Pumpkins and Pigtails

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For Women

Halloween doesn’t bother me, I don’t usually dress up, I never tricked or treated as a kid (it just isn’t a big thing in England) and I don’t do Halloween parties now. However tonight I am dressed up, and my body feels like there is a party going on.

I feel like my school uniform is my second skin these days, my husband frequently requests that I wear it, and I eagerly acquiesce. Tonight, is another of those nights. As soon as Kev came in from work he asked me to go upstairs and bring down my uniform, now I am standing before him, my every day clothes in a pile at my feet, my body completely unveiled for him to see.

“Put your uniform on for me.” He says, and I turn to the side to pick up the first article, but before I do, he adds “do it sexily.” I’m a little caught off guard, how do you get dressed sexily? I know you can strip in a sensuous way, but how do you make putting clothes on a turn on?

I start by slipping my tush into tight fitting white cotton knickers. It certainly makes me feel horny. They are so tight and constricting, they make me extra aware of my pouting sex lips, and the juices that are already dripping down and soaking into the pristine cotton. I glance towards my husband and I can see he is enjoying the view, his hands gently caressing the bump under his smart suit pants. I slip on the skirt, then pull up each of the long, white knee-high socks and hear his groan as he glimpses my crotch, wet behind it’s material barrier.

Just as I’m desperately trying to button up my tighter than tight white blouse, the doorbell rings.

“Damn trick or treaters.” I curse as I continue to fumble.

“Well, go and open the door.” My husband says, smiling with a sadistic glint to his eye.

“Pardon?” I stop fumbling and look directly at him.

“Now.” he doesn’t shout the word, he doesn’t make it into an exclamation, his voice just growls and rumbles and I know he means business. Trying to press my breasts down into the confines of my blouse, I dash over to the front door, the top button gives up the fight and pops off as I reach the door. I curse and fumble with the latch, holding the door in front of me and peering round the edge.

I am rather taken aback when on my doorstep are not two little kiddie monsters but two adults in costume. The man is a vampire, the long black cloak looking rather like a head teachers robe. But the fake pointed, bloodied teeth define the wearers vampiric status. The lady is wearing, well, exactly the same thing I am. Tight, white shirt with her gorgeous breast spilling out of the top, short pleated skirt, socks and pretty little flat shoes.

“Trick or treat?” they grin, both holding out half- filled plastic pumpkin heads.

“Sweets. Yes, erm, I’ll have to see what I can find.” I stammer and go to turn back into the house, just as I do, the man with the twilight eyes and the plastic fangs says,

“Kev invited us round for a special Halloween party.” Something about the way he said those words make my stomach flip, and just as I turn my head to ask Kev, his voice carries an affirmative that he had invited some friends round.

I open the door and welcome the guests through, keeping the wooden barrier between us. The lock clicks as I close up behind us. My mind working overtime to try and work out what Kev has in store for me tonight.

“Vicky, hurry up, please!” I rush into the living room and see my husband dressed in a similar cloak to his friend, lustily squeezing the other visitors barely clothed breast.

“Ahh, here you are. Come here and make Sean’s acquaintance.”

I walk over, smiling nervously. I’d never met either of these people before, I thought I knew all of my husbands friends, but obviously I don’t. Then a thought hits me, they don’t have to be my husband’s friends, they could be new acquaintances, invited here for my pleasure. He’s always teasing me about sex with another couple.

I smile up at Sean, and he smiles down at my breasts, then a big, tough hand reaches out and delves illegal bahis into my top, popping off another straining button and grasping my white orb in his hand.

“Nice to meet you.” he says, turning to his partner, “Mmm, she has the most amazing breasts, Jen. You’ll love them.”

Ok, so yes, I’m completely perverted. Now I know it. A stranger, just greeted me by fondling my tit, commented upon it’s fineness to his wife, and I’m horny, not outraged. I want to fuck. I want to fuck here, now.

“Though she’s ruined her school shirt man, What are you going to do with her?” Sean grins and my husband grins back.

“Will you start sorting her out? I just need to get something.”

It’s a whirl of action, he moves, she moves and I am suddenly draped over strange, strong knees. My skirt is flipped up, my knickers pulled down, no seduction, no teasing, no messing about. I’m dizzy with lust and the cry bursting from my lips when his hand slaps my flesh is not of pain, but of ecstatic pleasure.

Raising my gaze from the dark carpet I look into the un-seeing eyes of two pumpkins, then directly into the naked crotch of a woman I’ve never even said a word to. She’s sitting on the chair opposite, her legs spread and her exposed pussy glistening with excitement.

The crack of hand against my buttocks, is regular and strong, my skin is stinging and singing with sensitivity and I’m yelping. It’s strange how my voice sounds like someone else’s, but then this whole set up is like a scene from a porno movie. I mean, I’m even starting to long to run my tongue up and down Jen’s hairless crack and I’m straight. I am completely turned on, everything is sex, everything erotic.

“Cheers mate.” Kev’s voice cuts through my thoughts and his hand helps me up off Sean’s lap, I feel Sean’s cock twitch as my now completely freed breasts brush over his crotch. As soon as I’m standing up, I’m pushed down and my hot buttocks encounter the cold, hard wood of a dining room chair. The air hisses from between my teeth as the wood stings and then the cold soothes my flesh.

“Now your punishment really begins.” Kev smiles wickedly as he kneels in front of me and ties my ankles to the front legs of the chair with soft twine, his lips brush the inside of my knee then he moves behind me, tying my arms behind the straight back of the dark-wood chair.

I must look so wanton, my blouse ripped open at the front, my skirt hitched up around my waist, my knickers-hey, where are my knickers?-anyway, wanton and horny, that’s me. All I can do is watch as my husband walks over to Sean and Jen.

Jen is down on her knees, her mouth working hard on Sean’s hardness as he sits on the sofa, and what a wonderfully thick, juicy hardness it is. Kev sits down next to his friend having already lost his trousers. I just want to feel his cock in my mouth now. I lick my lips as I anticipate it’s taste, but all I can do is sit here whilst Jen does the business on two highly desirable cocks.

The two men smile at each other, as the slut on the floor in front of them goes crazy, fisting one swelling dick whilst sucking the other.

My heart is grasped by jealousy as I watch Sean stand up, allowing my husband to lie down and stretch out. Jen’s lips lock back around his cock and I see the light of lust in her eye and long to be licking him myself. I strain to move, to touch myself, and find that I can manage to make my knees meet in the middle and by wiggling in my seat, I can exert the smallest fraction of friction on my hungering clit.

Jen is straddling my husbands strong thighs now and although I cannot see, I know his cock is slowly sliding into her slippery slit. There’s the stab of envy, the jolt of jealousy but Kev is looking at me, his eyes are on me alone as this hot brunette bounces and moans on his cock. I smile at him, knowing this is all for me, this is all for my pleasure. I feel so very loved at this moment, yet more confirmation I am twisted and perverted!

“Hey, Slut, sit still or else.” Kev says, with illegal bahis siteleri a wicked glint in his eye, “Sean will punish you and you wouldn’t want that, would you?”

Well, yes I would actually, but I’ll sit still, for now, and try wiggling some more later, when I’m not being so closely observed.

Jen’s boobs are beautiful, Sean has just yanked them out of her cute tied up top and is playing with her large, hardened nipples. My nipples are jealous and I want to touch them, soothe them, excite them, but I can’t. Damn, this IS torture. It’s getting worse, Sean’s cock is now just in front of Jen’s face, he’s rubbing his hand up and down it, she’s arching her head forward to taste him, her tongue licking out in desperation and Kev’s watching and moaning, enjoying the sight, feel and sound of it all.

And the scent, I can smell them from here. Sex, pure liquid sex, filling the room with its cloying, heady aroma. It is so surreal, watching this along with the half-filled, candy carrying pumpkins. It’s like, porn for all the senses and all I want, all I need, is to pull myself free of my bonds and join in. I rub my knees against one another again, being unable to resist the temptation. Am I being watched and if so, will I be punished? And Why does this thought turn me on even more? I continue wiggling and sliding on my chair, my thighs forced together, caressing my clit. I’m trying so hard to reach release but I can’t exert enough pressure and I cry out in frustration.

“Stop struggling.” Kev pants, “You’ll get your turn soon enough. You’ll have to be trained to be a good girl first though.” I moan and he continues, “You’re going to get to join in naughty girl, don’t worry. We have something very special in mind for you!” I hear Sean chuckle, and I wonder what they have in store for me.

Jen is mewling now as Sean is working his fingers into her arse. They look shiny, but goodness knows where he’s keeping the lube. Secret pocket in his cloak maybe? One finger, two and now three. She’s yipping and whining and -Oh fuck, that looks so good, his cock, sinking into her tight hole. I wish I could be closer, see both of those cocks inside her.

They’re all moaning and panting and cursing now. Jen making a noise similar to that of a howling wolf as she feels those cocks filling her. Her skin is sheened with sweat and she looks so depraved, her uniform rumpled up around her, whilst being sandwich -fucked by two men. Damn! she’s a lucky bitch and I wish that that was me.

Kev is moaning louder and moving quicker, I wish I could see his cock thrusting into her, but her thigh is blocking my line of sight. His legs stiffen and he screams, emptying into the hot, wet cunt around him. I see Sean stiffen and hear his cry, the feel of my husband emptying into his partners juicy cunt must have been too much. I writhe in my seat, desperate to get myself, but there is only enough pressure to make me tingle and not enough to push me over the edge.

“Well, now that we boy’s have had our fun, I think the girls should have theirs.” Kev smiles, kisses Jen and slips from beneath her. Sean meanwhile is untying me from the chair. I hadn’t realised how uncomfortable I had been until now. The blood is rushing back to my hands and feet and I’m tingling all over. My muscles feel stretched and stretching is nigh on orgasmic in itself.

“Thanks guys.” I smile, “So where do you want me?” I anticipate sinking to my knees and sucking their cocks clean but Kev’s reply takes me by surprise.

“Just slip in under Jen, she needs cleaning up.”

I blink, draw breath and go for it. It’s crazy, approaching another woman, another woman I’ve not even spoken too, and insinuating my body beneath hers. Slipping under her hanging breasts, pressing back up till I’m directly underneath her. Face to, erm, cunt.

As I’m eyeing up the creamy, juicy situation, I feel lips pressing into my slit and tickling my tortured clit. I groan with sheer delight and my body is lit with lust and desire. I crane my neck canlı bahis siteleri higher, pulling her down onto my face, my hands gripping her thighs.

She tastes as she smells; musky, sweet and salty. I can recognise the taste of my husband and that is so very sexy, I can taste my husbands cum mixed with juices exotic to my palate. My concentration actually heightens the closer to orgasm I get. I pause only momentarily to moan and to catch my breath, licking up all around her pussy, sucking on her lips, flipping my tongue over her clit till she yells out and clenches her thighs and cums for me. She clamps me against that cunt as it spasms and writhes in pleasure, as she releases me, I gasp and then groan as Jen moves away from my close to cumming cunt.

A nervous silence falls, Jen and I straighten our clothes, the guys pull on their pants.

“Well erm, I hope you enjoyed your treats.” I giggle, having to do something to break the atmosphere. We all laugh, shake hands then Sean and Jen pick up their pumpkins and leave.

“Well that was…” Kev starts as he walks back to me, and snuggles next to me on the sofa. “Different.”

His lips touch mine and I melt into a soft, sensual kiss.

“Did you enjoy it?” he asks, his finger tracing down my cheek.

“Oh yeah. It was…sexy.” I reply. “I just wish I’d cum.”

I rub against him, spreading my thighs wide.

“Ahh, well that’s your punishment for ripping that blouse. Naughty girl…”

I whimper and pout, I can’t possibly stay aroused like this for any longer, I need my orgasm and I need it now.

“…but I can’t deny my baby anything. Sit with your back to the sofa arm and spread your legs, slut.”

I comply eagerly, spreading my thighs wide and exposing my freshly licked cunt.

“No wonder I love you, what a beautiful pussy. Now play with yourself for me baby. Yeah, slip those fingers into that hot, horny hole and play with yourself for me.”

I need little encouragement, my fingers are running through my pubic hair and delving into my wetness within seconds.

“Yes, love. Stroke that cunt baby, play with that clit. God, you’re beautiful. So hot. Mmm I know you wanted to be the filling in that sandwich today baby, and soon, yes soon, you will. Mmm we’re going to play with that butt plug I got you first baby.” my husband’s voice is ragged and I open my eyes to see him stroking his hardened cock once more.

“Yes, we’re going to train that tight, virgin arsehole of yours to enjoy being filled and stretched and fucked. We’ll take it slow baby, I promise. I’m looking forward to fucking it so much, filling your tightness with my cock. Shit, I could just cum thinking about it.”

My fingers are trained right on my sticky, juice-covered clit and I’m rubbing round in frenzied circles. I can imagine the feel of him in my arse. We’ve never done anal sex before, sure he’s fingered me there, but we’ve just never gone any further. Now I want it, I want to feel the horny kinkiness of having his hard, thick member pressed into my most private hole.

“Oh baby, yeah cum all over those fingers for me, my sweet slut. I can’t wait to share you with another man, to feel you so full, to see you so overtaken by lust and arousal. I can imagine it now, oh God baby, I’m going to cum again soon Hun, you’re the sexiest woman in the whole world.”

And I know he means it, he’s just fucked another woman but I know it was for my pleasure and the knowledge is bringing me even closer to the brink. Knowing how much he loves me is the biggest turn on and my body stiffens, my nerves overload and my orgasm rattles through my body, hitting me like a super villain’s punch.

I watch as he strokes himself frenziedly, knowing that he isn’t far from orgasm himself, I moan louder, then feel his warm, wet semen slipping down over my fingers and into my wet slit causing my orgasm to linger further, and my eyes to fasten closed once more. We pant in unison, our eyes locking on each other as we move to press our bodies together in a tight, loving hug.

“You’re my favourite trick baby, and my favourite treat.” he kisses my neck, nipping with his teeth. “Don’t ever change, my sweet, sweet slut.”

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