben enters the cleaners and Soyeon greets him. Soyeon asks Ben if he could help her in the back. Ben says yes and Soyeon says something in Korean and her husband Chin Ho comes out from the back greets Ben with a smile as Ben and Soyeon goes into the backroom.

Soyeon gets undressed and tells Ben “I wanna fuckee fuckee with BIG FELLA”. Ben looks her over and she has a nice rack and a clean shaven pussy. “I have this for you” she tells him as she comes over and knells before him and unzips his pants. She hands him a certificate that states she is clean of STD’s and HIV. She starts to suck on BIG FELLA and gets him hard once hard she straddles Ben and pushes down on BIG FELLA and pushes him deep inside of her extremely tight Koren pussy. Ben moans “OH SHIT THAT IS A TIGHT PUSSY”.

“Mr. Ben, Chin Ho has only gone five inches inside of me. You are going to stretch me out and give me babies. I am fertile and you are going to give me a boy or two” Soyeon tells him as she humps him for two hours, Ben pushes her all the way down on BIG FELLA breaking her cervix barrier before he cums hard in her. Once done she gets off and reaches down and whips her pussy. “No cum leaking”. Chin Ho has been watching in between customers. Soyeon asks “Can you fuckee fuckee again, Mr. Ben?”.

“Sure, what about Mr. Kim?” Ben asks. Soyeon yells something in Korean and Chin Ho appears and says “Mr. Ben you fuckee fuckee Soyeon again if you want. She want baby, me no can do. You have many babies right. You got Huge cock, you fuckee me wife as many times as you want”. Ben shakes he head as Soyeon begins to suck on his cock and get him hard again. This time Ben fucks her as she leans over table, Soyeon yells “You fuckee good Mr. Ben, You fuckee good. I love your cock in me. BIG FELLA feels good fuckee me”. When they are done Ben puts his pants back on and asks when his cleaning will be done.

“Mr. Ben, after you fuckee me like that my pus is sore. It will be a week, you come back then and fuckee me some more” Soyeon says. Ben says okay and leaves and goes by the office building site to check on it and clear his mind. He sees that it is coming along and the construction engineer tells him it should be ready by the summer. He tells him very good and leaves the site and goes and has a drink with Antonio.

“Antonio, you will never guess what happened to me today at the Kim’s cleaners” Ben tells him. Antonio looks puzzeled and Ben tells him “Mrs. Kim basically forced herself on me. She sucked on me and told me she wanted a baby. Mr. Kim came in after we did it once and told me to fuck his wife again. It was so surreal, unbelievable experience”

“Ben, my friend, you are a stud. Like a stallion. Everybody wants your children” Antonio says straight faced. “You asshole” is Ben’s reply. They both laugh and Antonio goes and gets Ben his favorite dish of conch. After he finishes eating he calls Becky and asks her if they need anything. She tells him only him and he tells her he will be home shortly.

Ben says goodbye and tells him he will see him in a couple of days when he moves in. Ben then goes through the security gate and is told their are several packages for Abigail and Ben has the guards put the packages in the back of his Expedition. Ben then notices a FedEx truck pulling in. Ben sees that it filled with HP boxes. It will be a day before they are all scanned, the guards willl deliver them to the mansion when they are cleared. Ben then goes and talks to Ken over at the school construction site. Everything is going on schedule and should be able to start on the inside in December, Ben asks about his house and Jamal’s. Ken tells him his house will be ready in November as planned and Jamal’s will be ready around Christmas time. Ben thanks his friend for his efforts.

Ben then heads to the mansion. Ben heard the weather forcast for the next day on the radio and it will be unseasonably warm and when he enters the mansion he sees Becky and asks her if she would like to have a cookout tomorrow. She thinks that will be fun and they go and inform Dominic that they will be doing a cookout tomorrow. Ben asks for steaks, grilled lobster, salmon and Dominic says he will go to the market in the morning to get everything he needs.

They head into the formal dinning room and Ben tells Becky that he ate with Antonio and will just have a nibble. Dominic has another fantastic meal for the family and there is conversation with everyone. Liz speaks up and tells Ben “Master, I found out who owns the property to the south of the mansion. I have a contract in for the 5000 arces adjacent to the property that leads up to the front edge of the lake. I made contact with the owners of the parcels of land on the either side of the lake and they want too much money. I am going to offer them something lower on Monday. The property on the other side of the lake is owned by a development company who plans to put in a housing development”.

“Have you made contact with the development company?” Ben asks. “Yes, and they will not sell the property” Liz tells him. “How much land do they own?” Ben asks her. “It is about 25,000 acres all the way down to the interstate” Liz tells him. “How much did they pay for the property?” “Ten million five years ago. The market is down and they are struggling to make ends meet” Liz says. “Offer them twelve million to walk away. They will take it” Ben says “Or, I will just buy the company and sell off the peices I don’t want”.

“I will get on that first think Monday morning, Master” Liz says. “Bill, do you want to design a lakefront house for the family? Something with a lot of rooms, a party room, a ball room. Kitchen and everything. Be creative, I would love to see an atrium and a indoor outdoor pool. Game room and a huge play room for the children and a playroom for the adults” Ben asks.

“I will get on it right away” Bill says.

“Where is Jason, Hanna?” Ben asks. “Probably having sex with the maids, he can’t get enough of them” Hanna says as Ben gets up and goes looks for him. He finds him pounding away in Keandra as Kea and Keisha look on in his bedroom. Jason looks up and says he loves having sex with these girls. Ben shakes his head and tells him he is missing dinner. Jason tells him he has all he needs for dinner in his room and thanks him.

Ben retires for the night to his master suite with Becky, Laurie and the bed slaves. He tells Becky about Soyeon and Chin Ho Kim, she laughs and tells him he is a stud. Ben sleeps with his bed slaves that night and the next day. And they get word that the movers are coming through the gate.

The movers go through the gate and the guards know the movers but not the ladies and they clear them after inspecting the back of the truck. Omar pulls the truck to the side of the mansion and they all head into the front door.

“Ladies, there are no clothes allowed to be worn in the mansion by women” Omar tells Morgan and Magdalena. They don’t even hesitate and shed their clothes once through the door. Omar asks where Ben is at the moment. Maize calls Ben on his cell phone, Maize tells them he is in the entertainment room with Bea and Jayne. Omar and the guys strip and take Morgan and Magdalena to meet Ben and the family. Jason strolls by with his cock swinging between his legs. Magdalena smiles as he comes over and hugs her and her mother. “Damn, Jason you are hung” Morgan says. “Nice cock, Jason. Maybe my boyfriends will let me suck it sometime” Magdalena tells him.

“Omar, Fred, Jerry and Abdul are your boyfriends now?” Jason asks “Yes they are, we are going to live with them now. There really wasn’t anything up in Jersey for us” Morgan says as they enter the entertainment room and see Jayne riding on Ben. Jayne looks up and sees Magdalena and screams “Magdalena have you moved down here?” Magdalena shakes her head as Jayne humps on Ben harder. “Magdalena, Morgan I want you to meet my husband, lover and Master Ben Barnes. He is my Mom and sisters master also” Jayne says.

They come over and shake his hand as she rides him. They notice her “Property of Ben Barnes” tattoo and Morgan says to Omar “Omar, honey we need to get a tattoo on our lower backs that say “Property of Omar, Abdul, Fred and Jerry” we are yours. We are your women aren’t we Magdalena?”. “I know I am” Magdalena says. Ben cums in her pussy and Jayne gets off and sucks him clean.

“Damn, Jayne. Ben sure does have a big fat cock” Magdalena says. Ben gets up and greets his friends. Magdalena asks “Ben can I suck on your cock?”. “After dinner as long as it is OK with your Masters”. “Ben of course you can have Magdalena. We plan on sharing both of them, we need to get Morgan her HIV/STD certificate. I think she is clean, but we need to be sure. We have been using rubbers and would love to go bareback with her” Omar tells him.

“Master, can Magdalena sleep with me in my room tonight?” Jayne asks and he nods as Bea comes over and greets Morgan. “Those guys really know how to please a woman don’t they” Bea asks her friend. “Yes, they do. I have never had so many orgasms in a row in my life” Morgan tells her best friend, “So you and Jayne are in love with Ben, you are his now?”.

“Ben has an incredible cock and knows how to use it. He is an amazing lover and provider. I know why Hanna is with him. I knew it when I first met him. Jayne immediately fell in love with him. He pounded her virgin pussy so hard it was beautiful to see her pussy gripping BIG FELLA. You need to see Doctor Reynolds he is going perform a HIV/STD check on you. After it comes back clean you will experience a great feeling of your Master cock bareback in your pussy. Ben can have my pussy whenever he wants. I had sex with your boyfriends before they went and picked up my stuff. If you want to have sex with Ben you are going to need to get their permission, I don’t think that is going to be a problem” Bea tells her.

“I wouldn’t mind having Ben and Omar at the same time” Morgan tells Bea, “That sounds like fun to me” Magdalena says with a smile on her face. “I am going to go find Jason and suck on his cock” Magdalena tells them as she leaves and goes back into the mansion. She looks and looks for him as Jayne comes in and sees her. “What are you looking for? Jason? I know you have always liked him” Jayne asks her.

“Yeah, I am looking for Jason and his nice big cock” Magdalena tells her. Jayne has an idea where to find him. They go to the servant quarters and find Jason with Kasmira, he is pounding away on her. Kasmira has her legs around Jason’s hips as he fucks her like a jackhammer. Jason squeezing on her ample 36D breasts. Kasmira’s light brown skin is glistening with sweat as he strokes her.

“Jason do you like living here with Ben?” Jayne asks. “Hell, yes. I love it, I love making love to all these beautiful women. Kasmira is beautiful don’t you think?” Jason grunts and starts pouring his cum into Kasmira. He lays next to her for about five minutes before he exits her pussy. When he does Magdalena gets on the bed and starts to suck on his cock. Once he is hard Magdalena gets up and takes him by the cock and leads him to his room.

“Time for you to get a piece of my pussy, Jason” Magdalena says. “I have been wanting you for a long time” Jason tells her as he sucks on her pussy and then pushes deep inside of her. They fuck for a couple of hours as Omar comes in and yells “What the fuck are you doing with my girl boy?”.

Jason looking scared hems and haws for a couple minutes before Omar tells him he was just fucking with him. Omar tells Magdalena that they are headed to bed with Morgan and to have a good night with her friends.

Bea takes Morgan for a tour of the mansion after dinner. Bea runs into Jayne in the entertainment room and asks her where Jason and Magdalena are. She tells her that they are enjoying some play time. Bea and Morgan leave and head to the next room. Morgan asks what does “play time” mean. Bea tells her they are having sex, she shows her the majority of the mansion. She ends with the guest suite that she will be in with her lovers.

Meanwhile Ben and Omar and the other movers talk as they watch sports. “Omar, you know I have a lot of property about 75,000 acres or 117 square miles. I am having a house built for Ken and Jamal. Carol is trying to have a baby and Sheila is already pregnant. Would you like to move onto the property with Morgan and Magdalena? It will keep you out of the public eye”.

They talk and drink beer for the rest of the evening. The guys go to the guest room and have fun with Morgan around midnight. Ben goes up to his master suite and has sex with his bed slaves. The next day the movers unload the moving van and then take Morgan to get her checkup with Doctor Reynolds. She is clean as she expected and on the way back she leans over and asks Omar, “Will you DP me with Ben, Master Omar?” “Yes I will, later today. We need to talk with Fred, Jerry and Abdul and Magdalena. Ben has offered to build us a house on his property. I need to get the input from the other guys and you and your daughter”.

“Master Omar, I am yours and will go where ever you want to go as will Magdalena she is yours along with the other guys” Morgan says. The enter the mansion and Morgan undresses and takes her clothes with Omar back to their guest suite and hear Magdalena moaning and enter the room. Magdalena is getting spit-roasted with Ben and Abdul with Ben in her ass.

Morgan tells Ben she has a clean certificate for him and that she wants to be next. Ben smiles at her and says sure as he slams BIG FELLA deep inside of Magdalena’s once tight ass. She is gagging on Abdul’s cock that is moving in and out of her throat. After about twenty minutes Abdul erupts down her throat. Ben grabs Magdalena’s arms and starts riding her like a horse as Abdul takes his cock out her young throat and then mouth.

Magdalena moans out “Oh, GOD Ben you are a FUCING-GOD like your tattoo reads”. When Ben is ready to cum he gets out of her ass and pushes BIG FELLA down her throat making it bulge out. He pumps a huge load into her stomach. Jerry and Fred then come over and take their turn on Magdalena as Ben, Omar and Abdul take Morgan to the next suite and do a train on her the rest of the night. The next morning Ben gets up and goes to his room and takes a shower, Becky comes in and asks him how did he like his evening with Morgan and Magdalena.

He tells her he enjoyed it a lot. She asks if they can stay for a while. Ben tells her that he made the movers and offer to build them a house. She kisses him and tells him she loves him. Ben tells her as he gets out of the shower that he has a meeting with his financial advisers and bankers from the Cayman Islands in a hour and wants her there. He asks how is she doing with her pregnancy. She tells him that she is having multiple babies, Nadia doesn’t know if it is 3 or 4. Becky tells him that no matter how many babies she is having that she is going to want more children. No so soon after maybe if she gives birth in March that Becky tell him that she might want to start trying again the following January. Ben tells her that as long as she is with him nothing else matters to him.

They walk downstairs hand in hand. “Becky, I love you with all my heart. You know how I feel about you don’t you? You are number one in my heart. I cannot take a breath without you and your support. I lost my mother and lover, I don’t think I could survive loosing you” Ben tells her.

The eat breakfast in the dinning room with some of the slaves. Alexandra asks to speak to him about the curriculum for the home school. She has printed out a list of books that she wants to get for the library and also textbooks for the students they have now. Ben tells her that why don’t they get Kindle Fire’s for all the children and they can read the books on them. She says some books are not available in Kindle format and that you only need to buy the physical copy once.

Ben tells her to buy what she needs for the school. He tells her that all of his slaves and children will be getting their college educations. He says he does not want stupid slaves. Ben and Becky excuse themselves and go to the den for their meetings. First up is his bankers, who have just emailed his statements. They tell him even after the withdraws and the purchases he has made another 45 billion dollars and his net worth is over 750 billion. He tells him that Becky has made 500 million on her ten billion. They tell them they did a good job and that they will see them in January. They then meet with the financial advisers and they tell him that their investments have netted a windfall.

Ben tells him that he wants to buy a developer that is in the area. He gives him the name and tells them to put on the pressure, but do not make a bid until they talk to him. Ben then goes over the books with them. They tell him that his investments are work approximately 125 billion, up about 600 million.

Ben tells them to continue the good work and asks them to look into investment opportunities. Nadia calls Becky and tells her that Sally and Paula have broken their water and are getting ready to go into labor. She tells her that they will be there shortly. Ben wraps up their meeting and asks Becky what that was about. She tells him about Sally and Paula, and they go to the birthing suite. Sally and Paula ask Becky to call their friend Stephanie and asks her to come over.

Becky does and an hour later Stephanie is there naked like everybody else. She witnesses the birth of both babies James and Jonathan. James weighing in at 8.5 pounds and Jonathan weighing in at a whopping 10 pounds. Ben kisses both ladies and the boys. Nadia says the boys resemble their father, the have big penises like their father. Ben shakes his head.

Nadia tells Ben that they probably need to order another maternity/delivery bed. He tells her to order whatever she needs. She orders the bed and three wheelchairs to cart the mothers back to their room. Stephanie stays with her friends for a while and then goes and finds Ben and Becky.

When she finds them in the pool area she drops to her knees and asks Ben “Please, Ben make me your slave. I want to be yours and give you babies like my friends. Please let me love you and have BIG FELLA in me” Stephanie says as she sucks on BIG FELLA.

“Ben, Stephanie has been talking to me for awhile along with her friends Sally and Paula. They all want this as you can tell. She gave me a clean HIV/STD certificate when she came in” Becky says.

Stephanie tells Ben “Master, I have not had sex with anybody for over a year. I am clean and have a certificate to prove it. My body is yours, please make love to me”.

Bill is in the pool and smiles at Ben, “Damn, you have women falling over themselves to be loved by you”

Antonio, who has just finished moving in with Viki comes in with Viki and Elfie. Antonio shakes his head “Ben you are unbelievable, everybody wants a piece of you and some time with BIG FELLA”

“OK, Stephanie. I accept you as my slave” Ben tells her. Stephanie sucks him hard and then straddles him and begins to hump on BIG FELLA. She screams out loud “OH GOD, BIG FELLA IS STRETCHING ME OUT”. She grinds on BIG FELLA for an hour before Ben puts her on her hands and knees and begins riding her like a horse using her arms as reigns. “FUCK THAT PUSSY MASTER, THAT IS YOURS FUCK THAT PUSSY”. More and more slaves come in and watch the action. Ben finally breaks through her cervix and Stephanie screams out loud, “OH, GOD DAMN HE JUST WENT THRU MY CERVIX”. “OH GOD HE IS FUCKING MY WOMB”. She repeats the last line for the next forty-five minutes until Ben unleashes a torrent of cum into her womb.

Ben exits her cervix as Becky tells her “That is how your Master fucks pussies, all the way into their wombs. Next he is going to fuck your ass”. “Master, my body is yours to do with as you choose. That was the best sex I have ever had” Stephanie tells him. “You are going to be getting a lot of loads in your womb. Are you on birth control?” Ben asks her. She tells him no. “Good, Becky is going to have Nadia put you on fertility drugs. You are going to be my breeder slave”.

“Master, I will be whatever you want me to be” Stephanie says with a smile on her face. Ben tells Stephanie to suck on BIG FELLA until he is hard and Becky goes gets his pills. When he is hard he takes his pills and gets Stephanie on her hands and knees, Becky separates Stephanie’s ass cheeks. Stephanie tells them she has never taken it up the ass before.

“That is about to change” Ben tells her as he pushes BIG FELLA against her anal ring. Ben grabs her arms and rears back and pushes the huge 7” bulbous head of BIG FELLA past her anal ring, which elicits a loud scream from Stephanie. She cries and screams telling him it hurts, she does this for about ninety minutes before it starts to get better. “OH, MASTER that hurt a lot. BIG FELLA is so BIG in my ass” Stephanie says.

“Do you like your first ass-fucking?” Becky asks her new sister slave. “Yes, Mistress Becky” is her response. “Stephanie, do you like sucking pussy?” Becky asks her.. “I have never tried”. Becky tells her it is a good time to start and spreads her legs in front of her face and puts Stephanie’s face into her pussy and tells her to start licking and sucking. Becky tells her to do what she would want done to her pussy. They stay like that the three of them while Antonio, Bill and the others watch Stephanie’s assimilation into the family.

Ben is jackhammering away at Stephanie’s ass as she sucks on Becky’s fourteen year old pussy, this goes on for the next two hours until Ben is ready to cum. Ben then takes BIG FELLA out of her ass with a loud pop. Ben then pushes deep inside of her pussy pressing against her cervix until it relents and lets BIG FELLA into her womb. Ben cums for thirty minutes filling her womb up and making her stomach bloat. Nadine and Julia come down to the pool area and tell Master that Roxanne, Rosanna and Alexandra have gone into labor.

Becky and Ben smile and tell them that is good news. Ben gets up and Viki washes BIG FELLA off and gives him a kiss. “You ladies look so beautiful, I love you all” Ben says. “Stop that I am huge, fat pig” Nadine says. “I don’t ever want to hear you say that again, Nadine, you are beautiful sexy. You have that pregnant glow. I love you and love that you are giving me children” Ben tells her.

Ben and Becky head to the birthing suite as Nadine and Julia talk to the newest slave.

“How many babies are you carrying, Nadine?” Stephanie asks. “I have five boys growing inside of me, my best friend here is having twin boys” Nadine tells her. “Our mothers are pregnant also, Nadia, is the one who is delivering the babies is having twins girls and my mother is have just one. They are all our Masters babies. I love my master as do all of his women. He treats us all like queens” Julia tells her as they pick her up and take her to Sheila’s new tattoo studio. “Sheila, our new slave Stephanie needs her “Property of Ben Barnes” tattoo”.

“Stephanie after Sheila is done with you we are going to take you to see my mother, she will remove all of your hair below your neck permanently. No hair is allowed below your neckline, Mistress Becky’s rule” Julia tells her. “Our Master loves a hairless pussy to eat. Has Ben sucked on your pussy yet?” Nadine asks. Stephanie tells her not yet.

“You are going to fucking love it. He made me climax twenty-five times in a row once. He loves sucking on virgin pussies, he has kept several of his slaves virgins so that he can suck on their hymens. You will meet Peggy, Joy and Jennifer later. They all have screaming orgasms as he strokes their hymen” Nadine tells her.

“They all had their asses trained and throats also. You should see their throats bulge out by BIG FELLA. It is a very erotic scene” Julia tells her.

While that is going on Ben is upstairs in the birthing suite with Roxanne, Rosanna and Alexandra they are all in various stages of giving birth. Nadia tells Ben that she purchased two more delivery tables and wheelchairs. Nadia says she wants to make the suite next to her birthing suite a recovery room with two or three beds in there. Ben tells her that he will have Omar and guys up to move the furniture out and that he will go out and buy three full-size beds with frames and white sheets.

Roxanne is the first to give birth to a healthy eight pound baby girl “Monica Louisa” and right after Rosanna gave birth to her baby girl “Sierra Mary” weighing in at a whopping ten pounds. Finally Alexandra gives birth to an extremely healthy eleven pound baby boy named “Shane Christopher”.

“Ben, there is one common characteristic with all your sons” Nadia tells her Master. “What is that Nadia?” Ben asks as she hands him his son. “All your son’s are very well-endowed, just like their father” Nadia says as she kisses him and then Becky. Ben kisses all of his teacher slaves and his two daughters and son. He tells them they did great and their children are beautiful. He takes each back to their room after they have time to recover a little.

Roxanne tells Ben that she has been in touch with her mother in Iran and that it is getting tougher for her sisters to make it there. She is going to Skype with her next week and wants to know if he will be there with her. She tells her Master they should be dressed that her parents are Muslim. Ben says he would be honored to meet her parents after all this time. She tells him that she has told them about being pregnant and having a baby soon and that she loves the man that has given her the best gift ever.

They talk about her sisters who are having a hard time getting an education in there province, the Taliban has forbidden girls from getting an education. They are scared because of that girl in Pakistan getting shot. Her father tells her that is not what Islam is about. He hopes and prays that the Taliban would leave their province. She tells him about Dana and Dorreen her seventeen year old twin sisters who are so full of life. She shows him pictures of them and also her fifteen year old twin sisters Lili and Leyla and the baby sister Lidalila who is just 13. She has tears in her eyes when she talks about them.

“What’s wrong, Roxanne, my love?” Ben asks her as she holds little Monica. “Tell me what I can do? I love you and would do anything within my powers for you”. “Master, I am afraid for my sisters. I am sitting here in the luxurious mansion and they are suffering in Iran” Roxanne tells him. “When you feel better and have recovered I want you to write down their addresses, birth dates and all the vital statistics that I need. I will call my friends and see what I can do. Please do not mention this to your family yet. I do not know what I can do” Ben tells her.

“Thank you Master” Roxanne says as she starts to cry “I love you. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me in my entire life”. “I love you, Roxanne, I told you I would always take care of you. You are my property, like the tattoo on the back states, I take care of what is mine. You are mine I am yours. You are my family, in extension your sisters are my family. If I can get them out I will. I need to get them out then I will try to get your parents out” Ben tells her. A week later Roxanne gives Ben the list and he asks his friend in the State Department to work on it for him.

Meanwhile, Ben goes to the next suite and kisses Rosanna and Sierra. He holds his daughter and tells her that her daddy loves her and her mother. He kisses Rosanna and says she did very good, that Sierra is very beautiful. Becky comes into the room and kisses Ben and Rosanna then little baby Sierra. Becky tells Ben that Carolyn and Carrie have just broken their water and are going into labor.

Rosanna tells him to go witness the birth of his children. She tells her Master that she loves him and thanks him for giving her her daughter. Ben kisses her and Sierra and then go to the birthing suite. He sees Carrie and Carolyn on the delivery tables with their legs in the stirrups, Laurie and Amber are in there with them. Nadia says it might be a little while. It takes the two of them 6 hours to give birth. Carrie gives birth to a beautiful baby girl named “Virginia Carolyn” weighing a little over ten pounds first followed closely by her best friend Carolyn who gives birth to a beautiful baby girl named “Veronica Carrie” weighing eight pounds.

Ben holds both of his girls as he does he has tears in his eyes. Becky asks him what is wrong. He tells her that he is so happy, he finally has the big happy family that he has always wanted. He kisses both baby mommies and Becky. It has been an emotional two days for Ben after he gets everyone situated he kisses his delivery doctor and tells Nadia she has done very good in delivering all these healthy babies.

Ben then goes to the master suite and goes to sleep after taking a long hot shower with Becky. The bed slaves come over and go to sleep with him. They all show their love to Ben. The next two days Ben stays in his room watching football and having sex with his slaves. Stephanie comes up and stays with him as does Jessica Taylor, Jess Turner is with him. They feed him and bath him and of course suck on BIG FELLA. Ben puts eight loads into Jess that weekend and ten into Stephanie. He trains her pussy that weekend. By the time the Monday night game is over he has made love to all of his women in one fashion or another.

While that is going on,Becky goes and plans Ben’s Birthday party with Tiffani. She calls and inquires about hiring the Falcons cheerleaders for his birthday party. They put out a price that they think she will not agree to. She tells them that she will have three limousines pick them up at the Georgia Dome and take them to the party and then drive them back afterward.

Tiffani tells Becky that Ben will love this. Becky says we need to get a lot of condoms for the guys. She plans on inviting Omar, Fred, Jerry, Abdul, and their girls. Ken and Carol of course, Jamal and Sheila.

On Tuesday, Ben and Becky go to the mattress store an buy three full-size beds with frames. They have them delivered to the mansion, and then they go to Macy’s and shop for sheets again. They buy nine sets of sheets for the maternity beds. They go and purchase other items for the house. They end up at Sears and Becky sees the Egyptian sheets she bought before and buys more for King-Size beds, she buys thirty sets and then sees California king sets and buys ten of those. They then go to target and Becky sees body pillows she likes and also other pillows. She buys throws for the entertainment and family rooms. She sees Falcons gear and buys Ben several items. They go back to the mansion and unload their purchases, the maids take the sheets from them and head to the laundry room.

They are informed that LuAnne and Alana both are in labor, they rush up and witness LuAnne giving birth to a bouncing baby boy “Leigh Ben” who weighs in at 9 pounds. Ben kisses his slave and baby boy tells LuAnne she did great and Alana starts to give birth and about two hours later gives birth to “Christina Alexandra” who weighs 7 pounds. Ben kisses Alana and tells her that Christina looks just like her.

Becky kisses both ladies and tells them that our children are so beautiful. They both say thank you Mistress to Becky and kiss Ben. Ben carries the ladies to their suites to rest and Becky brings their babies. Becky tells Ben “You know we now have 28 babies in the house with three more due this month. All these beautiful little babies. I love you Master, I love you and my family here. We have a good thing going here”.

“You know the women that are not pregnant now want to be. The ones that just gave birth want more. I think we should all wait six to nine months before trying again after they give birth. I will discuss this plan with Nadia” Ben tells her.

Ben then goes and collects Jill, Cloe, and Jess Williams. He takes them up to the master suite and makes love to them for the next three days. He puts twelve loads of cum in their wombs effectively impregnating each of them. Becky comes into the room and tells Ben that Beth has gone into labor. Ben gets up with his lovers and takes a shower in his extra large, multiple shower head shower stall. He kisses each of his lovers and caresses their bellies. He tells them that should do the dead. Ben tells them in a couple days take a home pregnancy test. They kiss him and wash BIG FELLA and the rest of their Masters body.

Ben gets out of the shower and dries off and heads to the birthing suite to be with Beth, Kaitlin is in the room with Becky. They are comforting Beth as she has a contraction. Ben comes over and kisses his lovers Beth, Kaitlin and Becky. It takes Beth five hours to give birth to her triplets, “Bridgette Anne”, “Heather Katie”, “Katherine Sally”. Each weighing around seven pounds. They are beautiful just like their mother. Ben kisses Beth and tells her she did good. Nadia says that Ben has good genes all of his children are beautiful. Ben tells her that it takes beautiful women to make beautiful children. Ben takes Beth to her room in a wheelchair that was just delivered making use of the elevator. After Beth gets situated with her babies he takes Becky and Kaitlin back to the master suite. He makes love to both of them making sure to be careful and not hurt his babies in Becky’s womb.

Ben tells Kaitlin as he pounds her tight pussy that he wants to get her pregnant in January when they are in the Cayman Islands on vacation. Kaitlin says that will be a good time and that will give her an October baby. She tells him that she wants to have multiple babies this time. Ben tells her that he still wants her to have a caesarian section.

Kaitlin and Becky show Ben after he has made love to them a vaginal tightening stick that Abigail got off the internet. Abigail says the ingredients are all natural, they come from China. He asks that just one lady try it out first and have Nadia monitor the for side effects. Becky says she has ordered alum cream VieNue Vivify.

Ben turns Kaitlin over and pushes an erect BIG FELLA into her ass. She screams out “Fuck my ass, Master”. Ben pumps his slaves ass ruthlessly hard and fast for about two hours and then slows down and does her gentle and soft, squeezing her breasts that are D cups now that she has had little Kayla. Ben whispers in her ear “I love you my sweet Kaitlin, I love you with all my heart”

When Ben is finished pumping his load into her colon he flips Kaitlin over and they snuggle. Kaitlin tells her Master, “I love you too, you have made me very happy me an my aunt also” They lay there watching College Gameday and make out Becky comes back into the room with lunch. Ben asks how is Beth doing and about the others. Becky says they are doing good.

“Ben, honey are you going to get out of bed, and out of Kaitlin’s ass, and come down and join the rest of the family?” Becky asks. “I will be down later after I take a nice hot bath together with Kaitlin. I am going to make a rule in the house for the fall, “It is football season, I am going to watch football on Saturday and Sunday” if that is alright with everybody” Ben tells her.

“Master, that is fine. Your women just love to be in your presence, we all love you and miss you when you are not around” Becky tells him. “How is Jason and Jayne taking to being part of the family?” Ben asks. “Jason loves it, he probably has made love to all of Maize and Hazel’s daughter’s. Jayne is also liking it, she really loves having Magdalena with her. Has the Omar and guys taken you up on building them a house on the property?” Becky asks “No not yet, I will asks them when I come downstairs” Ben tells her as she leaves them after giving both of them a kiss.

The take their nice long bath together, Rebecca comes in and tells Ben that she just got off the phone with her mother. She has a smile on her face as she tells her Master that her family is going to be coming down at the end of the month. She says her father, Karl has taken a sabbatical from his university and will be down her at the end of the month. Ben tells her that is great and can’t wait to meet her father and mother.

Ben and Kaitlin get out of the bath and dry off. They head downstairs to the entertainment room and watch the games with Omar, Fred, Jamal, Abdul, Jerry, Bill and Antonio. All the guys have a girl sucking on their cocks.

Antonio says he loves it at the mansion, “Watching football and getting a blowjob at the same time, what can be better?” he says. “How about some beers” Tiffani asks as she brings each guy a beer. Morgan makes Omar cum hard and she keeps swallowing and sucking on his cock. Magdalena is sucking on Abdul’s cock pushing back and forth in her throat. Renee has Jamal’s cock in her throat and Reanna is sucking on Jerry.

Ben asks the girls are they enjoying the sporting event. Reanna takes Jerry’s twelve inch cock out of her throat and tells her Master “You know we love sucking cock, at least I do” and she goes back to sucking on Jerry. “We know you do Reanna” Becky says.

Ben informs Becky that Rebecca’s family will be in town at the end of the month. Ben asks Omar as Cam and Calla come over and start sucking on his cock if they have made a decision on him building a house for them and their new slaves.

Omar looks over at him and says he hasn’t come up with a decision yet he looks down and asks Morgan and Magdalena if they would like to live on the property. Magdalena takes Abdul’s cock out of her throat and tells him “Master Omar, I would love to live here on the property and be close to my best friend Jayne” who is sucking on Fred’s thirteen inch cock.

Omar asks his friends and they all nod yes and he tells Ben that they will move onto the property. Bea comes over and kisses her Master and tells him “Thank you Master, thank you for taking such good care of Hanna. Getting her to go to college and for accepting her family into the family. I love you Master”. “Where the hell is your son?” Ben asks Bea. “Probably sleeping with one of the Maize or Hazel’s daughter’s. I will find him if you want?”. Ben nods yes and she gets up and goes looking for Jason and finds him making love to Jozenia and Flora. Flora riding his cock as Jozenia is riding his face.

“Master Ben wants to see you Jason, finish up and come with me” Bea says. Jozenia gets off of his face and Jason rolls over and starts jackhammering Flora and cums ten minutes later. Bea tells him to take a quick shower and come with her. “Don’t screw this up for us, Jason. Your sisters love it here with Ben, as do I. I am falling in love with Ben” Bea tells him as they head upstairs. “Mom, I like making love to the maids a lot, they have a lot of energy and are damn sexy” Jason says as Bea shakes her head.

They go and meet with Ben. Ben is almost done cuming down Cam’s throat and it is halftime. When he is done he tells Jason to come with him. They walk to the pool area. “Jason, I know you are having sex with the maids. That is fine, they are all clean disease free, but you can still get them pregnant. I need you to use some restraint, and use a condom when you are fucking their pussies. Have they let you fuck them in the ass yet?” Ben asks him. “A couple have, I have with Charmaine, Chellise, and Chemier. Also tried it with Kea, Keandra and Keisha. I like it we use baby oil to lubricate” Jason says.

“Jason, I will have Becky give you a couple of bottles of anal lube. I will be giving all the maids anal lube to put in their rooms. We can’t have a house full of pregnant maids to go along with a house full of pregnant slaves. You can have sex with my slaves in their pussies as long as you where a rubber. I am the only one to go bareback in my slaves pussies. I got to warn you be careful around Renee and Reanna, those two will drain you of all of your fluids” Ben tells him. Jason laughs “I am serious about that, Reanna will suck you dry if you let her. She has that sex minx tattooed on her back for a reason” Ben says. Jason says “Yes, Master Ben”, “Jason, I am not your Master. Your sisters and mother yes” Ben tells him. “Ben, it is a show of respect to you in your mansion. This is your house and I will respect your wishes and rules” Jason tells him.

They go back to the entertainment room and watch the end of the game. This goes on for the next day blowjobs, beer and football. On Monday, Becky has Ken keeping Ben busy outside of the mansion as the girls get the rooms ready for the birthday party. Ben’s favorites are all on the menu. Sushi, Lobster, Conch, Cherry stone clams, Oysters, Alaskan King Crab legs, Filet mignon with all the trimmings. Becky has asked that Ken bring Ben back to the mansion at seven for his surprise birthday party.

The cheerleaders arrive on time in their limousines and assemble in the entertainment room and wait for the man of the hour. Several of the cheerleaders asks about the portrait in the foyer, and Becky tells them that it is a portrait of her husband. They tell her she is very lucky woman. Little do they know that she plans on them being Ben’s dessert, at least most of them. She has gotten two hundred magnum condoms for the men, and a hundred ribbed ones all extra large.

When Ben arrives Becky takes him into the entertainment room and they all sing happy birthday to him. The cheerleaders do their dance as Ben takes off his clothes as do his other slaves. The cheerleaders are a little nervous. “Ladies, I do not force myself on any woman” Ben tells them. “We are nudist here” Becky tells them as she undresses. Now all the slaves are naked as are all the male guest. “Ladies, Ben doesn’t need to force a woman to have sex with him. He has a hundred women just waiting to be made love to”.

A couple of cheerleaders take their uniforms off and are questioned by the others. “I am not going to let that huge cock just dangle their in front of me without sucking on it” a very voluptuous cheerleader says. She drops to her knees and starts sucking on BIG FELLA, Becky comes over and tells Ben “Happy Birthday, my love”. “You have to breathe through your nose and swallow when BIG FELLA hits the back of your mouth” Becky tells the girl worshiping BIG FELLA. She successfully deep throats BIG FELLA after about fifteen minutes. After about thirty minutes of her working BIG FELLA back and forth in her throat Ben finally cums.

Becky gets everybody up and calls them to dinner. She takes the cheerleader that just serviced her husband by hand and leads her next to Ben, “So how did you like sucking on BIG FELLA” Becky asks her. “That is the biggest cock I have ever seen, can I have sex with him later?” She asks “You sure can, I have plenty of condoms for my husband and all of his friends”. They all eat dinner and drink champagne to celebrate Ben’s 31st birthday. After they cut the cake and eat a slice the cheerleaders get up as do everybody else and head into the entertainment room to watch the game.

A couple of cheerleaders come up and as the one that is going to have sex with Ben “Are you really going to fuck him?”. She tells them hell yes. “What about your boyfriend?”. “Fuck him he is not here and will never know. I want that huge cock inside of me. Why don’t you girls relax and enjoy yourselves. You might have a couple orgasms tonight. Ben obviously knows how to make love to a woman. Look at all these women, they all have a tattoo that states that they are his property. It seems like he know how to treat them”

“Ben, can I have sex with you know?” she says, Ben nods and she sucks him hard and puts a extra large magnum on BIG FELLA. Ben puts her on her back and begins to suck on her pussy getting her wet. When she is ready he pushes BIG FELLA inside of her willing pussy, splitting her wide open. He starts slow then builds up to a jackhammer pace. She climaxes every five minutes while Ben fucks her. She screams out occasionally “OH GOD, YOU ARE STRETCHING ME OUT. OH GOD YOU ARE SO FUCKING BIG. I AM CUMMING”.

Ben has sex with fifty percent of the cheerleaders. The first one he has sex with her in her pussy and her ass. The other guys get in on the act and they all have sex for three days, they cheerleaders that have regular jobs have called into work and taken time off. At the end of the third day three of the cheerleaders want to be Ben’s slaves.

Becky tells them they have to have a clean HIV/STD certificate and be willing to only have sex with Ben and the men he chooses. They other cheerleaders question them. Becky also tells them that the training regiment. The three agree and tell them they will be back in a week with their clean certificates and their clothes. They leave as do the other cheerleaders, Ben tells them that they can quit their work and just be cheerleaders if they want.

After they leave Ben thanks Becky for a wonderful surprise birthday party. He loved the surprise of the cheerleaders. The three of them will be very nice additions to the family, when they get their certificates.

Jessica Taylor comes up to them and tells them that her sister Chasity is on her way. “Master, you promised that you would be training me when she arrives. I want her to be yours also and this would be a great introduction”. “OK, lets go get you strapped into the fuck table and start your training, Becky can you get my pills and my cock ring” Ben asks. Becky nods and goes gets them and Jessica Taylor thanks her Master. “I love you Master, I am going to enjoy you fucking training me. Be careful of our children please. Have you come up with a new name for me?”

“I was thinking of cum bunny?” Ben tells her as they go into the living room, “Master, you can call me whatever you want. You gave me the best gift any man can give a woman, the gift of children” Jessica tells him. “I was kidding, how about Jay-Tee?” he says. She smiles and gets on the fuck table and gets strapped in.

Becky comes back and gives Ben his pills. Vitamins, supplements and three little blue babies. She puts his cock ring on him and Jay-Tee sucks him hard. Ben fucks her pussy for about a half and hour before Chasity arrives at the mansion. The maids lead her to the living room, where Chasity sees her sister getting fucked hard by Ben, “What are you doing, Jessica? What about your husband Steve?”…..


Chapter 17 … Coming soon….

“Holiday’s in the New Mansion, Family Reunions and a Korean Surprise”


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