Police academy

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Sorry about how thorough this story is, true stories aren’t near as hardcore as the stuff most of you write, but there is real sex.

My name is Devin, I was turning 15 in a month. I had medium brown hair, pretty long in the front but not long in the back, which looked really good on me. Gray eyes, 5’7, 110 pounds.. Pretty average all over. I was attending a month long police academy. It was my second year, so I helped with a lot of demonstrations to teach the class,but I was still a student.

The third day of the month we investigated a murder. Once my group was done interviewing, investigating, analyzing and interrogating we went to a courthouse with a real judge and real lawyers.

I remember the room being extremely cold, and sitting on pews for 4 hours made it boring, which made the chilled air feel like Antarctica. This was early July, so of course it was nice at first but.. We couldn’t stand it!

Eventually I could not take it anymore and moved over in my pew next to smother student, Carter. He was probably around 5’11, mid 15, 140 pounds. He had very dark short brown hair, and blue eyes that could blind me. At this point I didn’t think I had an interest in boys, not until a few days later.

He didn’t seem to mind, eventually once we won our case we lined up in the hallway, Carter behind me.

Then, I felt a hand gently glide over my butt. “Sorry!” I heard him say. A few seconds later he leaned in and whispered “Did you like that?” “Huh?” I asked, not knowing what to say. “Court.” He laughed. “Oh..um..yeah, it was alright I guess..” “I thought it was pretty boring.” He started. “I preferred Tuesday when we were clearing dark buildings and stuff.” He said, we smiled at each other, and I felt chills run down my spine, but I didn’t know why.

“ALRIGHT!” Yelled the chief of police. “WE’RE ABOUT TO GO GET PIZZA AND GO BOWLING! REMEMBER, WHO ARE WE REPRESENTING!?” He boomed. “The police department.” We all said, much quieter. “Good, lets get on the bus! We only have 3 hours left!”

We got to a restaurant that only makes pizza, it was extremely famous around where I lived, especially for making crazy pizzas like chocolate chip, or s’mores, and somehow making it taste good.

“Hey! Lets have a pizza eating contest” Carter said loud enough for the entire class of 20 to hear.

I sat at a table with Carter, my older illegal bahis brother, (yes, my brother came, but incest is not one of my tags, so don’t expect anything) and three other boys.

I got one slice of pepperoni and pineapple. That was all I got that day, I was staying under 115 for soccer and track..

Carter brought back a couple pieces, alongside my brother. “Hey..” Carter started “Lets see who can deep throat their pizza the farthest..” He then put half his pizza down his throat, and quickly pulled it out. “Oh god, I almost threw up!” Everyone laughed. “You know, if you make a tight fist with one hand your gag reflex goes away.” I said, making sure not to look into anybody’s eyes. “You’d know.” My brother teased, punching my shoulder.

I ate 1, my brother ate 11, and Carter ate 26, I couldn’t believe it, he wasn’t fat or anything, he played football so he was mostly muscle. I couldn’t comprehend how he could’ve eaten half that!

Once we got to the bowling alley, we started a game. I hadn’t bowled in forever, so I was doing pretty poorly. “ROLL IT GRANNY STYLE!” My brother yelled, I laughed, and as I put it between my legs, i felt a hard slap on my ass. I quickly spun around and saw Carter, the entire class was laughing uncontrollably, I rolled my ball and quickly went to my seat.

Once we got back to the police station, we waited for our parents to arrive. We exchanged phone numbers so we could hang out after classes.

That night I got a call.

“Come over, my parents are gone for the night and I know where they hide their alcohol.”

“Alright.” I said, I personally had never smoked, used alcohol, I hadn’t even gotten my first kiss..

Once I arrived, we went to his room and talked about teenage boy stuff.. Them we went downstairs and he poured me a glass of lemonade, once it was 1/3 full, he added vodka. i tasted it, it was alright, kind of like orange juice but with a burning sensation in my throat.

“Oh, god. This stuff really has its ups and downs.” I said “you get used to it after a while I promise.”

After the glass, I was falling everywhere, I couldn’t even stand.. “Whoa! There’s no way you’re getting back home! Your parents will find out!” He exclaimed

“Then I have to sleep here, there’s no other choice..”

“Okay, ill sleep on the floor, you can have my bed.” “No, we can share illegal bahis siteleri it, the floor is dirty.” “Alright, but if you throw up on me, you’re licking it off of me!” I did not vomit that night.

The next morning, I wanted to try pure vodka, so I got a third of a glass of it, it tasted entirely different. “NO! Stop! The cops will smell your breath!” “Too late!” I said, holding up my glass.

We got to our classroom, “Today we are learning about high risk traffic stops, DUI, and later we are going to the firing range. Devin, what does DUI stand for?”

“Driving under the influence.”

“Good! Come up here for a little while with me,” my heart went to my feet. “Lets demonstrate the tests to see if someone is drunk driving, show the class how to do heel to toe.”

I started doing it, but I wobbled vigorously. “I’m not sure if you’re a really good actor, or actually drunk..” He started. “Now, what is this?” He asked. “A breathalyzer.” I said, I thought I died, “demonstrate how to take one.” “Well, it’s not that difficult..” “Come on devin.” He insisted. “Fine.” I said, taking the test.

“Uh… Devin.. Did you drink some mouthwash this morning or something?” “Uh, a little might’ve slipped down my throat…”

After some bickering back and forth, he sent me back to my seat, looking disappointed in me.

That night, Carter came over with a backpack. “What’s in there?” I asked. “You’ll see in a bit.” He whispered

Once we got upstairs, he unzipped it to reveal a porno, and a few other things that didn’t catch my attention at all. “Well let’s not waste any time, put it in.” I said

10 minutes in it started getting heated, Carter was the first to start rubbing the.. Quite large bulge in his pants, I followed soon after. “Fuck this.” He said, taking off all his clothes. “Whoa whoa whoa! Someone could walk in at any second!” “Then we can reenact that one National Lampoons scene.” He joked. “Whatever.” I said softly, pulling my pants and underwear off.

“Hey, lets play a game.”

What kind of game could he possibly want to play right now I asked myself

“What game?” First to make the other cum wins.” He said, reaching over at my penis. “Oh..ah.. That isn’t really.. Uh… That’s not right.” I started, but he wouldn’t take no for an answer. “If you can make me cum first ill blow you.” He said, canlı bahis siteleri I laughed, thinking he was joking. “Fine.” I said, reaching over

His was much larger, mine was 6 soft 9 hard give or take, but his dad must’ve been a donkey.

Eventually I won, and said “Alright, get to it.” In a sarcastic tone, then he leaned down and put his lips around my cock. “OOOOOH!” I moaned, “I didn’t think you actually would!” He smiled. “Just lay back and enjoy it, you earned it.”

It felt amazing, I’d never felt so good in my life, nowhere close.

He started picking up the speed. And eventually i came very hard and heard a loud gulp

“D..did you just swallow that?” “Yeah!” He said. Licking his lips. “That tastes amazing!” My brain still couldn’t understand what happened, but there was no way I would’ve stopped it.

A few days later I went over to his house. “Hey!” He said. “Hi.” I said sheepishly. “Lets not mess around here, I have church tomorrow, come upstairs.” “Okay.”

He held my hand, and laid me on the bed, removing my pants and boxers “wow, you really want some huh?” He didn’t say a word, he just pulled off his pants and underwear, and pulled out a bottle

“What’s that?” “Lube.” He stated, putting some in his hand, he then rubbed it all over my dick. “Makes it easier on me.” He said, reaching his hand behind himself.

“Just like Thursday, lay back, don’t talk, just enjoy.” He smiled. So I did, and I heard him get on the bed

He positioned himself right above my crotch, and slowly sat down, half an inch was in, and he stopped, it felt indescribable.

He started moving down, once he was about halfway he started moving his hips, and going up and down, each time going down further

“It’s not gay if there’s not something inside of you.” He said between pants

Once he got to the bottom we both couldn’t control our moans, I didn’t think anything could beat a blowjob, but this had no competition!

He started picking up the speed, but I didn’t like just laying there, I sat up, rolled over and started thrusting into him. “Oh god, oh god!” He yelled

The room was filled with boyish grunts, moans, and the sound of my balls hitting his, I loved that noise.

“I’m gonna cum soon.” I whispered “do it, cum inside of me!”

That’s all it took, sperm rocketed out into him, then we both collapsed. “Can we do this again?” He asked. “Whenever you want.” I said laughing.

There may be another part depending on the feedback I get. Again, sorry for the unnecessary details

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