Owned by the Club-Part 3

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Owned by the Club-Part 3

On the day of the big run, everybody was leathered up. Our colors were flying. I was dressed in my jacket and a pair of jeans cut so short that they were more like panties. They barely covered my pussy lips. Most of the girls were dressed like me. I kissed my beautiful piss girl and headed to my ride.

I mounted up behind my boyfriend. He knew owned me and showed me off like his prized bitch. Most of the bruises, whip marks, and scratches on my body had healed. I knew they would be replaced by new ones soon. The only thing that I had on my mind was the excitement of the run. My ears filled with the sound of a hundred motorcycles cranking up and roaring to life. It sounded like thunder.

My boyfriend gave his bike the gas and off we flew. It wasn’t long before the sun grew higher and it got warmer. The girls started taking off their leather coats and tucking them under their butts. Next came off the tops. I stripped with the rest of the girls. Soon there were a hundred pairs of tits bouncing down the road. Some of the girls were rubbing their boobs up against the backs of the bikers in front of them. They knew their place was to keep their boyfriends happy.

Heads turned when we stopped for gas. The girls went around back of the station to squat and pee. Some just carried their cut offs back to the bikes and stuffed them the saddle bags. We all got cokes and beers to chug before we got back on the road. Two of the girls shook up their beers and sprayed each other to cool down. Bikers were licking the beer off their tits and asses. Several of the girls including me got bent over a bike seat and quickie fucked. As we headed out, I could feel the cum running out of my pussy and onto the bike seat. I reached down and wiped as much up as I could with my fingers and licked them clean. The vibration of the motorcycle between my legs always gets me hot. I was grinding my pussy into the seat and pinching my tits as we rode. I got hotter and hotter until I came. My whole body shook. I whispered into my boyfriends ear that I wanted him to fuck me again. He told me that I would fuck plenty tonight.

The club would meet up with other clubs and pimp us girls out for drugs and guns. The other clubs could be pretty rough with chicks that didn’t belong to them. I didn’t worry about that. The wind was in my hair and I just kept grinding my wet pussy into the vibrating seat of the hog I was riding. Truckers would honk the big horns on their eighteen wheelers as we passed them. The girls would flash tits and ass and laugh as the trucks nearly ran off the road. A state trooper was parked on the side of the road as we came over a hill. He had a bike pulled over. I thought shit! But then I saw him just smile as we passed his open patrol car door. The head of our cute little blonde was bobbing up and down in his lap as he reached down to squeeze one of her tits. He would come and they could go. Just part of the price of riding through these little towns without getting thrown in jail. I was sure I would be sucking off a cop or two before this ride was through.

We stopped to eat and gas up early in the afternoon. Several of the girls just walked on in naked as jaybirds. Before the manager could object, one of the bikers handed him a large wad of twenty dollar bills. Everybody got whatever they wanted. Somebody turned the music up on the juke box and there were girls dancing on tables everywhere in the place. The manager just shook his head as some of the locals headed for the door. He probably figured that he would get the shit beaten out of him if he objected to what was going on. He was probably right.
I got up and danced. I saw that my boyfriend was paying close attention to me so I slipped off of the table and gave him a lap dance. Even though he had fucked me earlier, I could feel his hard on through his jeans. I unzipped him and sucked his beautiful cock into my mouth. I was working his meat farther down my throat when I felt a hard slap on my ass. My piss girl hit me again and told me to suck him good. I did. As I got him deep in my throat, I began to bob up and down so the head of his cock was getting a lot of stimulation. I felt my nipples being pinched which told me that piss girl was right behind me. I could feel her tits massaging my back as I sucked my biker faster and faster. When I came up for a breath of air, piss girl took my place. She soon had her lips on his balls. I could see her throat bulge as his cock went down her windpipe. I stuck my middle finger up her asshole and finger fucked her ass as she throated my boyfriend.

We took turns sucking his cock and fondling each other. Finally I could feel his dick start to pulse and soon I had another mouthful of his hot seed. Before I swallowed all of it, I turned to my cock sucking helper and French kissed her. Our tongues swirled around each other mixing with the hot cum. Together we drank the spunk. I love cum. I love kissing this girl. My boyfriend loves it all. Life is good.

I got up off my knees illegal bahis and chugged a beer. Then it was back on the chopper and out on the road. We traveled ‘til nearly dark. I could see campfires burning as we turned down a dirt road and pulled up to an open field full of hundreds of bikes. There were several clubs all wearing their colors. The smell of weed was floating through the air and everyone had a bottle of something or other to drink. My boyfriend went off with several guys and the girls and I stayed by the bikes passing around a joint that one of the girls had lit up.

A big biker from another club walked over and looked us over real good. Here were seven or eight good looking chicks standing around naked smoking weed and getting high. He came up to piss girl and looked her tits and tat up real close. He said something about taking all of us when the trade was made. I had a good idea as to what he meant.

Sure enough, my boyfriend and some others came back and told us that the club needed drugs and guns and the other clubs had both. We would be traded for both. They rounded us up by a campfire and started auctioning us off. I think I got traded for four shotguns. I asked my boyfriend if I was gone for good. He quickly assured me that I was just on loan for the weekend. He told me that I had better be good or they would have to give back the guns. I knew that would get me a hard beating so I made up my mind to do anything demanded of me.

The biker who bought me took me by the hand and lead me to some woods down by a creek. He took off his belt and held both of my hands in one of his. I thought I was going to get the belt used on my ass but instead, he used it to tie me to a tree. When I was good and secure, he unzipped and rubbed his cock between my pussy lips as he got hard. I could feel his monster meat grow and then push into my hole. He was soon pounding my pussy so hard that that my ass was getting smashed against the tree. He was getting really deep into my cunt as he picked up speed. His teeth were all over my tits. The harder he fucked me, the harder he bit my breasts.

I was getting hot. I begged him to fuck my harder. I told him that I would do anything to please him. This drove him to grind into me even harder. This guy was going to get his money’s worth. I screamed as he filled my fuck hole with his cock. My ass was getting raw as it crashed into the tree bark. Still he pounded me. I wrapped my legs around his waist and held him as he jack hammered my dripping snatch. A solid hour passed without a break from the wild sensations caused by his manhood in my hungry pussy. I begged for more. He gave me more. He made me release my leg lock from around his waist and spun me around and fucked me doggie style. I pushed against the tree to try to keep my nipples from ramming the rough bark in front of me.

I thought about being gang fucked back at the club. Most of those guys just fucked me for a few minutes. As soon as they shot their wads into me, they rolled off and left. I would watch them pull up their jeans as they walked off. I would soon feel their man juice running down between my thighs and that would be it until the next biker wanted some of my pussy. The guy who had me tied to this tree was different. He seemed to be liking what he was getting. I even wondered if he might be thinking of keeping me.

I could smell his body as his sweat dripped onto my back. He smacked my ass as if to tell me to work harder at pushing back against his giant dick. I heard myself telling him that I could take it up the ass if he wanted it. He told me that we had all weekend and that he would get to my ass in due time. I was sure that my throat would get a good work out as well.

I could feel a climax building deep between my legs. I could hardly catch my breath. We were both dripping with sweat. It mixed with the pussy juice running down my leg. I screamed as I shuddered to orgasm. My legs went limp. I just hung from my wrists, almost passing out. He kept torturing my sopping fuck hole with his monster cock. Even though I was light headed from my come, I ached for more. I ground my ass into his oncoming rod. Even tears started to run down my cheeks. This biker had fucked me to tears! Another orgasm was building in my pussy. This one took a little longer but was even more intense. Again my body shook and trembled as wave after wave of lust racked my cunt. Yet a third climax started in my clit. I had heard of girls coming for hours and passing out from their climax but it had never happened to me until now.

There was no end to this man’s stamina. I wanted to be his slave. I wanted to have his baby. Boom! Another climax hit me. I could no longer support myself. The belt tying my wrists to the tree was the only thing preventing my collapse to the ground. He took a vice like grip of my hips with his powerful hands and continued his unyielding assault on my well stretched pussy. Stroke after stroke reamed my cunt. A second hour passed as he fucked me senseless. Then finally he let illegal bahis siteleri out a groan and shot the biggest load into me that I had ever received. Slowly he stopped pumping me and let himself slide out of my hole. I just hung by my wrist and tried to catch my breath.

Who was this guy? What had just happened to me? After a good while he spoke. He told me that his old lady was pregnant. For her sake, he had not fucked her in a long time. He really did not want to fuck anyone else until he spotted me. I felt flattered beyond belief. He went on to say that he really cared for his woman and the other girls in his club knew it. I was regaining some of my strength. I asked if he thought she would like it if I ate her pussy. I told him that I would gladly be his cum hole. I could be there when either of them needed to be serviced.

He released my hands let me lie flat on the ground. I could see his cock getting hard again. I could hardly believe it when he spread my legs and lifted them up to my head. He plunged into my gaping pussy with one stroke. With long steady strokes he fucked me for another hour. Even though my cunt was raw, I wanted every inch of his manhood. I clawed his back and rubbed his chest with my tits as he brought me to another climax. He finally withdrew his meat and forced it down my throat. I drank his second load as fast as I could but still some of it spilled down my breasts. After he pulled his cock from my mouth, I was able to lap up the spilled seed off of my tits.

I fell asleep under the tree. Passed out was more like it. Sometime later I awoke as my biker worked his hard on up my ass. At last I had this wonder cock up my ass. I held my ass cheeks open to let him get in as far as he could. The pain and pleasure he caused me by both fucking and slapping my ass gave me another orgasm and finally another. I could feel myself filling up with his third load of cum. He rolled off of me and fell to sleep. I laid beside him for awhile and then gave him a tongue bath down his back to his ass. I spread his ass cheeks and sunk my tongue as deep as I could into his asshole. I licked and sucked his back passage while rubbing my clit to another climax. We then slept until dawn.

We walked back to his camp. I stopped to wash in the creek. I wanted to look as good as I could for his old lady. If she liked me, maybe I could stay with them both for a while. When I first saw her I knew why this big biker was so devoted. She had long black hair and deep blue eyes. She was beginning to show her pregnancy but her figure was still great. She gave him a big smile and turned to me. Before she could speak, I blurted out how beautiful she looked. I moved close to her and kissed her on the mouth. I told her that I would do anything to please her. She took me by the hand and lead me into their tent. She laid down and handed me some lotion. I stripped her and rubbed her down with the soothing liquid. I poured some on my breast and massaged her back with my nipples. I moved lower and licked her pussy from behind. She arched her beautiful rump into the air to give me better access to her lovely coochie. I wanted her come all over my tongue. I licked her pussy and her asshole as she writhed under me. She grabbed my hair and pulled me into her as she spread her legs to allow my licks to go even deeper into her dripping hole. Tiny moans escaped her parted lips and she shuddered to orgasm. I licked her until she pulled me up to her face and French kissed me deeply. Her old man came in the tent to find us in each other’s arms.

I told them that I knew that I was a whore that was traded for some guns but I felt something deeply for the both of them. My only wish was to make them happy in any way they wished. I don’t know what came over me. I just wanted to please them. I did so for the rest of the weekend. She used my tongue while he used my pussy and ass. I massaged her clit while I sucked his cock. I drank her piss so she would not have to go into the woods. I slept with her thighs as my pillow. She smiled as he slapped my ass while plowing my pussy. She knew the feeling that I was experiencing. I buried my face between her legs to muffle my screams as I would climax for an uncounted number of times.

The weekend passed all to quickly. I was returned to my boyfriend. I was glad to see him but sad to leave my pregnant couple. My boyfriend asked of I had been passed around to the members of the other club. When I told him that I spent all my time with one biker and his old lady, my boyfriend seemed surprised.

I was also happy to see my tall piss girl and the little blonde and the other girls. We all mounted up and headed back out on the open road. We did not go back to the club house as I thought we might. Instead after riding all day, we arrived at a large old house in the country. It was about an hour outside a major city. I wondered what we were doing here but not for long. One of the other girls told us that this was where we would be living and working. It was a whore house owned canlı bahis siteleri by the club. The local cops got a cut of the profits and left the place alone.

As we entered the massive front doors, I saw that the ground floor was devoted to a bar and strip club. The upstairs was bedrooms. We each got one. We would be living a fucking in that room from now on. A big blonde woman was in charge of the place. We were told that what she said was law. She told us that the rules were simple. She would collect the money and we would fuck the customers given to us. We all went upstairs to wash. Two young girls came to lead us downstairs to the back. There was a kitchen with a big table. We all set down and were given plenty to eat. There was wine to drink. Then it was out on the floor in front to dance for the customers.

This setup was a gentleman’s dream. Thirty or forty beautiful girls would dance for them. The big blonde would circulate amongst the customers and ask if they wanted something “ special”. The customer would slip her some cash and point to a girl. There were booths in the back corner of the club where the girl would take the guy and give a lap dance which would lead to a blowjob or quickie fuck. Then the girl was back up dancing and waiting for the next paying customer. The drinks were good, the music was good and the girls were great. The place stayed packed.

When a client wanted more than just a blowjob in a booth, he would pay extra to take a girl up to her room. The girl would be told what he had paid for so she could limit his time. If he wanted more he had to pay more. Pretty much anything could be done to a girl if the price was right. It could get rough at times but we had no choice but to take it if that’s what a man wanted. The little blonde had a customer take to her and become a regular. Sometimes we could hear her screams even over the music. She would come out of her room with bite marks and scratches. She had to use makeup to cover up what he had done to her.

Some customers pissed on us. Some liked us to piss on them. I was known as a good ass fuck. I even enjoyed some of my regulars. Sometimes I had to join the little blonde and take a brutal beating. The blonde and I did our best to get the guy off quick. Often we would get off light if he was satisfied quickly. Sometimes he was drunk and took an extra long time whipping us with a riding crop. Then he would bite and claw us while he fucked us as hard as he could. I didn’t mind the beating so much as I hated to see the little blonde crying in pain. She had to beg him to hit her harder as part of the act even though she really did not want to be with him at all.

Some nights we had special parties. The whole place was rented after hours. Several rich men would have the place and the girls to themselves. One of those nights, I was back in a position that reminded me of high school. The customers had me bent over a bar stool with my wrists and ankles tied to the foot rest. When ever any of them pleased, they would come over and ass fuck me. They took turns showing off how deep they could shove their cocks up my butt. One guy bought a whole bottle of booze, took a drink, put the cap back on and shoved it up my ass. While he fucked me up the ass with the bottle, another guy grabbed my hair and shoved his cock down my throat. The other men around the bar starting cheering on the guys abusing me. They could be heard yelling to choke that fucking whore. Shove that bottle farther up my ass they shouted. Everybody was laughing. The more I gagged, the more they laughed. When I finally got a load of cum to swallow, another customer would take his place. The bottle was finally replaced with a hard cock. A very young man stepped up and fucked my ass. I must have been his first ass fuck. He seemed quiet and nervous. The others were not helping him with all their yelling and laughing. None the less, he fucked me good and hard with the stamina of youth. As they all got drunk and went home, I was cut free by my lovely piss girl and helped upstairs for a few hours rest.

The biker club was making a fortune off this place. Even though it took away from profits, the club members came in and took over the place from time to time. My boyfriend and other members took turns with me and the other girls. I sucked the other girls’ pussy juice off of many of the cocks belonging to club members.

At last, one night the giant biker and his pregnant old lady came into the whorehouse. I just about ran to greet them. I told them how I had thought of them all the time. The beautiful black haired, blue eyed pregnant girl said that they had missed me. She wanted me to come live with them and help her raise the child. No more whoring. I would belong to them. They had traded some drugs for me and I was to go with them right now. I ran upstairs to grab a few things. I stopped to kiss as many of the girls goodbye as I could including piss girl and the little blond. As we went out the front door, I wondered as to how the three of us would fit on one bike. Then I saw it. My new owners had come on two bikes. One would be mine. I would be a full member of the new club. The engines roared to life and we were off on a new adventure.

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