Purity and Punishment Ch. 08

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This is Camilla’s gift to me: a helpless Fiona to do whatever I want with. I saddle up, making sure to dig the heels of my riding boots into her sides. She winces so I pull her head up with the reins, giving her hair a sharp tug too.

“You’re my little pony now, Fiona,” I tell her. Camilla’s getting comfortable on Ashley, stroking her ears and the back of her neck and with the other hand, her curvy little bum, drawing her long, slender fingers over Ashley’s exposed pussy. I drag Fiona’s head round with the reins, making her watch. “Looks like you’re not doing a very good job of looking after Ashley, are you Fiona?” I whisper in her ear, bringing the riding crop down smartly on her bum a couple of times.

“I think,” says Camilla “that we should race our new ponies. Three laps of the stables. We’ll have a treat for the winner and a punishment for the loser.”

We line Fiona and Ashley up at the back of the stables.

“On your marks,” calls Camilla. “Get set. Go!” It feels weird, Fiona squirming and jiggling underneath my saddle but I’m determined to enjoy humiliating her. Fiona should win easily: Ashley’s tiny, Camilla can barely keep her long legs off the ground, even draped over her shoulders but of course, there’s no way we’re letting Fiona win.

I drag my feet along the floor, slowing us down, dragging Fiona’s head uncomfortably to one side whenever it looks like she might pull ahead. All the while, of course, I’m chastising her for not going faster and beating her with the riding crop, making a mass of bright pink marks on the pale flesh of her buttocks. It’s the perfect set-up for the punishment we have planned for her. Plus this way, I get to see Camilla’s perfect bottom bouncing atop Ashley’s jiggling, fleshy buttocks and glistening, wet little pussy.

We thrash Fiona and Ashley across the finish line, sweating and gasping for breath. Fiona makes a last desperate attempt to pass Ashley before collapsing exhausted, tears starting to trickle down her cheeks.

“On your hands and knees, pony!” I shout at her, bringing the riding crop down as hard as I can across her buttocks.

“Well done Ashley, you clever little pony,” Camilla purrs, stroking Ashley’s neck and hair. Camilla feeds Ashley a sugar lump, laced with more Viagra.

Camilla turns round so she’s riding Ashley backwards. We back Ashley up to Fiona’s face, pulling her head back with the reins so she’s forced to stare into Ashley’s bum, the sweat glistening on her buttocks and thighs.

Camilla reaches down and begins to lightly finger Ashley’s pussy which is by now soaked with her juices and sweat. Ashley lets out a little gasp as does Fiona. I jerk Fiona’s head back once more and dismount to the side so I can start spanking her with my hand this time, firmly and controlled, hard enough to sting, building up, swapping sides on her buttocks every three or four blows, turning them a nice pale pink while keeping her head in position with the reins in my left hand.

Camilla’s caressing Ashley’s erect clit with her middle finger, slipping the index in and out of Ashley’s wet little pussy while she stares, smirking, into Fiona’s face. Occasionally she pulls her finger out to wipe some juices on Fiona’s face or make her suck on it. Ashley is moaning softly, an incoherent series of noises through the bit in her mouth. Camilla gently fingers her asshole with her left index finger while keeping her right hand going on her pussy and Ashley starts whimpering, backing her bum onto Camilla’s hand. I keep spanking Fiona, whispering in her ear what a dirty little pony she is and that she belongs to us now.

“Look what we’re doing to your little friend,” I tell her. “You were meant to look after her and now we’re turning her into a dirty little slut! What would Miss Grayling say if she could see you now?”

Camilla brings Ashley near to a climax, then pulls her hand away. Ashley’s moans are high and urgent, her buttocks trembling as she tries to beg through the bit for Camilla to finish her off, “Peee…peee…Iya…peee!”

I bahçelievler escort pull Fiona’s head round to face me and look into her eyes.

“I’m going to take the bit out now, Fiona. If you try to scream or shout for help, no-one will hear you but your punishment will get a whole lot worse. Do you understand?” Fiona meekly nods and I unfasten the bit, letting it hang loose at the side of her mouth. She gasps for breath and she drools a load of spit down her chin but she doesn’t try to shout. “Come here Fiona,” I say, holding her nose and pulling her forward.

“Ashley beat you in the race, so you’re going to do something nice for her.” Camilla backs Ashley onto Fiona so Fiona’s face is between Ashley’s buttocks. “Eat her bum out,” I tell Fiona. At first she keeps her mouth shut but she can’t hold her breath that long and when she gasps for air, Camilla pulls Ashley’s bum cheeks apart, making Fiona lick and suck on her puckered little asshole. The noises Ashley is makes are crazed and incoherent.

Fiona drives her tongue in and out of Ashley’s asshole. For all the shock and humiliation, she’s kind of getting into it as the booze and Viagra do their job on twenty-odd years of sexual repression. Camilla keeps fingering Ashley’s clit and pussy, backing off whenever it seems she’s about to come. After a few minutes, Camilla stands up from astride Ashley and steps in front of her. “Fiona, you can stop that,” she commands and Fiona obeys.

Camilla crouches down by Ashley, lifting her head up to face her with her fingers under her chin. “So, Ashley, you want to come?” Ashley nods eagerly. “Well first you have to make me come.” Ashley nods again. Camilla stands up before Ashley and takes off her jacket, then her helmet and riding boots, then the jodhpurs, revealing those long legs and finally her blouse, bra and panties.

Meanwhile I’m performing a similar striptease in front of Fiona who I’ve pulled up onto her knees, bending down to shake my breasts in her face and laughing at her eager-to-please attempts to get my nipples in her mouth. Camilla’s nipples are pink like Ashley and Fiona’s. Only mine are brown.

Camilla spreads the riding jacket on the stables floor and lies back on it, fingering her neat, clippered pussy, she beckons Ashley on to her and undoes the bit from Ashley’s mouth, pulling her little face, smeared with sweat and the dirt from her penance, down onto her pussy. I push Fiona back into Ashley’s bum and standing behind her start greasing up a large strap-on from the bag of toys I brought.

Camilla wraps her legs round the back of Ashley’s head, grinding her pussy into her face. After strapping the dildo on, I start fucking Fiona in the ass, slapping her hard across her buttocks when, with the initial shock, she breaks off from eating Ashley’s bum.

“Keep eating that asshole, Fiona!” I tell her, spanking her some more. “You’re meant to be doing something nice for your little friend!” Fiona flicks her slender tongue rapidly across Ashley’s asshole, making it spasm. Ashley gasps for air in between sucking and slurping on Camilla’s pussy.

Camilla’s head is thrown back, her eyes shut tight. With the Vaseline, the dildo slides easily in and out of Fiona’s asshole. I reach down and start to gently massage her clit, lubricating it with the juices from her wet pussy. We find our rhythm, Fiona bucking her bum back onto the dildo while grinding her pussy against my fingers, her face still buried in Ashley’s ass.

“You like this, don’t you, Fiona?” I ask rhetorically, whispering into her ear, “You like being fucked in the arse, you like eating your girlfriend’s little arsehole, you dirty little slut. What would Miss Grayling say if she could see you? You belong to us now. You’ll do whatever we say because if you don’t, we’ll tell everyone what a dirty little slut you are.”

“What’s more Fiona, I’m going to make you enjoy being my slave. I know you enjoy this, dirty little pony girl. Well, I’m going to make you need it. I’m going balgat escort to take you way beyond anything Grayling did to you. I’m going to make you come so hard that you’ll need me to humiliate you because it turns you on so much.”

I’m getting carried away and being crueller to Fiona than I intended but then I didn’t expect her to be so into it and it excites me to see how much humiliation turns her on: that’s how you dominate people, I realise, that’s how Grayling rules over The Ring: not by scaring them but by making them enjoy being dominated, making them need it.

I can see Camilla building to a peak, forcing Ashley’s face right down into her pussy, making her suck on her clit. I start fucking Fiona hard up the bum, tickling her clit with two fingers. Fiona’s gasping and spluttering into Ashley’s bum. Camilla arches her back up, grinding her pussy into Ashley’s frantically sucking little mouth.

I flicker my fingers back and forth as fast as I can across Fiona’s hot, engorged clit as she bounces her bum back and forth hard off the dildo. They come together, Camilla moaning loudly, pulling on Ashley’s blonde hair, Fiona lifting her head up, a high, almost plaintive wail sounding from her mouth as I slow right down on her clit, prolonging her orgasm, working the dildo in and out of her bum in long, slow strokes.

Ashley’s trapped in the middle, Camilla smearing her pussy juices all over her face, Fiona drooling all over her arse. We’re all dripping with sweat and for a few seconds, we just rest, gasping for breath as I prop myself up on Fiona’s back and Camilla strokes Ashley once more behind her ears.

“Well done Ashley, you’re a good little pony,” purrs Camilla “How did you learn to eat pussy like that?” Ashley, her face smeared with sweat and dirt and now Camilla’s pussy juices, blushes. Camilla lifts Ashley to her feet with the reins. She pops the bit back in Ashley’s mouth, unfastens the saddle from Ashley’s back, letting it fall to the floor and detaches the reins from the harness.

Ashley wobbles on her feet, still catching her breath. Camilla ties Ashley’s hands together with the reins then throws the ends over a beam, tying it round Ashley’s wrists once more so she’s almost suspended, balancing on her tiptoes with her arms stretched up above her head.

“A promise is a promise, Ashley,” says Camilla, stroking Ashley on the cheek. “You made me come, so now you get to come.” She slips her hand round the back of Ashley’s head, lifting her face up and kisses her hard on the mouth, sucking Ashley’s tongue into her own mouth, no doubt tasting her own pussy. She starts massaging Ashley’s breasts, running her fingers over Ashley’s nipples, gently pulling on them. After a few minutes, Camilla slides her hand down Ashley’s stomach and begins gently fingering her swollen, clit, rubbing it with juices from her soaking pussy.

I pull Fiona back and push her in to a kneeling position so she can watch, using the reins to tie her arms to her feet, behind her back. “Suck it clean,” I say, sliding the dildo in and out of her mouth, making her clean it off. Camilla is strapping on a large, white dildo which she slides gently into Ashley’s pussy, making her whimper again. Ashley wraps her legs round Camilla who puts her hands on her waist and bounces her gently on the dildo, thrusting her well-toned hips in and out.

I take my dildo, still strapped on and wet with Fiona’s saliva and slide it into Ashley’s ass. She grunts, a guttural ‘Uh’ sound from deep within her diaphragm but she keeps bouncing gently up and down on the dildos now filling both her holes. I reach round and start rubbing her clit. She moans, sounding like a crazed animal through the bit in her mouth and with my fingers, I can feel her pussy clenching around the dildo Camilla has in her. I pull out of Ashley’s ass and untie Fiona, leading her over and have her suck on Ashley’s clit; it’s an awkward position, craning her neck over Camilla’s leg but Camilla holds her up by her hair and she just about batıkent escort manages it while I ease back into Ashley’s bum. With the three of us working on her, Ashley comes quickly, squealing at the top of her lungs and squirting juices all over Fiona’s face.

Camilla unties Ashley and has her suck her pussy juices off the dildo while I make Fiona suck the one from Ashley’s bum clean again.

“There’s just one thing left,” I announce. “I haven’t come yet” I take the harnesses off Fiona and Ashley. Holding them by the hair, I make them take turns eating me out until I get Fiona’s head between my legs, her face buried in my pussy, sticking her tongue right up inside and Ashley sucking on my clit, flicking her tongue over the tip as she draws it into her pursed little lips. Camilla fingers their asses, pussies and clits and expertly brings them up to a final, gentle little orgasm just as I’m starting to build to mine. I come in ripples spreading across my body, my stomach spasming as I rub my juices across both their faces.

After it’s finished we make Ashley and Fiona stand naked in front of us with their hands on their heads, sticky with sweat and our and each other’s juices as we tell them how it’s going to be from now on.


Slowly, carefully, I dress myself for Friday night. Black lacy bra first, scooping my breasts, slightly larger now, I’m sure, into the cups. Then a silky, black thong, pulling the straps up over my thighs and the thong onto my shaven pussy. I like the way the strap feels between my buttocks. I pull my tights on and sticking my fingers between the weave, tear a little rip over my right thigh. A decent pair of fishnets ruined but it’s all for a good cause. Tartan miniskirt next, then a cut-off UK Subs T-shirt; more like a pelmet, cleavage poking out the top, midriff on display below.

I push in my nose ring, then make up, carefully applying my black lipstick and eye-shadow, teasing mascara into my lashes. DMs and vinyl jacket on and I’m ready to leave the house.

I stick my head out of my door. I can hear Dad on the phone in his music room. “What do you mean he wants 50%? No…tell him to fuck off! Did he fuck write half the lyrics…one, two lines at most. Tell him if he doesn’t like it, I’ll replace him with a drum machine!”

In the lounge, Cindy’s sat watching her own show, giggling at the scripted highlights of her own life. I slip out the front door and into the rain.

Walking down the street, I wish I had more than my thin vinyl jacket to keep the cold and the rain out. I think about Camilla, sunning herself in Thailand, lucky bitch. She was helping to build an orphanage until the nuns running the project realised she’d made half the volunteers into her personal sex slaves. People were collapsing in the heat because they’d been fucking all night. Now Camilla’s contenting herself with corrupting half the youth of south-east Asia.

The wind blows the rain into my hair and down my collar. Good, it’ll help me look even more bedraggled and woe begotten. I pass the church hall where The Ring meet and smile, shaking my head. I haven’t been for ages. Fiona enrolled on a Master’s course at Roehampton in order to be with her new mistress, Ashley and we had them set up a campus branch of The Ring. Once we had our own regular supply of suggestible, obedient playthings, there didn’t seem much point going back onto Grayling’s territory.

Lately, it hasn’t been enough for me. I don’t know if it’s because Camilla’s away or maybe I just miss the challenge of seduction but I’m bored with Ashley and Fiona’s supine recruits.

I stop outside the house, my head instinctively sinking down into my neck, away from the rain. I wipe my lipstick across my face with the back of my hand and rub mascara down onto my cheeks before giving my eyes a good rub with my knuckles, making them all red like I’ve been crying. I ruffle my hair up and pull the vodka bottle from my bag, having a good gargle, making sure my breath smells of booze before spitting it all down my T-shirt to complete the look. Ditching the vodka bottle in the bin, I practise crying and satisfied I’ve got it right, approach the house and knock on the door.

It’s answered quickly and as the door opens, I start choking up on cue.

“Miss Grayling, I need to see you. I’ve been a very bad girl.”

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