Pleasure in Denial Ch. 07

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A continuing story of lesbian seduction, awakening, control, and intense edging. In this chapter, Julia and Felicity explore their limits.


When I woke up I could see through the shutters it was already light outside and the sun was shining. I looked at the clock. 11:45. Wow. Yet despite having slept for over 9 hours, somehow I felt agitated. Gradually the events of the previous 2 days unfurled in my mind and my ever-present background level of sexual arousal began to make itself known. Then through the mist of my half-awake state, I heard a voice.

“You look beautiful when you’re asleep.”

I rolled over in the big bed in the direction of the voice. “Good morning Flix, how long have you been here next to me?”

“About 4 hours. I couldn’t sleep so I thought being in bed with you might help.”

“Did it?”

“Yes, thank you, I did get some sleep. But it was also lovely to hear your soft breathing, to feel the bed move when you did. And to watch your gorgeous naked body.”

“Why couldn’t you sleep? It was very late when we said goodnight.”

“Why do you think?”


“Very. And thinking about what happened, or rather what didn’t happen last night.”

“Orgasm Denial?”

“Yes. The almost-but-not-quite. You see, I tried it in the night. More than once. Even when I was here lying next to you, I tried playing with my clit and then stopping.


“Actually I loved it. But I’ll need some help before I can go as far as you did.”

“Really intense edging comes with practice. You get to know your own body.”

“But Julia I want you to get to know my body. To push my limits. I love it when … you’re in control.”

I propped myself up on one elbow and looked at Felicity. She looked ravishing. She was wearing a grey satin camisole top and matching French knickers. “I suppose I bought this set for you too?”

“I hope you like it.”

“I do yes. Is there anything else I’ve paid for but not seen yet?”

Felicity looked coy. “Might be.”

I rolled over and kissed her full on the lips. She yielded to me and her mouth seemed to melt. Her tongue danced with mine and she wrapped her arms around me. I slid a hand under the front of her cami top and it easily covered a small boob. Her breast felt wonderfully firm, sitting high on her ribcage. I felt its nipple grow and harden as I brushed my hand over it, then I paid the same compliment to the other breast and got the same reaction. Felicity began to moan softly, muffled by my kisses, and started to move her hips. Reluctantly I left her boobs and moved my hand down towards the greater prize. Sliding it inside the top of her knickers I probed between her legs and she immediately spread them wide. Responding to the invitation, I brushed a fingertip over her swollen outer labia and she almost bit my tongue off.

She tried to push me away, insisting “No, please no. Not there. Tooo much. Too horny” but I held onto her. Sliding my hand lower, I found I could easily fit two fingers between her wet, parted inner lips.

“Oh my, sweet one, you are in a state aren’t you!”

Felicity took in a long deep breath and reinforced my observation: “I’m looking forward to today but I think it’s going to be difficult.”

“Yes, Flix. It will. Very difficult,” I confirmed, “and you don’t even know what the plan is yet.”

Felicity shuddered. “Plan?”

“Yes. We’re going to spend a lovely day together. You can choose where we go, what we do. Maybe the beach, or a walk in the hills. Going out, staying in, whatever you want. My only stipulation is that, several times during the day, when I feel like it and wherever we happen to be at the time, I will arouse you sexually in some way.”

“So you get to play with my clit in public, tease me senseless, and I mustn’t come at all, right?”

“Right! Well, not quite that stark. I have other ways …”

“And I have to keep you buzzin’ too, but not make you come either?”

“Obligatory, my pretty.”

I released her from my arms and she curled up like a frightened child. In a shaky voice, talking as much to herself as to me, she said: “I don’t think I’m going to be able to do this. I can’t see how I’m going to get through the day.”

“You will, my little slut. You will.”

“I am your obedient slut, to use as you wish, Miss Julia.”

“Good girl!”

Felicity hugged me close and pressed her groin into my thigh but I pulled away.

“No, Flix, you need to learn to wait.”

She whimpered audibly, and rolled over with her back to me. I quietly left her, threw on my navy-blue silk robe and prepared a simple breakfast for us on the terrace. The day was already hot and the sky was a cloudless blue.

The bedroom door clicked. I looked up, and watched, captivated, as Felicity walked slowly towards me. She was still wearing ‘her’ grey cami top, and the matching knickers which had a very obvious wet patch at the front. Her nipples poked at the delicate fabric and made themselves delightfully obvious. She looked absolutely stunning and if she thought casino oyna the day was going to be difficult for her, she was not the only one. She had her hair pulled back and, when she sat down, I realised she’d put the purple thong ‘scrunchie’ back in her hair. She saw that I’d noticed, and smiled.

We ate together, mostly in silence, Felicity obviously deep in thought. She consumed copious amounts of cereals, bread, fruit, yoghurt, and pastries. Looking at her slim figure, I didn’t know where she put it all and how she kept so slim.

Then she began to ponder: “I don’t know the island but I know the kind of things I like to do; going on the beach, walking along the seafront, clambering up cliffs … drinking, when I can get served that is. I wish I looked older. Dancing, partying, showing off. Shopping.”

“We’re going to be busy bodies today Flix! Beach first?”

Seductively sucking the last of the honey off her fingers she smiled in agreement. “I’ll take a shower and put on a nice bikini for you.”

“The purple bandeau one you were wearing when we first met was nice, but are you implying I have a choice?”

“Sadly not. It’s the only one I have. Unless you’re offering to buy me one today?”

“Well, little miss shopping junkie I think I’ve bought you quite enough clothes already.”

Felicity pouted and muttered: “More than you know.”

“Come on, what else did we buy that I don’t know about?”

She was beginning to look awkward. “I’d rather not say. Can I just promise I’ll wear everything at least once before I have to get on the boat tomorrow … please?”

“Hmmm, yes, we need to talk about the boat, and getting your phone back. But today we can hit the beach for an hour or two then get some lunch.” Now go and get undressed. Do as you’re told!”

“Yes, Miss Julia,” she replied, a hint of sarcasm in her voice. Then, standing directly in front of me she pulled the cami top up and over her head in one fluid movement then pulled the shorts down to her ankles and stepped out of them. As a finale, she turned her back to me, moved her feet slightly apart and with straight legs she stooped very low from the hips to pick them up, almost low enough that she could probably touch her forehead on her shins if she tried.

“Flix, I was quite impressed how, when you bent forwards yesterday, you could easily hold your ankles, but I didn’t realise you were that flexible.”

“You’ll see,” she taunted.

“Well I know what I can see now, and so do you – you know exactly what view you’re giving me, you little tease!” and I gave her a playful slap on her bum. She flinched a little but didn’t object.

“Has Felicity been a naughty girl?”

“Not nearly naughty enough,” I chided, and slapped the other cheek. “Now go and get ready, I want to see you in that bikini again.”

Felicity looked over her shoulder and blew me a kiss as she returned to the safe sanctuary of her suite. This was going to be quite a day.


We held hands as we walked the short distance to a nice private serviced beach nearby. I’d lent her a long flowing sarong which she had wrapped around her hips and she looked gorgeous. The hint of mystery it added to her scantily-clad body only made her look more desirable, as did the shoes with the three-inch heels she’d agreed to wear again, not what one would normally wear to the beach.

For myself I’d chosen a rather classy leotard-style one-piece swimsuit in dark green. It was cut very high on the hips and low at the back, but covered me all the way up the front to my collarbone. It had no lining or cups and I loved the way it looked and how the stretch fabric clung to my curves. Felicity said it made me look like a French high-fashion glossy magazine model from the 80s. I took that as a compliment.

We settled on loungers under one of those tacky straw beach parasols and a very attractive waitress in a short black skirt and tight white cropped tee took our drinks order. She apologised that she couldn’t serve us with alcohol as Felicity didn’t have any ID and was, in her opinion, ‘unlikely to be 18’. Felicity didn’t argue and we ordered long, cold alcohol-free cocktails.

We chatted about all sorts of things and got onto the subject of childhood holidays. She described endless boring days trudging around crowded cities with her mother and brothers, and on the rare occasions they went to the beach, her mother’s obsession with putting masses of opaque sunscreen all over any exposed skin. “I didn’t object to the idea but it’s the way she slathered it on. Devoid of any empathy. Gave me the creeps. I hated having her touch my body until eventually she conceded I was old enough to put my own on. Even now I have a phobia about anyone else rubbing creams on my skin.”

Felicity obviously noticed the way I was looking at her and continued: “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” and she took the bottle I’d brought with me out of my straw bag and handed it to me.

I had Felicity sit sideways on her lounger, back to me, and I began to massage the expensive cream into her arms, slot oyna shoulders and neck. She made encouraging noises, so I moved down her back. “Am I giving you the creeps?” I asked her and she assured me not at all. The opposite, she said.

When I reached the top of her bikini bottoms, she swivelled round and lay on her front. I smoothed cream all the way down the backs, outsides and insides of her long, delectable legs. Unsure if she’d be ticklish, I massaged some into her feet. She didn’t say anything but she seemed to be enjoying it, judging by how she was grinding her hips into the lounger in circles and letting out little moans of pleasure. She kicked up her feet and I paid attention to the gaps between her toes (OK, so maybe the sun never gets there) and she let out the occasional squeal.

“I bet your mum never did that,” I suggested, and she giggled. “You do a lot of things to me that my mum never did,” and we both laughed. The atmosphere was relaxed and fun and we were surrounded by happy people enjoying the hot weather. Music was playing, just audible above the evocative sounds of the waves on the shore and groups of beautiful people chatting, laughing, joking. What a lovely way to spend some time.

Felicity raised her bum slightly and I got the message. Squeezing copious amounts onto the palms of both hands, I began to massage her tight round cheeks. Were they faint pink handprints on her pale skin? I mused. As I worked, the fabric of her bikini nestled into her bum crack. She spread her legs slightly apart and I slid my hands inside her soft pale upper thighs, remembering how I’d noticed her significant thigh gap when I first saw her.

Suddenly she reached behind her and grabbed my wrist, pulling my hand away, and rolled over onto her back. Julia, stop. People are looking at us.”

“Indeed they are, I agreed, “But have you noticed something?”

“What …”

“They are all female. This is a women-only beach.”

Felicity looked around. “I’d kind of noticed but it didn’t really register. I had clocked that quite a few are topless and there seems to be a lot of preening and posing going on. So what the heck,” at which Felicity sat upright eased her bandeau from her titties and pulled it off over her head. She looked down, then looked at me with a cheeky smile on her face. “Gonna need some more sun-cream on there!”

I creamed all of her front and she obviously enjoyed the attention I paid to her little boobs. I found them fascinating, their shape and of course their feel. I was getting to know how her generous areole shrank in diameter and puckered forwards as her nipples grew into long extended cones when erect, forming an almost seamless continuation of her conical boobs, even more so when she leaned forward or was on all-fours. Wonderful. I so wanted to suck them, but the beach was not the place for that.

Felicity didn’t object so I slid my hands lower and soon I was stroking her pussy through the thin material of her bikini. She moaned quietly and gyrated her pelvis, stopping only briefly when her body froze as I reached deep between her legs. She didn’t resist so I slipped a finger inside the taut material and found the soft warm flesh of her outer lips. I stroked her there for a while, delighted at how they gradually swelled and parted so that the purple stretch fabric concealed less and less until her downy hair-covered lips were completely exposed.

Felicity let out a long quiet ‘Mmmmmm’ when I hooked two fingers of my free hand inside the top edge of her bikini bottoms and pulled upwards, knowing exactly how that would feel to her, and predictably she started to rock her pelvis again, effectively pantie-frigging herself against the tight fabric that was now buried deep into her pussy crack. I looked down into her eyes and they looked wild.

After 2 or 3 minutes of subtle hip-rocking and quiet moaning she suddenly pulled up her legs to her chest. “Gotta stop, gotta stop” she insisted through gritted teeth and reluctantly I let go of her swimwear. She stretched out on the lounger, legs wide apart and let out a long wavering sigh; her eyes were tight shut. I knew what she was fighting. Two women in their thirties who’d been watching us through huge sunglasses smiled and turned away.

“Sorry but, well, you know, I couldn’t. I had to stop there. But it felt so good,” Felicity confirmed whilst she tidied up the purple material between her legs then announced: “Your turn now Julia.”

How could I refuse?

Slowly she creamed all of my back and the sensual touch of her hands on my skin was out of this world. She was less bold between my legs as I had been with her, which was probably a good thing. But by the time she’d finished – she didn’t rush – I was feeling highly hornified and my pussy was aching for any kind of touch. Best to keep it that way, I mused. Felicity got the message when eventually I clamped my thighs together and purred in her ear “Save it for later”. If there was any woman in this world might, just might break my self-control, she was her.

We basked in the hot mid-day sun, lounged canlı casino siteleri in the shade of our brolly, read some of the glossy magazines thoughtfully provided by the beach owners, absorbed the sights, sounds and smell of the beach, and we people-watched. We played that game of guess-the-relationship between pairs of women. Some were of similar ages, some very different. Felicity was good at working out who was the domme, who was sub. Others just appeared to be pairs of friends enjoying the absence of leering males. There were some larger groups too, of 3 or more who nonetheless seemed very comfortably intimate together. We pointed out who we each thought had the nicest hair, eyes, lips, feet and of course bodies. Felicity also quite liked that there were no guys for a change, explaining how she felt she was being admired, not ogled at … not lusted after, except by me of course.

Eventually she announced she was hungry so we stopped by the beach showers and towelled each other dry. Instead of putting her bikini top back on she’d wrapped her sarong around her torso just under her armpits and this drew lots of admiring glances. I called her a show-off.

“Complaining?” she taunted.

“Not at all,” I replied, put my arm round her waist and pulled her against my side as we walked.

“Well we both survived that, but it was a close thing, certainly for me,” Felicity explained.

“Was for me too. How did it feel for you, Flix. Exciting? Frustrating? Annoying?”

“Defo exciting. And, yeah, like, I’m getting to understand the enjoyment that you can get from the frustration.” She paused for a moment. “I like it, Julia. it’s quite a thrill. Especially knowing I was being watched but not acknowledging it, like it was a big secret.”

“You’re such a sweetheart, Flix!”

It was her idea that we go back to the apartment, picking up some food on the way for a late lunch on the terrace. Then as we downed the last of a rather nice bottle of imported white wine she suggested we take a walk up into the hills behind the town.

“Yeah, good idea” I agreed. “It’ll be cooler there. The afternoon heat’s getting to me.”

True to character, Felicity’s first priority was: “I need to decide what to wear!” and I felt one of her fashion shows coming on.

“Give me a few choices” I proposed and she disappeared into her room. I heard the shower running and shortly she reappeared clutching several garments. Some I recognised, some I didn’t. What was more surprising that she was wearing a bra. Actually a very sexy black bra, and matching knickers. Which I’d had paid for, obviously. The bra was the sort that I say: ‘looks best on a woman who doesn’t need one’. It was very sheer and unstructured, made of delicate lace, thin mesh panels and with strategic flower motifs that just about hid her nipples but not much else. The knickers were similar in design and were equally ineffective in hiding her most precious secrets.

Felicity lay out the various outfits on the leather sofas. There was the stretchy crop top, the triangle choker top, the white flared skirt, the tight leggings, the ultra-short cream dress, black tube dress and the plum-coloured criss-cross dress, none of which really lent itself to wearing over a bra, and that bra was so sensual it seemed criminal to ask her to take it off. Then she held up a white cotton dress that was very simple, and not revealing at all, which wasn’t Felicity’s thing at all. But then she slipped it on and I realised it was almost totally see-through so her lingerie underneath was very obvious, and when she stood near the windows and the sun shone through from behind her you could see her legs in silhouette.

“Perfect!” I opined. “You’ll look stunning amongst the olive groves in that.”

But to my surprise she pulled it back off over her head. “Aren’t you going to wear that?” I asked, somewhat disappointed, but she suggested first we should choose her outfits for the rest of the day.

“When we get back from the olive groves and go out for cocktails I’ll wear this triangle top with this skirt. Later I thought we’d pick up some street-food then go on to a club so the grey clingy crop top would look good with these” and she held up the silver leggings .”Then tomorrow I can wear some of the dresses?”

When she stopped chattering and twirling and preening, she looked at me and asked if I was OK. I must have looked a bit not-OK.

“Yes, yes, I’m fine, I’m just a bit overwhelmed by all this lovely stuff, and by you and your zeal for life.”

“You look horny, Julia.”

“I am,” I assured her, “Very, and it’s distracting.”

“Then maybe I shouldn’t …”

“Shouldn’t what?”

“I thought you might like to see some of my positions?”

My mind was racing!


“Yes, from my dance training. You noticed how bendy I am … so …”

I said I’d love to and Felicity did some classic limbering-up stretches first. Then, still in just the soft bra and knickers, she showed off just how flexible she is. As she bent, leaned, balanced and curled she explained she’d been dancing since she was 4 and still exercised regularly. She looked stunning and when she demonstrated the bridge position my mind was full of possibilities. And her knickers were full of an obviously very aroused and swollen pussy.

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