My transistion part 4

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Part 4, Jill’s first man.

I didn’t hear from John until Thursday. He called me at work to confirm our date for Saturday. Of course I said yes.
I got home that night to find Lisa was sick. Let doctor Jill take care of you my girl. I gave her some medicine and she went to sleep early.
I was left to my thoughts. I wonder where he’s going to take me. He said Paris but come on, me. What dose he see in me. Dose he know I was a man once? Or dose he only see me as a woman. I started to worry. To over think things.
Whatcha doin girlfriend. Lisa startled me, just thinkin. Lisa sat beside me. Your thinkin about him aren’t you.
I just sat there looking down at the floor.
What’s wrong Jill?
I didn’t know what to say.
You know I love you, right Lisa. I don’t want anyone else.
Yes you do Jill! You want what’s his name, he’s the first guy you had feelings for. Your curious and that’s okay.
I’m scared Lisa.
I know. Let me ask you a question Jill. How do you feel about him?
I don’t know, I guess I like him.
No Jill, how do you feel about him. What do you feel when you’re around him. Dose he make you feel safe, scared, nervous, angry, What?
I feel good, safe I guess.
Then what’s to be scared of. Enjoy yourself girlfriend.
You need your rest Lisa. Let’s go, to bed.
Ok, ok I’ll go to bed. But you need to trust yourself. I do Lisa. I told her as we went to bed.
Friday came and went and I hadn’t heard from John.
Saturday morning and there’s a knock on the door at 8. I answered the door in my pajamas.
Good morning Mrs Preston. I’m here to escort you to the airport my lady.
Oh. Uhm, I’m not ready.
Please pack an overnight bag my lady. You can cleanup on the plane. You mean go out like this. Ha, not gonna happen buddy. I need a shower. Please Mrs Preston. We have no time. The plane is scheduled to take off in an hour.
I turn towards the bathroom saying I’ll be 10 minutes Max. Lisa please pack a bag for me.
Fifteen minutes later and I was on my way to the airport.
Where are we going, I ask.
I’m sorry my lady. I’m not able to tell you.
What do you mean, your no able to tell me.
I’m the driver my lady. Not the pilot. I’m sorry, but I don’t know.
Well when are you picking me up again, I ask.
Wednesday evening at 8 pm my lady. Please hurry my lady. The plane is waiting he says as he stops on the tarmac and opens my door.
I rush to the private jet as the driver grabs my bag for me.
The pilot greeted me at the door and asked me to take a seat, then he headed for the cockpit.
The plane engines roared to life and we took off.
A short while later the pilot came out to let me know we’d be in the air for three hours then we needed to land in Miami for refueling, then back in the air for five and a half hours.
Where are we going I ask.
I’m Charles by the way as he introduces him self.
Well Charles, where are we going, I ask again.
I’m sorry Mrs Preston but Mr Withering wants to surprise you. There’s some clothes in the bedroom for you. You might want to get some rest and I’ll wake you a couple hours before we land at our destination. Then he returned to the cockpit.
I went to the bedroom in the back of the plane and was surprised to see dinner was waiting for me as well illegal bahis as a beautiful dress and shoes on the bed.
I ate dinner and hung the dress from the shower curtain rod. Then I lied down. In no time I was asleep. What felt like a few minutes later, Charles was waking me up.
Mrs Preston. We will be landing in about two hours. Are you awake?
Yes, okay I’m up. Thank you. I respond.
After a shower I sat in a chair staring at myself. I wish Lisa was here I thought.
Then I realized I didn’t remember us landing in Miami. I looked at my phone. The time was 3:57 pm.
What the hell is going on here I thought. I must have been tired I guess.
I grabbed my bag that Lisa packed for me and started to apply my makeup. Afterwards I got my undergarments out of my bag. Lisa had packed the most sexy pieces I had and nothing but. I put my bra and matching G string on. The bra and g string were black satin with lace and a pink rose in the middle. It was a push up bra that made my 38DDs pop out at you, not that they needed any help. The black embroidered thigh highs with a garter belt came next. Looking at the bright red dress, I got to wondering if it would fit. As I slipped it over my head, I had to pull it into place. It was tight all over. Next came the bright red 6 inch stiletto heels. Thank god Lisa made me practice walking around in the 5 inch heals I have at home.
I was dressed. Looking at myself in the full length mirror. I was quite stunned to see the dress barely covered everything. The spaghetti straps covered my bra straps sort of. The top inch and a half of my bra was showing. But I couldn’t pull my dress up any further as it barely covered my thigh highs.
Just then Charles announced over an intercom system that I needed to take my seat as we were about to land. I grabbed a shawl and took my seat.
We touched down and Charles told me to stay seated until the door opened.
Customs agents opened the door and escorted me into the building.
I was in Pairs France.
John met me at customs. He was dressed in a dark blue suit with black stripes. He looked good to me.
He leaned in and kissed me ever so tenderly. How dose the dress fit he asks as he breaks our kiss.
Um. Okay I guess. Thank you.
You look fabulous Jill. Come let’s go. We’ve got reservations for dinner at the Pur’-Jean-Francois Rouquette and then off to the Opera. We arrived at the restaurant a short while later. No words were spoken between us. He just sat there and stared at me.
After we were seated. John asked if I’d like some champagne. I agreed and a waiter pored some for both of us.
John held his glass up and said to you my dear Jill. We ate dinner and made small talk, afterwards we went to the opera. The show was quite moving. It was about a princess that was in love with a prince. But an even king wanted her to himself.
After the show we went back to the hotel. John had the entire top floor. The penthouse was huge with two very large bedrooms with king-sized beds in each. There was a large sitting room, a huge dinning area with a large walkout balcony that looked out at the Eiffel Tower. There was apartment buildings on each side. We sat on the balcony for a while, just enjoying everything until I got tired, then John showed me to my room. Kissed me goodnight and illegal bahis siteleri went to his room.
Exhausted I got undressed and into a nightgown and went right to bed.
The next morning I awoke to the smell of coffee. I only had the dress and my pajamas for clothing with me. So I wore a hotel robe. I left my room and found John on the balcony. Good morning. How did you sleep he says as he gets up from his chair. Good thanks.
Are you hungry?
Oh Ya, I mean yes I am. John laughed and said well let’s eat.
After breakfast I noticed John was staring at me. I realized my robe was open a bit too much. He had a good look.
I got up and approached him. I leaned over and kissed him. He reached inside my thighs as we kissed and he felt me up. I moan in to his kiss. I grabbed his face and kissed him hard. Our tounges wrestle. His fingers pushing into me. The lust between us growing every second. I dropped to my knees as he pushes away from the table. I reach for the belt of his robe. The hunger in my loins burning with lust. I free his cock for the first time. My hand trembling as I take hold of his manhood. John sits back and allows me total access.
Slowly stroking him I move in closer and lick the head. His cock is bigger then I was, a large mushroom head with a long slightly bent veiny shaft. And at the bottom a large set of balls, the left one hanging lower then the right. His pubic hair was trimmed neatly and he smelt clean.
Licking slowly from the head all the way down the shaft to the balls. I can feel him getting bigger and twitching ever so slightly. I tounge his balls as I stroke him. The power in his loins are overwhelming, intoxicating. The manly smell between his legs has me lost. I close my eyes and allow my self to enjoy him fully. Licking the shaft up and down. Tasting him, I look up at his closed eyes and see total pleasure.
I slip his cock head into my hungry mouth and twist my head back and forth all the while sliding down his shaft. I feel his cock in my throat but I don’t gag. I’m enjoying it way too much. The whole while I’m cupping his balls, gently squeezing them. His cock felt so dame good in my throat. It felt natural, like I was supposed to do this my whole life.
In no time I felt his hands on the back of my head as he was thrusting his dick upwards into my throat. I slipped a finger into his ass as he twitched and shot his cum into my belly. John held me tight as he unloaded, five huge spurts and he let me go. I slowly removed his beautiful cock from my mouth. Licking him clean. I stand up and kiss him slowly. He’s breathing heavily.
You know I’ve been waiting to do that for some time now.
Well you can do that anytime you want.
What else have you been waiting to do, John says.
I stand up and allow my robe to fall to the balcony floor, exposing my naked body to anyone that was looking. I slowly walk back inside to my room. John follows behind me as if in a trance. I got to my bed and leaned forward on my hands and knees.
John grabs my hips and stops me from going any further. I feel his lips on my ass cheek. He’s kissing me. He moves over my ass and down my crack licking me, his tongue makes his way to my pussy.
John suddenly flips me over on my back and dives between my legs.
John’s tounge finds my canlı bahis siteleri pussy once again. Licking and probing me. Sucking on my lips as John slips two finger’s into my cunny. My breathing is becoming heavy. My succulent breasts heaving. My hands cupping my tits. My fingers finding my inflamed nipples. My legs spread wide giving my lover full access to my sex.
John continues to lick and probe my cunt with gusto. I can feel my orgasm building. The heat is intense. The hunger I feel is overwhelming. I can feel a twitching deep within me. John’s tounge can’t reach the tickles within. His fingers keep pushing in me but they can’t reach either. I’m moaning and groaning. The heat is so intense between my legs. My orgasm has built up so much. I can’t take it. I pinch my nipples hard sending tingles through my body. John’s tounge is digging into me.
Suddenly John gets up and places his huge cock head to my cunt. My hungry lips gulp him back as he sinks into me. Inch after inch, he plows into me. I’m in heaven. I’m so turned on. Nothing else matters. Nothing at all. I’m in total sensory overload.
John is playing me like a fine instrument. The first cock I have ever had. I’m moaning louder now. John picks up his tempo. His meat pummeling me pussy. I’m pined to the bed and John is feeling so dame good inside me. I’m grunting and moaning at the same time. I can feel every vain, every bump, every inch. I’m so wet. My eyes rolled up in my head. John leans in and kisses me. I grabbed his head and kiss him hard. Pulling him into me. I wrap my legs around his waist and pull him into me deeper. John slows down and holds his cock burred deep in me. Slowly thrusting in and out.
John pulls out of me and lies on the bed on his back. I climb on top and John holds his cock up to my pussy as I slide down his length. Slowly I ride his cock. I put my hands on his chiseled chest. And he lifts his knees a little and starts to pound my box at a speed that caught me off guard. Holding his chest and feeling the raw power of a man under me. John slams into me for the next fifteen minutes. I was so close to cumming but then he stops and got up. He put me on my hands and knees and slid his monster into my pussy again. He was finely reaching the itch within. John slows down again and pulled out. Then he puts his cock to my ass and pushes in. I scream with pain as he sinks in to the balls. Then he stops and holds me there. I started to relax a little, then he starts to fuck me. Slowly at first. But as he picked up the thrusting, I totally lost control and I started to cum. My ass was sucking his cock as I spasm sending John over the edge and cumming deep in my bowels. Feeling this caused me to cum that much harder. John shot off what felt like a gallon of spunk in my ass.
This was the first time a man shot off inside me. It felt so great. I knew I needed this again.
John pulled his softening cock out of my ass, our breathing both laboured. We both collapse on the bed to catch our breath.
You know I had a plan for us to explore France, John says.
My hand slides down to his crotch to cup his manhood, sounds nice but I found something much more interesting to explore I say with a grin on my face.
John kisses me tenderly and says. We got all the time in the world to explore each other
Let’s grab a shower he says as he gets up.
Sounds fun, but I need some clothes if we are going to go out.
We’ll have to go shopping he says as we head towards the shower.

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