Poker was the Start

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Yes, every guy in college wants sex, and yes, not every guy in college gets it. This is life, take it or leave it. This fact doesn’t prevent guys from trying, and yes sometimes they do get a prize.

It was a Friday night at 10 o’clock. Peter, John and Barry stayed in a flat close to the college. They were drinking, not excessively, just a few ciders. Peter is 18, well build, brown eyes, brown hair and have most probably lost his virginity a while back. John is 18 as well, has black hair and green eyes and is slightly overweight. He has a touch with women and date regularly. Barry is skinny, 18 and normal. Barry is conservative and a virgin. He masturbates quite often to relief his lack of sex. These 3 friends are just having a quite night, as they will be going out later to a pub or maybe a club.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door and it was John’s girl friend, Alice with 3 of her friends. Alice was like the typical Barbie doll, with long blond hair. She introduce her friends; Amanda, Belinda and Samantha. Belinda was a long legged redhead, dressed in a sexy mini. Amanda was a blonde-haired person with small breasts in a black classy outfit. Samantha was shy, full figured, short blonde hair and wearing loose fitted clothes.

They were visiting them as to pass time before they all went to a club close by. The guys offer them drinks and they start chatting. It was all just good fun and every one felt relaxed.

They started to play cards, poker to be specific. Peter had many pennies and we played for about an hour. It was clear that Barry and Samantha were either lucky or good players. Once it was just Barry and Samantha left the group, decide to stop.

“Lets make it more interesting,” said John

“Lets play with clothes instead of pennies,” John continued.

Silence, complete silence until Belinda said, “I’m in.”

Slowly everyone but Barry and Samantha agreed.

“Come on Barry, it will be fun,” Peter said.

“Just strip poker, no funnies after you have lost,” Peter continued

“Ok,” Barry said, thinking that he should not lose.

“Samantha, it’s just you, come on girl friend,” said Amanda

“No funnies after you have lost, ok I’m in,” Samantha said softly

The game started and soon Peter was losing, with in five rounds he just had his boxer shorts on, Alice still had panties, bra and top on, Amanda had the same as Alice on, Belinda just bra and panties, Samantha still fully clothed, John boxers and t-shirt and Barry still fully clothed. All 3 guys actually were enjoying the game, even Barry. He was looking at Belinda’s breasts. Samantha was looking at Peter’s groin.

Then Belinda lost and she drops her bra. She had great round breasts and John was looking intensely at them. All 3 guys were hard. Barry was also staring.

“Stop staring at Belinda’s breasts John! “said Alice, but she was teasing not really angry.

“Let him look girl friend,” said Belinda.

“I’m not shy,” Belinda said winking.

The level of the game has just gone up. Then it was Peter who lost and after seeing Belinda’s sexy breasts, he new this could be embarrassing. He slipped his boxers off and there it was 6 inches erect and cut. Amanda smiled and a shiver went through her body. Samantha looked and blushes. Nobody was saying anything.

“Peter you are out of the game for now, but you must remain naked until the end of the game,” John said.

Peter tries to hide his hard one but it was difficult. He did not want to touch it, because that would excite him even more. Alice lost casino siteleri and removes her lace panties to everyone’s surprise. She still had her top and bra on. Johns cock grew quite a bit as Alice’s blond patch became visible. You could hear a penny drop.

“Very brave, really very brave,” said Peter.

Alice lost again and this time her top came off. Amanda lost and slips her bra off under her top. Having small perky breasts, that was a clever move. The suspense were killing Peter, he was hoping to see more skin. Amanda lost again and slipped her blue top off, leaving her topless. Every one was looking, sipping their drink as the group was more exposed.

Therefore, here was John, just in white boxers and a t-shirt. Belinda just in tiny black panties. Alice as well just in sexy red panties. Peter naked with a hard one out of the game. Amanda just in a white G-string. Yes and then the 2 fully clothed people Barry and Samantha.

John lost and decided to be brave and removed his boxers first. Sitting there just in a green t-shirt with a bigger erection than Peter.

“Stop looking at his cock, Belinda!” Alice was saying.

“Let her look,” John said

Amanda lost the next round and was the second person to be completely naked and out of the game. She had a clean-shaven pussy. It looked great.

“Well 2 are out, remember you have to stay like that to the end,” Belinda said.

“Who is hungry? ” Peter asked.

Everyone felt they could do with some food and Peter got up to go and make some. As he stand up his full manhood was now visible. All the girls were looking.

“Since I am not in the game anymore ill go and help,” Amanda said

“As long as both of you stay naked, it’s ok with me,” John said.

Sounds of laughing and giggles were heard from the kitchen. Everyone was wondering what was going on in the kitchen between Peter and Amanda.

Belinda lost the next round and she was out of the game. A red landing strip was visible just above her pussy. John lost the next round and removed his t-shirt. He was out as well. That meant 3 were remaining. Alice lost and off came the red panties.

“Well that leaves just the 2 of you,” Alice said pointing at Barry and Samantha.

“I have to go to the toilet, John please show me,” Alice said and smiled.

“I need to go as well,” said Belinda

“Ok ladies I’ll show you were it is,” John said as the 3 naked persons got up and walk upstairs.

It was an arousing site

The sounds from the kitchen were not of laughter anymore, more of moaning. It was however now sounds of laughter and fun from the toilet.

That left Barry and Samantha alone. They look at each other not saying a word. Ten minutes passed and now the toilet had moaning sounds.

During this whole game, Barry’s attention was on not losing and on the people that did loose clothes. Now for the first time he looked at Samantha. He actually found her appealing. Her soft friendly inviting eyes and fuller figure was actually very attractive. He also realised that he likes her because she was not as forward as the other girls were.

Samantha had a similar feeling. She realised that this guy, Barry was not bad looking, was friendly and handsome and did not partake in any sexual comments. The fact that he was skinny was a bonus too.

“Let’s get out of here and get a drink, Samantha,” Barry said.

“Great idea, I could do with some fresh air,” Samantha answered while smiling.

She got here bag, and they walked out of the front door. Barry slot oyna realised as he looked at her walking in front of him that this girl is very attractive. Although he was skinny, this girl had the right curves, which he adored. They took the underground to a pub. Samantha was looking at Barry without him knowing it. She likes what she is seeing. He had an open face and appealing eyes and hands. They got to the pub and it was not very busy. They actually sat at the bar counter and the barman came up to them.

“What can I get you and your girl?” he asked.

My girl, my girl was all that went through Barry’s mind.

“What would you like Samantha?” Barry asked

“Some vodka and orange juice will be fine thanks,” Samantha said looking straight into Barry’s eyes.

He did not correct the barman Samantha thought and it actually felt good to be called someone’s girl.

“It’s nice to sit here with a lady that I actually can talk to, and I enjoy your company. Do you have a boyfriend?’ Barry asked looking into her eyes seeing her prominent features of her face.

“I must say I don’t get out that often and then definitely not with a guy, so that tells you that I have no boyfriend,” Samantha replied, blushing a bit.

Barry said smiling, “Well you are a beautiful woman and guys are stupid if they don’t date you. I would like to get to know you better.”

Barry’s heart was racing. Samantha could not belief what she is hearing.

“I would love to get to know you better too, Barry,” she said softly.

Barry then got up pull her closer and gives her a soft kiss. That felt so good. Samantha’s heart was racing too. A kiss, not just a kiss, a perfect kiss. She wanted more and opened her soft mouth. Barry was in heaven as he feels her mouth open and tasted its warmth. Her lips felt so good. Samantha pushed her willing tongue into his mouth and Barry could feel his cock jumping. Samantha whole body was shivering. She actually got goose bumps.

“Wow that was perfect!” Samantha said, smiling into his eyes.

“Well it was perfect for me too. Lets go for a walk,” Barry replied, taking her hand, leaving there drinks and a few pounds and walk out.

They were walking through the park just opposite the pub.

“I have never felt like this before about someone,” Barry said

“Me too,” Samantha replied.

“I don’t want this evening to end,” She continiued.

“Neither do I,” Barry said softly, kissing her again and this time feeling her big breasts pressing against his chest.

He smelled her perfume and kissed her in her neck.

“I life alone, you want to have a drink at my flat?” Samantha said.

“I love to!” he replied.

Barry thought being alone her in her flat that is so exciting.

They got to her flat and it was ordinary yet classy. Samantha pours them each a glass of wine and they sat next to each other.

“You know I have not date often and I am not experienced, but if you are patient I try my best,” Barry said.

“It’s the same for me, I really like you Barry, I want to be with you,” Samantha said.

“Please stay with me tonight,” she continued smiling.

Barry stood up and sat next to her. They started kissing, if possible with more passion than before. He licked her ears on the outside and inside.

“Touch me please,” Samantha whispered.

Barry touched her breasts through her top. They were big, round and fantastic. These were the first breasts Barry has ever touched and it felt awesome. Samantha has never allowed any one to touch canlı casino siteleri her breasts and it felt great, shivers went through her body. She touches Barry back and loved the fact that he was just muscle and no fat. Samantha pulled back and took her top off.

“You know those are the best looking breasts I have seen tonight,” Barry said.

“I always wanted to show them to a guy but it never felt right, until now,” Samantha replied.

Barry touches them and he felt her big nipples reacting. Samantha loved the attention.

“Take my bra off, please,” she whispered seductively.

Barry struggled but got if off. His cock must have jumped two inches.

“Samantha you are incredible beautiful!” Barry said softly in her ear.

He started to kiss and suck on them. Samantha’s great legs opened involuntary. She slipped her skirt off and a plain white cotton panty was visible.

“Oh Barry touch me down here, I really want that!” she said showing her hand to her pussy.

Barry thought he was going to come in his pants, but somehow manage not too. He softly traces her panty line and then felt her wet, very wet pussy through her panty. Samantha was now moaning load.

“Take them off Barry!!” she moaned.

Barry shivered and took them off exposing her neatly trimmed blond bush.

“Wow you look divine Samantha!” Barry said as he starts rubbing her pussy, feeling her clit.

Samantha was kissing him, drinking out of his mouth while he was playing over her swollen lips.

“Barry I want to go all the way!” she said trusting her hips up towards his hand.

“I’m yours, my cherry is yours, please Barry!!!” Samantha moaned.

Barry could not belief what he heard, that now he had the opportunity to loose his virginity. It was not just too any girl, it was the right girl. With the control that he had, he decided to taste her first. He kissed her pussy, which was so wet. Samantha was in lust. Barry entered her with his tongue and finds her gspot. She pushed him away quickly took off his shirt and pants. She saw his big cock straining against his boxers. She slipped it off.

“Wow that’s the best cock I have seen tonight!”she said touching his 6 inch hard uncut cock.

“I want that in me Barry, right now!!” she continued

“I don’t want to hurt you, Samantha I’ll be gentle,” he said as he positioned himself at her entrance.

“The only way you are going to hurt me is if you don’t fuck me!!” she moaned.

Barry slipped his cock in, just the head. Her pussy warmth was intense.

“Go deeper, please!!” she said, as she trusts her hips upwards.

Then all of a sudden Barry was in, right through the maidenhead and he knew that was where he wanted to be. Samantha actually did not feel any real pain. Samantha knew that her long waiting to loose he virginity was worthwhile. Barry start moving in her tight pussy and no masturbation match that pleasure.

“Come with me stud!!” Samantha drooled.

“I want your come in me,” she whispered and then she was coming.

“Yesssss, fuck,…….. mmmm, oh my…!!!” she shouts while coming.

“Shit …..SAMANTHA……mmmmm yessss!!!” Barry shouted as he erupted in her.

He lied next to her still with his cock deep in her.

“Stay with me tonight, I need you,” Samantha replied.

The next morning Barry woke up to a very arousing feeling in his groin. Samantha was sucking his cock. Her full lips were working his hard cock.

“Oh baby, that feels fantastic,” Barry said

“I want to play strip poker again, but there are two additional rules,” Samantha said smiling.

“Firstly just you and me and secondly after one of us loses all our clothes, there must definitely be other requests!”

Samantha said winking at Barry.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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