Playing with Fire

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Hello again! I’m excited for to share this story because this is my first attempt at writing in third person! I’m not going to lie, it was rough for a while. I hope you all enjoy the craziness and forgive any grammatical errors. Please leave comments!

XOXO SkylerLuv


Kris stares out the window, watching Ellie walk towards the front door. Kris is waiting for Ellie’s brother. She didn’t think Ellie would be home so early today. Had she known she probably would have avoided coming over.

Ellie looks pretty today. The sun makes her hair look almost strawberry blonde under its powerful rays. She has it down with only a white clip holding it to the side. Ellie stares at the ground as she hops up each step. Her checkered blue and white shirt hides her soft curves. Kris has to admit it to herself. Ellie has grown up.

Out of respect to her best friend she has never tried seeing Ellie in this light. Looking innocent and adorable and somehow sexy all at once. Ellie is supposed to stay scrawny, awkward, tomboyish. When Kris hears the door open, she runs across to Javier’s room where she will hide until he gets home. She just has to ignore these feelings. They will pass with the time. She will make sure of it.


[4 years later]

“Yo, remember the party is at six tonight.” Javier says into the mouthpiece.

He stares at his monitor as his hand hovers over the mouse. Luka is taking his sweet time setting this up. He looks down at his watch. He needs to make sure to leave with just enough time to help his mom set up. Tonight is going to be a big night for his little sister. He has to make sure it is perfect for her. Which is why he has to have this conversation with Kris now. Might as well throw it all out there before they move on to the next phase of their assignment.

Kris focuses on her target as waits for Luka to do something other than stand there. She takes a breath before responding. “Yeah, I know.” Work has been more time consuming than usual but she couldn’t forget about tonight.

There is total silence as both of them wait for the signal. Luka holds a fist up in the distance. They’ve been sitting in the same position for over an hour and nothing has happened. Kris doesn’t move, doesn’t even breathe just waiting. The sweat trickles down her neck. The air is stale in the room. The only people who have probably been in here are homeless people trying to find somewhere to sleep, someone looking to do drugs, or bored teenagers. She made sure the whole building was completely empty before setting everything up.

Javier sits back and rolls his shoulders. Kris is better about staying still on missions like this. That’s why she’s up in the room pointing the gun while he sits back and waits for his cue. He tries to get her attention again.

“And by six you know we mean eight.” He rings in her ear again.

She can’t help the smile that takes over her lips. “Yeah, got that. Being friends for ten years has me trained for your family parties.” She has known Javier and has been part of his family gatherings since they met in middle school. Free food and drinks, no way she can turn it down. And of course, there is the one person they will be celebrating.


Kris slightly moves her neck to the side hoping to get the kink out of it. The drop of sweat moves further down her neck and into her cleavage.

When she first took the job, she thought it would always be fast paced, constant running, and ready to bolt at the drop of a hat. She quickly learned that in order to stay ahead she had to be patient and stick to the plan. With years of training, her patience has increased. There is a lot of quick movement and coming up with an alternative plan when the first one goes to shit but all these years have given her valuable skills. Yet right now she wants to get this over with. She wants to go home and shower. Today is different. She is anxious to get through tonight.

Javier lets the word hang between them. He doesn’t want them to start off tonight on a bad note. He wants Kris to have fun, but he has to say something. He has to tell her Ellie’s future plans that could affect both of them. He usually stays out of Kris’ romantic life but when it comes to Ellie, he knows Kris has a soft spot for her. He has to make sure it is strictly platonic.

“What is Javi?” Growing up with him and living together for the past three years has helped her be in tune with his nonverbals. If she didn’t know better, she would think he is nervous. Could her own stress be heard through the static in their mics?

She knows better though. They’ve done much more dangerous missions that have involved a lot more killing in a lot less than ideal situations. From Javier being left behind by the helicopter that was supposed to save him, to finding out a person who hired them to kill his best friend actually set them up, almost costing them their lives. Four years of training together has prepared them for all of that. Their bond has solidified over the years. What could have him sweating now?

“You know it’s for Ellie’s graduation so of course she’ll casino oyna be there.” He waits before continuing. Kris knows where this is going now. Javier hopes she can read between the lines. “She is getting a job in our city and is going to do some apartment hunting.” He finally takes it off his chest.

Oh, Kris was not expecting that.

There it is. Luka’s dark hand unfolds and Kris pulls the trigger. The shot hits her target right in between the eyes.

“Good one.” Javier grabs his laptop, mouth piece, and equipment from the van and runs to a car on the other side of the street.

Kris rushes to put her gun away and runs out of the abandoned room. She runs down the halls, sticking to the same plan they went over time and time again. She’s sure she can do it with her eyes closed. She takes the stairs two at a time. Her rubber boots against the metal staircase follow the same rhythmic pattern she is used to. The car is waiting when she pushes through the back doors. She jumps in and removes her hoodie. She runs a hand through her short hair, she cut it recently, close to her scalp and she loves it. It gives her the edge she has been looking for.

Javier easily maneuvers his way through a tight alley and finally merges into a busy street. The car blends in with all of the other cars in traffic and they finally look at each other.

Kris’ adrenaline is under control but she still feels the rush on the tip of her fingers. She rubs her hand against her scalp again.

“So, Ellie is going to move around here?” She is doing it mostly to get under his skin. But there is a part of her that is genuinely curious. How will she avoid Ellie if she is only a few minutes away?

Ever since they became close friends Javier has always warned Kris that Ellie was off limits. She didn’t mind…at first. Ellie was more like a little sister to her. They both used to pick on her and practice wrestling moves on her when Javier’s mom was at work. Then during Ellie’s senior year something changed. Ellie didn’t hang around them as much. She started to dress differently. Kris couldn’t put her finger on it. She was also busy with her own life, visiting Javi’s house less than she was used to for Ellie’s final year of high school became the new normal. Both her and Javi were away in training for ten months once they graduated.

The last time she saw Ellie was right before she went off to college. Sure, she wasn’t the awkward teen they had to grow up with but she was still very green and not at all Kris’ type. At least that is what she told herself as she kept thoughts of Ellie in the back of her mind. Kris had slept with so many girls by then that she knew what to expect in the bedroom just from the first conversation she had with a girl.

But she knows that just like before, Ellie is off limits and it will remain that way.

Javier can see the wheels turning in Kris’ head. He can’t let her mind wonder and get her in trouble. Ever since Ellie was a senior in high school, he noticed a change in Kris towards Ellie but nothing ever came of it. He just hopes she can keep it that way.

Javier loves Kris and Ellie with his whole heart. He would take a bullet for either one and knows it is his goal to make sure they live a happy life. Which is why Kris has to stay away from her. Ellie is too good and too pure for Kris. Kris is a one-night stand kind of girl and he has seen too many girls leave their apartment crying. If his sister and his best friend ever get involved and it goes bad, he doesn’t know if he will be able to turn his back on Kris. He just has to make sure it never comes to that.

“Keep it in your pants, Reed.” The light tone does nothing to hide his warning.

He must be serious if he’s using her last name.

“Okay, okay.” She takes her boots and changes into sneakers. “I promise to behave tonight. I have my own thing going on anyways. Might be there a little late, which is probably on time.”

Good. She’ll have another girl to distract her before the party.

He makes two more rights and stops the vehicle in front of the black SUV. “You know how my mom gets when she sees you, don’t make her wait too long.”

Kris gives him a quick fist bump and runs out of his car and into her rental. This three hour drive will be good for her mind.


Ellie’s foot taps against the hardwood floor. She can’t stop picking at her white nail polish.

“You’re giving me anxiety just looking at you.” Her mom says from the kitchen. “Why don’t you come help me get some of these plates ready?”

Ellie gets up from the dining room table and huffs. “I don’t want to ruin my hair.”

She looks at her reflection in the mirror located in the center of the wall. Her dirty blonde hair is parted to the side, coming down in perfect waves. She makes sure there is no hair out of place and assures she has plucked her eyebrows to perfection. Her brown eyes are bright and her cheeks are flushed. She knows tonight is going to be big. She hasn’t seen much of Kris in over three years and can’t wait for her to see just how much Ellie has grown. Maybe now she will slot oyna notice her.

All throughout their childhood Ellie has had a big crush on Kris but Kris never batted an eye. To her, Ellie will always be Javier’s little sister. The crush developed as the years passed but no matter how much time Ellie spent with them, Kris kept her distance and looked after her like a relative would. She thinks back to how she tried getting Kris’ attention her senior year of high school by dressing differently and ignoring her like her friend suggested but nothing worked. Kris and Javier got a job, moved in together and forgot all about her.

Tonight, she is going to determine if her feelings for Kris were really a childhood crush or if they are as real as they felt. Ellie knows Javi is protective of her but who better to date his sister than his own best friend? She shakes her head. She is getting ahead of herself.

With one final sigh she goes into the kitchen and helps her mom set up. She needs to work off some of this stress. The sweat is starting to pool under her arms.

She wishes she could have been blessed with her mother’s dark hair and dark eyes like Javi but instead she got her father’s fair complexion and light features. Nothing like the girls she has seen Kris with when her brother posts pictures on his social media. She knows Kris usually goes for the more experienced girls that have more…assets…but she hopes that maybe once she sees her tonight, Kris will change her mind. Maybe she will be inclined to give Ellie a chance if she sees how pretty Ellie has gotten.

Her mother starts yelling something in Spanish to her father who is in the living room watching a soccer game. He yells some more and they’re going back and forth until the front door opens.

Ellie rushes to see Javi walk in by himself. Even with her disappointment she rushes to him and hugs him tight. It has been too long since they’ve seen each other. His dark blue shirt hugs his biceps. With the face he was given and the body that he has worked out for, Ellie knows her brother is a self-certified man whore. She just hopes Kris isn’t the same way.

Back in high school Kris dated a lot of the girls on the softball team and even had girls fighting over her but hopefully that was just a phase. Maybe she is different now and is looking for something serious. From the little that Javi tells her though Ellie doesn’t think so. Kris hasn’t had any meaningful relationships throughout all of these years. Maybe it is about time that changes.

He pulls back to look at his baby sister and rubs her hair. “Nice dress, Ellie belly. No one here to impress though.” She is growing up too fast.

She pushes his hand away from her head and smooths the wrinkles out of her white and gold dress. “It’s my graduation celebration, of course I’m going all out.” She wants to ask for Kris but knows her brother will not like that so she goes back to the kitchen. Kris will get here when she gets here.

He watches her leave and sits down next to his dad. “Who’s winning?” In the back of his head he knows he has to keep an eye on her. She doesn’t look like the little girl she was when they sent her off to college. Kris better keep her promise.

“Hola, Javier. So nice to see you, aren’t you going to say hi?” His mother comes from the kitchen and he gets up to hug her. “Now go get the back yard ready. The tables are out they just need to be moved and the speaker needs to be set up.” She kisses his cheek and pinches his chin. No matter how old he gets, she will always baby him.

“Yes, ma.”

People start walking in through the doors around eight pm. All of the aunts, uncles, cousins, family friends, and even some neighbors start filling up the house. They all bring beers, alcohol, and white envelopes for Ellie. She greets every one of them with a warm hug.

She decides to have a couple of beers with some of her older cousins who start to give her unsolicited advice about being a grown up. Some agree that moving out is a good thing while others think because she is a girl she should wait until she finds a man to take care of her. She drinks some more to get through the rest of the conversations.

The dishes start to come out of the kitchen and the music starts to blast. She splits her time up between the people outside in the backyard and the others who decide to stay in the house where there is AC. Her eyes keep going back to the front door but with each passing hour the disappointment stacks on her chest.

Just when she can’t take it anymore the door opens. It’s almost eleven by the time Kris waltzes in.

Ellie is talking to one of her favorite cousin’s, Perla, by the kitchen counter. Her mouth slightly opens at the sight of her.

Kris is wearing a black button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up to her elbows. The tattoos and defined muscles on her forearms capture Ellie’s gaze. She has definitely been working out. Her skin is also darker than before, she must be getting a lot of sun. Whereas before her skin was a light russet color, now it looks dark and rich against her skin. She’s wearing black canlı casino siteleri jeans and dark boots. She has finally cut down her hair the way she always wanted to since she was in high school. Her dark eyes match her dark features. She looks sexy. Ellie ignores what Perla says and walks straight to Kris. This is what she has been waiting for.

“Elena.” Kris leans in to hug her. She uses Ellie’s full name to annoy her.

“Kristen.” Ellie bites back and hugs her close. The butterflies in her stomach are wreaking havoc. So much for a little high school crush.

“Let me get a good look at you.” The tone is playful but it is hard to miss the glint of appreciation in Kris’ eyes. Ellie has seen that look on a lot of boys in college and although she never gave them much thought, she is flattered that Kris is affected the same way.

Kris tries to cover up the desire behind a cool smile. Ellie is no longer Javi’s little sister. She is a young woman who has blossomed in all of the right places. Kris lets go of her arms when she sees Javier making his way to them from the corner of her eyes. If there is anyone in the room she is in tune with, she is glad it is her best friend.

“Glad you could make it, Reed.” Javier doesn’t hide the warning in his tone. He has seen that look on Kris plenty of times. He never thought he would have to guard his little sister against it. But he did prepare for it tonight.

“I bring tequila.” She slaps Javi’s back and moves away from them.

Everyone cheers when they see Kris with the tequila raised over her head. She knows what the people like and they know she likes to party. The music turns up higher and the shot glasses come out.

“Don’t do anything stupid, Elena.” Javier warns.

Just before she went off to college, Ellie almost came clean to Javier about her feelings for Kris. He shut her down before she could even start. He doesn’t want Ellie to get hurt, and he wants Kris to be happy with someone of her own caliber. It hurt Ellie and she thought he would change his mind but she sees that is not the case.

“Not you too.” She groans.

Her mother knows how much she has liked Kris and tried to warn her about dating someone who was so …experienced. At least she doesn’t care that Ellie is into girls. Her father isn’t thrilled but she is his baby girl, so the only thing he could do is love her. She also doesn’t outright say she is strictly into girls, so he has hope.

Ellie turns away from Javi and follows Kris to the kitchen. He grabs her wrist and forces her to face him.

“She is off limits.” He still sees the determination in her eyes so he goes for a different angle. “She literally just got back from hooking up with some random chick she met at a bar.” The hurt behind Ellie’s eyes wash him with guilt and he sighs. “I’m just looking out for you.”

She nods and walks away from the kitchen.


By five in the morning most of the party has died down.

People are finally leaving with any leftovers they can find. Others are in the living room listening to the classics while sipping on hard liquor, her father in the middle of it all. Ellie’s mom is in the kitchen prepping some soup for the people who are still here and some coffee for anyone who is still sober. Ellie is in the backyard sitting on the porch steps waiting for the sun to rise.

“Elena.” Kris is standing right behind her.

All night she has stayed away from Ellie and has kept her promise to her best friend. It’s been hard but she did it. Now that he’s gone, she knows she can at least talk to her without feeling like she’s being watched. Javier is too over protective.

Even when they were younger Ellie would beg to hang out with them or asked to be invited to their sleepovers but Javier wouldn’t give in. He would call her annoying, make her cry, or just down right refuse to do something if he knew his little sister was going. He acted as any teenage older brother would. But even then, he was the only one who could pick on her. Anyone else who did it had to answer to him.

“Thank you for gracing me with your presence.” Ellie’s tone is dry.

Kris has spent the whole night ignoring her and now she wants to talk to her? Ellie won’t give her the satisfaction.

Kris comes to sit down next to Ellie. When Ellie makes a move to get up Kris places a hand on her thigh. Ellie can’t fight the flames that ignite just below her belly at the feeling of Kris’ hand on her bare thigh. She meets her dark eyes with hesitation.

“Why have you been pouting all night?” Kris removes her hand from Ellie’s thigh before she does something stupid. The liquor is coursing through her bloodstream.

“I didn’t think you noticed.” Ellie is lost in her eyes. They’re so dark and mysterious.

Kris has always been a mystery to Ellie. She was raised by her father and never really talks about her mom. She has always had this rough look about her that makes Ellie really nervous to be so close to her. The intensity in her eyes awakens the sleeping butterflies in her stomach. Each flap of their wings leaves an echoing rumble in their wake. They always have. Since the first time Kris came over to their house after school. Right after Kris and Javier fought the school bully because he was picking on Kris, the new girl. The gay girl. Ellie never had a chance.

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