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Paula was the most recent addition to the office staff. A petite brunette, about 5’3″, who seemed incapable of any other facial expression except a large grin or a beaming smile. The whole office was captivated by her. Even Brian, a confirmed gay, doubted his sexuality a little as she walked by. She greeted everyone she met the same way, from the managing director to the office janitor; a cheery wave, a bubbling ‘good morning’ or ‘how are you today’; she quickly became the darling of the office. As for the men they all thought, except Brian, that she was most certainly, eminently fuckable, and at eighteen, all of them were ready to do the job. What would have surprised the guys was that one other thought the same way.

Linda was the mainstay of the accounts department. Although only thirty she had been there almost twelve years already and every major or even minor decision went through her. Tucked away in the corner, behind a large desk, she watched over the others like a mother hen watching over her chicks, or on a bad day like a wolf waiting to pounce on some unwary prey. Linda was a stickler for office decorum, any hint of romance between employees was to be frowned on; it reduced productivity. That is, until she saw Paula.

Linda had never doubted her sexuality; she was, she thought, 100% heterosexual. Even when her husband, of eight years, brought home the odd porn film she insisted that he ‘fast forward’ through the lesbian parts as they held no interest for her. Now here she was watching for ‘her’. Glancing up every few minutes, afraid that she might have missed her walk by, even a fleeting glimpse of her reflection in some polished surface would send Linda’s heart racing. She was smitten.

At first she dismissed it as an attraction some women have for each other, more sisterly, than sexually . . . but soon she yearned for her. Days that Paula was absent from work were devastating for Linda. The day seemed empty and without purpose. Others noticed but did not associate the two events. Linda even timed her breaks to coincide with Paula’s, unfortunately so did others. Paula never seemed alone, she was always surrounded by admirers, although she never seemed to court it. Try as she may, Linda never had Paula’s undivided attention.

Linda devised a plan, and then dismissed it. Would she want to risk everything for what amounted to a schoolgirl’s crush on a classmate? No way. But each day more flesh was added to the bones of her plan, until others noticed her preoccupation.

“Problem at home Linda, you seem a little distant today?” one asked.

“No, just a little under the weather, I think I have a cold coming on, you know how that effects you,” she answered, making a mental note to concentrate more on her work.

The days, weeks and months merged until the end of the financial year approached. A busy time for the accounts department. It was also time for Linda to put her plan into action.

At this time of the year it was customary to have a staff party at the local pub. A strange time to hold one, but because of the increased workload their social life would shortly be put on hold. Everyone would meet at the Red Admiral at seven and the drinks would flow until closing time, then tomorrow the heavy schedule of work would start. casino siteleri Most of the people left the office slightly earlier than usual to have time to dress up and return for the get together.

For Linda all was going to plan, until about mid afternoon when the doubts set in. Suddenly she realised the risk she was taking. What if she was rejected? Worse still, that she was rejected and the office found out? And her husband, he would be devastated, if he knew. One minute she abandoned her plan and the next she was embellishing on it. As it was her plan was put into action without her doing anything.

People drifted away until Linda was alone in the office. She looked about the deserted room and thought that perhaps it was for the best. Her plan was to ask Paula to help with some fictitious filing job but her courage had failed her.

She stood up from her desk and began to pack her belongings away. I’ll give the party a miss, she thought, she wasn’t in the mood now. Then she heard the tapping of feet in the corridor. Could it be?

“Hi Linda, not going to the party?” Paula shouted, “I can help you finish up, if you want?”

Linda looked across the room at the dazzling smile that belonged to Paula.

Linda’s mouth went dry. “Erm… thanks, there’s not much to do, just clearing the desk.” She had formulated the first part of her plan, the part she hadn’t carried out, and anticipated the final part, but she hadn’t considered the approach, and here it was; Paula standing only a yard away, no one else in the office, the broad smile and those kissable lips, Linda froze.

“You ok?” Paula asked, “Here let me help.” She reached across the desk to gather some papers into a tidy stack. Linda could smell her perfume as it drifted up from her. Her head was below Linda’s, her hair barely an inch from her lips, she lent forward and allowed her lips to brush the brown hair, the fragrance intoxicated her. Paula felt the touch and in raising her head caught the bottom of Linda’s jaw.

“God, I’m sorry, did I hurt you?” Paula said, the concern in her voice.

“No, I’m fine,” Linda replied, her voice husky with emotion.

“Let me look.” Paula moved around the desk and cupped Linda’s jaw in both hands moving closer to inspect for any damage. Linda could feel her breath on her cheek, on her lips. She closed her eyes a deep sigh escaping from her. Then she felt it, lips on lips, the barest brush, but still a kiss.

Linda opened her eyes slowly. Part of her wishing it was her imagination, the rest desperate for it to be real. There, inches from her own were Paula’s eyes staring into hers. Her head tilted to the side as if in slow motion, she leant forward her lips touching Linda’s. It was hardly a touch, more like a graze of lips against lips, there and gone in a fleeting moment, before she was back staring into Linda’s eyes again. Waiting for encouragement, or rejection.

All of Linda’s reservations and fears fell away, soon they were kissing, passionately, urgently as if the world was about to end and this was the only time they would have together. Their arms went around each other, pulling their bodies together, breast against breast, groin against groin.

Linda began to suck on Paula’s lower lip, pulling it towards her, slot oyna exposing her pearly white teeth before releasing it to move onto the upper one. Paula groaned, panted and groaned again. Their lips met together again, their heads moving in unison, one to the left, one to the right and back again, their lips clamped together.

Paula’s hands moved down Linda’s back, cupping her arse, drawing her even closer. Then she started to gyrate her hips, grinding her pussy against Linda’s, fucking her, even though they were fully dressed. Paula’s arousal was such that soon she was panting into Linda’s mouth, then sobbing, then whimpering as she climaxed.

She buried her head into Linda’s shoulder, “Where?” was all she said, but Linda understood.

Holding hands Linda led her down the corridor and into the managing director’s office. She knew that he had a small bedroom just off from the main office. When he had late meetings and felt he couldn’t face the drive home, he would stay overnight. She opened the door and guided Paula inside. They turned and faced each other, kissing again, gentler this time. Even though the bed was only inches away they knew they could take their time now, no one would discover them.

They pulled apart, just enough to provide the space for their hands to start unbuttoning each others shirts. Each button was popped to coincide with their partners. Linda’s hands moved to Paula’s shoulders brushing the fabric free, allowing the shirt to drift to the floor, exposing Paula’s bra and the swelling of her full breasts. Paula turned away, allowing Linda to undo the small catch at the back and her bra fell, landing on the floor next to her shirt. Paula fell face down onto the bed, her legs giving way at her arousal. Linda reached between Paula’s hips and the bed cover, unbuttoning her pants and drawing the zip down. After removing Paula’s shoes she slid the fabric down, leaving her in just her red lace panties.

She leant forward allowing her lips to plant tiny kisses on the nape of Paula’s neck before moving down, her tongue charting a course down her spine. Two discs down, then one up, then two down again, a trail of saliva indicating Linda’s path. Her tongue went down until it encountered the top of Paula’s panties. Linda’s hands went to the sides of the flimsy fabric drawing them down, over her hips, her thighs and free.

Linda gazed at the twin orbs of Paula’s arse, before licking and kissing over the creamy flesh. Paula’s hips rose, inviting Linda’s tongue further down, her hands pulling her cheeks apart. Linda stared at the small puckered opening before allowing her tongue to move down the valley and around Paula’s anus. Her tongue circled the small opening for several minutes before the rising of Paula’s hips indicated what she wanted. Her tongue dipped inside, Paula groaned at the intrusion. Then she pushed backwards, wanting more.

Linda paused; she couldn’t believe what she was doing. A happily married woman a few hours ago, albeit a little frustrated, and here she was performing anilingus on another woman. She faltered for a few seconds, and then carried on. Using her tongue like a small prick she began to probe Paula’s anus pushing inside as far as she could, before withdrawing to lick around her rose. Using her saliva canlı casino siteleri as lubricant Linda inserted first one then two fingers into Paula’s tight arsehole, feeling Paula’s contractions gripping her fingers as the beginnings of her orgasm bubbled inside her.

Suddenly Paula flipped over, “My cunt, do my cunt,” she whispered.

Linda looked down at the neatly shaven pussy, before tearing her eyes back up to Paula’s face. She saw the pleading there, no longer the smiling Paula but a face of pure lust. Linda stretched out her hand and traced a finger up and down Paula’s delicate lower lips before inserting it deep into her cunt. She began stroking the ‘G’ spot, a couple of inches inside on the front wall, before moving her head up to suck on Paula’s dark pink nipple simultaneously. The nipple grew harder as Linda massaged the inside of Paula’s pussy. Paula was bucking uncontrollably under her, almost threatening to throw her off the small bed. Paula’s orgasmic blush started, sending her breasts and shoulders a delicate pink. She let out a low groan then a loud scream.

“Fuck . . . Fuck . . . Fuck, I’m cumming, don’t stop.”

She was thrashing about, Linda struggling to keep in contact with her, until just as suddenly she collapsed back onto the bed as her orgasm enveloped her.

Paula removed her finger and raised it to her lips, tasting another woman’s cunt cream for the first time. It tasted sweeter than her own. She wanted more. She moved her head between Paula’s legs and lapped at the heavy, aromatic fluid.

“Your turn,” Paula said pulling Linda up her body by the shoulders, licking her own cum from Linda’s face.

“Undress for me,” Paula asked.

Linda stood and reaching behind, loosened her bra, allowing her breasts their freedom. They were smaller than Paula’s, in fact Linda knew that she hardly needed a bra such were their firmness. Paula watched, her hand lying lazily in her groin, but her finger was rubbing against her clit, masturbating. Linda watched her wank for a few minutes before removing the rest of her clothes. Her bush, although neatly trimmed was more luxurious than Paula’s and was already wet with her juices. Paula beckoned her to the top of the bed and directed her legs each side of her head. Linda knelt bringing her cunt down onto Paula’s waiting lips. She could feel Paula’s tongue lapping at her, drinking at the well of her arousal. She ground her cunt into Paula’s face using the tip of her nose to rub against her erect clit; she could feel her orgasm beginning. Paula stopped.

“Fuck me,” she said, pushing Linda down the bed. Paula pulled Linda’s groin into her own until their cunt’s kissed, then directed her fucking motions. Clit rubbing against clit, the lips of their pussy’s sliding silkily across each other. Soon Linda’s orgasm which had already been close was coursing through her body. Paula’s, due to her own masturbation, was close behind.

Linda buried her head into Paula’s shoulder, her orgasm subsiding, reality breaking through the euphoria. Her husband would have to be told, told that she was leaving him for a woman, this was not just sex, it was lasting love. She rolled sideways and along side Paula, resting back onto the bed, exhausted by their love making.

“Your husband, has he got a big cock?” Paula asked, almost innocently.

Linda stared back at Paula, struck dumb by the question.

“Do you think he’d like a threesome?” Paula continued, as if it was a natural progression from their coupling.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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