On the Beach Ch. 07

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Bill is re-introduced to his siblings and his best friend.

This chapter contains MM sex along with MFM and group. If MM is a problem, stop here.

I’ve placed it in the “Incest/Taboo” rather than “Gay Male” because the predominant feature is incest not gay male.

Thanks once again to LarryInSeattle for his editing assistance.


“What did dad mean by ‘there’s one more little thing’?”

I had followed Bill downstairs and to the bathroom. He spun around looking pissed.

“Jesus Christ, Jill! I just want to take a shower. You can play Tomás de Torquemada later. If you want to know what dad meant, try this – go ask him.”

“I can’t. He’s holed up with mom in their bedroom.”

Bill paused and my curiosity meter twitched higher. There was something going on.

“You do need a shower though. You reek of cum and sweat brother dear.” I pushed the bathroom door closed with one foot without turning around. “Come on I’ll wash your back for you.” I stepped past him and pulled the shower curtain back.

Bill stared at me. “Are you out of your fucking mind? Why would I let you shower with me? Why would you want to in the first place? What the fuck are you up to Jill?”

“Nothing,” I shrugged nonchalantly. “Brush your teeth first. I’ll brush mine too.”

The door opened. Jim stood there. My heart fluttered. I knew he had followed me to the basement but I wasn’t sure how much farther he would be able to follow. I still wasn’t but the initial signs were encouraging. I kissed him and stepped back to give him room.

“Hi, baby. I going to help Bill relax by washing his back but I want to brush my teeth first.” I glanced at my brother over my shoulder. He was very confused looking. “He thinks it’s weird but he’s gay so I don’t see what the big deal is. If we were at a nude beach he wouldn’t make a fuss about me putting lotion on his back. How is this different?” I tipped Bill a wink. “Although maybe he’d prefer you to lotion his back, baby.”

Bill got even redder in the face. Even my dark skinned lover seemed to turn a little red. I giggled and kissed both of them on the cheek. Men are so easy sometimes. Poor things.

I looked at the shower. “It’s too small for all three of us. We could go to the pool or the beach. We can stay naked at the pool but I’m not sure even the pool water can clean up Mr. Smells Like Sex here. Or Jim, baby, you could wash his back?” I smiled innocently.

The two of the four men I love most in this world looked at each other then looked at the floor. Pathetic. I brushed my teeth quickly, turned on the shower and hopped in. “Too late, fools. Bill, hurry up. I’m not sure how long the hot water will last.” I grabbed my boobs and waved them at the poor babies. “And look what cold water does to my poor nipples.”

Bill’s jaw might have fallen further than Jim’s but it looked to me like Jim’s cock was harder.

“Hurry up,” I snapped, truly a bit irritated they were so slow.

Bill brushed his teeth. So did Jim. When Bill’s shoulder brushed against Jim, he didn’t pull away. There heads nearly touched when they both bent to rinse their mouths at the same time. My heart fluttered a little more. I turned my face into the water to hide the silly damn girlie tears that filled them.

A puff of air on my butt announced that Bill had joined me. I turned to face him. His little encounter with Jim had brought his erection along nicely. It was standing up and nearly vertical. I shuffled past him, letting my nipples brush his chest while his cock brushed over the smooth hairless skin of my pussy. I turned his shoulders so that he faced me. The underside of his cock was pressed flat against my pussy and tummy. It felt nice. I tipped his head back and got his hair wet enough to push it away from his face. I squirted a palmful of my face scrub in my hand and used my fingertips to work the scrub onto Bill’s cheeks. As my fingers did their magic the tension in his face eased. The lines in his forehead disappeared. I finished his cheeks, his forehead and finally, his chin, scratchy with whiskers. The entire time I could feel his cock twitch against my pussy with every beat of his heart.

I tipped his head back and gently rinsed the scrub from his face. I urged him forward as I moved back, bringing him from under the shower. I lathered his hair with his own shampoo and the scent of sandalwood filled the air. How had Jim missed the fact my brother was gay? A thought fought for my attention but I was too distracted. I rinsed his hair and then massaged in conditioner. I left the conditioner in his hair and soaped my natural sponge body scrubber. Since he faced me, I started with his chest. My hand inscribed slow soft circles over his chest. I loved the way the sponge sculpted his chest hair into swirls of black and white. I leaned into him and turned the water off.

“Don’t want to rush and I don’t want to run out of hot water either,” I whispered in his ear and then kissed it. His cock had slipped between my legs tuzla eve gelen escort when I had leaned forward. It remained there, trapped, when I leaned back. I raised his left arm and draped it over my own shoulder. I dipped my head. I could smell him, over the scent of sandalwood, I could smell the vibrant tang of my brother’s body. I almost hated to wash it away. Between my legs, his cock had found a natural groove, the warm wet lips of my pussy were draped over Bill’s pretty cock.

I washed his armpit and side, then switched to his right side. This time I touched my nose to the hair in his armpit and inhaled deeply. I shivered. I pressed my lips to the skin under the hair and inhaled again. Bill shivered. He didn’t stink. That was totally the wrong word. He smelled like man and sex and hard work. I needed him to turn around, so I could do his back. I didn’t want to move but I had to. I moved my hips, very slowly, back and forth, glorying in the feel of his cock sliding between my pussy lips. I don’t know if he enjoyed it but I loved it. The head sprang free, flicking over my clit as I stepped back. I sighed. Beyond the clear shower curtain, Jim’s eyes volleyed between me and my brother. Jim had a full hard-on but he wasn’t touching it.

Before turning Bill around, I wrapped my sudsy hands around his cock. I washed his cock and balls, reaching back between his legs, almost to his asshole. He squatted slightly, opening himself to my hand. His eyes were closed.

I reached behind him, pressing his cock into my belly and turned the water back on. I tipped his head and rinse away the conditioner. I let the water flow over his chest and rinsed his cock with handfuls of water and my hands.

“Turn around,” I whispered, as I re-soaped the sponge and turned the water off. I scrubbed his back a little harder. I squatted and washed his ass crack, spreading his cheeks. My fingers did as much probing as washing. I was convinced I saw cum leak from his asshole when I pressed my finger inside. What had he been up to when dad found him?

I reached between his legs, no longer pretending to wash him. I love the feel of his cock in my hand. I looked through the curtain at Jim. I raised my eyes in a silent question. Without hesitation he nodded and smiled. I felt that flutter in my chest again.

I remained squatting and washed Bill’s legs. I turned him with my hands on his hips. My eyes were on his face. I fumbled with my mouth for a moment and then found his cock. He opened his eyes and we looked at each other as I started to move my mouth over my brother’s cock. I wanted his cock in my pussy but I presumed that, as a gay man, he’d find a blow job more acceptable.

I felt another waft of air. I turned my head and Jim was kneeling outside the bathtub. He leaned over. I took my mouth from my brother’s cock and kissed my lover. His tongue found my mouth at the same moment Bill’s hand found my head. When Jim broke the kiss he didn’t lean back. He turned his head. His eyes were on Bill’s cock. He looked at me. I winked. He shrugged.

His hand was steady when he reached for my brother’s cock and I saw no hesitation when he took it into his mouth.

It was sort of funny, in a way. He had no idea what to do. I had no idea how many blow jobs Jim had received before he met me but I’m sure he’d had a few. Still, he had less idea of what to do than I did.

“Like this, babe,” I whispered. I reached out and took my brother’s cock in my own hand. I deep-throated him, proud of how easy I made it look. When I pulled back I pressed my tongue against the undershaft and followed with my hand. I let Bill’s cock fall from my mouth and explained what I had done before entrusting my brother’s cock to my lover’s care once more.

Jim was a quick study. He even appeared to developed some enthusiasm for the task. He sucked Bill’s cock for quite some time before Bill pulled his hips back and reached for his cock.

“I’m going to cum,” he muttered through clenched teeth. I could tell by the look in Jim’s eyes that was too much to ask on his first attempt. I opened my mouth and swallowed my brother’s cock. I rested my hands on his hips and urged him forward. He thrust into my waiting mouth a half a dozen times and came.

I want to be able to say my brother’s cum tasted different than Jim’s but I can’t. To me they tasted the same. Maybe because for the past few weeks Jim and Bill had eaten at our house most of the time. I had read somewhere that foods could change the taste of a man’s cum. What a great experiment. I’d feed them both a different diet and suck them off, one after the other, in the name of science.

I left Bill’s cock in my mouth. Long seconds after it seemed he was finished, his cock would jerk, his ass tighten beneath my hands and I would be treated to another, diminishing but still savory, mouthful of his seed.

When he pulled away from me I wasn’t ready to let go. I followed him with my head. He cupped my chin with one hand, freed his tuzla otele gelen escort cock and urged me to my feet. Jim stood up with me. My brother had a tentative look on his face. Such a look didn’t belong there. Bill was one of the most assured people I knew. His head was inclined toward mine. I reached up and pulled his mouth toward my own. His lips felt so wonderful against mine. I opened my mouth to him. His tongue, gentle as the rest of him, caressed my mouth.

When his mouth left mine. I turned. Jim was waiting, as I knew he would be. His kiss was as gentle as Bill’s but, unlike their cum, it was easy to tell their lips and mouths apart. I broke the kiss, curious as to what would happen next. Would Jim kiss my brother? Would he let Bill kiss him? Bill didn’t try. He put his arms around Jim and hugged him.

He stepped back and his eyes dropped to Jim’s cock, still hard, precum hanging from the tip.

Bill looked at Jim. “Dude, you’ve done more than I’ve any right to expect but could…”

Jim didn’t let him finish. He put a hand on his shoulder and gestured with his head toward the door.

“Not here, dude. Dry off and come into the bedroom.” He kissed my cheek. “You too, white she-devil.”

As Jim left the room Bill handed me my towel. I held it to my chest, content to simply relax for a moment. Bill grabbed his own towel and threw it over his head. He dried his hair in that brusque aggressive fashion men have. I squeezed mine dry and smiled.

He took the towel away. His hair pointed in all directions. He’d let it dry that way and he’d look good. I hate men sometimes.

“Jill,” he started, looking lost again. I crossed the room and put my arms around him. Our towels kept our bodies from touching but I could feel the damp hair of his chest on my cheek.

“Don’t say anything. You don’t have to say anything. I wouldn’t hurt you for the world, not even for Jim.” I pulled away and looked at him. “Please, don’t ever tell him I said that.”

“Don’t be silly. Why would I? I’m happy for you,” he managed a smile. “And for Jim.”

I felt my stupid eyes welling. “You know,” I managed to stammer. “You were the first man I ever loved.”

I grabbed his head, not caring that my towel fell to the floor, and kissed him, hard.

When I stepped away Mark was standing there, staring and shaking his head.

“Wha…, I mean, were you uh…”

Mark’s voice tailed off into silence. Bill looked at him. I looked at the two of them and felt ashamed of myself. I had always thought as Bill and I as a team, we were so close in age. But Mark and Bill were only a few more months apart in age than Bill and I. We weren’t twins. We were triplets. I jumped into Mark’s arms. He grabbed me, instinctively perhaps, but his arms felt nice around me regardless of how they had come to be there.

Bill stepped to Mark’s side and he put his arms around both of us. When I tipped my head up I was astonished, and very pleased, to see my brothers exchange a very hesitant kiss. Hesitant, maybe but it was hot as hell. More importantly, it was full of love.

When Bill stepped away his eyes were misty. I reminded myself he was gay so his tears didn’t make him a wuss. Stupid, straight Mark had tears on his cheeks too. I might have kept my own eyes dry if not for my wussy oldest brother.

Bill swiped at his eyes with his forearm.

“I think Jim is going to let me suck his cock.” He grinned at us. “I don’t think he’ll mind a couple of spectators.”


Jim was lying on my bed. He had one leg pulled up. His balls hung down to the mattress. He was absent-mindedly stroking his cock. My pussy growled, or did whatever a hungry pussy does. I put a hand on my Bill’s arm.

“Is this a solo project or can I lend a hand?”

“You mean can you lend your tonsils don’t you?” He shook his head, denying my request.

I told myself that was fine. Jim was mine. We were just being nice to Bill. I could share.

Bill smiled at me. “You don’t have any tonsils. Remember? You acted like you were dying for a month afterward. But, your deformity aside, if you’re asking if you can help me suck Jim’s cock, that’s for him to say. I’m not sure I’ve been invited or not.”

“Bullshit, white boy. Don’t make me regret my liberalities. Don’t you know there aren’t any gay brothers? I’m going to close my eyes and relax. I don’t care who sucks my dick.” He raised up on his elbows and looked at me.

“I mean if that’s alright with you, baby?”

I think he was fucking with me but I’m not sure. I kissed my brother and climbed onto the bed, pulling Bill after me. Mark stood in the doorway with a half-hard dick, looking out of place. He started to raise a hand, as if to wave good-bye.

I held out my hand to him.

“Would you rub my back, Mark?”

He looked uncertain. He really was a big wuss. He was my straight brother but in a lot of ways he acted the gayest. He shaved his body. He preened. He tanned. His clothes weren’t tuzla sınırsız escort expensive but stylish and always matched. He had all the stereotypically gay attributes but was straight. Bill acted straight and was dying to smoke my boyfriend’s pole. Go figure.

“Come on, big brother. There’s room,” I said, gesturing with one hand, feeling like a mom trying to get a shy toddler to pet a puppy.

He sat, rather awkwardly, on the corner of the bed. I scooted closer and kissed his shoulder, watching his eyes. I ran my hand up and down his side. I kissed his cheek and sat back, observing the emotions that ran across his face. I smiled at him and then turned toward my lover.

Bill, his natural courtesy overwhelmed by lust, had not waited for me. He had Jim’s cock in one hand and was rubbing his tongue and slightly parted lips over the shaft. True to his word, my lover’s eyes were closed. His face was relaxed, unlined.

I tilted my head opposite Bill’s, to avoid bumping into each other, and my parted lips and tongue joined my brother’s on Jim’s cock. I made sure to kiss and lick the fingers holding the base of my lover’s cock. The bed shifted as Mark moved closer to my back.

I moved my hand from where it rested atop Jim’s inner thigh and reached behind me. Mark’s smooth, hairless, skin felt funny at first but his quads were as hard as Jim’s. Bill’s mouth was over Jim’s cock now. I watched him struggle to deep-throat Jim’s cock. He gagged a couple of times and then pulled his mouth away. That was my signal.

I gagged but only once. It was easier this time. I knew how to relax my throat, how to extend my neck to open my throat to Jim’s cock. One gag and I was there, nose buried in Jim’s pubes, the head of his cock swelling my throat. I bobbed up and down on his cock a few times. The hand I held behind my back searched for and found my other brother’s cock.

He moaned and felt his head fall onto the back of my shoulder. His forehead was hot, as if he were running a fever. I let Jim’s cock fall from my mouth and swiveled at the hips. By turning my head as far as I could I was able to find Mark’s lips. Inside my mouth, his tongue felt as feverish as his skin.

When I turned back toward Jim, Bill was once more struggling to deep-throat his cock. I rubbed my fingers through his hair. He looked up. I leaned toward him. He surrendered Jim’s cock and accepted the offer of my mouth. As we kissed, Mark’s fingers began to stroke the cleft of my pussy.

“You’ve got your head bent,” I whispered to Bill when he broke our kiss. “With your head bent down like this,” I demonstrated by dropping my chin to my chest, “the back of your mouth and the opening to your throat form a U-turn. That will never work. You need to extend your neck. Like this.” I demonstrated by tilting my head back. “Hang on,” I gushed as inspiration struck. “Lie down on your back,” I instructed Mark.

He did as I asked. I knelt beside him, facing his feet. I scooted toward his head, so that I would need to stretch to reach his cock. I wrapped my right hand around Mark’s cock and leaned over the top of my legs.

“Like this,” I muttered and deep-throated my other brother’s cock. Mark’s hips rose off the bed and the head of his cock pushed itself deep into my throat. It was awesome. I scootched a little closer to Mark’s side, hoping he’d take the hint. He did.

His hand found the inside of my left leg and he pulled at it. There was barely room between Mark and the wall but I wiggled my leg into place, straddling my oldest brother’s face. I imagined I could feel my pussy dripping onto his hungry lips. I let go of his cock and turned to look at Bill and Jim. Bill was stroking his cock, watching us. Jim was watching as well. He had a perfect view of my upturned ass and Mark’s tongue parting my pussy lips. I could see at a glance that neither of them were comfortable getting into a 69 position.

“Jim, love, hop up a second.” He did as I asked. “Bill, lie down on your back beside us, your feet toward the head of the bed. Lie with your head hanging over the end of the bed.” He did as I asked without questioning, when he was in position, I gestured with one hand at Jim. “You can stand, squat really, at the end of the bed and let Bill suck you. He should be able to take your whole cock in that position. And I,” I purred, “can watch the whole thing.”

Jim looked dubious. I knew he was worried about seeming to domineering in that position. Bill helped him along by reaching up and grabbing both Jim’s ass cheeks and pulling him toward his mouth. It was almost impossible for Bill to move his head very much. He held still and Jim lowered himself, pushing his cock down with the fingers of one hand and steadying himself against the wall with his other hand. Bill gagged. Jim tried to pull up but my brother’s hands on his ass restrained him. The hands urged him onward. After a pause he continued to push and in a somewhat anti-climatic fashion buried his cock in my brother’s throat.

He pulled out slowly and then lowered himself again. It wasn’t long before he was fucking Bill’s mouth. Mark’s mouth had been doing wonderful things to my pussy. He was a clit man. He would pause to lap my nectar up with his tongue but mostly he pushed his cheeks and chin into my cunt and worked my clit with his lips and tongue.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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