Red Riding , Mrs. Wolfe

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James Riding hadn’t actually answered by the nickname Red since he was thirteen to anyone but his Grandma Addy and sometimes his Aunt Sue, and even she tried hard to remember to call him Jamie most of the time but he loved her a lot so he let her get away with it. And then of course he let Mina Wolfe get away with any time she wanted.

Jamie had spent most of his life living in the small town of Cedar Brook and had gone to the small community collage 30 miles away. He knew everyone there and liked it well enough but growing up had been hard since his mom was sick a lot and he had to go stay with Aunt Sue and Grandma 60 miles away in the artist community of Poplar Creek when his mom needed time to get better.

This had been a lot of fun since Sue was only about 10 years older then him and she had one very pretty best friend who Jamie had had a crush on since he was seven years old. Mina wasn’t like any other girl or woman Jamie had seen, she was big and beautiful. Of course Jamie had seen big women before but they all seemed to be really old or they had a tired washed out look some women get when they are sad all the time, he had even seen a girl who was three grades ahead of him who was pretty big but in no way pretty. Mina on the other hand had curling long blond hair that could have been on one of those TV ads his mom always said took two hours and a team of hair dressers to get that way, she had honey colored eyes and rose colored lips.

Even at seven Jamie remembered sitting on sixteen year old Mina’s lap and thinking it was the softest warmest place he had ever been. As he got older and started to see her as a woman and not just a big soft girl with pretty hair he realized she had wonderful big breasts and it seemed like all the women he saw around him even on TV had stingy ones, the ones that everyone said were big were stiff and fake looking and they did not seem to flow and bounce when the women moved like Mina’s did. By listening to other guys make fun of fat girls he realized that guys were not suppose to think that a woman’s fat belly was sexy but when he has seen hers while they had all gone swimming when he was 13 and she was just back from collage and had brought her new fiance home for the first time he had dreamed about her.

Jamie had hated Christopher Wolfe on sight and it was not just because he was not very nice to Mina, Chris had a shifty look and he was always flirting with other girls in front of Mina and then if she acted like she was not comfortable with it he would get mad. It was Chris Wolfe that made Jamie stop answering when most people called him Red, the first thing he said to him was “so you are little red, well don’t forget kid I am the big bag Wolfe and if you get in my way I will eat you for dinner.” After that every time he saw him he called him Little Red even though Jamie was 5′ 8″ at thirteen and Chris Wolfe was only an inch and a half taller and thrity pounds heavier then the sports mad Jamie. It helped that Jamie’s red hair had darkened to deep auburn and no longer shown like a penny.

Chris had Mina fooled into thinking she would never find better then him and when he realized her friends and family might put up a stink about his treatment of her he got her to move far away. Over the next few years Jamie only managed to be visiting Poplar Creek at the same time as Mina was once. He was now sixteen and she had only just turned twenty-six, Jamie had started to look at the girls in his town, thinking maybe one of the plump ones could turn him on and make him feel the way Mina had, maybe it was all just a confused memory. Then he saw her again.

Mina had laughed and run over to hug him, she was now about 250 pounds and softer then ever and she had to look up nine inches to his six foot height.

“RED” She grabbed him, “I can’t believe how you have grown up you are so cute.” She laughed as they walked side by side down the street looking at the different art galleries and shops. He saw sadness in her that made him want to kill Chris Wolfe but he still thought she was the most perfect woman in the world.

As he dropped her by her mothers shop he said “I am glad I saw you today, I am leaving for home tomorrow Mrs. Wolfe.”

“Mrs. Wolfe!” Mina had laughed “Why Red Riding you make me feel like something from a fairy tale next thing you know I will be trying to seduce your goodies away from you and eat you up.” When she laughed her body jiggled and the word seduce had made Red blush and have very adult feelings.

He laughed with her. “Ahhh Mina, If the Wolf in the fairy story was like you I would just give you the goodies no fight.”

Mina had looked up at him and he had wondered if he had gone too far but she giggled and said “That is the nicest thing anyone has said to me in a couple years Red.” Then she stood on tip toes and pecked him on the cheek, it took all of Jamie’s strength not to turn his head to try casino siteleri to kiss her lips.

Five years later Jamie had finished his second year of computer science at the community collage with the help of his Aunt Sue when his mom had finally past on to be laid to rest next to his father. Grandma Addy had moved to Sedona Arizona where her pottery business was going great guns and Aunt Sue now had a counseling degree and had married a artist in Poplar Creek who also ran the areas Internet provider. Jamie had moved into the guesthouse on their property and helped run the company and designed web pages for the area artists. Basically he was as happy as a 20 year old virgin could be.

Sue worried about him and she was pretty much the only one who knew that in his home town he had never really dated and so she finally put aside all her counseling ethics and did what most concerned relatives would do, she snooped. While Jamie and her husband were out at a conference looking at maybe buying a new server Sue decided to take a peek at Jamie’s apartment and maybe his computer. She really didn’t have go much farther then his computer.

Sue found the folder that said BBWs right away, she had heard the term since she had some big women clients and even one young man who was dealing with the fact he desired big women and seemed to think it was wrong. Opening the file she found pictures, not porn but some nude, other clothed of big women, all of them beautiful and it did not take long to figure what else they all had in common.

Beautiful blond hair.

Many of them in fact looked like they could be Mina’s sister or cousin and Sue realized that Jamie had had a crush on Mina for a long time. She closed out the computer and left without looking at anything else.

Three months later Sue got the news she was hoping for and as she lay in bed she told her husband about how Mina had left her husband two years before and started back to her interest in sculpture and was now staying at her parents cabin 5 miles from town in middle of the mountains. Sue mentioned how Mina had said she wanted to do a website and take pictures of her work and that Sue was thinking of sending Jamie up there to talk to her.

Sues husband had kissed her and laughed, “Thats my little matchmaker.”

When Sue had told Jamie that Mina was now divorced and living five miles away and that she wanted him to go up there and talk to her he was in a state of shock but he loaded up his camera and his laptop and the picnic basket of stuff Sue insisted on sending with him and headed out for the cabin. He pulled up in the drive and heard music coming from the back of the cabin, well cabin is an understatement, it is a four bedroom house, with a small pool and a studio out back but around those parts if it was made of split logs it was a cabin.

Jamie got out of the car and walked quietly around back not sure what he would see but knowing he wanted to see Mina before she saw him so he could compose himself. He turned the corner of the cabin and stood in dark shade close to the bushes and looked at the patio. There on a large wooden reclining lounge was Mina, her hair half way down her back and as gold as ever, she was wearing a string bikini that was tied at the sides and that barely held her now 300 pound body in. Her fat round belly hung over the bikini bottoms and the top only covered about a third of her amazingly large breasts.

Jamie felt himself getting as hard as a rock in his shorts as he saw her lay back and pour sun screen lotion on to her belly and into the dip that divided it into two, an upper belly and a lower apron. The white lotion reminded him of the many dreams he had had of a different white fluid covering her. Her hands began to swirl the lotion into her skin and then up to her breasts, cupping them, holding them and this is when he realized he had his shorts unbuttoned and his cock out.

He was stroking in the shade when Mina poured lotion on her thighs and sat up to stroke it in, he must have moaned a little cause she looked right into the shade and said “I see you, you might as well come out of there and don’t bother to do up your pants.”

Jamie stepped out and Mina looked a little shocked. “Why Red Riding, I can not believe you are standing there behaving like that what do you have to say for yourself young man? You come right over here and look me in the eye and tell me why you are standing there in the shadows masturbating while watching me.” Mina stared at him but there was the little bit of a smile on her face.

Jamie walked forward, his cock sticking out, still almost fully erect from his open shorts. “Mrs. Wolfe you are Beautiful, Amazing how could I not touch myself looking at you like that.”

“How old are you Red?” Mina Wolfe asked though she was pretty sure she could remember the answer.

“I am going to be 21 in five weeks Mrs. Wolfe” slot oyna Jamie said trying to look her in the eyes the entire time but they kept straying to her luscious body instead.

Mina found herself getting hotter and hotter, who knew her best friends nephew would turn out to be the hottest looking guy she had seen in her life? Now she thought she understood what Sue had been talking about when she kept mentioning how grown up Jamie was and how he was single and how he always mentioned her. Then of course there was Sue on the phone last night saying how maybe Mina should think about dating younger men. Was it possible that her friend was setting them up?

“You know I am 30 now, don’t you think I am too old to have young guys lusting after me?”

Jamie just stared at her for a second and grinned. “Mrs. Wolfe if every woman who was 30 looked like you 20 year old women couldn’t get dates.”

Mina remembered the last time she had seen Jamie. “So Red Riding do you remember what I told you I would do last time if you kept calling Mrs. Wolfe?”

Jamie blushed since he had been hoping she would remember. “Oh Yes Mrs. Wolfe, you told me you would seduce my goodies away from me. And that when I flirted with you it made you feel like you were in a fairytale.”

Mina looked him in the eyes and grinned, “Do you ever imagine me the big bad wolf Jamie?”

“Never Bad Mrs. Wolfe, I have imagined you as the Big Beautiful Mrs. Wolfe for years seducing my goodies away from me as I offer them to you and show you how wonderful I think you are.” Jamie had dropped to his knees beside the lounge and Mina swung her feet back up on it and lay back.

“Really Red? Do you find me laying down like Little red does the wolf in the story?” Jamie nodded. “What do you say to me after you come in and find me laying here Red?” She reached out and brushed a bit of Jamie’s dark auburn hair from his face.

Mina was shocked by how hot and bothered this was making her, but Jamie was an incredibly sexy young man who obviously found her amazingly desirable and after years of being with Chris who always made her feel like she was too big for him it was a treat. The only men who had anything to say positive about her body had been on-line and she just never really was sure how much she could trust them.

Jamie looked her in the eyes and smiled. “My Mrs. Wolfe what a big beautiful sexy belly you have, so soft and perfect looking.” His eyes caressed more sensually then Chris’ touch ever had.

Mina felt herself getting into the mood of the fantasy they were playing out. “All the better to let you stroke and jiggle it Sweet Red.” She said reaching for his large hand and placing it on her belly while pouring more lotion on with the other. Her husband had hated her belly but she could tell by the way Red traced it with his hands, by the way he soothed the lotion in that he loved the way it looked and felt.

Jamie gave it a gentle jiggle and carefully lifted the apron of her lower belly. He raised himself up on his knees and even though the lotion did not taste great he licked and kissed the top and sides of her belly, burying his face in it. His touch was driving her insane, Mina had never thought that having her belly played with could arouse her so much. Mina found herself wondering what it would feel like to have that sexy young cock between Jamie’s legs rubbing against her belly, fucking it like she had read about.

Finally Jamie sat back and smiled at Mina who sighed deeply.

“My Mrs Wolfe what big perfect milky round breasts you have, and what huge thick nipples are pointing thought your top begging for me.” Jamie licked his lips.

Mina reached out and pushed Jamie till he was sitting with his bottom on his heels and then swung her feet around so her was between them. She reached behind her back and undid the tie and then as she began to undo the one behind her neck she said. “All the better to suckle you with Dear Red.” and then drops her top letting her abundant breasts spill forth.

Mina reached out and grabbed the back of Jamie’s head, sinking her fingers into his loosely curling short hair and pulled him to her, offering him one of her nipples to his greedy mouth. Her nips were indeed thick and long, nearly as thick as the end of her thumb and now that they were as aroused as they had ever been they were easily an inch long.

Jamie latched onto one like a hungry baby and found the other quickly with his hand and it did not take much of Mina’s encouragement for him to realize she loved having them sucked hard and twisted between firm fingers. Mina told Jamie to take a deep breath and then she pushed his face deep into her breast, holding it there. Smothered as he sucked Jamie felt his face surrounded by warm flesh and was so aroused he thought he would loose it, he held off breathing until he was dizzy with the need and had to struggle to get free. Then canlı casino siteleri Taking a deep breath he pushed his own face into her breast and waited for her to hold the back of his head. He did this on both sides sucking her nipples as she smothered his face and finally biting it hard when he needed air.

Mina’s nipples longed to be sucked hard, to be ravished and that was just what Jamie did switching his mouth from one nipple to the other and all the time pulling and twisting on the other till they were so tender she needed a short break from it.

Both were gasping for air as Mina pushed Jamie’s Head away from her breasts and leaned back across the lounge with her hands behind her for support still sitting with her feet on the ground. She grinned at Jamie and he returned the grin with one of his own.

Jamie reached out his hand and began to trace it up and down Mina’s thigh and then reached boldly to her side and undid one of the ties and then the other, without having to say anything she lifted up and pulled the bikini through behind her. Now she was sitting there bare, her thighs wide open and her pussy glistening in the light, its thin blond hair barely visible.

He reached out and stroked the lightly opened mound with his fingers and delved deeper finding her wet and soft. His fingers searched the bud of flesh he had read about and he knew he had found it when Mina threw back her head with a moan. He continued to stroke the bud softly at first, then firmer, working his fingers around it, above it, below it all the time watching to see what aroused her the most. His touch had caused her mound to open up like a fat golden flower, Jamie sat back and lifted his fingers to his lips and stared Mina in the eyes as licked her juices from his fingers.

Jamie smiled and traced his other hand up her thigh again, “My Mrs. Wolfe. What a big beautiful golden juicy looking pussy mound you have.”

Mina laughed and leaned farther back on the lounge spreading her self as wide as she could go, “All the better to bury your face in Young Red.”

Jamie did not need a second invite, he opened her wide and buried his face deep between her fleshy thighs. Her taste was like heaven, salty honey and he could not get enough. Jamie lapped his tongue from the bottom of her slit to top over and over just wanting to taste her at first and finally slowly centering in on her bud of a clit. Mina cried out as his tongue began to flick it quickly, lapping at it like a kitten drinking milk. Her hands were tangled in his hair as she guided him and his fingers had found her pussy and slipped in, he was working them at the rhythm of his strokes on clit and she began to cum. Mina shook and moaned and held Jamie’s face closer to her pussy and he out her first orgasm never stopping.

As the waves of her orgasm subsided Mina tried to pulled Jamie away but he stubbornly refused and kept licking and finally sucking at her clit. It was the moment that he sucked her now swollen clit into his mouth and worked a second finger into her hole that Mina’s second orgasm started coming in waves but again Jamie would not stop. He sucked the tender clit in and out of mouth with the same speed of his fingers pounding into her pussy, occasionally stopping for only a second to lick at the juices that now flooded her pussy and covered his face.

Mina’s second orgasm had never seemed to stop, it had flowed into the third and then abruptly into the forth as Jamie sucked her clit into his mouth one last time and sucked for all he was worth while pushing his fingers upward inside her like he had read. Mina howled and was very glad her nearest neighbors were a mile away as her fifth orgasm rocked her like no others and she felt thighs covered in her wetness. She began to beg Jamie to stop, clawing at his hair and nearly crying as to how she could take no more.

He sat back and looked at her. “I didn’t hurt you did I? I’m sorry.”

Mina stroked his face which was covered in her juices and sighed, “No honey it was just too much I needed a break, no one has ever done that to me.”

Jamie laid his head on her thigh and began to lick the juices that had flooded there. He looked up at her after she had stopped shaking. “I just want to make you happy.”

She laughed and touched his face, “Jamie you make me so happy.” and then looking down she saw his erection sticking out of his shorts which had worked their way to his knees. She tapped it lightly with her foot and smiled even more when he moaned, “Nice to see I am making you so happy as well Red.”

He grinned and said “OH yes you do.” Jamie pushed the shorts all the way off and sat back so he was now sitting on his ass on the well cut grass. He looked up at her and licked his lips. “My Mrs. Wolfe. What a big beautiful sexy body you have.”

Mina jumped off the lounger and straddled Jamie’s hips giving his a big kiss, tasting her own juices on his lips. Reaching between them she guided his cock into her soaking wet pussy.

As she began to slide up and down on it Mina grinned and said “All the better to ride you with Sexy Red.”

No where near THE END for them.

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