Pie Pt.1

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I’m meeting my Domme today. For the first time in real life. We’ve had lots of back and forth online and we frequently video call. She doesn’t turn her mic or cam on, but she’s sent me verification pictures and nice shots of her body. She likes to call me her boy and I call her Mommy. She always makes me undress completely as soon as I turn my cam on, then she always wants to see my boyhole.

She’s really obsessed with my “boypussy” actually. She’s constantly trying to stretch it wider. Her ultimate fantasy is to tie me up with no safe word and pound my rectum with really big toys until my anus is so sore and loose that I can’t even close it. Mommy really likes opening my hole really wide. Usually the first thing to go up my boyhole every time she sees it is a speculum. I put it in and turn a screw until it’s wide enough for her to see all the way up my rectum, then she makes me prod and poke at my second anal ring. I think someday she’ll want to open that up as well.

I don’t mind her obsession with my boyhole at all. I get turned on by always having to do as she says, even if it hurts. And letting her look all the way up my butt is really hot too. I wonder why she likes examining the inside of my ass so much? I guess she just wants to ruin it.

Mommy also calls me her little anal piggy. She says it’s because my butt is so fat and my body is so skinny, so I have a “nice juicy rump”. She talks about all the delicate little pork in her boy’s bottom, the tender flesh in her boy’s hole, and her boy’s soft soft skin on his wobbly buttcheeks.

I love my Mommy though of course. I love her kind face and her endearing smile, and she says when we meet she’ll let me rub her big butt as much as I want :).

Just to be safe, we’re meeting at a cafe, then if all goes well, we’ll go to her place. I hope that everything does go well because I don’t want to mess this up and because I’m aching to have my bottom filled.

When I arrive she’s wearing a very smart suit. She waves me over and tells me she’s ordered me a tea since coffee might make me agitated.

– “but Mommy I’m already agitated” I say.

– “That’s no good” she says with a genuinely concerned face. She speaks without looking at my face, the way a vet talks to a dog while examining it.

-“Are you satisfied? Shall we go?”, she says as soon as my tea arrives. She’s clearly very anxious to get me back to her place. I’m worried about illegal bahis that but too turned on to say no.

We get in her car and she starts talking softly to me:

“You know I don’t talk about how I feel very much, but I think I love you. As soon as you walked through the door your presence struck me in my whole body at once. You are so goddamn gorgeous. The way you walk, the way you carry yourself, the way you dress and the sound of your voice makes me want to hold you to my breast and never let go.”

(“perhaps she couldn’t look me in the face because she was so overwhelmed? how cute”)

She continues:

“You said you don’t have any family that you talk to still? I want you to be with me from now on okay? You’re mine. You’re my delicious little boy. I’m going to take such goo care of you. I’m going to fill your boypussy and empty those scrumptious little balls. I don’t have anyone else either, and I’m going to keep you. My porky little buttslut.”

I just sit in silence, it doesn’t feel like I need to respond. I’m the listener now, she’s the speaker.

Arriving at her house, it is big. She is unemployed so she must have inherited it.

Getting out of the car she slides her hand into my underwear from behind and shoves two fingers inside me. I liked it, she had done the same thing as we walked out of the cafe. Her fingers feel just right there: snug, comforting and natural. Then she said something a little odd:

“My darling little piggy I’m so sorry but I really want to eat your ass.” Obviously she doesn’t need to ask me or even warn me about that, it is her right to do so.

“Yes please Mommy!” I immediately respond. She is overjoyed, her whole face lights up:

“Ohhh my delicious boy! Good then the preparations will be in the barn, come with me cute piggy!” She grabs my hand and leads me to the barn. At the door she says:

“I’m sorry sweet piggy but you don’t get to see the next part.”

She hands me a blind folder and fingers my loose boyhole again while I put it on. I’m so entranced by the idea of her mouth on my anus that I’m not even thinking anymore. The blindfold goes on without a second thought. She leads me inside, 3 fingers still up my butt. She lies me down a low, leathery surface, straps my wrists below me and fixes and my ankles near my head. My big bubbly butt is pointed straight towards the door. My boyhole is exposed and gaping slightly from the fingering. She illegal bahis siteleri cuts my clothes off me. I can feel a slight, cool draft blowing up my butt.

When she pulls the blindfold off she is holding a piece of paper right in front of my face. I can see her smiling from ear to ear behind it. The paper has her handwriting on it, it reads:

Recipe: Delicious Horse Cum and Piggy Boy Pie

Preparation time: 5-7 hours


For the pastry:

6kg butter

10kg flour

20 eggs

some ice water

For the Filling:






10L of fresh horse cum

1 fresh plump piggy boy rump


Begin by preparing the boy. He should have a nice plump tender rump, the fattier the better. To make sure his meat tastes as good as possible, the horse cum should be raped directly into him while he is alive. The horse must cum until every inside surface of the boy is completely drenched.

Tenderize his meat with a paddle while he is conscious but after the horse has filled him.

The fat in his rump must be rendered before he is put in the pie. In a cast iron skillet over high heat, fry the boy’s bottom until his juicy fat runs into the pan, 3-5 mins.

Place him gently in the pie crust along with a warm broth made from the vegetables (do not strain the broth, blind-bake the crust 8-10min).

Cook the pie in the over until the crust is golden brown and the boy stops twitching.

Serves: 15-20 people.

My boyhole clenches as I glance over at the large male horse on the other side of the barn.

“Does that horse want to rape my bottom, Mommy?”

“He REALLY does darling.” She says with a grin. I can see her salivating as she stares at my exposed pink porkhole. “And I’m going to let him. In fact I’m going to hold your hole open for him. You’ll look so good filled with his cream my darling piggy boy”

“This is your handwriting isn’t it Mommy?” I ask, with an unconscious hint of seduction in my voice.

“Yes it is. This is Mommy’s special recipe. I wrote it while you were showing me around your rectum with the speculum last week.”

“Please don’t cook me Mommy” I say with some trembling in my voice. “I’ll be a good piggy and keep all of that horsey cum nice and safe in my bottom”

“Goooooood BOY. Yes you will. And then you canlı bahis siteleri will let mommy spank your jiggly butt with my steel paddle until you’re nice and tender”

“yes Mommy I will, please don’t–”

“and then you will lie down all snug and bruised in my lovely warm, soft pie crust” As she says this a small wet spot forms between her legs and she swallows hard.

“Okay mommy you can tenderize me and put me in the pie, but–”

“And then Mommy is going to pop her delicious boy pie in the oven!”

“Mommy please I want to be with you. You said I could be with you!”

“My sweet, sweet boy! You’ll be IN me! Isn’t that better? Don’t you want to be in Mommy’s tummy”

I hesitate for a second. She keeps smiling at my anus. “Mommy I do want to be in your tummy.”

“Well you won’t fit up Mommy’s ass, now will you? So how are you going to get into my tummy? Look I’ll show you, there’s no room for a bubble-butt like yours in my ass” She turns around, unzips her pants, pulls her thong down, and exposes her big Mommy asshole to me. “My hole is much bigger than yours, see, but it won’t you fit you darling”

She’s just playing with me. I’m tied up and she’s savoring the moment.

“Look darling”, she says jokingly, “Look how Mommy’s asshole is compared to your porkhole.” she bends over further, bends at the knees and spreads her big ass even more so that she can press and rub her hole against mine. “Don’t worry darling, yours will be just as pretty as Mommy’s once it’s been torn open and ruined by a horsecock.”

“I want a pretty porkhole to show to you Mommy”

“Good Boy! Let’s butter your hole together okay?” She says sweetly.

She fetches a stick of butter and pops into straight in. She’s fingered me so much while we talked that it went in without me really feeling it.

“Such a loose little boy. Mommy loves loose tender little boys. Now push it back out. Good boy.”

As soon as I squeeze it out she pushes it back in, then again and again. In the back of my head, behind all the pleasure from the cold butter sliding effortlessly against my prostate, I’m still trying to figure out how to escape. But she’s so loving, and so understanding. Part of me things she’s not really going to bake me, she just wants me to think she is. I can understand that.

“There we go baby boy. Look at you, such a big boy helping Mommy get you ready to be raped.”

She gets up to fetch the horse. This part I will enjoy.

“Oh wooow look how hard he’s gotten after seeing your soft porky bottom”

The horse’s cock is really big. This is going to hurt so good.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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