Peeping “Tom”

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I fucking hate my life. but I love my apartment. It’s right next door from this kinky sex couple, that always get off loud and proud. They’re the loudest, nasty people I’ve ever heard… My favorite hobby. You see, I carved a hole in my wall into theirs, so can get a look at what their doing.

 My neighbor’s wife, what a fox. Long brown hair, pretty face, small little tits, a great ass, and the horniest little voice you’d ever hear.

Then there was her husband, and first off, lemme say, WHAT A LUCKY BASTARD! He was tall, had a nice and sculpted body, brown hair aswell, long cock maybe 7 inches? I can’t tell from here, but that lass must love the feel, because she begs for it nightly.

 And then their room. And must I say, a landmark city. Clearly they were into BDSM stuff pretty heavily. Chains, ropes, whips hung from the walls. Handcuffs were constantly attached to the bedpost for immediate use, as well as on the wall. It reaked. But it reaked like her, their carpeted floor unable to get away from the scent.

And their costumes, must I say are on full display, constantly hanging from neat little hooks close to rhe bed. Most of them were for her: a kitty cat, a little school girl, a nurse, teacher, policeman… Basically every kinky costume they could think up.

Tonight she was dressed in her sexy little nurse costume. This night in partiular had been extra arrousing to me because of the fact that hospital fantasies had always been a favorite of mine. I had seen the costume before this, whenever they played doctor. It was a white shirt dress, with buttons all down the front. She had a nurse hat on, red fishnet tights and black stilettos on. She had the dress completely off by the time I started watching, and I could hear her words, oso clear. 

“Doctor, I was wondering if you could do me a favor, and examine me? I have an itch that just won’t go away.”

Her panties were red, and bikini cut. They had black trim and ties on either side for easy access. They were attached to her tights by black garters, and her sweet little push up bra matched the whole ensemble.

I was already out and rubbing my length, like I’ve done so many times before. Whenever I heard the first “Oh!” I was right at my little hole. I’ve never been caught yet, and there was no need to worry about the girlfriend, she was nonexistent. Nobody would want a short (at 5’6″), little blonde fail at life, as I’m currently unemployed. Besides, how could I find anybody else, when this goddess is constantly less than 20ft away from me.

The husband, wore a white lab coat, and his normal clothes. Seemed, a bit lazy in my opinion, but it fit the job well. 

He smiled at his little lass, and replied “Let’s have a look.” He put her up on what seemed to be a massage table. I assumed that, until she layed up on it, and it was moved up like a chair, to look just like a wooden examination table at a gynecology place. She had her legs closed, and the sexiest look on her face. The husband laughed, “Now now, where is this itch?”

 She half wittedly parted her legs just a bit, looking up at her doctor. “Down there,” she replied. She was bygone far the beat actor I ever knew, she said illegal bahis it so full of embarassment, of guilt, only her eyes told of her true intentions. 

“Would you let me take a look?” the guy asked her gently, placing a hand on her knee. She bit her lip (I love it when she does that) and nodded.

 She opened her legs, and he untied her panties. He removed her garters. “My my… I think I’ll have to give you a full pap smear exam. Do you mind?” She looks at him wide eyed. 

“Of course not.” 

He laughs again. “Well I hope you understand that by hospital protical, I’ll have to make sure you don’t move during this procedure. He grabbed both her wrists. She pretends to struggle. 

“Oh please doctor, not this! Not again!” 

He smiles “You ask for it everytime I examine you.” He cuffs her hands to the back of the chair. Then he cuffs her feet to the legs of the chair.

“First, we have to make sure you can take the full exam, so we’ll run a pretest.” He brings his hand down to her opening, and gently started to tease it with his finger, up and down, past her clit. When she was wet enough, he inserted his finger. During all of this, she was moaning and cooing to his strokes, gasping when she was penetrateWd. Seeming to feel every inch of her he announced “It seems we won’t have a problem at all,” only to remove his finger, and suck away her fresh juices.

 I couldn’t bare the sexy scene in front of me… Him licking away at her vunerable pussy, her face, and the clear pleasure displayed. I felt myself cumming so I tried to quiet myself, but this time my vocals had no restraint as cum spurted from my cock, all over the floor near the whole. Just as my load was finished, I heard the couple, the wife saying “Did you hear that?”

Wiping his face with the back of his hand, the husband stood up. “Hmm? Yeah, I thought I heard someone… Deeper.” That’s when he realized what was happening and began to frantically look around the room. At a dark recess on the wall, a bit of light was shining through a small hole, which was soon sfter extinguished.

Fuck! I thought! They found me! The second the light was extinguished, I heard a knock on my door. I opened up, and it was the husband. I made ready to apologize, but his response was quite suprising. He told me that he wouldn’t press charges if I helped him gangbang his wife. I was absolutly shocked. “I would love too… I’ve admired your wife for a long time… Too long.”

Quite very much still stunned, he led me down the hallway, and opened his door. I was finally inside of the room where I’ve wanted to end up for so long. That goddess, soon to be mine aswell, was still strapped into her little chair, looking up at me expectantly. I was hard but embarassed under her stare.

The husband smiled. “Look what I brought for you my love, another toy. This one’s been rubbing off to your pretty little body in the next room for a while. I invited him to help me please you. The wife had a greedy look on her face.

 “I get two cocks? Yay! I’ve never done that before…” The husband grabbed his keys, and unlocked her handcuffs. She walked up to me, without even the slightest embarrassment, and felt my illegal bahis siteleri hard on. “His eyes are even blue like yours.” She pulled my cock out of my pants and looked it up and down. My cock was nothing compared to the husbands, a good 5 inches, but it was very thick, and I think it arroused her.

“I think that we could do something with this. And she smiled very greedily. So how will this work? I thought to myself. Should I just get into this, she likes to be overpowered. Should I wait for the husband? She stopped his train of thought when she kneeled down and took him within her mouth.

The husband laughed. “My my you cock hungry ittle girl…” He brought his cock over to us and she placed a hand on his cock. She would switch periodicly, and the wife laughed when I came too early. 

She looked me straight in the eyes, and said, “You haven’t gotten a good blowjob before, have you?”

“I haven’t really…” I began to say, but she only laughed as she licked the excess from around her lips.
” It doesn’t matter, you’ll not want to cum too early as soon as you get into it. You may not have this opportunity again you know.” she winks and laughs to herself. 

Surprised I look up at the husband, and he laughs when he sees my face. “The little girl just wants to be pleased well.”

It was the husband’s turn, and her cute little hands were at my cock again. The husband noticed her trying to gag herself on his cock, and so he clenched the back of her head and started fucking her mouth. It was a beautiful sight to behold, her face turning pale and coughing from lack of air, spit, all over her chest. and the speed increase. Finally the husband cums down her throat., and her mouth fills with hot, cum. She swallows it all. He lets go, and she gasps for air. She smiles, while she catches her breath. “Thank you… I love your cum.”

 The husband smiles, “What a good little girl.”. He then turns to me, “Would you like to give that a go?” I reply a yes, and I clench her head. He leaves off somewhere in the room, I can’t pay attention right now. I pull out of her, and cum all over her face and her sweet little bra. The husband invites us over to the bed. He had been preparing her bondage on the bed. He and I ripp all of ther clothes off, except her tights and heels, and he throws her in bed. I spot a mask and a ball gag in his hands.

“These are for you.” The husband says, indicating the items he’s holding. He hands me the mask. “Put this on her after I stick the gag in her mouth. That way she can’t bite you.” and he gives me a little wink. She doesn’t fight in the least as he wraps her head with the object, but when it comes to be my turn, she has a fun time twisting and turning her head, keeping the mask off of her. “You can be a little rough.” the guy reminds me. I grab her under her chin, and hold her firm, as I slip the cloth over her head. I got a little kick as he moaned when she was unable to move. I look up to realize she is already handcuffed to ghe bed post, allowing her naked legs to be free, her pussy juice drying quickly, but she was still ready for more. “I’ll show you the ropes,” the husband announces to me. He bends to her face, where her canlı bahis siteleri lips would be under the mask, and plants a kiss. He bends ober to remove her bra, over so gently, sliding away slowly, so that her tits jiggle, her nipples high and proud

 He goes under the bed, and grabs a box, and bestows it to me. It was a box of sex toys, and all sorts of them. “We’ll have to warm her up, go ahead and pick something. The choices are endless, dildos, butt plugs, vibrators. I choose a nice long set of anal beads, about 15 of them. 

The husband laughs, and whispers in the wife’s ears, “Your sweet little ass hole… Mmmm it looks very eager.” He grabs some butterfly tit clips from the box, and clips each one to her tits. She moans out in pain/pleasure and I decide to start the beads. One by one I insert them slowly, each time, the beads getting larger in size. I insert the 10th in, and she cums all over my hand.

 “You’re a nasty little anal freak, aren’t you.” That had been my first comment of the night, but it seemed to have driven her off the edge, because she came again after I put the 11th. She cried out in pain through the muffled gag after the 15th, and I looked over at the husband. He was observing, and quite enjoying his wife’s moans. 

“Well, go on, won’t you take them out?” he says

 I take the hint. I slowly pull the handle, and her perky little ass let one bead out. Slowly I pull each one out, cum splashing out of her pussy each time it one leaves. By the fifth bead,the bed there was a puddle of cum under her sweet little bum, and I was easlily able to remove the rest. I look at her puckered asshole, and I see it’s now stretched enough to fit my cock. The husband directs me, “Since your cock is thicker than mine, but smaller, I want you to take her ass. She loves anal sex. I lift her up and the husband loosened her ropes just enough for me to fit under her. I shove my rock hard cock into her ass hole, and she clenched me hard. The husband removed my blindfold, and kisses my cheek. “Ready to have both your holes plugged?” He smiles, and removes my ball gag so I can speak.

 “YESS. Oh yess please. Fuck my holes.” The husband feels her soaked holes and I feel his finger enter her pussy. He takes his fingers out and puts his cock in her. We start pounding her hard, with an offbeat motion, and now her moans and screams can be thoroughly heard. I squeeze her ass cheeks, and the husband agitates her nipple clips. She cums again.

She layed beneath us, already juttering and shaking. “Come on, one last push to finish her off.” I only nodded and we began to pound her again. Our cocks ramming her hard at the same time, grinding into her clit. Her nipple clips were being prodded, and pulled, tugged and slapped. Her ass red, her faced flushed and sweating hard. Her mouth in a constant ‘Oh.’ I could feel something stir inside myself

 and I groaned out loud, burying myself deep inside her, just before her husband did the same, our cum splashing in and out of her holes, as she screamed her last. Her most powerful orgasm by far, ripping throughout her body. She collapsed in a heap as we stood there panting.

I removed myself, “She passed out.” I say out loud realizing what we’ve done.

 “We did a good job.” the husband tells me. He hands me my stuff and leads me to the door. “Thank you.” He tells me, and closes the door.

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