Part 4: I got fucked by my husband’s friends

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I belong to the boys, and to the boys I shall remain.

By now you’re familiar with the meaning behind these words. My name is Nina. I’m 27 years old, born and raised in Canada and married to my husband for one year. My family’s background is Lebanese and I had a very conservative and modest upbringing. My husband was the only man I had ever been with, that is, before I met his friends, or what they are more commonly referred to as, “The boys”, a group of 6 guys, my husband included, who made a pact several years ago to live out their wild single lifestyle until the end of their days. The first one to break the pact by getting married would have to pay the price and let the boys fuck his blushing bride. This pact put me into a situation where I found myself getting fucked by two of his friends. What was supposed to be a one time event from my husband’s perspective quickly took on a life of its own, as I developed a special relationship with the boys, made up of raw, animalistic instincts and desires. This ‘one-time’ event turned into an uncontrollable addiction for me, as I found myself sneaking behind my husband’s back to turn into his friends’ slut.

It’s fairly easy to cast judgement upon me and question my morals. Why don’t I just leave my husband if I don’t love him anymore? And that’s where you would be wrong. I do love my husband. He was my first and only boyfriend and the first man I had ever had sex with. But he was the one who exposed me to this situation. I was a good girl; studied hard and always good to my family. He changed me once he allowed his friends to fuck me. I was never a partyer in my university days, nor had I had any wild hookups or one night stands. I was always sheltered from this being the only girl in the family with strict parents and overprotective brothers. The opportunity to explore my wild side just happened to present itself to me after I got married, and ironically, it was my own husband who was responsible for this. Perhaps if I had these experiences in my early twenties, then I wouldn’t be doing this as a married woman. So the question is, do I feel bad about not telling my husband? No, I do not. I think I’m still a good wife to him in all other aspects that come with a marriage and my love and emotional connection with him remains strong and stable. But I still have my own needs and desires that need to be met and unfortunately, my husband has not been able to satisfy them ever since I got involved with his friends.

I got fucked by four of my husband’s friends simultaneously the last time we met, where I found all of my holes being plugged and penetrated to my heart’s content. The boys and I had so much fun that we decided to plan an impromptu vacation with the five of us together. I immediately agreed to this, my heart jumping with excitement. The next morning, we started to debate in our Whatsapp group chat about where we should go. We wanted to go someplace cheap, warm and fun. After much deliberation, we booked an all inclusive adults-only resort in Cancún for 5 nights. I had never been to Mexico before, but I had heard that the party scene there was fantastic! I was excited and started to formulate excuses in my mind to tell my husband. I would need to tell him that I was going away with the girls and his friends would need to ensure that they lay low so as not to give any indication that they were also vacationing in Mexico.

Later that afternoon, I spoke to my husband. “Hey babe. You wanna order in tonight?”

“Sure, whatever you like,” he responded. “How was last night?”

“SO MUCH FUN,” I said. “It’s been so long since me and the girls hung out.” I had ***********ed the lie in my head and rehearsed it over and over. “Actually, you remember my friend Anita? She messaged us last night because she found out that we all went out and didn’t invite her. And now she’s upset.”

“Anita…that’s one of your friends from uni right? Why wouldn’t you invite her?” he asked, half interested.

“Honestly babe, it was just an oversight,” I said. “It was all so last minute and we didn’t think of her. Anyways, to make it up to her, we’re actually thinking of taking a girls trip down to Mexico next weekend.”

“Oh wow, all of a sudden?” he asked as his full attention shifted to me.

“Yeah…” I said. “You know, we all get so busy in our lives as we start to get older and end up drifting apart from our friends. I think this would be good for us all! Plus, we were able to get a pretty good deal.” I waited for his response.

“Yeah, that’s cool. I’m glad you girls are trying to reconnect. Hope you have fun!”

Oh, I will, babe. Probably more fun than you’d like me to.

I anxiously texted the boys back to let them know to go ahead and book the resort. The boys split the cost of my ticket amongst themselves and didn’t let me pay. YAY, free vacation! The days went by slowly and I spent my waking hours daydreaming of the night they all fucked me together as a team. I wore Rodney’s shirt around the house as a dress that he had given to me from that night and even wore it in front of my husband. He didn’t seem to notice that it wasn’t his shirt, despite it being larger than the sizes he usually wore. The shirt and the sneaking around made me wet and horny and miss the boys even more. While I was packing my suitcase the night before our flight, Rodney sent a message in the group chat. “Hey Nina, have you packed your panties yet?”

“Not yet”, I replied.

“Good. Don’t pack ’em. You’re not going to be needing them.” illegal bahis The other boys sent messages agreeing with Rodney.

I smiled and bit my lower lip as I replied, “Sure thing. If that’s what you boys want, then no panties.” I guess they want complete and unrestricted access to my pussy. They’ll probably fuck me everywhere we go. I started to pack the rest of my suitcase. We were going for 5 nights, so that meant that I would need 5 outfits for the day and 5 for when we would go out at night. I packed 6 skirts, all of them as short as they could get, ranging from loose fitting pleated skirts that would sway in the wind, to super tight and super snug skirts that would hug my body and ride up as I walked or whenever I would sit. I packed 6 different tops and bralettes to go with the skirts and also added 2 summer dresses and 2 tight bodycon dresses. Then, it was time to pack my swimsuits. I had gone to a Bikini Village store at a local mall during the week and bought myself 5 sets. I purchased 4 thong bikinis that exposed my entire hipbone, most of my butt and covered just the bare minimum from the front. My favourite swimsuit was the fifth one however. It was a neon pink, v-shaped monokini, with thin straps barely 2 inches wide that would go over each shoulder, extend down to my pussy and around to the back of my butt to connect at the other side. The fabric was thin and exposed my entire back and front and barely covered my perky breasts. I packed the rest of my stuff and laid out my outfit for the morning flight, a loose and comfy grey, pleated skirt that rested a few inches above the knees, an old sweater and a tank top to wear under.

The next morning, my husband insisted on driving me to the airport himself instead of having me take an Uber. This wasn’t really an issue. My husband dropped me off to the terminal gate but I told him not to come inside. “No need to waste money on parking, babe. I don’t have much luggage, I can handle it.” He agreed and we shared a kiss goodbye. I had told the boys to not interact with me until we were safely inside, just in case I ran into anyone I knew. Once we were on the plane, Rodney helped me with my carry-on and we proceeded to find our seats. We were flying in economy class, and so the seats were in rows of three. Rodney let me have the window seat as he sat beside me, with Alex taking the aisle. Jamal and Ken sat in the row behind us.

I took off my sweater, adjusted my skirt neatly and rested my head on Rodney’s shoulders as I closed my eyes. Now that I was on the plane, I finally had some time to think and bask in the moment. I was overly giddy and excited for the five days ahead of us and the opportunity to spend not just our evenings, but our mornings and afternoons together. I thought about getting my pussy clobbered and my tiny little asshole expanding as the guys put their dicks inside. It was dirty…it was filthy…and I loved it. I felt Rodney rest his hand on my bare leg as he pushed the hem of my skirt higher. I looked around to see if anyone was watching and put my sweater over my legs. Rodney put his hands under my skirt and navigated to my bare pussy lips, unconstrained and unburdened by panties. He started to rub my clit, circling his fingers round and round. He was driving me crazy. I struggled to contain my moans as he applied more pressure on to my clit. I buried my face in his arms, biting his shirt to contain my pleasure. He pulled my face close to his and kissed me softly as he pierced two fingers inside my pussy. I let out a small mouse like moan that only Alex heard. He understood what was going on, smiled and went back to his movie. I buried my face back into Rodney’s arms and continued to bite the fabric on his shirt, trying to keep a lid on my moaning. Rodney kept going, fucking my pussy with his fingers and rotating them round and round. I could feel myself cumming as the agonizing pleasure became too much to bear. I covered my mouth to muffle my moans but I couldn’t remain quiet. I let out a long, slow moan. Alex looked back startled and started laughing. Thankfully, none of the nearby passengers seemed to notice as they were probably napping or had their earphones in. I collapsed down into my seat, my pussy dripping on to the underside of my skirt as I sat there shaking. What a great start to our trip.

We finally landed and went into a shuttle that took us to our resort. It was nice to get away from the cooler Canadian weather. The hot air and blazing sun felt great against my skin along with the fresh breeze that would make its way up my skirt to cool my naked pussy. We arrived at the resort and checked in. We were initially debating how many rooms we should book. It would be too expensive for all of us to get our own rooms. I proposed that I could get my own room and the boys could pair up in twos but they didn’t like this idea. I guess they didn’t want me to spend my nights away from them. This was very flattering to me. We finally decided that two rooms would be enough and that I would alternate from room to room. I was more than okay with this arrangement, especially because I was getting everything for free. The rooms were equipped with two queen sized beds and a single bathroom. I messaged by husband to let him know that I had arrived as we settled in and got ready to go down to the beach. I put on my white thong bikini and paired it with a short, see through royal blue cover-up. Eventually, I felt comfortable enough to ditch the cover-up and walk around exposed in my bikini around the pool and beach areas. We illegal bahis siteleri went in the water and swam for a while. The guys picked me up and felt me up in the water, touching me all over my body. At one point, Ken palmed my tiny pussy with his hands and squeezed and rubbed it hard through my thong. I grabbed on to him, kissing his chest as he sent waves of pleasure soaring through my body. We got out of the water and I laid down my blanket in the sand. I started to apply lotion over my body and got halfway through until Alex offered to help with the rest. I smiled and laid down on the blanket and let him gently apply the cool liquid over my front and back. He applied a generous amount on my butt and legs and slapped my ass cheek to signify that he was done. I rested my head on the blanket and closed my eyes. Jamal took a seat next to me on the blanket and started to gently caress my back and my legs.

The day flew by. I took some time to call my husband when I was back in the room. Ken and Alex were in the room with me but kept quiet the entire time. We had dinner at a restaurant, where I wore one of my loose-fitting, breezy summer dresses that just covered my ass. I’m sure the dress rode up and flew around as I walked around the resort and anyone behind me probably got a few good looks at my butt. I didn’t care though. I was in my comfort zone. The boys started a game of Poker back in the room, while I chose to sit on Rodney’s lap, sipping on a drink. I was drinking since late afternoon and had a strong buzz going.

Alex lost and folded his hand first. He got up, frustrated, and took me by the hand. I got up off of Rodney’s lap and followed him to one of the beds. We kissed for a bit, after which I told him to lay back and relax. He closed his eyes and I went on top of him, unzipped his pants and put his cock in my mouth, sucking him off nice and slow. My ass was up in the air and the boys had a clear view as my dress moved up my body. A few minutes later, one of the other guys folded his hand and put his cock in my pussy from behind while the other two kept playing cards. It was only moments later that I turned to see Jamal was the one fucking me from the back. I moaned loud as his big black cock penetrated and shook me to my core. Jamal and Alex switched places and I started to lick my pussy juice off of Jamal’s cock. I stroked and sucked Jamal and moments later, he finished on my face. Alex kept on pounding my pussy from the back after Jamal warmed it up. When we was ready, he sprayed his sticky load between my ass cheeks.

I collapsed on to my stomach as Jamal handed me a towel to wipe myself clean. When I was done cleaning the cum off, Rodney and Ken were finished with their poker game. They walked up to me and helped me take my dress off. I sucked both their hard dicks together, stroking one and sucking the other and moving back and forth. They laid me down on the bed, Rodney under me as he put his cock in my tired pussy hole, while Ken went in my ass after generously lubricating my teensy little hole. They punished both my holes, making me scream in pleasurable anguish. Rodney came all over my pussy, making it wetter and stickier than it already was. He climbed out from under me and let Ken finish me off. I was screaming with the way Ken was fucking me. My entire body was covered in sweat as he bullied my tiny hole. When he was about to finish, he slowed down and pushed his cock further up my ass. I moaned and screamed as Ken unleashed his cum into my ass. I collapsed on to the bed, naked, with my pussy dripping with cum and my ass full of it. I carefully got up and hobbled to the shower, satisfied with the events that transpired.

I came out of the shower with my towel wrapped around me, my pussy and ass still sore and my jaw numb from the fucking and sucking. We decided that my first night would be with Ken and Alex. Ken and I lay in one bed and Alex in the other. I put on one of Ken’s t-shirts and rested my head on his arm as I closed my eyes, thinking to myself: I belong to the boys…and to the boys I shall remain.

We spent the next day and afternoon hanging out at the beach and pool area. I had worn my monokini, which was tighter and smaller than I had expected. When I went into the pool for a swim, it would clearly show my nipples popping out and the outline of my puffy pussy that was pounded the night before. Funny enough, when I came out of the water I failed to realize that one of the straps had shifted off of one of my nipples, exposing it fully. No one called me out on it and I’m sure I turned some heads.

The evening came around and we decided to go check out the local clubbing scene. I wore my favourite black mini skirt (with no panties, of course) and a black leather bralette top that I bought before the trip (this is the outfit in the picture of me above). The skirt was the shortest one that I owned. It had laces on the front that I used to tighten it up more. The stretchy black fabric required me to constantly pull the skirt down as it would ride up with every step I took. As for the leather bralette, I purposely got one size smaller to make sure it hugged my body as tight as possible.

Minutes into walking in the club, I had a drink in my hand. The buzz from my drink started to hit me and the music started to get me into the mood. I love dancing and felt sexy doing it. We all got a standing table in the club as the boys talked amongst themselves, while I swayed my hips drunkenly side to side with the music. I had a couple more drinks canlı bahis siteleri and asked Rodney to come dance with me. We went to the dance floor where I rubbed the front and back of my body all over his. I was getting hyper and overexcited as I felt my skirt gradually rise halfway up my ass, exposing my naked cheeks. I didn’t care. I just kept dancing, turning my fat creamy ass around and pressing it against his cock. He pulled me closer by the hips, kissing my neck as I continued to dance and grind on him. I felt his cock getting harder and poking in between my ass. He moved his hands down to my ass and cupped both cheeks, squeezing them hard. I decided that I had enough.

“Rodney, I need you to fuck me.” I said in his ear.

“Sure baby girl, we’ll head out in a bit…”

I cut him off. “No. Right now. I need it now, Rodney. Please.” I begged. He studied me and grabbed my hand as he lead me off of the dance floor. I pulled my skirt down as much as I could with my free hand but was sure that a small part of my ass cheek was still showing. Rodney looked for the men’s bathroom. It was busy, with a few guys hanging outside of it. Rodney took me inside in front of them, not caring that they would know what was about to happen. I didn’t care either. I was too drunk and horny to care. All I wanted was a cock in me. And there was no better cock than his. There were 6 stalls. The other guys in the bathroom saw Rodney take me in one of the stalls. No one said anything but I heard a few discreet laughs. Rodney shut the door and bent me over the toilet. I arched my back to lift my ass higher. He didn’t need to pull my skirt up. The skirt had a mind of its own, and was already up, preparing for the punishment its wearer was about to take. I heard the sound of his zipper undoing, the sounds of guys chatting at the sinks and stall doors opening and slamming shut, as I closed my eyes, waiting eagerly. He put a finger in my asshole and proceeded to slam his cock into my pussy. I let out a moan for everyone present in the bathroom to hear. Rodney fucked my pussy hard as he stretched the insides of my asshole out with his finger.

“Fuck me baby! Fuck me. Please don’t stop. Give it to me!” I moaned.

“Tell me who’s your man.” he beckoned.

“You’re my man, Rodney. You’re my man. You own me, Rodney. I’m your property.”

“Keep talking, bitch.”

“I’m your slut, daddy. I’m your whore. I’m your tiny little hoe. Ouuu, I fucking love the way you fuck me, daddy. You’re so fucking good, daddy! Keep fucking your fucking slut’s tight fucking pussy, daddy!!!”

Rodney had become my daddy. He was special and different from everyone else. I felt safe and protected around him and there was no better feeling than when he is inside me. It’s intimate and close and downright incredible. I did not know why I called him daddy in that moment. I had never called anyone else that during sex, but for some reason, it felt appropriate for him. He continued pounding my sloppy pussy as my moans got louder, not caring about who would hear us.

“Where do you want it?” he asked.

“In my mouth, daddy.” I replied. He slowly slid out of me and I put the toilet seat down. I sat down and opened wide for daddy, my tongue out, patiently looking up at him with my wide innocent eyes like his bitch. He started stroking harder and brought his dick to the tip of my lips. I took it deep into my mouth as he groaned. Then the floodgates opened. He released his cum into my mouth. I gagged but stood my ground as more of his cum continued to ooze into my mouth. My mouth was full with his burning hot cum. I closed my teary eyes and took a brave swallow, taking it all down my throat. The cum was thick and hot and I loved every drop. I licked my lips clean and proceeded to clean any excess cum left on his cock. There were four guys at the sink who watched us come out of the stall and a few more at the urinals. A few of them even gave Rodney approving nods. That’s right, everyone. My daddy fucked me in there and I am not ashamed or embarrassed about it. We stayed in the club a little while longer. I took the other three boys to the dance floor one at a time and made sure I grinded on each of them. They kept telling me how sexy I looked shaking my prime meat ass for them. The drinks kept coming and I kept dancing the buzz away.

When we got back to the hotel, I spent the night in Jamal and Rodney’s room. Both guys took turns fucking me. Jamal fucked me first. When he was done, Rodney took his turn. Then Jamal went again. I slept on Rodney’s chest that night, fully naked. I woke up before him and went down to his cock to suck him awake. He woke up smiling and I jumped on his hard cock and rode him like an animal.

The remaining days of our trip played out similarly. We spent our days at the beach, our nights at a club or in the room, with the guys taking turns to fuck me. I got fucked many times in a day, even got gangbanged a couple of times, having all my holes pleasured.

The days flew by and finally it was time for our trip to come to an end. My pussy was exhausted and sore from all the pounding it took and I was glad to be headed home. My husband came to pick me up at the airport. I had asked the guys to wait inside the airport until I had left so that he didn’t see them. I greeted my husband with a kiss and he put my luggage away as I sat in the car and closed my eyes. I started to reflect on my journey so far and found myself getting excited and aroused by the prospect of what was next and the new and creative ways the boys would fuck their slut.

I felt my pussy get wet as I closed my eyes and said to myself: I belong to the boys, and to the boys I shall remain.

– Nina

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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