My Straight Jock Slave

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There are some moments when a man must ponder his life. I’m certainly lucky, and I feel my luck daily- somehow, karmically, I think to maintain this great lucky streak I need to constantly remind myself how exactly I got here.

I’m speaking specifically about my relationship with my boyfriend, Trent. We are certainly a couple of contrasts. I’m a bit smaller, a bit more petite, a little more iberian in my skin and hair tone- he’s a giant, small-town football player all-American type. Blonde hair and blue eyes and shy grin. I’ve known him since high school, and he’s certainly one of the most loyal and devoted partners anyone could ask for. I see in the eyes of my friends, regardless of their gender or sexual orientation, that they desire him, or at least appreciate his image. My domestic, masculine, beautiful, deferrant and respectful, socially adept and just slightly sassy partner in life. What most of them don’t know is that I actually crafted this image. Like an artist with a wet lump of clay, every appealing aspect of this man was lovingly hand-crafted by me through a process of dedication and skill, and a bit of luck.

I met him when we were young, both just 18, and about to graduate school and attend a local community college. He was straight, back then. He still is straight, at least he says, when I bother to ask him how he feels about things. A defensive end on the football team, member of a regional championship winning group of boys. He’d probably never noticed me before, I was just a young slender effete boy who existed at the very edge of his social sphere. I knew some girls who had slept with him, who swore by his tender, masculine affections. They claimed he had a giant cock, and strong, rough hands, which could bring any girl to her knees in seconds. They were charmed by his simple, well-meaning personality, which concealed a sort of animal intelligence that could only be perceived through his strategic decisions on the field and in a few of his classes. The boy was simply not manipulative, and didn’t worry too much about the ulterior motives of others. The world had been kind to him. I would be kind to him, too, but first he would have to earn my kindness.

I made my move at a graduation party at a mutual friends’ parents’ house. He’d had a few beers, I’d had a few beers. Experimentation at this age is common. We made out in my shitty old 90s stick shift car. I was bursting from my pants and, when I reached over to his crotch, found he was still quite limp.

“Sorry,” he said at the time. “I guess I’m not all that into this. You’re really nice though, thanks for trying this out with me.”

I laughed, and said “no big deal, it happens. Hey, before you go- do you think you could help me with this? I know you’re not into it but it would be really hot for me if you’d just suck my cock for a second.”

He contemplated for a second and then shrugged. “Sure!”

I unzipped my dick, which was not all that big or impressive, and gently pulled his face down onto it. He tentatively licked it while I jerked off, and came quickly onto his face.

“Whoops. Let’s get that off of you.”

I gingerly cleaned his face with the paper towels and sent him on his way.

By sheer happenstance, we ended up at the same school. He pursued engineering while I pursued business. Despite the awkwardness of our initial encounter, we still managed to get along, and became friends after a few weeks at school. One evening, after a few beers back at my place, we talked about our last hook-up.

“Yeah I don’t know,” he said, “I’m pretty sure I’m straight. Like, I can appreciate that you’re a good almanbahis looking person in a general sense, but I don’t think I’m attracted to men in a sexual way. Like, giving you that blowjob-“

He broke off his statement and I laughed.

“You call that a blowjob? You just licked my cock a little bit. You’re lucky I was so turned on having you to myself or I probably wouldn’t even have cum.”

He looked down, turning red.

“Well, I didn’t get turned on with the blowjob per se, but after I went home the thought of sucking your dick just because you wanted me to, I felt so dirty that I got really hard and jerked off like three times. I think I might just like doing stuff that I don’t like to do, if that makes sense.”

I had sensed this in him all along, and it’s why I put so much effort into our friendship to begin with. I knew this was my chance.

“Oh, it makes sense. You’re a submissive. Doesn’t make you gay or straight or anything, you just know that you’re supposed to be used by others, and you know a man could use you best. Here, let’s try something. Kneel down.”

The color which had previously darkened his pale, scandinavian complexion drained away, but he did as he was told. A true sub. I was almost giddy, but restrained my emotions and said.

“Just lick my shoe. That’s all.”

He leaned forward and started licking my black leather oxford, which was relatively clean.

“You like this?”

He grunted an affirmative, and I pulled my shoe away.

“OK, so you’re probably turned on right now. Why don’t you jerk off for me, I think you’re going to like it.”

As if in a trance, clearly deep in whatever part of his mind led him to be such an easily molded toy by me, he unstrapped his thick leather belt and pulled down his blue jeans. His cock was about seven inches, cut, with a petal-pink head proudly standing forward. He was rock hard and already glistening with precum. I took my shoe off.

“OK. Sit back on your heels, I’m going to put my foot on your face. You can jack off and cum. Just see it as me returning the favor.”

I watched him jerk it, waiting for a precise moment. He didn’t lick my feet, just held them on his face. He was starting to kiss them, and the precum was flowing freely, when I could tell he was in the final stages of his masturbation and getting ready to blow his load.

“Hold on. I want you to suck my cock. Can you kind of take it in and suck it this time?”

He was too turned on to say no. I started gently but progressed to fucking his face while he jerked off- thankfully I was too turned on to last very long, and I came in his mouth. He held my cum in his mouth for a little while, cutely wondering what to do with it. I laughed, and said “go ahead and swallow it.” As he did, he came a massive load onto the floor.

“Let’s get that cleaned up,” I said, and fetched some paper towels from my kitchen.

This progressed over the years, eventually to an outside eye it would appear that we were dating. Few knew that my naturally sadistic and manipulative nature were the key to this straight boy’s heart. I kept things sweet for the first few months, letting him think that his acts of submission, licking my feet and sucking my cock, were favors I was doing for him, rooted in my unique understanding of his submissive nature. I helped him progress to deep throating and toe sucking by every once in a while diminishing his opinion of his skills, letting him know that he was not measuring up. Whenever he expanded his repertoire, he came especially hard. I also encouraged him to start lifting more and eating more healthy, lean protein- almanbahis giriş increasing his muscularity bit by bit thanks in part to his dedication and in part to the massive testosterone clearly latent in his early-twenties frame. I was more into cardio.

During these initial stages, while at parties or school events, girls would still come up to him. I’d see him get excited and start chatting with them, maybe hoping one of these connections would blossom into a relationship. Without his knowledge, I would chat with these girls, and let them know he was mine. Then I’d beat his ass with a stick or a whip, and tell him all about these girls’ reactions when they learned what a little cocksucker bottom bitch he was. Soon whenever a girl came to chat with him, he cast a deferential glance in my direction. Sometimes I’d allow him to talk to them, other times I’d shake my head. Just depended on my mood.

Throughout all of this I knew that he still jerked off to straight porn while alone at his dorm, mostly femdom but occasionally just vanilla straight stuff. My little kinkster was blossoming as a sub, but would need continued guidance. I knew this because we’d incorporated confessions into our humiliating rituals.

Over the years I simply escalated this process. We got an apartment together after college, as “roommates-” I leveraged this position predictably. It never felt quite right that my sub had a significantly bigger cock than me, so I introduced chastity play. Chastity devices are tough, and probably shouldn’t be worn for very long, but a few modifications made his chastity a bit more permanent. We started with a smooth chain around his hips which kept the cage close to his body, and in a particularly horned-up state even got him some a prince albert piercing and a gauche piercing which could be incorporated into a more complete and integrated chastity model, now fastened to his very body. This adjustment, plus a porn-blocker on our home wifi, put an end to his straight porn habits, and his habits of cumming regularly at all.

By this time we’d escalated his boundaries for humiliation significantly- I’d sat on that beautiful face more times than I could count, and he kept his blonde whiskers shaved throughout the week so I would have a smooth seat. He continued his muscle-gaining, and managed to get an engineering job which would allow him to work from home- so we removed most of his clothes from his wardrobe, as he only needed them when headed out on social visits or shopping. Of course I still let my submissive have his gratification- he was perfectly allowed to jerk off once a week, on Sunday afternoons. After taking care of my needs he would politely ask me to remove his chastity device, which I’d often oblige. His procedure was then to fetch one of my shoes and sniff it while he jerked off at my feet. The idea was to develop a pavlovian response to the smell of my sweat, which seemed to work after a while- this was confirmed a few times while he was caged, when I’d have him lick and suck my toes, he’d strain against the metal boundaries and dribble his precum particularly hard.

With rigorous training and psychological manipulation, we eventually toned down his chances to orgasm by jerking off. He’s generally allowed to cum from anal, as long as he asks first, and it’s become the primary way my sub gets his gratification. Last year, he came from jerking off once or twice. I still care though, at one point I even let him jerk off to a picture of a naked woman. I know he could barely see it around my shoe covering his nose and mouth, but he really seemed to enjoy it. That orgasm was for almanbahis yeni giriş completing his domestic training, and proving his worth serving a dinner party for my friends. No one knew he was my slave, but all were struck by his delicious cooking, immaculate service, and princely hosting skills.

We also got to work on his nipples- he has learned to respond to suction and pinching play, and recently got them pierced. We’re going to ratchet up the gauge of those piercings until he has some nice thick slave rings.

As I ponder my history with this man, I look down at him. He’s on his back with his head resting on the couch, hands crossed behind his lower back, the rest of his body on full display in front of me. I’m sitting on his face, and his long dextrous tongue is deep in my asshole, like it is almost every night nowadays. The TV in front of me plays some erotic film, and I’m jerking off. His pierced slave nips are currently getting sucked into some nipple suction devices, and his cock is straining against his cage, as usual, likely responding to the smell of my sweat and musk. The cage is significantly smaller than the one we started with a few years ago. So much meat crammed into such a little container. The thought of how far I’ve taken this straight man, how far I plan to go with him, excites me too much and I cum onto his perfectly muscular, marble-white chest. Some of my load even made it onto his abs.

“Let’s get this cleaned up,” I say as I rise off of his face. I reach over to one of my used socks from the day and wipe my cum off of his chest, wipe his saliva from between my asscheeks and off of his face. He knows what to do and opens his mouth wide, I shove the sock into his mouth.

“Thnk you mrftr,” he says humbly.

“Of course, sweety. Hey, how long has it been since you’ve cum?”

He thinks. “Jft a frw dayve mftr”

Thankfully, I speak sock-ese. “You want to show me how you cum?”

His eyes light up, “Yf Pleve mftr!”

“OK, go get Jumbo and show me how you cum.”

I admire his perky bubble butt, earned by years of squatting and hip thrusting heavy weight, as he skampers to our closet and pulls out our massive, eleven inch long, three inch diameter suction cup dildo. He hands it to me and I stick it to the floor in front of my chair. I squirt some lube on the dong. He turns around and bends over, allowing me to pull the large butt plug out of his ass.

“You’re straight, right?”

This is a little part of our ritual. It solidifies his humiliation and reminds him of his deep submission and cravings for complete domination.

He looks down. “Yef fir”

“Just checking. Go!”

With sock in mouth, dick in cage, and pierced nips in suction cups, my slave assumes his cumming position. He can cum from my dick, but this is how I like to watch him do it sometimes. He puts his hands on his head and squats over Jumbo, easing his now not-so-tight hold onto it, and begins to bounce. After a few minutes he’s got a steady stream of precum dripping out of his locked up, straining nub.

“Go ahead and change positions, I want to see my boy cum.”

His hands go behind him and support him in leaning back on the dick, now directly ramming it into his prostate. I can tell from his grunts that he’s enjoying himself and getting ready to blow his slave load.

“Before you cum- you’re straight, right?”

“Yef fir! Yef fir! Yef fir!”

“OK. Do you love me?”

“Yef fir! Yef fir! Yef fir!”

“Good boy. I love you too. You can cum.”

He sits down hard on the dong and his whole body shakes, a steady stream of thick white cum dribbles out of the hole in his chastity device and onto the floor.

“Mmmmmm fank you fir, agh luf you fir!”

“Let’s get this cleaned up.”

He took the sock out of his mouth, placed his face on the ground, and started licking.

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