Predator Series: Chapter Eight: Echos of Lust

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As I walked to the guest room I grabbed a blanket and a couple pillows which I had brought down for her. I set her up a pallet. With a little extra rope I fashioned a parachute knotted collar and Tied it around her neck. Quite an interesting way of doing things but Its the best I could do and since it is a form of knot I doubt she will be able to untie it easily.

I finished up by tying a rope to the back of it and down to the eye bolt in the floor. I knotted it in a few different ways. I don’t even think I am going to be able to untie it without cutting it off. I made the rope about a foots length. Just enough to move but not enough to get up. I then retied her arms to the front as they must be getting sore and tired which worked to my advantage during all of this.

I tucked her in and went back up stairs and made sure to lock the door. She did not put up much resistance at all and had a blank look about her. I went straight to bed. Set my alarm for the ass crack of dawn, and did not stir till morning.


The alarm woke me up and and I quickly silenced it. After a moment or two I got up to preform my morning rituals. Brush teeth, shave, shit, shower, et cetera. Mostly in that order. As I go through my daily routine yesterdays events slowly come back to me as I had almost forgotten about. I remembered all the things I had done and I start to get hard. Standing in my room naked after the shower still dripping wet a wave of lust comes over me and I head out my room towards the basement, and towards Lorie.

Reaching the basement door I hastily open it and shut it behind me as I was down the stairs. I don’t bother with the lights as the basement windows do let in some light. I reached the bottom of the stairs and paused a moment to survey the surroundings. She still laid motionless under the blankets, her head rested on the pillow eyes shut. I moved over to her, crouched down, and removed the covers, and she just rolled over.

I take my hand and place it on her thigh and run my hand around her ass and down her thigh. She just tensed up and then relaxed. Guessed she was still asleep I moved over closer to her and grabbed a hold of her hips and just pulled her ass to me in the doggy style position. I take my still rock hard dick and put it to her ass and slowly push in. Her ass tightened up, but I still pushed in. I got the tip of my head in before she managed to come to. She still did not make any noise but I could hear a whimper from time to time as I slowly pushed my dick into her ass.

She tightened up with each push and I rested till she got used to me then pushed further inside. This lasted about five minutes before I managed to slide my entire length inside of her where I rested. I waited for her to stop clenching before slowly rocking back. As I slid forward there was less resistance but I still had to be slow as not to hurt her. I slid back again then slid forward. Each time with less resistance.

I start to develop a decent pace and she no longer is whimpering. From what I can tell I believe she is starting to enjoy it. As I enjoy the feeling of being inside her, and not just the physical feeling but the act in its self is enjoyable on a mental level. I start to run my nails across her back. Not enough to break skin but enough to leave red illegal bahis marks. I run my hands across her back and down her ass towards her thighs.


I brought my hand down across her ass as I pulled back. I scratched from where my hand had fallen to her back then came down with my other hand.


I was starting to really enjoy myself and letting the animal instinct take over. I was riding her ass as if she was my horse and my hands were riding crops coming down on her hindquarters leaving bright pink hand prints where my hands fell. She was starting to moan with each thrust of my dick going deep inside her tight hole.

As time past we both were moaning and grunting as sweat dripped from my brow and I fucked her ass like there was no tomorrow. I stopped slapping her ass and grabbed on both hips and started to really pound her ass as I was starting to come close to climax.

Just then she let out a banshee scream and her ass tightened up which drove me wild and I started fucking her as fast and hard as I could. She did not stop screaming and her ass never let go and after a few minutes of this I slammed deep inside her ass and reached the end of this animalistic fuck. With an explosion filling her bowels I let out a moan only suppressed by her moaning and screaming. I just collapsed on top of her my dick still hard and still inside as her ass muscles milk my cock dry. I just sat there hands still on her hips head on her back as the air cools our now soaked with sweat bodies.

We are both breathing heavy and she shutters from time to time. We both breathe in heavy and exhale as we settle. I just sit there and let time pass. Moments go by but still I am hard as a rock, and I think I can keep going.

“Again…” I hear faintly,

To my shock and amazement, or rather what I think I heard. It caught me off guard a little.

“What was that?” I asked,

“Again… fuck me again…” she said in a whisper,

Still shocked I raised up which made my dick slide out a few inches and she whimpered and pushed back into me. After a moment she rocked forward and pushed back into me.

“Fuck me again please.” she said,

Coming out of my daze I grabbed her hips again and pushed into her. She let out a small moan and I rocked back and pushed forward again.

“Faster, please fuck me faster” she said quietly,

I started to pick up the pace and she met my rhythm while rocking back and forth. As I pulled back she moved forward as my dick came to almost fall out we stopped and thrusted as her ass met my pelvis with a slap.

“Fuck me harder!” she yelped,

The animal starting to come out of her now. Seemed I have fount her kryptonite of which we both seem to be enjoying it. I Pick up the pace and fuck her hard and fast.

“Slap my ass.” she let out,

I obliged and slapped her ass. I am now fucking her tight ass and slapping her as she pushes back onto my dick with every thrust. We are both moaning and pouring sweat. The basement echos with the sounds of sex and lust. A few minutes of lust filled fucking goes by and we are back to near climax as she is screaming through her orgasim just as I reached mine I fill her yet again with more of my hot seed and let her ass milk my cock dry.

Collapsing once again on her as sweat drips down my illegal bahis siteleri body onto her back. I gently kiss the middle of her shoulder blades which sent shivers down her body. First real affection I had shown her since everything happened. I kissed her again and she shivered again. I just rested on her back as my dick now starts to shrink till it slips out. She let out a gentle sigh, almost sad but satisfied kind of sigh. We just sit and rest. Letting our sweaty bodies radiate heat between each other. I take my arms and wrap it around her abdomen in a hugging manor.

After a few moments had passed I decided it was time for a shower, and I think she needed one to. Earlier in the morning I ran through my bathroom and had taken out any items that could be used against me. Including shampoo. I had locked them in the cabinet under the sink with one of the child locks left around from when I used to watch my nieces when they were toddlers. I know it wont be much but she wont be able to access it without me knowing about it.

I figured we could take a shower, and I could let her use a real bathroom as she did not look like she liked the bucket idea. I take the rope that ties her to the ground and after a few minutes of fighting with it I managed to untangle the knotted mess. It didn’t take to long as a few knots were already undone but looks like she had given up after a few knots. I then take the rope out of the anchor and gently give it a tug. She looked up at me almost like a dog would it’s owner and slowly starts to stand. Her knees shake a little as she starts to stand, but keeps her balance.

I led her up stairs, through the kitchen and down the hallway to the bathroom. Once there I have her sit on the toilet seat and I tie off her rope to the shower curtain rod.

“Now I will be back in a few minutes with towels. Don’t get any funny ideas as I have locked away anything you can use and I can hear you. Take this time to use the bathroom and I will be back shortly.” I say in a stern tone,

I walked out of the bathroom down to the hall closet and grabbed three towels. I slowly made my way back to the bathroom as I heard the toilet flush halfway back I returned to a normal pace. I reached the doorway and she just looked down at the floor. I set the towels down and put two towels in the towel rack and turned on the water to let the pipes warm up. I readjusted the length of the rope so she had more move ability but I still did not trust her as she has become more complacent to fast which has set off a red flag with me. Funny how that is. I laughed at the thought of that setting off a red flag.

The shower now warmed up I step into the shower first and then led her into the shower. She made no complaints on the temperature and her skin did not turn red so I assumed the temperature was good enough for her. I used the only thing I left in the shower which was my soap and I washed my body. She just stood there and watched me as I washed. Was sure to clean all important areas before rinsing off the soap. Cock, balls, and ass are the three main areas to wash and I always make sure they are clean.

Stepping aside I put Lorie under the water and instead of letting her wash herself. I did not quite trust her with the soap which could be used against me so I just lathered up my hands and my canlı bahis siteleri shower loofah and washed her body clean and paid special attention to her areas as well. Lips, slit, and ass.

After washing her body I made sure to get all the soap off and let her enjoy the water some before I decided that it was time for us to get out. I had a few things I needed to do today to make sure things go smoothly from now on.

Stepping out of the shower I dried myself off and laid the towel onto the floor. I hate leaving the floor wet. I led her onto the towel and grabbed the second towel off the rack and wrapped her hair the best I could. I slid the towel under her hair to her neck and wrapped it around to her forehead and twisted it. As I said before, I had nieces I used to watch and until they were old enough to wash themselves I had do handle that to.

I then took the second towel and started to dry her body off I took special care and went slow. For some reason I was feeling protective. I wanted to make sure not only that she was dry but that she knew I was taking care of her. After drying I untied the rope from the rod and led her back downstairs to where she was before. I tied her back to the bottom eyelet as short as it was before with as many knots as I could tie. The entire time she did not fight or resist. Either she had given up or she is laying in wait for me to mess up.

After tying her off I covered her back up then went over to my table which was a bit of a distance away but had many things that could be used against me. I gathered up as many tools as I could find and locked them in my tool closet I had. Each tool had its own place I was just a bit lazy to always put them back.

After cleaning off the table and made sure there was nothing that she could use I gathered my thoughts on what to do next. She needs something else besides that rope so I think that would be the best thing right now to replace that. A bed wouldn’t hurt but I am not rich. I have some savings built up but I think I will burn through that fast with bills and lack of a job. I need to secure her and make sure she can not escape for when I do have a job.

Then it struck me. Am I going to keep her for the rest of my life? For the rest of her life? Keep her locked in my basement as a fuck toy, or at least until I mess up and either she escapes or is fount out and I am thrown in jail. I got scared and I started to panic. She was already asleep as if nothing was happening.

“Fuck!” I said under my breath,

What am I going to do? I mean honestly I can not keep her, and what I have already done will catch me some serious jail time. I can either ride this out or find a way out of this. Then something hit me like a ton of bricks and it was like someone else was thinking for me.

I can just ride this out and enjoy her. No one will find out as long as I play it smart. Keep her secured down here and eventually she will get used to this. Who knows from what I have already seen she may end up enjoying this. Yeah she likes what I have done already. Remember how she asked for more?

I just smiled and looked at her sleeping. Going into an auto pilot mode I grabbed a few items and went up stairs and locked the door. I needed to do a few things around the house to ensure that if she was to get out of the basement that she could not easily leave the house. With that I took a hand full of screws and my cordless power drill and walked out of the kitchen and into the dinning room.

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