Prom Date Ch. 04

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Thank you all so much for all the positive reviews. As a writer it really makes me happy. Sorry for taking so long to update this story I have been in an EMT class for the past 7 weeks. I am done with the class and studying for the National registry test. Soon I will have time to write again.

After about an hour of sitting in her room watching TV and clicking around on lesbian websites Sara decided to head out to the mall for a few hours and kill some time. Her mother was still sitting in the living room reading her book when she walked in and grabbed the keys to the car. She told her mom she was going out and headed out of the door taking the hundred dollars with her.

She was unsure as to where she was going but soon found herself sitting in the parking lot of an adult book store. To say that she was nervous as she walked through the door would be an understatement. Her heart was beating faster than it was last night with Amber. She could feel her face flush red as she started looking through the items slowly working her way to the toy section. There were a few men in the place but they were all keeping to themselves.

Slowly she made her way to the toys and started looking at the dildos all of which were different colors and shapes. Some long and thick some small and thick some smooth and some bumpy.

“How the hell do I know what kind to buy?” She thought to herself.

She saw the strap-on toys and figured that would be a good place to start. She started looking them up and down and looked at the pictures of the woman who is supposedly being fucked with the toy and looked like she was really enjoying it. She picked one of the toys off the rack and looked back mainly to see if there were more pictures because she wanted to get an idea about what she was getting into.

She was startled when a woman behind her said hello. She dropped the toy and turned around. The woman was a young black girl dressed in business attire smiling politely. bahis firmaları The girl kneeled down and picked the toy up off the floor and looked at it then looked at Sara. Sara felt her face flush red again and was about to run for the door but the black girl was smiling. With a knowing look in her eyes.

“First time in an adult store?” She asked handing Sara the toy.

Sara simply nodded her head unable to find her voice. The woman introduced herself and told Sara she was one of the workers in the store and if she had anything she wanted to ask she should feel free.

“Everyone masturbates.” She said. “There is nothing wrong with it. However that toy requires a second person most of the time.”

“Oh umm this is a ummm.” Sara babbled. “Its not for me…well I mean it is but not for masturbating.”

The young woman smiled at her as Sara babbled her way through trying to explain that it was not only for her.

“What does your boyfriend like? She asked. “Many men like long and skinny toys.”

“No no I don’t have a boyfriend. I umm I think I have a girlfriend.”

“You think?”

Sara babbled again about how her and Amber had gotten together last night and that she wanted to get her something and surprise her.

“Then you don’t need this.” The woman said taking the toy from Sara and hanging it back on the wall. “I am gay as well and Never once have I enjoyed using sex toys. It’s the same with every one of the girls I have ever fucked.”

She had Sara follow her through the store and over to the lingerie. She looked Sara up and down pulled several items off the rack and led her to the dressing room. Sara walked into the small room and slowly and nervously took off her clothes keeping her bra and panties on and slipped into the first item. It was a light green nightgown made out of silk it felt wrong, something was not right. She peeked her head out of the dressing room and told the woman that she thinks she has it on wrong. The woman kaçak iddaa opened the door just a little and looked her up and down and smiled.

“Its on right hun.” She said. “You don’t need your bra and panties on with that. That’s why it feels odd. Take them off and try again.”

Sara pulled the door closed again and did as the woman said and pulled off her bra and panties and slipped the nightgown again. This time when she slid the Silk over her breasts she shivered as the soft silk rubbed against her nipples. Instantly they were both straining against the fabric. A small moan escaped her as she slid the silk up over her shoulders. She looked at herself in the mirror and felt her pussy tingle as she looked at the sexy woman in front of her. It was hard to believe it was her.

“How is it now ma’am?” The woman asked poking her head in the door.

Sara turned towards her and the woman frowned.

“Well that’s too bad.” She said and Sara instantly covered herself with her shirt. “You said you have a girlfriend right?”

Sara nodded.

“What a shame because if you were single I would be asking you on a date right now.” She reached up and pulled Sara’s shirt away from her and looked her up and down. “That outfit is going to drive your girlfriend wild. You look so sexy.”

Sara blushed again and smiled and began removing the outfit. The woman closed the door. Just by the way the woman looked at her made Sara so very horny and felt the urge to touch her pussy that she could already tell was wet. But she decided to wait till Amber was with her. After she removed the nightgown she looked at the other two and saw one that looked just like the one she just had on only it was blue so she decided not to try that one on.

But there was once that was bright red that looked like it was made out of silk as well and she picked it up and held it against herself and looked in the mirror. She could not tell if she would look good in it or not so she started to kaçak bahis put it on. It looked complicated but was rather easy to put on. Sara looked at herself in the mirror again and as before she was stunned to see the sexy woman looking back at her. Her breath caught in her throat when she saw that there was no crotch in them and she could see her pussy clear as day. And her breasts were covered with a see through mesh and she could see her nipples just below the mesh.

A whistle from the door caught her attention and she turned to see the woman looking at her. She turned so the woman could see her even though there was nothing left to the imagination. The woman at the door bit her lip as she looked her up and down.

“God I love that its so very sexy.” She said. “Looks like both of those things fit like they were made just for you. I’m going to go help other customers and let you get dressed.”

Sara nodded and took it off and got dressed. She decided to get both of the ones she had tried on and was so excited as she headed up to the counter. She could not wait to show Amber and see just how it effected her. She paid for the lingerie and headed back out her car and headed home. The whole time she had to concentrate on driving and not on how horny she was feeling just to get home alive.

She walked through the door carrying the black bag with the lingerie in it and headed to her room. Her mom hollered at her saying that lunch would be ready in a few minutes if she was hungry. She yelled ok and went into her room and closed the door and dumped the lingerie on her bed and tossed the bag in the trash.

She was about to hang them in her closet when her phone rang. Her heart raced when she saw that it was Amber. She answered with a big smile.

“Hi sweetie.” She said and heard Amber giggle on the other end.

“Hi back. I wanted to call and hear your voice.” Amber said softly.

Sara smiled and felt her heart flutter. She knew she was falling in love and it sounded like Amber was falling in love with her as well. At least that’s what she was hoping for. She was just going to have to wait for later to see if Amber was indeed falling in love with her.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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